Ch.77 The Divine Prince’s Strange Act (Part II)

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“Ben, open up a path.” Claire turned to dragon Ben and said quietly. There was no point in killing here, so she let dragon Ben walk in front.

Dragon Ben walked up and gave a low roar, emitting his dragon presence.

“Howl, howl, howl……” The beasts in front couldn’t bear such pressure, and moved out of the way wailing. Dragon Ben walked in the front silently. Some beasts didn’t want to leave, so dragon Ben kicked them out of the way.

The way to the swamp was filled with beasts. After dragon Ben cleared out a long path, the group finally came up to the swamp. Only the area around them was free of any magical beast; everywhere else was packed, especially around the edge of the swamp, full of high grade beasts. But no beast dare attack Claire and her group, because there was a presence there that was much higher level than any of them.

This was a marsh that was much too wet. A rotten smell tainted the air. Small air bubbles continuously gurgled and popped, and once in a while little black bugs would crawl out of the murky swamp. Walter bent down, picked up a stone and threw it into the swamp lightly. The stone sank down slowly, a trail of air bubbles coming out the dirty black water surface.

“A mystical beast is being born in such a place?” Walter frowned at their despicable surroundings and asked, very confused.

“Legend has it that in Lost Mountain Range, there was a mysterious swamp, called Black Swamp. Three thousand years ago, believers of Light and believers of Darkness fought a great battle in Lost Mountain Range. The believers of Darkness lost, and two thousand bodies were buried together. The believers of Light used the most vicious curse, confining all the spirits of the believers of Darkness underneath that patch of ground, forbidding them to ever be reborn or die. Two thousand bitter ghosts wailed daily, so that patch of land was turned into a swamp to cover the cries of those two thousand ghosts.” Leng Lingyun stood beside the swamp, stared at the black water and said such.

Everyone paused. Did this have something to do with the birth of the mystical beast?

“Humph! Right, this is what your extremely dignified, kind, and world-saving Temple of Light does! Not just killing others, but also repressing their spirits!” Hearing this, Walter was very angry, and mocked in a weird tone. But he had never heard of such a thing. Made up by this toyboy? Impossible! As the Divine Prince of the Temple of Light, how could he make up stuff that would defame the goddess of Light?

“I never said the Temple of Light was dignified and world-saving.” Leng Lingyun replied coldly.

Walter gave a cold snort, not agreeing or disagreeing.

“Why do you know this? It was never recorded in any book.” Camille was still smiling gently, but suspicious in his heart that there was actually something he did not know.

“This was a stain on the Temple of Light. The Temple of Light obviously wouldn’t let such truthful history be told. These are all secret history the Temple hid away carefully.” Leng Lingyun’s voice was extremely indifferent, without any hint of emotion.

“And this swamp is the Black Swamp?” Camille stroked his pretty chin, looking at the swamp in front of them.

“Probably yes, but why would the mystical beast choose such a place to be born?” Li Mingyu watched the black swamp in front of him, puzzled.

“We don’t even know if it’s actually a mystical beast.” Walter said darkly.

“We’ll know if we wait here.” Claire looked at her surroundings and humphed coldly, “And there’s so much ready-made food.”

All the beasts suddenly shivered.

Nightfall came. The group of people set up camp about a hundred meters away from the swamp. If they were too close, no one could stand the rotten smell of the marsh. With them being the center, an area around them was empty. The beasts didn’t dare come close to them.

Right now, Li Yuewen was watching Claire’s actions wordlessly. Claire had dug out every single beast core from the beasts they caught. Jean and Li Mingyu were roasting the meat, while Claire took dragon Ben and Walter to massacre the beasts around them, just for the beast cores. Using Claire’s words, such good opportunities didn’t appear every day. These were all money!

After a wide circle, they returned with their bags full. Claire pushed all the beast cores towards Li Yuewen directly: “You have a storage ring, right? Put all these away and sell it when we get back to the city. These are all fifth and sixth grade beast cores, but they should sell for about two hundred thousand gold coins.”

Li Yuewen was shocked. What did this little girl mean?

“Didn’t you want to train me? Just pretend it’s my tuition fee.” Claire sat down and said casually.

Li Yuewen suddenly understood, then a warm feeling rushed into her heart. She knew this was Claire helping her. Claire still remembered what Hua Nantian said on the ship.

“Don’t think this is enough for your tuition fee!!” Although Li Yuewen was touched, she was still fierce on the outside.

“I know, this is just the interest.” Claire waved her hand, then turned to look at the swamp. The sky had darkened, and blackness was swallowing up their surroundings.

“Light! Ah, there’s light!” Suddenly Summer stood up excitedly, waving her fists at the swamp and shouting. As an outstanding thief, Summer was very sensitive to the glowings of treasures. Her sixth sense told her that the light in front was unique.

Claire also saw the light. The swamp was flashing.

“Let’s go and see.” Li Mingyu set down the roasted meat in his hand and stood up.

“I’ll wait for you here. I’m not interested.” Dragon Ben didn’t move, but yawned and lied down on the ground.

“That’s fine, stay and watch camp.” Claire nodded, and walked with the others to the edge of the swamp.

The group of people came to the swamp and were stunned by the scene they saw. In the dark night, under the center of the black swamp, was a colorful ball of light. It was alternating between bright and dark, glowing on a regular beat, like a heart beating.

“It’s so pretty!” Summer stared in wonder at the colorful ball of light and mumbled, dazed.

No one said anything else, but held their breath, watching the colorful ball of light in the middle of the swamp.

Suddenly, the light got even brighter. The beasts around the swamp started getting restless, and many howled in a low tone.

“It’s coming out.” Leng Lingyun said quietly.

The colorful light became brighter and brighter, the frequency of its glowing also getting faster. Slowly, that ball of light seemed to want to break out of the swamp, glowing faster and faster. All the beasts were restless now, and the whole marsh was getting loud and noisy.

The night got darker as the ball of light got brighter.

Slowly, steadily, that ball of light broke through the surface mud of the swamp, showing its true self.

A round, pink egg floated into mid-air, the colorful light blasting into the heavens, extremely bright, making them almost unable to open their eyes. Everyone squinted at the magical scene in front of them. The round, pink egg was just floating in mid-air, spinning slowly, sending forth beautiful, stunning, colorful light.

Just then, the painful howling of beasts sounded in the night, one after another. The scent of blood filled the air.

Someone’s here! Claire’s gaze hardened. So not only they got the notice, someone else also found out about this!

The next moment, a series of footsteps sounded. By the colorful light, the group saw five people appear on the bank on the other side, three men and two women. From their clothing, the tall and sturdy guy was a warrior, carrying a huge ax on his back, his hand grabbing at his black chest hair. A male magician with gaunt features, a roman nose, and dark and cold irises. The other man was an archer, very skinny, his expression cold. And the two women looked the exact same, twins, wearing revealing clothes. Couldn’t tell what occupation they were.

The two groups stared at each other.

“Hey look, someone actually got here before us. But it doesn’t matter, since dead people can’t fight with us.” The brute-looking warrior tugged on his black chest hair and said disdainfully.

But the skinny archer already set up his bow silently and aimed at the people over here. Without warning, he let go of the full bowstring.

“Whoosh!” The sharp sound of an object slicing through the air rang warning bells in Claire and the others’ heads! This attack wasn’t simple! And, most importantly, that skinny archer didn’t even use an arrow! What did this mean? It means that the other person was like Qiao Chuxin, also using a magic bow! And from his posture of pulling the string, he didn’t use a third of his strength!

“Bang!” A loud explosion sounded in the night sky. Leng Lingyun set up a barrier just in time to block the attack. The arrow landed on the barrier and exploded. It was a fire arrow!

“Hey, you jerk, don’t hurt that pretty boy over there! Leave him to us sisters!” As soon as the arrow exploded, an overly sweet woman’s voice sounded angrily.

“When can your aesthetics improve a bit? You actually like a toyboy like that? Only people like me are true men. Look at my muscles, look at my chest hair!” The warrior carrying the huge ax said sulkily.

“Pah! You look like a bear! How can you compare yourself to a pretty boy like him?” Another overly sweet voice that could melt you rebuked angrily.

“Your mother! Daddy me is going to cut that toyboy into pieces right now. Then you can like him all you want!” The burly warrior roared, taking off the ax on his back, and rushed towards Claire and her group. He didn’t go around the swamp, but stepped directly into it! His tall figure ran into the swamp just like that, but he didn’t sink!! Instead, he moved forward as if walking on land and rushed over aggressively!

Claire’s expression changed slightly. She knew they met a formidable enemy today!

There would probably be a hard-fought battle tonight! ……

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10 thoughts on “Ch.77 The Divine Prince’s Strange Act (Part II)

  1. Thank you so much for the chapter. I bet Claire will win with hardship and still get the magical beast. Can we get more, like full chapter without part. I am sorry I’m to greedy..i just could’nt wait.


  2. Thank you so much for the chapter. I bet Claire will win with hardship and still get the magical beast. Can we get more, like full chapter without part. I am so sorry I’m too greedy..i just could’nt wait.


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