Ch.78 Walter’s Identity is Exposed (Part I)

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The tall and fierce warrior yelled and rushed towards them. His expression cold, Jean drew his sword agilely and went up to face him.

The clang of weapons sounded, slicing through the night sky.

The boom of explosions followed; the magician on the other side had already released attacking spells. He was also of the fire nature. Just when Jean and the bear-like warrior were fighting, the enemy’s magician despicably sneak attacked Jean. Naturally, Claire immediately used magic to intercede. The skinny magician’s magic and Claire’s magic hit each other, exploding in mid-air. Numerous sparks were scattered, and lit up their surroundings even more.

The opponents’ archer again loaded his bow; the next moment, more bursting sounds were heard. Leng Lingyun set up a barrier, blocking the magic arrows of the archer. The magic arrows exploded on the barrier. Qiao Chuxin’s expression instantly darkened. She speedily took down the magic bow strapped on her back then loaded, aimed and shot at the skinny archer on the other side.

Qiao Chuxin’s magic arrow headed towards the enemy with a whooshing sound. The other archer blanked, obviously not expecting for them to also have a person with magic bow. The other magician instantly spread out a barrier to halt Qiao Chuxin’s magic arrow. The magic arrow struck the barrier, making frightening creaking sounds.

“Yo, this time we seemed to have come upon some good people.” The twin women looked over with their hands over their mouths, surprised.

“Shut up, and do your thing.” The skinny magician’s expression was serious. He gave a low shout, then continued casting spells. He could use magic instantly without chanting!

What really astonished Claire was that the big warrior fighting with Jean emitted silver DouQi! The opponent was a sage! Jean was facing a tough battle.

Summer swallowed, and scooted to get behind Claire, wanting to say something, but Camille’s low voice sounded first: “Claire, protect me.”

“Aren’t you the king of assassins? Why do you need protection?” Summer asked disdainfully.

“Direct combat is not my strength.” Camille said indignantly, and then gracefully moved to the spot behind Claire. Graceful movement, ungraceful behavior.

“You!” Summer snorted. She was just about to say something but was petrified by the scene before her.

A cold light flashed, and a sharp dagger relentlessly stabbed towards Claire’s heart from the back.

If it were someone else stabbing, Claire would be able dodge it! But, it was Li Yuewen holding the dagger! Li Yuewen could silently take away Claire’s life; she had the skill!

In the split of a second, Camille immediately and absolutely unhesitantly extended his hand to block it. The dagger fiercely pierced through Camille’s hand and entered Claire’s body!

“Yuewen! What are you doing?!” Li Mingyu cried out, looking unbelievably at Li Yuewen, who just fiercely attacked Claire.

Li Yuewen looked at her own hand in shock, her eyes also filled with extreme unbelief! She actually tried to attack Claire!

She abruptly withdrew her dagger. Camille’s hand was covered with blood and Claire started wobbling, then slowly slid to the ground. Leng Lingyun immediately took hold of Claire, but blood poured out from her back like a fountain, rapidly coloring the clothes on Claire’s back red.

“What’s going on?!!” Walter yelled out furiously.

“I, I didn’t, I……” Li Yuewen’s eyes were filled with fright, looking at her hand and speaking incoherently.

“Ahaha~ So interesting.” Shrill laughter reached them from the other side, “Who’s next?”

Li Yuewen eyes were wide open, full of fright and fear! Her body, was moving by itself! Not obeying her will and moving by itself again!

“It’s those two women! They are controlling Yuewen’s body!” Li Mingyu suddenly realized, abruptly looking up towards the other side. Leng Lingyun’s expression was cold and his brows were tightly knit; he held up Claire with one hand, and continuously released healing magic with the other.

“Chuxin, quick, shoot those two women, they can control people’s bodies! Hurry!” Summer shouted, fear filling her heart. She was so scared that she’ll become their next controlling target. If they made her hurt Claire in any way, she will never forgive herself!

Not needing Summer to remind her, Qiao Chuxin was already aiming at the two women. Yet when she had just drew her bowstring back, Qiao Chuxin’s movement stopped.

“Chuxin? Chuxin?” An ominous feeling arose in Summer’s heart. She called out anxiously.

“Quick, go away, quick!” Qiao Chuxin’s voice was flustered.

At this time, Li Yuewen’s body felt light again. She could move freely again! The binding left Li Yuewen’s body, and turned to control Qiao Chuxin!

Now Qiao Chuxin’s eyes were filled with fright and anxiousness, but her body uncontrollably turned around, and vigorously started shooting.

Walter shrieked, and hurriedly made a barrier.

The boom sounds of explosion sounded among the people. Lightning nature magic arrows exploded, naturally not just a little uncomfortable when they hit.

“Ahaha, so interesting.” The two women on the other side laughed loudly, their eyes full of thirst for blood and excitement. Their archer had stopped now, standing beside them indifferently, obviously very confident in the two women. While the magician was now releasing some not lethal but dense little fire balls, which were easily resolved by Walter. But Walter and his group were already battered and sorry.

Li Mingyu had struck the bow and arrows in Qiao Chuxin’s hands to the ground. Without her bow, Qiao Chuxin’s fighting ability decreased immensely.

Leng Lingyun’s face darkened. He didn’t expect for the enemy to be able to control people’s actions. But how? Mentally? No! If they controlled mentally, the controlled person should be muddled. But both Li Yuewen and Qiao Chuxin were perfectly conscious! Then how did they control people’s actions?!

“So uninteresting. Let’s control someone else!” Seeing Qiao Chuxin’s bow and arrows were knocked to the ground, the twin sisters immediately prepared to switch targets.

Their words just spoken, and Walter and his group were disturbed. Restlessness among them increased rapidly.

“Mm……” At this time, Claire slowly came back to realization.

“Claire, are you alright?!” Looking at the pale Claire, Leng Lingyun asked worriedly.

“I’m fine……” Claire answered weakly. But she understood, if not for Camille blocking the stab for her, her heart would have been pierced straight through. If not for Leng Lingyun to treat her in such a timely manner, she would definitely die of excessive bleeding! This time, she had passed right by death!

“Don’t move, your injury…… ” Before Leng Lingyun could finish his words, his expression instantly changed. Because he had felt the unusualness in his body! This time, the target of the twin women was him!

“Ahaha, pretty boy, hurry and kill the woman besides you, and come into our arms!” The twin women laughed savagely, twisting their waists. With this shaking, their revealing clothes became even more revealing.

Everyone’s expression changed greatly. They all knew how strong Leng Lingyun was! Li Mingyu quickly grabbed Claire over from Leng Lingyun’s arms, hugging her tightly while watching Leng Lingyun with cautious eyes. Leng Lingyun’s brows were tightly knitted together. Even though he didn’t move, his whole body was trembling, as if fighting against some force.

“Huh? You dare resist us!” The twin women on the other side exclaimed. They then turned to face each other, clasped their hands together, and started making strange moves. Leng Lingyun’s brows were even more tightly knitted, very obviously fighting with all his might against the force trying to control him.

Claire leaned on Li Mingyu weakly, but her eyes were gazing at the enemy. They can’t keep being so passive! If this continued, they would definitely lose! Just how did the other side control people’s bodies? Not mentally! For the controlled people were very sober. Then how?

At this time, Walter was still dealing with the not-so-lethal fire balls released by the opponents’ magician. The dense fire balls lit the night up brightly. Jean was still fighting desperately with the mighty warrior, unable to even look towards the rest of the group. When the powerful fight, one single distraction and you would die immediately! Jean knew clearly, that if he lost, then Claire and the group would face one extra strong opponent. So he cannot lose!

“Go! Hurry, go!” Leng Lingyun gritted his teeth and squeezed out these words.

“Just what kind of magic is this?” Very rarely, Camille wasn’t smiling, but frowned slightly and asked, puzzled. But he didn’t try to run. He knew running was useless.

“That rude and uncivilized black dragon, why is he not here at crucial times?” Summer was so anxious she almost cried. It was so loud over here, how come that rude black dragon still didn’t appear?

“Hahaha, pretty boy, stop struggling, and come into our arms.” The creepy laughter of the twins was heard again.

“Claire, what should we do now?” Summer looked at Claire tearfully.

Li Mingyu and Li Yuewen were both solemn, watching Leng Lingyun alertly. Li Yuewen clenched the dagger in her hand tightly, a decision already made in her heart. Seems like, all they could do now was to strike him down before anything else happens!

“Shadows! They’re controlling us by our shadows!” Bearing with the huge pain on her back, Claire choked out these words.

The crowd was astonished. The people on the other side were also shocked. The twins blanked for a second; but just this one second of distraction, and Leng Lingyun immediately broke through their control.

The crowd now realized that the control was not mental, but through their shadows! No wonder that magician was continuously releasing the relatively undangerous fire balls to attack them! He never expected for such low-level magic to hurt them, but instead to illuminate the area, to make their shadows more clear! To coordinate with the twins’ spell-casting!

At this time, Walter could care about nothing else. He instantly released dark magic. Dark aura rapidly engulfed their surroundings, spreading out; also engulfing the radiance emitted from the round egg. Naturally the shadows were also swallowed by darkness. Leng Lingyun turned to look at Walter, his gaze hardening.

This man besides Claire, was a dark magician?!

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8 thoughts on “Ch.78 Walter’s Identity is Exposed (Part I)

  1. Walter my man, help save the group. Release that dark magic of yours and let them be absorb. At the most crucial moment, dragon Ben disappears. Thank you so much for the chapters.

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  2. Claire is so smart to recruit all kinds of people in her group!
    And I’m so moved to think Camille actually took a blow for her! And Walter good job!! Now they can kill the group easily :))) hehehe

    Thank you for the chapter!

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