Ch.78 Walter’s Identity is Exposed (Part II)

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Darkness was all around them. In the distance, the sparks created from the battle between Jean and the other warrior obviously wasn’t enough to light up their surroundings. The twin sisters shrieked, cursing their magician, “You idiot, hurry and illuminate for us. How are we supposed to control them without shadows?”

“They have a dark magician!” The anxious voice of the magician sounded.

“So what if they have a dark magician? Hurry!” The twin sisters scolded.

But the next moment, explosion sounds accompanied by their screams rang in the night. Qiao Chuxin had determined their position from their voice and shot out multiple arrows. The magician on the other side detected the disturbance in the air and immediately spread out a barrier to block them.

“Hide behind the trees!” Li Mingyu immediately yelled out in a low voice. Since Qiao Chuxin could shoot out arrows and attack the enemy, then their archer probably now discovered their locations, too!

Everyone speedily hid behind the trees. Sure enough, several fire arrows whooshed past where they had just been standing.

Now, Walter’s delicate and pretty face was filled with rage. The moment he thought about how Claire almost died, he went crazy. They had been so despicably attacked by the other side! Hiding behind a tree, Walter observed the night sky, and slowly chanted in a deep voice. A pitch-black cloud of fog silently floated towards the other side.

“Ah–!” Screams sounded once again, but this time filled with fear and accompanied by the sound of objects dropping to the ground. It came from the twin sisters; obviously both had fell to the ground.

Walter was surprised. The black fog he had released should not have reached the other side yet, and the others didn’t attack either. What were they scared of?

“What is this!!” The twin sisters shrieked.

“Shut up, don’t talk, they will detect our locations.” A low voice scolded them.

“Stop being so f*cking sarcastic, like we could move!” The whiny voice was drenched with anger. Right after saying that, she regretted. What she said was basically telling the other side, I can’t move, quick, attack me.

Nobody saw the sudden realization on Dong Fenghou’s face as he chanted. This guy was always so slow. When Claire was injured, when Leng Lingyun was being controlled, he was still confused by what’s happening. Now he finally came back to senses, and thought that he should do something.

“They’re low-level earth sprites!!” The voice of the magician on the other side was finally worried, “They have a summoner!” Hearing this, Walter finally realized that the stupid and slow Dong Fenghou was using his summoning powers.

They revealed themselves with this speaking. Such a good opportunity, how could this side let it go. Qiao Chuxin’s arrows shot towards them, dense like rain. The magic arrows struck the barrier creating frequent explosion sounds. They could imagine how the magician on the other side was struggling to block these attacks.

Leng Lingyun yearned to help, but his light-natured magic would illuminate all their surroundings, which would give the enemy a chance to cast the shadow-controlling spell. Leng Lingyun squatted behind a tree, his knuckles white. This was the first time such a strong feeling of defeat surged in his heart.

“Ah, what’s going on?! Why……” The voices from the other side were filled with anxiety and confusion, then decreased in volume.

A cold grin sneaked onto Walter’s lips. Darkness was his heaven. Only in darkness could he be himself. The other side was careless, only trying to deal with the things Dong Fenghou summoned, completely overlooking the black fog of air that approached them silently in the night. The clump of black air was the magic Walter was best at, the Cloud of Darkness that had paralysing effects.

The defeat over here divided the robust warrior’s attention. Just this slight distraction, and Jean got the oppurtunity! The results are out!

“Humph!” Walter snorted, then quickly stood up and waved his hand to completely remove the darkness he had released before. Things gradually brightened up. The mystical beast’s egg floating in mid-air was still slowly rotating. The colorful light illuminated its surroundings.

Everyone lifted their heads to surprisingly see the four people on the other side all convulsing on the ground, unable to move. And the twin women’s feet were also tightly grabbed by four little brown hands popping out from the ground, clutching so hardly that you could see light bloodstains on their feet. Sure enough, they were low-level earth sprites! Summoned by that slow fellow Dong Fenghou.

“Ah!” A painful shriek followed right after. The crowd turned, and saw one of the sturdy warrior’s arms being chopped off by Jean, blood splattering everywhere. The huge axe also dropped to the ground. Jean didn’t give him any time to breathe, but instead neatly stabbed his sword right through the warrior’s chest, firmly nailing him to the ground. The warrior stared his eyes wide open, blood pooling out of his mouth, looking at Jean deadly, but not yet swallowing his last breath.



On this side, the people on the ground that were numbed and couldn’t move started screaming mournfully, but their voices were pitifully small. For their whole bodies had been numbed, including their tongues.

“Hmm hmm hmm……!” Walter started grinning creepily, then ran towards the other side. There was a time limit on the numbing effects, so of course he needed to get rid of these people within that time limit.

Li Mingyu carried Claire up and followed. Dong Fenghou, slow as usual, was still squatting on the ground and chanting, directing the low-level earth sprites he summoned to tightly clutch the twin girls’ feet. Later, this slow chap was scolded worthless by Summer and Qiao Chuxin, but Camille brought up the point that how could the IQ of a person who summoned humongous ocean beasts to flood a city when being bound and trying to escape be high? Only then did Summer and Qiao Chuxin forgive Dong Fenghou, who had an innocent expression on his face the whole time.

Everyone rushed over, looking at the people on the ground. They all had grief, indignation, and hate on their faces, and gazed intently towards Jean’s direction. Jean had not yet pulled his sword out from the warrior’s chest.

Li Yuewen rushed before all of them, furious. She went up to the twin women and drew out her dagger, about to maliciously pierce their chests. Fear emerged from the depths of the twins’ eyes. This was the first time they felt death being so near to them.

“Wait!” But at this time, Walter stopped her.

“What do you mean? Have you fallen in love with these twin sisters or what?” Li Yuewen turned to Walter and yelled furiously.

“Never.” Walter spit disdainfully while frowning. “Just that letting them die like this is too easy on them.” Hearing this, Li Yuewen’s expression loosened, but her hand moved again. Her dagger viciously stabbed into one of the women’s wrists; blood poured out and the woman cried out miserably. Li Yuewen then abruptly drew out her dagger and inserted it into the other woman’s wrist.

“You’re right, directly killing them is going too easy on them.” Li Yuewen grinded her teeth and said bitterly, then stood up and stepped on the wound on the woman’s wrist, and crushed it vigorously. The woman showed a suffering expression, cursing lowly. No one understood Li Yuewen’s mood right now. After she accidentally injured Claire, her heart had been flooded with endless regret and remorse. After all this time spent with Claire, she had deeply liked this seemingly wicked girl.

“Jean, kill that warrior.” Claire spit out lightly, distant and without any emotion.

“No! We beg you, please don’t!” Pain and begs for mercy appeared on the expressions of the four paralyzed on the ground.

“I hate people like you the most! Shameless, pah!” Summer kicked the person closest to her, the magician, and spit hardly. She rebuked furiously, “You kill others righteously, enjoying yourselves. When they beg for mercy you never pardon them anyway. But when it’s your turn to be killed, you whine and pout and beg for mercy with all you got. By what should we forgive you? You can kill others mercilessly, but people can’t kill you mercilessly?”

The expressions of the four people lying on the ground instantly went dead. Their eyes were full of despair. They knew, that this night, everything was done for.

Jean had no emotion of his face. He forcefully pulled his sword out from the warrior’s chest, raised it high, then drew it down, beheading the warrior cleanly. Blood spilled everywhere; the black surface of the water was dyed into a reddish-black color. It looked very creepy.

“You bastards!” The skinny magician gritted his teeth, his eyes filled with hate. They never thought there would be a day when they would be defeated by others. They never ever thought that their mighty big bro would be beheaded by someone! And now, they were trapped and unable to move. This was danger they have never experienced before!

“You’re not even good enough to be a bastard.” Summer sent her foot right into the magician’s face, imitating Li Yuewen, stepping on his face and mercilessly crushing it. When she thought about how she could have been controlled and hurt Claire, and wouldn’t know how to face her afterwards, panic and fear took over her heart.

“Extermination. Kill them quickly. The mystical beast is about to come out.” Frowning, Claire said with some difficulty.

“Yes, kill them quickly, their numbed condition will not stay for too long.” Walter fished out his own dagger and crouched down. He didn’t even try to stab their fatal spots, but instead aimed at their hands, feet, and stomach, stabbing randomly. Instantly blood splattered everywhere; a thin fog of blood rose before them, accompanied by the wretched sounds made by the victims. They first cursed angrily, then slowly weakened, then slowly turned into begs for mercy. Yet Walter wasn’t the slightest moved, the depths of his eyes were drenched with invisible fury and hate. Especially when stabbing the twin women, Walter even wickedly stabbed right through their palms again and again. Low and tortured screams were heard continuously, but this abnormally bloody scene before them was stopped by no one. Including the Divine Prince of the Temple of Light, Leng Lingyun. He was looking at it indifferently, with no intention at all to halt it. These people deserved to die, and as for how they died, he didn’t care.

Summer couldn’t stand this cruel and bloody scene, so she turned away to throw up. But the rest looked on coldly, completely unmoved.

“That’s enough, Walter. No need to waste time.” Claire said softly. Walter snorted, and only then did he wave his dagger to slit the throats of each and every one of the people on the ground.

Finishing all this, Walter slowly stood up and let out his breath. He turned to ask about Claire’s injury, but looked right into Leng Lingyun’s cold and clear irises.

“You, are a dark magician?” Leng Lingyun’s indifferent but cold voice sounded softly. His voice contained an inexplicable meaning.

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  2. Go Walter!!
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  3. This chapter is wickedly cool seeing all these pple burning with passion with murdeous intent. Claire has so much influence on them. W.A.L.T.E.R is damn hot in here. They’re not scared of losing their lives, but it’s losing Claire. Thank you for the daily chapter. Keep up the great work.

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