Ch.79 Offending Powerful Figures (Part I)

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“You, are a dark magician?” Leng Lingyun’s indifferent but cold voice sounded softly. His voice contained an inexplicable meaning.

Walter froze to stone. A cold wind blew up his spine. It was an emergency and he used magic without thinking; only now did he remember that there was this Leng Lingyun person in their group. This toyboy was highly positioned in the Temple, highly positioned…… He was actually very dangerous. Walter had already died once in his hands, and he did not want to experience that again. Especially since this time there was no Spiritual Stone for his spirit to attach to. Walter slowly backed up two steps, watching Leng Lingyun cautiously.

Leng Lingyun didn’t say anything. He just looked at Walter silently, his cold gaze making Walter shudder inside. Everyone else also quieted down instantly, watching the scene in front of them, unable to speak. Light and Darkness were always enemies, incompatible as fire and water.

The air was tense enough to burst. The nervous people all tightened their hearts.

Just then, a voice finally broke the standoff.

“Yes, he’s a dark magician.” Claire’s voice floated into the air. Although her voice was quiet, it was sure and firm, “If you want to attack him, I will not allow.”

Everyone looked at the pale Claire, their expressions different. Walter couldn’t say anything. He just stared at Claire’s firm expression, something warm pushing its way into his heart crazily.

“I never said I was going to do anything.” But Leng Lingyun smiled faintly as he said easily, “I was just asking.”

Walter paused, turned his head and looked at Leng Lingyun, confused at his seemingly unfake attitude. This fellow would give up like that? He never thought of attacking him?

“My identity is a member of the Sycee Mercenary Group, job: healer.” Leng Lingyun said, as he looked at Claire with a smile, “And you, are my colonel. That’s it.”

With the end of Leng Lingyun’s sentence, everyone’s tense heart relaxed. Walter let out a breath of relief. But Claire didn’t speak. No one knew what she was thinking.

“Then, our healer member, shouldn’t you help me, your vice-colonel, heal his wound?” Camille’s voice sounded at this time darkly, his tone upset, “The colonel’s injury is an injury, but mine isn’t?”

The group’s gaze shifted over, and saw Camille’s hand covered with blood. Only now did they remember that Camille stretched out his hand to block the lethal stab at Claire back. Only he could have such reflexes! If Camille was the best in the assassin world, then Li Yuewen would be the second best. If not for Camille being behind Claire, but someone else, Claire would really lose her life today.

“Haha, I forgot.” Leng Lingyun smiled, a little ashamed, and hurried over to heal Camille. But Leng Lingyun’s ashamed smile made the others feel as if they’ve seen a ghost. When did he, the Divine Prince, smile like that before? In everyone’s hearts, this fellow’s smile was always false, and he always had an elegant bearing that was so perfect and standard the others were wordless. But such an expression appeared on his face today. Was he possessed by a ghost?

Leng Lingyun was healing Camille on the side, while the others stared at each other, not knowing what to do. They finally came back to their senses and came over to ask about Claire’s injury. White Emperor also crouched on Li Mingyu’s shoulder, watching Claire with worry.

“I’m fine,” Claire said lightly, “Go finish the job, see if they have any good stuff on them.”

Jean walked to Li Mingyu, stretched over his hand, and took over Claire naturally, holding her in his arms. Everyone else started going through the bodies, searching for valuable objects. Summer hid to the side, her face white. Those mutilated bodies were way too disgusting for her.

Walter had just squatted down when he saw the low grade earth sprites still clinging to the feet of the bodies of the twin women.

“Dong Fenghou, you stupid pig, summon back your earth sprites!” Walter’s temper flared as he turned to yell at the chanting Dong Fenghou on the other side of the swamp, “You really are as dumb as a pig. Not helping when you should, but helping when we don’t need your help anymore!”

Only now did Dong Fenghou summon back the low grade earth sprites, then stood dumbly, watching them, as if thinking about what to do to not look like a pig.

Leng Lingyun quickled treated Camille, then came back to continue healing Claire. Under the brilliant white light, Claire’s wound healed in no time, without any scar left. Her heart unpierced and getting timely treatment, Claire was really very fortunate this time.

“Ahaha, so much good stuff.” Walter exclaimed in joy, then shouted, “Wait is this a storage ring? It can’t be, this person would have such a valuable item on him?”

“Let me see.” Claire was fine right now, just a bit dizzy. She struggled out of Jean’s arms and walked up to Walter.

“Oh.” Without second thoughts, Walter pulled off the ring on the finger of the magician and handed it to Claire.

Claire accepted it without emotion, then took out a small dagger and pierced her finger, dripping a drop of blood on it, then continued emotionlessly, “It’s mine now.”

“What the heck! It really is a storage ring!” Walter saw Claire righteously doing such a despicable act and jumped up in anger, “Didn’t you say to look at it? Why did you make a blood contract directly? Too mean, too shameless! You can’t do that!” Storage rings, unless the original owner gives up ownership, then only if the original owner dies can the ring accept a new owner. Now, would the little devil give up ownership? In your dreams! Everyone else also stared enviously at the storage ring in Claire’s hand, but Claire ignored all of their gazes.

“Well, the storage space isn’t big, only a few cubic meters. But the stuff inside~” Claire didn’t pay attention to Walter’s protest, but started looking through the items in the storage ring. Although the space was small, it was already very rare and valuable.

In everyone’s amazed gazes, Claire took out one after another precious items. One ninth grade beast core, five eighth grade beast cores, at least thirty seventh grade beast cores, and a few magic scrolls, several vials of potions, and some very rare minerals and herbs. All very valuable items.

“We’re rich…… ” Walter stared, eyes bulging, at the items Claire took out. He grinned, carefully examining one vial of potion, then opened it and smelled it, shouting in an even more exaggerated tone, “Gender-changing potion! Oh my goodness, what are these people, having such valuable items. Oh, and this! My goodness, this can change you into, change into, ahehe…… ” Walter laughed vulgarly, not finishing his sentence.

“Change into what?” Claire took over the potion, looking at it, but couldn’t find anything unusual.

“Change you into something that’s much better than you are now. You’ll become a super beauty, big boobs tiny waist huge butt. Your looks now…… ” Walter didn’t finished before being knocked down by a fist, and he wailed on the ground painfully.

Claire retracted her fist and looked at the vial in her hand, baffled that there was such magical stuff?

At this moment, a white, slender hand reached over, and Claire lifted her head to see Leng Lingyun’s violet irises. So she let go and let Leng Lingyun take it.

“It really is a Beauty Potion!” After examining it, Leng Lingyun announced in a sure voice, “I’ve seen it before. No matter how ugly a woman is, if she drinks this potion, she will become beautiful. But it still has to do with her original looks. For example, if an ugly woman drinks it, she will only become a regular beautiful woman, but if she was already pretty, and still took this potion, she will become a stunning beauty. But there is a time limit. One small sip can last five to six hours. The more you drink, the longer it lasts.”

Walter glared furiously at toyboy, not understanding how did toyboy know these lowly trade informations. Weren’t these supposed to be spat upon by those pretentious and dignified people in the Temple? But this fellow said he’d seen it before?

“This is the Gender-changing Potion. A small sip will alter your original gender, the time limit also being five to six hours. The more you drink the longer it lasts.” Leng Lingyun continued looking at the other potions, exclaiming, “These things are all very valuable. But who are these people? Having storage rings and such precious items.”

Claire put back all the potions, her expression unchanging, “Now it’s mine.”

Everyone rolled their eyes at Claire, but were all thinking about what Leng Lingyun said. Who were these people?

“I know who they are.” Li Mingyu’s voice sounded quietly. He was holding a small emblem found on one of the bodies. The emblem was white, the picture on it very simple, just one streak of lightning. But the lightning was black, making a stark contrast with the white background.

“It’s Black Lightning…… ” Leng Lingyun’s expression changed, a rare frown on his face, “This would explain why these five people are so strong and have these valuable stuff.”

“Gangster store1 ?” Qiao Chuxin blinked in confusion.

“It’s a streak of lightning that is black, Black Lightning.” Li Mingyu’s face was a little ugly, “It seems like we’ve offended some powerful figures.”

“Powerful? Didn’t they all die in such an ugly state?” Qiao Chuxin was even more puzzled. Didn’t the bodies on the ground prove everything? How could they be powerful? They’re all dead.

“They are only the small figures in Black Lightning.” Holding tightly onto the emblem in his hand, Li Mingyu answered coldly, “After going through their bodies, destroy everything. Don’t leave a single trace.” What? Everyone was shocked.These people were just little figures? A warrior who was the same level as Jean, a magician who could cast spells instantly, an archer who used a magic bow, and twin women who could control people by their shadows, were only little figures?! The people who nearly defeated them were just little figures?!!

“Do as he says.” Camille’s face was totally serious. Profoundness flashed through his eyes. The others could only tell that Camille had also heard of this organization called Black Lightning before.

Camille, who was always smiling gently, now had on such a serious expression, so everyone understood that this time, it wasn’t as simple as usual.

“Dong Fenghou, come here.” Camille beckoned to Dong Fenghou, who was still deciding what to do, “We can use you now.” Deng Fenghou answered, then jogged over. Everyone was wordless, confirming once again that this youth was way too dumb.

“That egg, it’s cracking!!” Li Yuewen suddenly shouted in a low voice.

1. Gangster store: homophonic with black lightning in Chinese.

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