Ch.79 Offending Powerful Figures (Part II)

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“Then get rid of these bodies quickly and see what’s inside this egg.” Camille replied smiling, stroking his pretty and smooth chin.

Dong Fenghou jogged over. Camille beckoned with his finger, and Dong Fenghou ran over to Camille’s side obediently, waiting for his orders.

“Summon a creature from another world that can eat dead bodies,” Camille ordered. Hearing this, everyone agreed this was a good plan. Eat everything up, and then the summoned beast can return to its own world. Who can then investigate?

“What?” Dong Fenghou paused, looking at Camille dumbly, a great confusion on his face.

Camille rubbed his temples in self-reproach, then explained softly, “Summon a meat-eater.”

“Oh.” Dong Fenghou understood.

The others were wordless. Dong Fenghou’s understanding and communications skills were truly invincible.

Dong Fenghou waved his hand, mumbling something randomly. With a soft boom, the color purple filled everyone’s vision. Without warning, a wind tinged with the scent of blood shot towards them. Obviously no one present was a lamb waiting to be killed, so they all darted out of the way agilely.

When the people saw the scene in front of them clearly, everyone was shocked. A huge, purple flower was standing there, wobbling. Its root split into two bare, feet-like things, and its enormous purple petals were a huge, rapacious, bloody mouth. Two sets of sharp teeth, glinting coldly, were gobbling up the bodies on the ground, one after another, munching noisily. Blood and flesh flew everywhere, and some intestines showed between its teeth. The purple flower sucked loudly, sucking all the intestines back into its mouth. After finishing, it started licking up the blood on the ground, not letting go of a single drop. But when the flower first appeared, it wanted to eat them, the alive people, first! They darted away, so naturally it started eating the unresisting bodies on the ground first. Before the people could do anything, the purple flower actually lifted its feet and clomped towards the body of that sturdy warrior without sinking into the swamp. Getting there, it devoured the whole body in one bite, also gulping down the head besides it. It even didn’t let go of the big pools of blood on the swamp surface, licking clean the blood-water along with much of the murky marsh water. Camille was finally unable to bear this scene anymore; his stomach was rolling. This was a totally different type of disgusting than when Walter killed those people! Before everyone could come back to their senses from the revolting scene, the purple flower started clomping towards where they were standing!

“Ugh…… Dong Fenghou, send it back!” Camille suppressed the churning in his stomach as he shouted angrily at Dong Fenghou.

Dong Fenghou answered, then mumbled something. The carnivorous flower vanished from their sight.

Camille’s face was green. He was the one who told Dong Fenghou to summon a meat-eater, but in his imagination, it should be a beast of some kind. But Dong Fenghou summoned such a repulsive flower! Which world did this disgusting flower come from?

Not only Camille, everyone’s expression wasn’t too good. It was the first time they saw such a nauseating scene.

“Next time, don’t, don’t summon such a disgusting thing.” Summer’s face was white as she stumbled over her words.

“But, this creature is a clean eater. It even licked up all the blood!” Li Yuewen added.

“Okay, let’s not talk about this anymore. That egg is cracking; it’s coming out.” Claire stopped the useless conversation, and looked at the pink egg floating above the swamp.

Sure enough, soft cracking sounds came from the egg, and fissures appeared on the round egg. The colorful light began to dissipate, while blinding white light shot out from the cracks.

“Chirp chirp…… ” At this time, White Emperor had climbed up to Claire’s head, squinting at the magical scene in front of them. Suddenly, the round egg started spinning quickly, the cracking noises constant. The egg shell was breaking. With a loud crack, the egg completely broke apart, and the blinding, brilliant, white light that came with it made everyone unable to open their eyes. They held their hands over their faces unconsciously to block this abnormally strong light. After some time, the white light slowly dissipated, and everyone opened their eyes to look at where the egg was floating before.

Nothing! There were only a few pieces of eggshell on the swamp, but nothing else except that!

What about the mystical beast? Where was the mystical beast that attracted so many other beasts?

The night was silent. Everyone gazed around them, searching for a difference in their surroundings, searching for a trace of the mystical beast that was just born, but all to no avail!

Suddenly, the silence was broken by a sound.

“Chirp chirp!” White Emperor, who was sitting on Claire’s head, chirped, its voice seemingly upset.

Everyone looked towards Claire’s head, but dropped their jaws open. A black, furry creature with a pair of wings was flying silently about Claire’s head. A round head, a round, furry body, tiny claws, and a pair of small wings that were flapping silently. It was staring at White Emperor.

It didn’t have any essence or sound! So that’s why no one sensed its presence.

“What, is this?” Everyone gazed in bafflement at the little creature flying above Claire’s head. Claire turned her head, but the little creature also moved, so she couldn’t see what it looked like.

“What is it?” Claire asked again.

“Don’t know.” The people shook their heads, “But White Emperor and it are staring at each other.”

When she heard this, Claire immediately took White Emperor down, and the other little creature also flapped down, still staring at White Emperor. White Emperor also stared at the creature in front of him.

Claire finally saw what that little creature looked like, a round body with two little wings on its back, able to fly without any noise. But why was it and White Emperor staring at each other?

“Chirp chirp!” Just when everyone was puzzled, an unexpected thing happened. White Emperor reached out a paw and slapped the little creature fiercely.

“Tweet tweet!” The little creature also got mad, and rushed into Claire’s arms, biting White Emperor’s head.

“Chirp chirp!” “Tweet tweet!” “Chirp chirp!” “Tweet tweet!”

The two little creatures fought together in Claire’s arms, rolling this way and that.

Everyone was speechless. Claire was also speechless, her mouth twitching.

What was happening right now?

Just when Claire was confused, that little creature actually opened its mouth and bit down on Claire’s arm. A familiar powerful strength flooded into Claire’s body. But it had only flooded in a bit when it was stopped. White Emperor had slapped the little creature across its head, knocking it over.

Claire understood, that that little creature wanted to force a contract with her, just like what White Emperor did before! This little round ball was actually the same mysterious creature as White Emperor! Did that mean that it was the same as White Emperor, its energy and power also exploding from time to time, also able to become a human?

“Tweet tweet!”

“Chirp chirp!”

The fur ball and round ball had fought their way onto the ground. The two little things were tangled together fiercely.

Everyone was dumbfounded, staring at the scene in front of them, unable to come back to realization. What in the world was happening?

Claire also stared at them wide-eyed. She looked at the cut on her arm, then at the two creatures “happily” fighting, and squatted down to separate them. But as soon as they were separated, the round ball leapt up again to bite Claire, wanting to sign a contract, and of course White Emperor gave it another whack, and they started fighting again. Claire tried to separate them again for a few times, but they all ended like that. Finally, Claire gave up, standing up and leaning against a tree, looking helplessly at the two little fellows fighting.

“Claire, what, what is this?” Summer asked, stammering.

“I don’t know either.” Claire shrugged her shoulders, “But we can be sure of one thing, and that is these two fellows seem to be enemies.”

This made everything all the more confusing. That round ball was just born, but it seemed to know White Emperor already, and has a great hatred towards it, fighting directly. How could you explain that?

“Then, then what do we do now?” Camille was also a little helpless. The two little black and white creatures just kept fighting on the ground.

“Let’s leave then.” Claire shrugged her shoulders and led the way. Everyone else was confused. Was it okay to leave White Emperor and that supposedly-mystical-beast-but-really-don’t-know-what-it-is creature here?

Claire walked away without looking back, and the others followed in confusion.

White Emperor and the round ball stopped what they were doing when they saw the others leave. One bounced to catch up with Claire, the other flapping its wings.

The two little creatures caught up speedily, then claimed Claire’s left and right shoulders for themselves respectively, glaring at each other, restless, as if they were ready to start fighting again anytime.

“This is a mystical beast?” Summer frowned and humphed coldly.

Everyone ignored the comment, but their eyes all said, obviously not!

    Only Claire knew in her heart, that this black little round ball wasn’t simple!!!

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9 thoughts on “Ch.79 Offending Powerful Figures (Part II)

  1. Woahh! Fighting for Claire already right out of its egg 😉
    Maybe these mythical beasts can sense great power and destiny?

    I wonder if it’s possible for Claire to have both.
    But technically, she belongs to white emperor lol

    Thank you for the chapter 🙂
    The meat eating flower made me laugh so hard!

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  2. And what gave birth to that beast? Curses!
    That’s so interesting and eerie
    And to think monsters from another world could be summoned can humans be too?

    Thank you 🙂

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