Ch.80 An Accoster? (Part I)

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Everyone returned to the camp. When Summer saw the scene before them, she stomped in rage. When they fought so intensely, that rude and uncivilized black dragon didn’t come to their aid. No wonder, for he was sleeping with his ears stuffed!

“You rude and uncivilized dragon!” Summer rushed over and yelled furiously at dragon Ben, grabbing him by the shoulder and shaking him awake with a courage that even she didn’t know where it came from.

“What? What? What happened?” Dragon Ben’s voice was like thunder, asking loudly the moment he opened his eyes.

Summer tore down the thing dragon Ben used to stuff his ears, then continued yelling at him angrily: “You’re actually here sleeping! Did you know that we almost died just now! Claire was also injured severely and almost died!”

“What?” Dragon Ben was completely astonished. He turned to look at Claire, then let out his breath, “I don’t see anything wrong.”

“That’s because Leng Lingyun the healer is here!” Seeing dragon Ben’s attitude, Summer became even more angrier.

“Okay, Summer, we did have an agreement originally, that he couldn’t strike anyone rashly. Although it was very dangerous, now we’re all fine and safe.” Claire stopped Summer from continuing her craziness, sitting down and saying softly.

“Hey, Claire, where did that black ball on your shoulder come from? One black, one white, pretty interesting.” Dragon Ben suddenly noticed the two little things on Claire’s shoulder and asked curiously.

“I found it.” Claire replied casually.

“Tweet tweet!” The black ball waved his claws around, as if dissatisfied by Claire’s explanation. But just when he made noise, White Emperor also chirped threateningly and waved his claws, as if sending out a warning.

“Claire, how do you feel now?” Leng Lingyun sat down and asked softly.

“I’m all right now, just a little dizzy.” Claire answered.

“That’s because you lost too much blood. You’ll be fine after some rest. But you not suited to going deeper into the mountain range, for this kind of environment is not good for nursing you back to health.” Leng Lingyun knew that his healing powers weren’t everything.

“Of course. And thank you for saving me again.” Claire let out a faint smile.

Before Leng Lingyun could speak, Camille scooted up and said resentfully with his eyes squinted, “If you are to thank someone, shouldn’t you thank me first?”

“Haha, yeah, thank you, our honorable vice-colonel. Among all of us, only you have such fast reactions in such an emergency. Only you have such agile skills.” Claire smiled lightly, praising Camille. Camille looked very enjoying, with his eyes squinted and a leisurely smile.

But at this time, there was one person who had a dark face. And that person was Li Yuewen. Listening to the others’ conversations, Li Yuewen’s face darkened even more.

“Oh right, miss Li Yuewen, I haven’t confronted you yet.” Suddenly, Claire said dankly.

Li Yuewen’s body froze and her expression changed slightly, looking at the solemn Claire like this. The uneasiness in her heart expanded.

But Li Mingyu was perfectly calm. He knew, Claire would never really blame Li Yuewen.

“Yes, it’s all my fault. I accidentally injured you……”

Li Yuewen lowered her head and said softly in a low voice.

“Oh yes, and almost killing me. If not for Camille and Leng Lingyun, I’m a dead person now.” Claire’s voice was cold.

Li Yuewen bit her lip hard, almost making it bleed.

“So, you must make it up to me.” Then Claire’s tone suddenly switched, and said briskly, “I’ve lost too much blood and I’m dizzy. You are responsible to get me the food and medicine necessary for me to recover fully. And I’m weak now, so I can’t continue training. We should go back, and after resting for some time will we go to your Li clan’s training grounds to practice. Also, do not sneak attack me at night, let me sleep. My black eye circles are getting darker and darker.”

Claire’s lengthy chattering popped up like this. Li Yuewen looked up, gaping at Claire. This was the making up this little girl wanted?!

“What? Do you think I’m over punishing you?” Claire frowned and asked Li Yuewen.

“No, no.” Li Yuewen shaked her head like a rattle-drum, “Okay, okay, so we return tomorrow, and slow down our travel. I’ll nurse you back to health along the way, and I won’t sneak attack you at night anymore.”

“Haha, deal. Don’t come at night. I haven’t had a sound sleep in a long time.” Claire yawned, confirming with a satisfied voice.

“Did you think I will go back on my words?” Li Yuewen raised her brows and humphed.

“No, no, haha, I’m hungry now. Let me eat and then I’m going to bed.” Claire shook her head contently.

After eating, Claire climbed into her tent to sleep, paying no attention to the others. One black, one white, the round ball and fur ball also followed her in, but neither of them slept. Both crouched before Claire and stared at each other, not even blinking. One wanted to bite Claire and sign a contract, the other wouldn’t let him, so naturally this deadlock was formed.

Early morning, the sun shone brightly. Dew drops glistened on leaves. The magic beasts had left long ago; there was no trace at all of the hard-fought battle last night.

The autumn air was cool. A small but comfortable carriage slowly drove out the little town. This was the best carriage in the town, which Jean bought for a high price. Qiao Chuxin rode on the wind leopard before it, while the others followed the carriage slowly on foot. Claire half-lay comfortably in the carriage, and Jean was driving it. Only Claire was enjoying the carriage. For one reason, the carriage could only accommodate two, so it didn’t seem suitable for anyone else to get in. Secondly, Claire’s enjoyment was justified: her so-called nursing back to health.

This scene was just like a rich lady going out to travel, hiring a small mercenary group to protect her safety.

The whole way was smooth and undisturbed. No thief or robber with eyes will attack them. An eye-catching seventh grade magic beast, a wind leopard, and the cold-faced coachman also had a sword. Who dare attack a group like this?

After three days like this, they reached the nearest city, Vintage City. This city was flourishing but chaotic, because it was the big city closest Lost Mountain Range. Many adventurers who came out of Lost Mountain Range would come here to sell their acquisitions from Lost Mountain Range. Minerals, beast cores, the young of magic beasts, precious herbs…… So this city was unusually prosperous. But, those who sell in this city were all not commoners. They all entered the Lost Mountain Range and came out alive, so naturally none of them were simple figures. Once a conflict erupted, of course it couldn’t be curbed with a few words. The police department of this city was the busiest place, often running their legs out. So, prosperity and chaos were directly related to the other.

And for this city, outsiders don’t need to pay tax to enter, but instead people need to pay tax to exit.

So Claire and her group entered the city after little interrogation. The city was noisy and bustling with activity; all kinds of stores lined the streets. Those selling beast cores, those selling weapons, those selling clothes…… All the stores had customers, and all kinds of pedestrians walked the roads. There were local residents and adventurers who had traveled a long way. All architecture in the city were built with huge rocks, including the city walls, houses, and the pavements of the roads.

Claire leisurely lay inside the carriage, her eyes in slits. Very soon, the group arrived at a tidy motel in the city.

“Miss, we’re here.” Jean hopped off the carriage and opened the door for Claire, extending her hand.

Claire naturally held onto Jean’s hand as she stepped off the carriage.

“Whoa, I can finally take a hot bath today!” Summer happily rushed up, clutching Claire’s hand and said excitedly.

“Yes. Last time you didn’t, this time I’ll make sure you get one.” Claire smiled at Summer.

“Haha, hurry, let’s go.” Summer held Claire’s hand and dragged her towards the door of the motel. The rest followed behind closely.

But when they just reached the door, an unknown object burst out of the motel’s door and landed on the ground. It rolled all the way to Claire and Summer’s feet.

Claire and Summer looked down. It was a person.

“F*ck you! You bastards! How dare you treat your captain like this!” The person on the ground cursed while getting up, but met Claire and Summer’s gazes. After a slight pause, he grinned and started laughing, “Beautiful miss, it’s you.”

“Who are you?” Summer looked at the grinning burly man before them and asked with a displeased tone. He was so raggedy and embarrassing, yet he was hooking on Claire.

“You must be a friend of this miss! I am Jackson, captain of the seventeenth division of the Iron Blood Mercenary Group, also a friend of miss Claire.” The burly man named Jackson was the person Claire Jean met in Gale Gorge a long time ago. This guy still remembered Claire clearly.

“Oh really?” Summer looked at the frivolous burly man in front of them suspiciously. A person like this is a friend of Claire’s? Probably just his one-sided wishful thinking.

“Yes, yes. Hehe, miss Claire, how have you been after we separated that day?” Jackson happily talked to Claire, who nodded lightly.

“I’’m fine. We’re tired.” Claire said softly, then went right around the burly man and into the door with Summer.

Jackson scratched his head and laughed embarrassedly. He suddenly noticed Jean and quickly went up to him, “Ah, brother Jean! You’re also here! Haha, so coincidental, meeting you here.”

“Yes.” Jean spit out with no extra words.

“Haha, where have you come from and where are you going?” Jackson followed besides Jean and puzzledly looked at the crowd behind him, asking curiously. Everyone went between the two and followed Claire into the door.

“To Lagark.” Jean didn’t want to disclose too much, so he replied just this lightly.

“Oh? Really? Then too good, we’re also going to Lagark. We should go together! We’ve got lots of time, so we’ll wait for you and go together. It’s nice to have friends when traveling.” Jackson laughed loudly.

“What are you doing in Lagark?” Jean asked casually. Whether they will travel together needs to be determined by Claire.

“Escorting some things to the Feng Corporation.” Jackson said carelessly, “Feng Corporation, you know, that family so rich that everyone is jealous of.”

The Feng clan? Feng Yixuan’s clan?

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11 thoughts on “Ch.80 An Accoster? (Part I)

      1. How could you!!!
        The red haired Magician kid that saved Claire from the necromancer. The one she beat in the competition with her combination of Douqi and who almost killed her sister Lashia. The one that came all the way to her country to propose to her and follow her around and got all happy when she almost called her Wind Leopard Feng. I bet he’s also the same person who sent carriages after carriages of roses to her during her birthday. I mean who else could it be? *wags finger*

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  1. FengYixuan is going to be so happy to see Claire XD

    I bet he’ll latch onto her and follow her all the way to Li Clan. And the Li clan will probably take this opportunity to form a good bond and try to pair Feng up with Claire.
    But I kind of like how that goes too since the Holy Prince is a bit..hmm I can’t quite put my finger on it. I guess I just like how Feng is so passionate, devoted, and obsessed lol
    And he was the first person to save her life too.

    Thank you for the chapter!! =D
    It was super good!


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