Ch.80 An Accoster? (Part II)

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“Oh. So that’s why.” Jean replied faintly.

“So when are you guys leaving? Let’s travel together.” Jackson followed Jean into the door and asked.

“This, I must ask our colonel and vice-colonel first.” Jean answered in a deep voice.

“Colonel? Vice-colonel? You’ve established a mercenary group? What’s it called?” Hearing this, Jackson questioned curiously.

“Sycee Mercenary Group.” Jean had kind of a favorable impression towards Jackson, so he answered patiently.

“Hehe, congratulations, you formed your own mercenary group.” Jackson congratulated.

“Thanks.” Jean replied faintly.

“Brother Jean, since we so coincidentally met, let’s go have a drink together!” Jackson bumped Jean with his hand, saying forthrightly.

“No need.” Jean rejected politely.

“Haha, still being courteous with me. But you just got here, so maybe you should first eat and get some rest.” Jackson laughed.

“Sure.” Jean nodded.

There were more than a dozen tables set up on the first floor of the inn, with people sitting around them in twos and threes. When Jackson came in with Jean, the people sitting around the tables at a corner started hooting and guffawing. They were obviously the mercenary soldiers under Jackson, and it was them who threw Jackson out a while ago.

“Miss, vice-colonel, they invited us to travel with them tomorrow, how should I reply?” Jean walked up to ask Claire and Camille.

“Our vice-colonel can determine our answer.” Claire answered with a tired look on her face. Sleeping in the carriage really wasn’t comfortable, making her even more weary. All she wanted now was to take a hot bath.

“Then tell them let’s leave tomorrow together.” Camille returned lightly.

After Claire and her group went upstairs, Jackson was still standing there, staring after Claire’s figure in a daze.

“Satyr, time to come back!”

“Rogue, what are you still looking at?”

“Your eyeballs are dropping to the ground.”

A series of hoots sounded from the corner. It was Jackson’s mercenary group members.

“F*ck you, you bunch of bastards. I haven’t yet got even with you for the throwing!” Jackson rushed up bellowing, randomly picking out a person and choking his throat.

“Captain, why does that blondie with green eyes look so familiar? Like we’ve seen her before. She was a little far, so I didn’t see clearly.” A young magician among them asked.

“Oh, she’s the beautiful miss we met in Gale Gorge last time.” Jackson grinned, “I didn’t expect to meet them here. They also formed their own mercenary group.”

“What mercenary group?” One of them asked casually.

“Sycee Mercenary Group.” Jackson said with a laugh, but then his smile froze. Sycee Mercenary Group?! They are the Sycee Mercenary Group? The newly rising but extremely powerful mercenary group?

The others were also shocked. They all looked at their captain with bulging eyes.

“Sy-, Sycee Mercenary Group?” Jackson’s lips started twitching, squeezing out these words. It would be normal if some commoners living in a marginal city didn’t know this name, but it had already spread throughout the mercenary community. Sycee Mercenary Group, the small mercenary group with a weird name, that has never been heard to have accepted any difficult missions, but became the focus of the mercenary community in one day. They expulsed the ocean beasts attacking Level City with just a few people, helping Level City avoid the tragedy of being flooded. Right after that, they destroyed the notorious Red Skull Pirates in one battle. The pirates that the empire’s army couldn’t quench, the pirates that gave all mercenary groups a headache, crumbled just like that. Even though rumor goes that the pirates’ captain succeeded in escaping, it would be almost impossible for him to create anything as great again. What Jackson absolutely did not expect, was that Sycee Mercenary Group was Claire and her companions?!

“Captain, I suggest you give up this time. Be careful, they might shoot you into a hive! Furthermore, look at your bear-like figure! And your old age! She’s a petite little girl, for goodness sake.” Jackson’s group member started sourly. His words were agreed by everyone, who all nodded, echoing him. Making Jackson go crazy and the hall bustle with noise.

At night, Claire held her breath and gulped down the medicine Li Yuewen made her drink with one swallow. Supposedly to help her recover. Claire then prepared to go to bed.

When Li Yuewen left Claire’s room and shut the door, Claire lowered her head quietly to look at her right hand. She still wore the glove that Feng Yixuan gave her. Claire’s hand touched the glove softly, Feng Yixuan’s determined image appearing before her eyes. He was going to get stronger, so what about her? Claire took off the glove slowly and looked at the black mark, her expression changing a little. Because that black mark was obviously darker than it was before.

“Tweet tweet!” When the round ball sitting on Claire’s left shoulder saw the mark, it tweeted, then flew straight to the back of Claire’s hand and stood there.

“Chirp chirp!” White Emperor jumped down and kicked the black ball off.

The fight started again……

“Ma, Ma…… ” Suddenly, Golden Lotus’ voice sounded.

“Golden Lotus?” Claire was puzzled. Golden Lotus hadn’t spoke for a long time, so why did he start talking now?

“I just woke up; I’ve been sleeping. What is this black round ball? It seems very similar to White Emperor, having a lot of potential power and strength but unable to release it. I feel like this form now isn’t its original form. Its intelligence is only like that of a baby beast too.” Golden Lotus said while yawing.

“Sleeping? You have been sleeping the whole time?” Claire watched with interest at the black and white balls rolling around the floor and fighting.

“I also need to cultivate, and absorb the lightning to become my own strength.” Golden Lotus answered as if this was normal.

Now Claire understood. So that’s why Golden Lotus didn’t appear in time when Li Yuewen attempted to assassinate her, because he was sleeping.

Claire put the glove back on and took out the Treasured Lotus Directory. What Li Mingyu said previously replayed in Claire’s mind. That bizarre five-people group, was only a small figure in a large organization! That organization called Black Lightning, how strong was it? How big was this continent? How many more powerful people haven’t shown themselves? Claire squinted at the Treasured Lotus’ Directory. She understood deeply that she must become strong quickly.

“Golden Lotus.” Claire called.

“Yes?” Golden Lotus was puzzled.

“Why can’t I sense the earth elements like last time anymore, and are unable to order them?” Claire asked the question that had always been in her heart. After that time when she fought with Alice’s cousin, she could never sense the earth elements again.

“Because I was helping you that time, Ma. Don’t worry, the first few volumes of the Treasured Lotus Directory can only increase the power of your flames, and you can’t tell the Directory’s true strength. When you comprehend the rest you will know the secrets of the Directory.” Golden Lotus answered mysteriously.

Claire didn’t ask anymore, because she knew that if Golden Lotus wanted to keep her guessing it would be useless to ask. That cocky kid. Claire couldn’t see how in the world was he similar to her if she gave birth to him. Claire opened the book and infused it with the Lotus Power, starting to cultivate the fourth volume. If not for attracting the lightning, Claire really wanted to comprehend all the way until the seventh volume. The Lotus Power flowed through her body comfortably, and Claire reached the peak of the third volume easily. If she wanted to make a breakthrough the lightning will come, so Claire stopped.

“Ma, come on, go outside the city. Cultivate all the way to the seventh volume, and I can also eat all the lightning at once to digest and cultivate.” Golden Lotus said, laughing, “Relax, just focus on making breakthroughs, I’ll take care of the rest. I won’t let any harm come to you, Ma. Your current magic and DouQi can assist you easily to the seventh volume of the Treasured Lotus Directory. When you get there, you will understand the magic and secrets of the Directory.”

“Okay.” Claire thought about it for a moment. Although she was a little tired and uncomfortable, but there was nothing wrong. Becoming strong quickly was also what Claire desired. Claire stood up, and the fur ball and round ball fighting on the ground stopped immediately, jumping up onto Claire’s shoulders.

Claire knocked on Jean’s door. Jean was a little surprised when he opened the door, not understanding what Claire wanted.

“I’m going outside the city. Remember the lightning I attracted when I made a breakthrough while fighting the Gold Dragon? I’m going to make a breakthrough again, and you will protect me.” Claire said directly.

Jean paused, but his heart was flooded by an unnamable joy.

Claire had asked him to guard her practicing!

“Yes.” Jean nodded. Without any other words, he closed the door and got ready to leave with Claire.

A cold wind blew outside the city. Claire and Jean both rode on the wind leopard, running outside the city. The wind lifted Claire’s long hair, and a unique scent floated into Jean’s nostrils. Jean stared at the Claire in front of him, his eyes misting.

The wind leopard used wind magic under his feet, running speedily. A round, bright moon hung in the sky, and some birds called out from time to time.

They finally came to a remote area. Claire looked around her. There was a extruding cliff in front of her, empty on all sides, and you could see the bright moon when lifting your head.

“Here.” Claire got off the wind leopard, very satisfied at the terrain. Three sides of the cliff were deep abysses, completely black and unable to see the bottom. No one would be able to come up from this direction, so Jean would only have to guard one direction.

“I will watch over there and not let anyone come close.” Jean said in a low voice, then turned around and walked back. His deep voice was full of his determined promise. The wind leopard licked his mouth and was ready to follow behind.

“You guys go also.” Claire threw the two little fellas on her shoulders over to the wind leopard, and they landed steadily on the wind leopards back. The wind leopard carried them and followed Jean away.

“Ma, it’s your turn now, all you need to do is to keep breaking through. Give me a feast, haha.” Golden Lotus urged, excited.

But Claire was more interested in how will the secrets of the Treasure Lotus Directory surprise her when she gets to the later volumes.

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  1. I can’t tell in words how much I love this! 😀
    I also can’t tell it in words, how grateful I am to you guys for translating this!
    Like always thanks for the chapter. 😀 Need more though, since it’s NEVER enough! 😀

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  2. Thank you for all the chapters so far – wonderful story this one! ^.^

    I’m a bit confused though… I checked CE on NovelUpdates and there seems to be another translator (Japanese Mafia Lady) who is translating as well, but she seems to be numbering the chapters differently. She has translated to “chapter 100” but story wise it is right when Claire cuts the hand of the groping merc. Is it a web-novel v.s. a light-novel thing?


    1. nah she is just using different raws or dividing the long chapters into multiple ones. Like all the later chapters are really long so on the official raws which we use they are posted as part 1 and part 2; i think her raws just splits it into two chapters. idk i’d rather keep things as close to original as possible 🙂


  3. I’m so excited for Claire! What other powers will she gain?

    And I bet something dangerous is going to happen! Every single time Claire goes somewhere, trouble surely follows! Can’t she just have a day in peace?
    And I wonder if anyone else from her group came to follow hmmm

    And no Jean shouldn’t fall for Claire! Bad idea! But it’s too late…

    🙂 thanks so much for the chapter!


  4. I know I shouldn’t but, I can’t help but ship Jean x Claire. He was a complete [censored] at first, but he’s proven himself so urghhh. me and my ships.


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