Ch.81 Breakthrough Again and Again! (Part I)

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Claire stood silently on top of the cliff. A breeze blew past, lifting her golden hair and the edge of her clothes. Claire looked quietly at the scene before her, crossed her legs and sat down, starting the Lotus Power. She was going to make a breakthrough to the fourth level right now!

In an instant, the clear and cool night sky changed. Storm clouds gathered quickly, lightning flashing in the clouds. They all clustered above Claire’s head, the clump growing bigger and bigger. The bright moon was covered by storm clouds, and it was dark all around Claire, but still bright everywhere else.

Standing far away, Jean looked at the abnormality in the sky with a complicated expression. What arcanum was Claire practicing? Why would it lead to such abnormalities?

At this time, Leng Lingyun, who had been lying on his motel bed, opened his eyes suddenly. He got off the bed quickly and came to the window. He saw that far outside the city, storm clouds all gathered to a same spot, and there was lightning flashing in them! This abnormality was the exact same as the one he saw outside the city when he was returning to the capital! Then…… Leng Lingyun put on his clothes quickly and went to knock on Claire’s door, but there was no response.

“Claire? Claire?!” Leng Lingyun called out quietly while knocking, but still, there wasn’t any response.

As expected! That abnormality was caused by Claire, since she’s not in her room. Leng Lingyun frowned slightly, thought about it, then turned to walk out, but Li Yuewen, Li Mingyu, and Camille opened their doors and looked this way.

“What happened?” Camille asked.

“Claire’s not in her room, she’s gone out. Outside the city.” Leng Lingyun frowned slightly, his expression not that good. Because although Claire seemed to be fine, in reality, she wasn’t yet healed completely. After all, she lost too much blood.

“What? That damn little girl ran out this late in the night? For what?” Li Yuewen started exclaiming as if she stepped on dog poop, her face angry, “This damn girl, doesn’t she know her own health?!”

“I’ll go find her.” After saying so, Leng Lingyun flew out directly from the window.

Li Yuewen and Li Mingyu were both surprised; this was the first time they saw Leng Lingyun fly like this. Was it wind magic? Didn’t seem like it. Leng Lingyun uses light magic; then how was he able to fly?

“It’s an ancient technique. Your last name, Li, is also an ancient surname, so you should also have techniques that belong to you only.” Walter had came out some time in between, and said quietly while watching the open window in Leng Lingyun’s room. Leng Lingyun’s figure became smaller and smaller in the night sky, but Walter’s explanation helped Li Yuewen and Li Mingyu understand.

“Let’s go over and see too.” Naturally, Li Yuewen was worried about Claire, so she rushed into Leng Lingyun’s room and jumped out the window. She landed lightly and leapt from roof to roof, moving out a far distance in just a few seconds.

Li Mingyu also jumped out the window silently. Camille reorganized the hair on his forehead, sighed lightly, then followed out the window. That little girl never let people rest peacefully.

Walter stood where he was, twitching his lip while watching the slowly disappearing people, feeling he might go crazy. These people chased after Claire agilely, but what about him? He could only use his two skinny and weak legs to run over. This scoundrel little devil, not letting people get some peaceful sleep! Walter was just about to run downstairs angrily when he remembered there were still others in the motel. So he went and knocked on Summer’s door, told her what was going on, then rushed away.

At this time, Claire was sitting cross-legged on the cliff, glowing a faint golden light. A golden lotus was slowly appearing, enveloping Claire inside. Claire’s beautiful face was also covered by a faint golden light, making her whole being seem so pure and elegant.

The huge, golden lotus petals slowly encased Claire tightly inside. Claire’s eyes were closed, and she entered an intangible realm indescribable with words. A warm feeling was flowing throughout her body, moving into all her limbs and bones, extremely comfortable.

But above her head, storm clouds gathered and lightning flashed. Jean gripped the sword at his waist tightly, watching the cliff nervously, his heart on a string. Even though he had seen this scene before, experiencing it again was still nerve-racking. He was also very worried for Claire, who was under all those lightning and thunder.




Three huge streaks of lightning chopped down violently one after the other, without any pause in between. The white lightning lit up the surroundings brightly, ripping apart the dark night, like a twisted face.

Jean watched the three violent streaks of lightning strike down, his heart almost stop beating. Those lightning just struck right on the golden lotus enveloping Claire. Will anything happen to Claire? Will Claire be hurt? Jean’s hands were in fists. He stared fixedly at the brilliant golden lotus, desperately suppressing the urge to rush over.

Just when Jean was extremely worried, the golden lotus opened slowly, revealing Claire’s peaceful face. Claire opened her eyes slowly, her irises clear as water.

“Cl…… ” Jean called out softly.

Claire turned her head and nodded softly at Jean, telling him not to worry. Only then did Jean relax his tightened heart.

Claire knitted her brows. The burning on her back told her, another petal unfurled!

“Ma, quick, quick, continue, these small lightnings aren’t even enough for me to fill the spaces between my teeth.” Golden Lotus yelled, urging Claire.

Claire suddenly frowned. Feeling something different, she flicked her fingers gently. A small ball of fire immediately appeared at her fingertip, but it was white! Claire was shocked. A white flame, not the golden flame she had before. What type of flame was this? She flicked another finger, and a ball of golden fire appeared. Claire stared at the two different colored flames and was surprised.

“Ma, stop playing, breakthrough breakthrough, first breakthrough then play with the changes. The later ones are more interesting.” Golden Lotus hastened.

Claire extinguished the flames, took out the Treasured Lotus Directory, infused it with Lotus Power, and started reading quickly.

“How do you like it, Ma, isn’t it high proficiency? Haha. Magic and DouQi can assist you to reach the seventh volume of the Treasured Lotus Directory. When you read further, you’ll understand that the Treasured Lotus Directory is the essence, and magic and DouQi are only dregs.” Golden Lotus boasted insolently.

Claire put away the book, closed her eyes, focused, then once again started the Lotus Power.

“Ma, keep going, haha, faster, reach the seventh level in one breath.” Golden Lotus shouted excitedly.

Her eyes still closed, Claire focused on moving the Lotus Power throughout her whole body, following the book on practicing. Sure enough, as Golden Lotus sad, she didn’t meet any obstacles, the whole process continuing smoothly.

In Jean’s astonished gaze, Claire once again glowed a faint golden light. That huge golden lotus enveloped Claire inside again, and the storm clouds that just dispersed hurriedly gathered over once more, and even storm clouds from further away made their way over swiftly. The thunder was even louder, and every time a lightning flashed, it lit the surroundings up a pale white color, making people very uncomfortable.

The huge rumbling of thunder sounded again, and violent streaks of lightning shot crazily towards Claire inside the golden lotus. This time, there was one more streak of lightning than last time. Four enormous streaks of violent lightning, full of savage strength, chopped down. Every streak faster than the previous, more violent than the previous. But when they hit the golden lotus, they all vanished quietly. Jean just looked at the huge golden lotus fixedly, but extremely worried inside. Did Claire have to go on? How many more streaks of lightning were there? Could the golden lotus bear any more?

Suddenly, faint noises sounded from behind. Jean gripped the sword at his waist tightly and turned around abruptly, but saw Leng Lingyun coming over. Leng Lingyun stood besides Jean, silently watching Claire, who was glowing a faint golden light. He understood that the abnormality in front of him was caused by Claire. Very quickly, Li Yuewen rushed over worriedly, Li Mingyu and Camille following close behind.

“Jean, what’s this? What is that damn little girl doing?!!” Li Yuewen asked, rushing towards them hurriedly, then preparing to run over to Claire.


The crisp sound of pulling a sword out of it’s sheath. A sword blocked in front of Li Yuewen.

“Jean? What are you doing?” Li Yuwen shocked gaze met Jean’s cold, handsome features.

“Before Miss finishes what she’s doing, no one is allowed to go near, including you.” Jean’s voice was icy, without any emotion or warmth. He just raised the sword there, blocking Li Yuewen’s path, with no intention of moving.

“Humph! You think you can stop me?” Li Yuewen’s gaze also hardened, ready to attack. Before Leng Lingyun could tell her to stop, another voice shouted at Li Yuewen.

“Yuewen! Stop!” At this time, Li Mingyu, who just rushed up, immediately rebuked Li Yuewen, who was just about to attack.

“Brother, this fellow dare stop me!” Li Yuewen stated furiously.

“If you go over now, not only would you be in danger, you might also harm Claire!” Li Mingyu said seriously, looking at the opening golden lotus and Claire sitting inside.

Li Yuewen paused, then frowned and turned to look at Claire sitting insides the golden lotus, her eyes full of shock and worry.

What was that huge golden lotus? Why was Claire covered in a faint golden light? And, how to explain the storm clouds and thunder and lightning in the sky?

Not caring about the burning sensation on her back, Claire quickly infused the Treasured Lotus Directory with Lotus Power and started reading. She already made a breakthrough to the fifth level, and Claire could clearly feel the change in her body. But now wasn’t the time to think about it. She must break through to the seventh level before more people arrive!

“Ma, haha, cool, so delicious, continue continue.” Golden Lotus shrieked happily, “Let me eat enough at once, then I’ll continue cultivating.”

“Will anything happen to Claire?” Li Yuewen watched the abnormality in the sky, stunned. Her heart was tight with worry.

“This, is an ancient arcanum.” Li Mingyu knitted his brows as the huge lotus once again slowly enveloped Claire, his voice deep. But that was as far as he knew. Because the scene in front of him was neither magic nor DouQi, so it could only be explained by an ancient arcanum.

“Why would Claire have an ancient arcanum?” Li Yuewen was even more puzzled.

Li Mingyu turned to look at Camille, who had just caught up with them. Camille shrugged: “I don’t know, don’t ask me.”

As they were talking, the sky got darker and darker. They all looked up at the sky, shocked at the unusual and frightening scene. The rumbling thunder were like huge drums at a ceremony, loud and booming, and lightning flashed in the black clouds. The alternating light and dark making their surroundings seem very creepy.

Li Yuewen looked at the huge golden lotus worriedly, suppressing the urge to rush over. The others were also worried.

Under the urge of Golden Lotus, Claire made the breakthroughs quickly. The fourth level, fifth level, sixth level, all the way to the seventh level. And the streaks of lightning, from three streaks at first, increased all the way to six streaks! And the strength of the lightnings were increasingly savage, making Jean and all the others tighten their hearts again and again.

But, after the last six streaks of lightning struck down, the storm clouds in the sky dispersed speedily, not gathering back like the previous times, but vanishing in the sky. Everyone understood that it was finally over.

The huge golden lotus opened its petals slowly, and Golden Lotus’ excited voice sounded in Claire’s mind, “Ma, I’m full, I’ll go cultivate. Based on your strength now, even if you can’t win over a powerful person, you can at least escape safely. I’m going.” Without waiting for Claire’s answer, Golden Lotus disappeared instantly, not answering no matter how Claire called out to him.

The faint golden light slowly disappeared from Claire’s body. Claire stood up slowly, looking into the distance, feeling the burning sensation of petals unfurling on her back. Power, an indescribable strong power flowed in her body. Claire curled her right hand into a fist; there will be a day when she will undo the black mark! She was not a lamb waiting obediently for others to butcher. The god of Darkness! Just you see, one day, I will not only undo this shameful mark, but I will also return this shame to you double!

“Claire!” Li Yuewen’s worried heart finally relaxed, and she shouted out loud, wanting to rush over.

Claire turned around slowly. Watching the people behind her, a strange smile appeared on her lips. In everyone’s shocked and frightened gazes, Claire stretched out her arms, and leaned backwards, smiling.

But behind Claire, was a bottomless abyss!

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