Ch.81 Breakthrough Again and Again! (Part II)

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Several worried and fearful voices sounded together; everyone moved instantly. What was Claire doing? Was she crazy? Was she committing suicide? The people’s heartbeats almost stopped as they rushed madly to the edge of the cliff. Leng Lingyun already started flying, ready to jump down and save Claire.

But, when they got to the cliff edge, a puff of hot air pushed straight up into their faces, making their mouths dry and their muscles tight.


The soft sound of air flowing, the golden color before their eyes brilliant and stunning.

Claire floated up slowly. Her irises were like emeralds and her gentle smile charming. Just like that, her figure floated up slowly.

Everyone stood rooted to the spot, staring wide-eyed at the scene in front of them.

Behind Claire, was a huge pair of golden, fire wings!

Flame transformation?!

The golden light lit up the people’s faces. The stunning scene was reflected in their eyes; they were all dumbstruck, unable to speak. This was the first time they saw this technique! Flames could actually transform into wings! And the clothing on Claire’s back was perfectly fine! The fire didn’t burn Claire or her clothes.

Claire flapped her wings and flew up slowly, gazing at the people, a faint smile appearing on her face, “Sorry, for letting all of you worry.”

“You, you brat!” Li Yuewen came back to her senses and yelled furiously at Claire, who was in mid-air, “Not sleeping in the night but horsing around here! Don’t you know that you haven’t completely healed yet?”

“Sorry for worrying you.” Claire smiled and was about to fly down, but suddenly saw a figure in the distance, rapidly approaching. Leng Lingyun also sensed it and turned around to watch the figure coming. It was a person, and not a weak one either! The people on the ground followed their gazes and saw the person in the air closing the distance between them quickly. They understood, this was probably a powerful person who was attracted by the abnormality in the sky Claire caused.

“Let’s go, there will be more people soon. We can talk when we get back.” Leng Lingyu suggested quietly.

“Yes.” Claire nodded. There were many powerful people hidden in Vintage City, since those who dared to adventure into Lost Mountain Range weren’t ordinary figures. Other people should be coming over soon.

As the two were speaking, the other person had already rushed over. It was middle-aged man with cold features; he wore a white robe with a golden sash at his waist. A pressure hard to describe rolled off of him. He just stared fixedly at the fire wings on Claire’s back.

Claire and Leng Lingyun floated down slowly, and Claire retracted the fire wings on her back.

“Let’s go.” Claire said to the rest.

“Wait. Little girl, did you see who caused that abnormality in the sky just now?” The cold faced, middle-aged man asked. Naturally, in his heart, the cold-faced man did not believe it was caused by any of the people in front of him. So many streaks of lightning; if someone bore all of them, he had to be injured. But the people in front of him were perfectly fine, obviously also attracted by the abnormality in the sky, like him. And they were probably nearby, so that’s why they arrived sooner than him.

“No. When we got here, there’s was already no one.” Claire shook her head softly, answering in an honest tone. She then turned to leave with the others.

“Wait, little girl.” But the cold-faced man didn’t plan to let Claire leave like that.

“Is something the matter?” Claire asked indifferently.

“Do you have an ancient last name?” The cold-faced man asked. Everyone understood why he asked this, since the fire wings Claire demonstrated was neither magic nor DouQi.

Claire shook her head, not wanting to get tangled with the cold-faced man. She set off, leaving with the others.

“Wait!” But the cold-faced man flew swiftly in front of Claire, blocking her way.

“Is there anything else?” Claire frowned slightly, displeased.

“Do you know, that there’s a Recluse Sect on this continent?” Saying this, the pride showed upon the cold-faced man’s face.

Claire paused for a moment, shook her head, then looked towards Camille.

“Recluse Sect, a powerful and secret school on the continent, always standing at the peak of the continent. All the disciples there are not ordinary people, but powerful people with ancient last names and their own ancient techniques. And the Recluse Sect has over a thousand ancient techniques. Many people want to become disciples there, hoping to choose an ancient technique suitable for themselves. After all, magic and DouQi are too rigid, but ancient techniques are ever-changing. Also, once you enter the Recluse Sect, you must obey their rules and can not participate in worldly matters anymore,” Camille explained, shocking everyone. Because Camille never exaggerated, so if he said so, then the power of the Recluse Sect was obvious.

Leng Lingyun’s expression also changed slightly. Recluse Sect, he knew a few things about it. It was a school that even the pope avoided conflicting with. The Recluse Sect stayed out of worldly affairs, so the pope didn’t worry about it threatening the Temple of Light. But, the Recluse Sect staying out of worldly affairs didn’t mean it didn’t have the strength to participate, but that it didn’t want to. If the Recluse Sect wanted, destroying a whole empire was as easy as squashing a fly.

“Not bad, knowing about our Recluse Sect.” The cold-faced man smiled proudly, then looked at Claire, “I’m the Elder of the Fire Hall of the Recluse Sect, Huo Xiyu. Today, I saw your aptitude and was very surprised, and felt that you could get even better. Are you willing to return to the Recluse Sect with me and become my direct line disciple?”

The elder of a hall of the Recluse Sect opening his mouth to accept a disciple, was probably the dream of many people. Entering the Recluse Sect meant standing under a protection umbrella; and this protection umbrella, even the Temple of Light couldn’t move it an inch. This meant walking on the path of the powerful.

“I’m not willing. Thank you for your kindness. We still have some business, so we’ll be leaving.” But Claire refused indifferently, without any longing.

The expression on Huo Xiyu’s face changed. This was the first time he wanted to accept a disciple, but he didn’t expect the outcome to be like this. The person, only a young girl, actually refused flatly.

“Do you know that once you enter the Recluse Sect, your future is bright and limitless!” Huo Xiyu forced himself to be patient while explaining. Maybe this little girl didn’t know the powerfulness of the Recluse Sect.

“I’m not interested.” Claire’s reply was still indifferent. She didn’t want to be leashed, and she already had her master. Staying out of worldly matters? She couldn’t leave the Hill Clan. Her gentle mother and the obstinate yet straightforward Lashia. That child kept wanting to follow her, but at last stayed behind to look after their mother for her.

Finally, Huo Xiyu couldn’t take it anymore.

“Not knowing what’s good for you! Do you know how many people want to enter the Recluse Sect but can’t? I didn’t even bother over the matter that you do not have an ancient last name, and made an exception to take you on as a disciple. But you actually don’t know what’s good for you!” Huo Xiyu finally got angry. In his understanding, making an exception for a non-ancient last name person was already an enormous grace, but this little girl dared to refuse.

Hearing this, Claire frowned and tried to be patient, “Discipleship is based on willingness. I’m not willing; how can you say I don’t know what’s good for me? Also, I already have a master.”

“With your aptitude, becoming my disciple is the most suitable. Leave with me now.” Huo Xiyu completely ignored Claire’s words, but flew up, reaching out to grab Claire stubbornly.


Jean already pulled out his sword, swinging it towards Huo Xiyu. But the next moment, a strong, frightening strength suddenly exploded. His face furious, Huo Xiyu waved his hand, and a visible blast of air shot towards Jean. Jean’s expression changed. He emitted DouQi and swung the sword in front of him to block the attack.


Jean was struck back a long distance, leaving a trail on the ground.

“Humph! Only a sage, a lowly ant.” Huo Xiyu laughed coldly with contempt. Pointing out Jean’s true strength with one sentence, but in a disdainful tone.

“Don’t go too far.” Claire’s expression also got cold. By Camille’s tone, Claire understood that this Recluse Sect wasn’t a simple school. Standing at the peak of the continent, able to let the narcissist Camille say such words; could this school be simple? If possible, Claire did not want to make an enemy out of such a powerful school.

“Taking you as my disciple as an exception is already the greatest grace! Let’s go!” Huo Xiyu said coldly and arrogantly, reaching out again to grab Claire’s hand.

“Bullying others, arrogant and conceited! What rubbish is the Recluse Sect, forcing others to do things they don’t want to. Forcing someone to become your disciple! Is the Recluse Sect such a pathetic school?” Li Yuewen had already pulled out her dagger and stood in front of Claire, criticizing angrily.

No! Before Claire could yell this, Huo Xiyu already exploded.

“How dare you!” Huo Xiyu roared. He waved his hand, and a strong blast of air shot savagely towards Li Yuewen. Leng Lingyun immediately built up a barrier, but Claire pulled Li Yuewen behind her swiftly. In front of such strength, Leng Lingyun’s barrier was useless. The blast of air shattered the barrier and continued to shoot straight towards Claire.

Seeing this, worry flashed through Huo Xiyu’s eyes. He didn’t want Claire to die like that!



Flames and sparks flew everywhere.

Looking at the scene before him, pleasant surprise showed in Huo Xiyu’s eyes.

In that instant, Claire actually created a huge fire shield to block his attack. And the color of that flame, was white! An exotic flame! This young girl could control multiple types of exotic flames! First the golden flame that could transform, and now this white flame!

She was a rare genius. But most importantly, this young girl only looked to be about fifteen. With some time, this girl’s future would be limitless!

“Good! Very good! You must leave with me today!” Huo Xiyu’s tone was overbearing, “Whoever gets in my way, dies!”

“The Recluse Sect had always avoided worldly affairs and conflicts. Since when did they start doing the business of forcing people to become their disciples?” Camille shouted, his voice icy.

Apparently, Camille, like Li Yuwen, had hit on the weak spot of Huo Xiyu.

“Humph! If I kill you all today, who will know?!” Ruthlessness flashed through Huo Xiyu’s eyes, his killing intent obvious. The words of these people made him feel he’d lost his dignity. Today’s happenings will definitely not be known!

Everyone’s expression changed, for from his attack before, this person’s strength was way above them. None of them were his match!

Claire watched Huo Xiyu coldly, whose killing intent was now plain on his face. Her fists tightened.

Strength, was the token to speak!

Today, either Huo Xiyu die, or they all perish.

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7 thoughts on “Ch.81 Breakthrough Again and Again! (Part II)

  1. as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3
    attracting trouble everywhere she.. thats our MC ^^
    ahh.. i miss feng yixuan >.< i hope he will back to scene soon.. heheehe
    considering jackson mercenary is protecting feng's.. maybe we will meet his mother!!


  2. ?!?! That’s some interesting progression.
    Thanks for the chapter!
    Somehow I feel like Claire is going to pull out a lot of profit from that guy.. I wonder why.. XD

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  3. She’s going to appeal to his masterly instinct and straight up shock him with: “You have to put up with being called my 3rd master. And I’m already part of the Temple of Light I can’t not be involved in worldly affairs since I’m also part of a noble house. I’ll come with you but I can’t completely become a member of the Recluse Sect.”

    Hohoho Claire’s gonna make him think he’s got the better end of the deal!
    Thank you for the translation 🙂


  4. It been a while since I continue reading this but Claire used to god-tier like in the beginning. Hope she regains her memories and become god or something.


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