Ch.82 Go Die If You Don’t Know What’s Good For You! (Part I)

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“More people will hurry over soon. Will you kill them all?” Looking at the unreasonable person in front of her, Li Yuewen said resentfully.

“Humph!” Huo Xiyu sneered. His two hands suddenly clapped together in front of his chest as he shouted, “Close the heavens!” Then his two hands separated and raised towards the sky, blue flames appearing out of each. The flames rapidly spread out in straight lines to two sides, then turned, forming a huge square. After surrounding everyone, the square-shaped blue flames soared up and became a huge cuboid, imprisoning everyone inside.

Blue flames? The group were stunned by the scene before them. This was the first time they saw flames this color. What type of exotic flame was this?

Barrier? A barrier like this? This was a complete fire cage!

“Enclose!” Huo Xiyu laughed coldly as he floated in mid air. The cuboid blue flames instantly started closing in on the people standing in the middle of it.

The fiery air came closer and closer; everyone felt heat sweeping towards them. Everywhere the blue flames passed turned into a patch of burned ground. No matter grass, trees, or rocks, all became powder. The ground sent off a scorched stink. Imagine what would happen if this fire touched human body.

Jean frowned and lifted up the sword in his hand. Yelling in a deep voice, he bursted out silver DouQi and slashed out with all his might. The powerful slash created a huge crack in the ground, heading directly towards the blue flames. But, this slash that Jean put in all he had only made a small slit in the blue flame walls, which disappeared immediately after. Good as new, the blue flame walls continued to approach.

All the others’ expressions changed. They all knew how powerful silver DouQi was, but it only created a small slit in the blue flame walls!

Leng Lingyun also started casting light-natured spells. Shining bullets of light continuously attacked, fast and furious; but the results were the same as Jean’s attacks: they only tore out a little crack. The heat became stronger and stronger; danger coming closer and closer.

Huo Xiyu flicked his finger lightly, sending a small beam of blue light to Claire, which disappeared right after. It was Huo Xiyu’s mark. Now, even if everyone was scorched, Claire would still be perfectly fine.

“Humph!” But Claire walked up and stood before the others.

“Claire!” Li Yuewen exclaimed, wanting to say something, but was suppressed by a force suddenly emitted by Claire.

Claire slowly closed her eyes, raising her right hand: “Sword of Flames!”


Instantly, a huge sword transformed from flames materialized in Claire’s right hand. The golden flames burned violently, but not scorching Claire’s hand one bit.

Flame transformation again! Huo Xiyu looked at the flame sword in Claire’s hand with glee. This young girl was giving him more and more surprises, bigger and bigger and ones! The crowd behind Claire also looked at the flame sword, stunned. What arcanum was Claire practicing?

“Break!” Raising the sword over her head with both hands, Claire shouted and took one step forward, swinging the sword with all her might.

A huge pillar of golden flames instantly bursted out from the tip of the sword and bolted forwards, roaring.

The golden flames struck the blue flames, creating tremendous explosion sounds.


Flames and sparks scattered everywhere, extremely hot.

Most of this side of the blue flame wall was destroyed. The flames closed up rapidly, but everyone had already hopped out from the gap, unharmed.

“Good, very good. You are very proficient in flame transformation.” Huo Xiyu’s satisfied voice reached them. If he knew this was Claire’s first time using it, he would probably be even more excited.

The stink of scorched earth surrounded them. They were now in the middle of an area of bare land.

In the distance, voices approached quickly. It was a crowd hurrying over, attracted by the abnormality in the sky.

Barely looking up, Huo Xiyu flicked his finger, creating a little blue fire ball. The blue fire ball speedily headed over there with a whoosh, and before Claire and the others could react, the blue fire ball grew larger and larger in the air, and accompanied by people’s shrieks, landed on the ground and exploded. There were no screams or shouts at all, for where the arriving crowd had just been standing, was already a huge pit. Bodies couldn’t even be seen among the charred earth!

“You! So vicious!” Seeing this, Li Yuewen said bitterly, “Those people neither wronged you nor were your enemies, how could you kill them all!”

Huo Xiyu humphed lightly, his eyes full of disdain. Those people were only a bunch of lowly ants. Although the Recluse Sect had rules that forbade killing the innocent, if all the people here were dead, who could prove that he had killed the innocent? And after that little girl became his disciple, after she learned from his instruction, and understood that power is the law, everything would be fine.

Claire’s brows were knitted together tightly. This person’s strength was too strong to fathom. Would they be the ones to perish today?


A pair of golden wings sprouted from Claire’s back. She quickly jumped into mid-air, and faced Huo Xiyu with her Sword of Flames.

“What? You think you can defeat me?” Huo Xiyu started chuckling, looking at the Claire before him with amusement.

Claire didn’t speak, just waved her sword and rushed up.

“Really.” Huo Xiyu sighed and flicked his finger. With that, a transparent barrier suddenly imprisoned Claire inside. Claire swung her sword at it, but only clanging sounds resulted. The barrier was completely undamaged.

“Let me finish these people first, then I’ll take you back to Recluse Sect.” Huo Xiyu slowly flew up and passed Claire, the killing intent in his eyes surfacing again.

“Claire, what’s going on? What happened? There were even explosions.” At this time, dragon Ben, in his true form, flew over, flapping his wings. His body was covered in big and small burns, making him look very pitiful. There were several people in his arms: Summer, Qiao Chuxin, Walter, and Dong Fenghou.

“What happened? We almost died! If not for Ben turning into his true form and shielding us at the last second, we would be just like those people! Not even dregs left!” Walter exclaimed.

“You shouldn’t have come!” Li Yuewen bit her teeth anxiously.

When he saw the huge black dragon, Huo Xiyu raised his brows. He did not expect for there to be dragons here. But, it didn’t matter.

“What?” Walter was confused. But before he could ask anything else, heat lunged toward them, accompanied by the instantly approaching sense of death.

“Damn it!” Walter cried in fear, immediately about to use magic. But the chanting of spells needed time, and these blue flames were coming right at them, fast.


Suddenly, a weird-looking magic beast appeared, and gobbled down the blue flames with one bite.

Everyone was surprised, but then they saw Dong Fenghou’s fixed eyes, and understood that he had summoned some exotic beast. The magic beast had ate Huo Xiyu’s flame attack with one bite, and was chewing on it now.

An exotic beast that could eat flames? Looking at the odd magic beast, delight showed at the bottom of everyone’s eyes. If that was true, then their chance of winning had just increased greatly.

But Huo Xiyu wasn’t astonished. He just smiled disdainfully. Next, under the bewildered gazes of the others, the magic beast started howling sorrowfully, then vanished.

“What’s going on?” Walter yelled.

“Indigestion, went back.” His eyes wide open, Dong Fenghou said woodenly. It was obvious that he had never met anything like this.

“Since when could my exotic fire be eaten up by those low level fire-devouring beasts?” Huo Xiyu sneered, and began attacking again.

“Asshole, stop!” Claire shouted furiously and swung her sword again and again to break the barrier, but nothing happened.

Laughing coldly, Huo Xiyu’s eyes were full of savagery and killing intent.

Hou Xiyu turned his body, his hands dancing gently as he shouted: “Spinning Dance of Fire!” Instantly, violent blue flames were emitted from Huo Xiyu’s body, and started spinning crazily around him, gradually forming a whirlwind. A flame cyclone! With Huo Xiyu as its center, it then started to expand and expand.

“Everyone be careful.” His face growing heavy, Leng Linyun stepped back, but his hands were already setting up shields fast, again and again, one over another, overlapping and blocking before them. Then, together with Li Yuewen, Li Mingyu, and Camille, Leng Lingyun stepped back to stand beside dragon Ben and the others. Dragon Ben had returned to his human form again; his body was full of charred wounds, looking very ragged. Leng Lingyun looked at the flame cyclone anxiously, which was becoming bigger and bigger, closer and closer. He understood, that those shields he set up couldn’t block that person’s attack at all.

Everywhere the flame cyclone swept across became ashes, leaving a scorched ground that was a few inches lower. Leng Lingyun’s shields were destroyed instantly; the difference in power between them was completely two different levels. If touched by these terrifying flames, the results would be disastrous. Even dragon Ben’s strong body was charred like that, so just imagine what would happen to the flesh of these ordinary human beings. Leng Lingyun could fly up and escape himself, but there was no way he would abandon this crowd behind him. Everyone was filled with anxiety. White Emperor held his paws and chirped at the Claire imprisoned in the barrier worriedly; the black ball just hugged its paws before its chest and looked at the scene before it, tilting its head.

“Ben! Take them away!” Claire roared furiously, “The first wish you promised me, fulfill it now immediately! Turn back into your true form, and fly them away, now immediately this moment!”


Dragon Ben roared at the sky and turned into his true form. Scooping up everyone with his two claws, he dropped them on his back, and flapped his wings and soared into the air. At this moment, he couldn’t care less about the dragons’ dignity, couldn’t care less about the fact that he had sweared to never let lowly humans ride on his back either.

“You want to leave? Humph!” Huo Xiyu snorted. He flicked his finger, and the blue flame cyclone blew into the sky, chasing right after dragon Ben.

“Asshole!” Claire’s fists were clenched so tightly her knuckles were white. She quickly made her sword disappear, then clapped her hands together before her chest, desperately working the strength in her body. As she separated her palms, a golden flame and a white flame appeared out of each of her hands. Then, she quickly put the two flames together, fusing them.

“What are you doing?” Taking Claire’s actions into the corner of his eye, Huo Xiyu’s expression changed greatly. What Claire was going to do now was very dangerous! She actually wanted to fuse two different exotic flames together, then blast the barrier open! With limited space in the barrier, she would definitely injure herself by accident.

Without a word, Claire speedily fused the flames together, then blasted it towards the barrier.

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  1. Wat dao heck? She learned angry buddha cleansing lotus is one shot? Flame Emperor gonna vomiting blood if he knew his speciality got stolen like that…
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  2. T—T Claire didn’t even get the time to explore her newfound powers and she’s already forced to use them in a life and death situation!
    I hope she doesn’t get a scratch at all. She should be fine since her flames aren’t meant to hurt her. Then she’ll fly away and block the fire attack! Uuhhh that old guy seems like he’ll have lots to teach hopefully everyone will makeup and they’ll go back to the Recluse Sect together. Then they can all train and Claire will obviously have a huge advantage over the other contestants and win the competition for the Li Clan. And maybe she’ll meet Feng amd they’ll surprise each other by how much they’ve improved and he’ll obviously fall harder for Claire. Then Claire will go back home and show whose boss to the Holy Princess and I wish nothing bad happened the LYL’s little sister XD

    Thanks so much for the chapter! So many possibilities whew

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