Ch.82 Go Die If You Don’t Know What’s Good For You! (Part II)

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The barrier opened!

The fire in Claire’s hand shot fiercely towards Huo Xiyu.

Huo Xiyu was unprepared, so when he realized and darted out of the way, the fire still burned his arm.

Claire opened her wings and floated in mid-air, looking coldly at Huo Xiyu. There was no warmth at all in her eyes.

“You, you actually calculated that I would open the barrier for you, so you aimed at me. From the beginning, you never wanted to burst the barrier, but attack me.” Huo Xiyu covered the wound on his arm, spitting out the words from between his teeth. In that instant, Huo Xiyu opened the barrier, and was burned by Claire’s exotic fire the moment the barrier was open.

Claire didn’t speak, but looked at Huo Xiyu coldly.

Huo Xiyu’s concentration was disturbed, so the fire cyclone slowly disappeared.

“Not knowing what’s good for you!” Feeling the abnormal pain from his arm injury, Huo Xiyu cursed fiercely, his face twisted. “Since you really don’t know what’s good for you, then go die.”

Claire tightened her right hand into a fist, a sly smile playing on her lips as she answered icily, “What a pity, I won’t die, the person dying today is you.”

“Audacious!” The words of Claire clearly angered Huo Xiyu. Huo Xiyu’s expression darkened, humphed coldly, grabbed at the air with his hand, and a blue net of fire appeared around Claire. Huo Xiyu smiled icily, a twisted savageness in his eyes, “Let’s see how you can boast now!”

A creepy smile appeared slowly on Claire’s face. She just looked coldly at Huo Xiyu. Seeing Claire so calm at the verge of death, Huo Xiyu got even more furious.

“You creature who doesn’t know what’s good for you, even if you kneel down and beg me now it won’t make any difference. Go die!” Huo Xiyu spat out ruthlessly, clenching his fist tightly, about to tighten the blue fire net.

Claire was going to die in a second.

Suddenly, Claire shouted at the air in front of her angrily, “What are you waiting for? Will you only come out if I die?”

Huo Xiyu was surprised, the motion of his hand pausing. Who was she talking to? Was there someone else here? There was nothing in front of them, only the air. Was she bluffing?

“Humph, thinking you can trick me then escape like this, aren’t you too naive…… ” But before Huo Xiyu could finish his sentence, his expression changed greatly.

A powerful pressure appeared suddenly, but there was nothing around them. The frightening pressure made it almost impossible for him to fly. His legs were already shaking; he even wanted to kneel down immediately and worship this presence!

Who was it? Who was it?!

Huo Xiyu’s wide eyes just stared straight at the creepy smile on the corner of Claire’s mouth. The next moment, much to his shock, Huo Xiyu found he couldn’t move his body at all.

“What, what did you do…… ” Huo Xiyu just spat out these few words before his throat tightened, as if an invisible pair of hands had clamped his neck tightly. He couldn’t make another sound. Huo Xiyu just stared wide-eyed at Claire, blood slowly appearing in his eyes. The blue fire net surrounding Claire disappeared.

Claire laughed coldly, watching Huo Xiyu. Of course she knew she wasn’t this person’s match, and she knew that none of them were this person’s match. She also knew that if she used a suicidal method to explode the barrier, he would definitely open the barrier himself. She also knew that this person was narrow-minded and ruthless, and would definitely turn tables and kill all of them. She knew even better that the god of Darkness will save her but not the others, so that’s why she forced dragon Ben to take them away. Now, the god of Darkness finally appeared.

“I haven’t done anything, but I am going to do something now.” Claire chuckled coldly, raising her hand up high.


A golden spear of fire appeared in Claire’s hand.

“Now it’s my turn to say to you, go die.” A brilliant, charming smile blossomed on Claire’s face as she pulled back the hand holding the golden spear.

Huo Xiyu’s face was as pale as a sheet, his eyes full of fear and despair, his whole body cold. He didn’t understand at all why the situation became like this. What made him totally unable to attack, making him almost a most ordinary person.

“Thanks to you, you killed all those who came to watch the show, so if you die, no one will see, and no one will know.” Claire smiled coldly, using her her whole strength to throw the huge, golden, spear of fire directly at Huo Xiyu.

The golden fire spear shot through Huo Xiyu’s body with a whoosh. Huo Xiyu’s stunned and hopeless gaze stayed on Claire. His body slowly started burning. The golden flames spread out over his whole body, burning his body to ashes.

The flames slowly disappeared into the night sky. Till his death, Huo Xiyu still didn’t know what thing contained him and made him meet his death.

Claire flew down to the ground, landed, then turned to look at the night sky. A brilliant smile on her face, she spat out two words clearly: “Thank you.”

Humph! A cold humph may have sounded or may have not. The surroundings quieted down.

Claire stood silently at the cliff edge. A cool wind blew past. Claire took in a deep breath, then closed her eyes, frustration and unwillingness flooding her, flooding her heart. Breaking through again and again, yet she was still so weak! She thought she became strong, but in reality, she was nothing. In this world, there were too many powerful people; and she, was just a little star in the vast night sky. When, could she stand at the peak of this world? When could she get strong enough that no one could tell her what to do? When could she be powerful enough to undo the mark of the god of Darkness?

Claire’s clenched her hands into fists, until her knuckles were white.

Recluse Sect, Spirit Hall.

Thousands and thousands of bronze lamps lit up the wide hall brightly. Every lamp here represented a person in the Recluse Sect. These lamps were their spirit lamps. Everyone carved their marks here; when their lamp extinguishes, it means the person had died.

A bronze lamp died out swiftly, and the name under the bronze lamp, was: Huo Xiyu.

A disciple guarding the hall noticed this with shock.

“Oh no, the spirit lamp of elder Huo Xiyu has extinguished. He probably already met his misfortune.” One disciple said worriedly.

“Quick, go report to the hall master of the Fire Hall.” Another disciple urged.

When the disciple told this news to the hall master of the Fire Hall, the dignified old man, the hall master of the Fire Hall only sighed slightly, saying, “Based on Huo Xiyu’s temper, something’s bound to happen sooner or later. So something happened today.” Although this is what he said, the hall master was secretly surprised at what figure Huo Xiyu met, actually having the power to kill him. But after all, Huo Xiyu was from the Recluse Sect, also an elder of the Fire Hall. The hall master’s face darkened. The murderer must be found.

At this time, Claire was still standing by the cliff edge in the wind, feeling the changes in her body.

A huge disturbance of air came from behind her. Looking back, Claire saw that dragon Ben actually flew back. All the people on his back looked extremely worried. Only when the saw Claire standing on the cliff safely did they let out a breath.

The injuries on dragon Ben were almost healed; must be Leng Lingyun’s credit.

Dragon Ben landed, and all the others rushed down to Claire.

“Claire, are you okay?”

“Claire, where’s that person?”

“Claire, are you hurt?”

The concerned voices warmed Claire’s heart. Claire shook her head softly, a smile appearing on her face, “I’m fine. That person, has neither bones nor ashes left.”

“Who killed him?!” Everyone asked at the same time. Naturally, no one would believe that Claire killed him, because that person’s strength was way above Claire’s.

“His enemy, hunting him down. After he killed him, he left.” Claire did not want to tell everyone about the god of Darkness, so this was what she said.

Was it really like this? The people looked at Claire suspiciously. But if it wasn’t like this, how could they explain that person’s death? Claire couldn’t have killed him, and based on that person’s arrogant and unreasonable attitude, he couldn’t have left himself either. So he really was killed by his enemy?

“You, why did you all come back?” Claire frowned at the people, then looked at dragon Ben, who had changed back to human form. Her tone was slightly scolding.

“Because we’re worried about you.” Multiple voices answered at the same time.

“Sigh, really.” Although Claire was blaming them, her heart was warm. She turned to look at dragon Ben, “You didn’t complete what I asked, so this wish doesn’t count.”

Dragon Ben twitched his lip. In such a time, Claire still had the energy to care about that.

Claire lifted her head to look at the bright moon in the sky, a thousand exclamations in her heart. In this world, powerful people were many, one mountain higher than the other. She, was far too weak.

No one noticed, unresignation was hidden in the depths of both Jean and Leng Lingyun’s eyes. This time, meeting a powerful enemy, made them both seem so weak. Jean rested his hand on the handle of his sword, the first time desperately wishing from the bottom of heart

“Okay, let’s leave here quickly.” Camille put on his charming, standard smile and said softly.

Everyone nodded. True, this wasn’t a place they should stay for long.

But just as Claire took a step, a black shadow flashed across her eyes. Before the people could understand what happened, the black ball already flew to Claire’s shoulder lightning speed, opened its mouth, and bit right into Claire’s neck! This time it was so fast that even White Emperor couldn’t stop him in time!

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  1. And here is the new master I’ve been talking about.. XD
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  2. Cunning! Too cunning taking this opportunity XD

    What will happen? Claire already has a master the White emperor. Can it be possible to receive the contract of another? If so she will have two masters 0.o

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