Ch.83 Twisting the Contract! Showing Who’s Boss! (Part I)

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“Chirp chirp!” White Emperor squawked furiously, hopping onto Claire’s shoulder.

But, it was already too late. The familiar overbearing force once again surged into Claire’s body. This was a power that wanted to sign a contract by force.

Claire’s body swayed; she couldn’t stand balanced anymore. Jean, who was closest to Claire, held her immediately.

“Claire!” Everyone exclaimed. Really? They’d just been through trouble, and now more.

“My name: Black Feather.” An insolent voice invaded Claire’s mind. Claire understood now, that the name of this black ball, was Black Feather!

Claire felt dizzy. The overbearing force slammed around in her  body aggressively, trying to break the connection between her and White Emperor. He wanted to replace White Emperor as Claire’s contractor.

Two overbearing and powerful forces started fighting in Claire’s body, both refusing to give in. But this made Claire suffer! The two similarly powerful and overbearing forces raged inside her, trying to chase the other out and replace it. Claire’s expression became more and more painful. Her body hurt as if it was going to explode.

“Claire! What’s going on?” Leng Lingyun’s expression changed, and immediately starting his healing magic, but to no effect. Claire’s face only turned more and more painful; large beads of cold sweat continuously dripped down her forehead. Jean’s expression also changed, for his hand holding her could evidently feel that Claire’s back was already drenched in cold sweat!

“What did you do?” Li Yuewen reached out in a rage, about to grab the black ball.

The black ball flew into mid-air and tweeted, flapping his wings and tilting his head to look at Claire.

“Chirp chirp!” White Emperor hopped onto Li Yuewen’s shoulder, chirping anxiously, as if urging Li Yuewen to not attack the black ball.

“He, seems to be telling you to not attack the black ball.” Camille stroked his chin in thought, “What’s going on?”

“Is it forming a contract?” Jean realized. When White Emperor first appeared, Claire also became like this.

“What? Forming a contract? One person can only have one contracted beast!” Hearing this, Li Yuewen became even more worried. At this time, she already knew that White Emperor was Claire’s contracted beast.

“Now what do we do?” Summer also became anxious, “Will Claire die?”

“What are you talking about, of course not!” Qiao Chuxin immediately rebuked Summer, “Nothing will happen to Claire.”

“We can’t touch the black ball now, because don’t know at all whether it will harm Claire if we move him. Even White Emperor is stopping you from attacking the black ball; he should know something. Don’t do anything now, let’s leave this place first.” Jean said in a deep voice, scooping up Claire, who had almost fainted from the pain.

“Yes, let’s first go back to the motel and let Claire get some rest.” Li Yuewen quickly came to her senses and said hurriedly.

“Why go back to the motel, let’s go directly to where we were headed. Anyways, all your luggage is in Claire’s storage ring.” At this time, dragon Ben, roared, and returned to his true form. He turned and said to the crowd resentfully, “I’ll make another exception and let you humans ride on my back. There will never be another time, so hurry up.”

“Thank you.” Watching Claire’s face become paler and paler, Summer thanked dragon Ben in relief.

“To avoid you throwing up on my back, you are staying here.” Saying so, dragon Ben snatched Summer into his claws.

“Aaaah! You god-damned unruly dragon!” Summer screamed, but she was unable to break through dragon Ben’s grasp.

After everyone climbed onto dragon Ben’s back, Black Feather also flew up and squatted on Jean’s shoulder. Then dragon Ben stretched out his wings and soared into the sky, straight towards the clouds. Accompanied by Summer’s screams, the group left this place. Summer screamed the entire way, and ended up vomiting continuously. When they were escaping on dragon Ben’s back before, she had been very nervous, so she didn’t throw up. Now she vomited everywhere.

Dragon Ben flew very fast. Under Li Yuewen’s guidance, to avoid setting off panic, they landed outside Lagark’s capital. The city gates were closed tightly, but when Li Yuewen and Li Mingyu disclosed their identity, the little captain guarding the city still opened the gates for them. Even though the Li clan had fallen a lot, they were still one of the four major clans; them little figures couldn’t afford to offend these powerful people.

Jean’s face grew heavier and heavier. Because Claire had went completely unconscious in his arms! Her tightly knit brows showed that she was now undergoing a huge pain that ordinary people couldn’t bear.

The group hurried on the streets. It was already gradually dawning on the east side; daybreak was coming.

Li Yuewen and Li Mingyu brought the crowd to a big and ancient-looking residence.

Two young men were guarding the doors; when they saw them, happy surprisement flashed across their eyes.

“Young lord, second miss, you’re finally back! Those old men keep making things difficult for us.” One of the young men said joyfully to Li Mingyu.

“Mm. Let’s talk about that later, I’ll deal with it. But now I have a friend that needs to rest.” Li Yuewen waved her hand impatiently.

The two young men’s stunned gazes fell on the Claire in Jean’s arms. Friend? This was first time they heard this word come out of second miss’ mouth! The cold, arrogant, and powerful second miss also had friends? Were all of these people here her friends? She brought back so many people at once?

Li Yuewen didn’t waste time to talk, leading before the crowd. The others followed closely.

The two young men stood where they were and watched the group disappear. Only then did they retract they gazes. They looked at each other, and both saw surprisement and happiness in the other’s eyes. And hope.

“Did you hear that? Second miss actually said that’s her friend?!”

“I did! I thought I heard wrong. But second miss did say so. Also, second miss seemed very worried for that young girl.”

“Did you notice, that among these people, there are a handful of powerful ones! Are they here to help young lord and second miss?”

“I hope so. Oh! We forgot to ask young lord and second miss how their venture went.”

“They must have succeeded. Those old things are always thinking about excuses to pull young lord off from the position of patriarch. Humph! Just a bunch of old things that only care about eating and drinking.”

Very soon, Claire was placed on a large and warm bed, surrounded by people with caring faces. Leng Lingyun sat on the side of the bed, examining Claire. Everyone watched him with anxious and hopeful gazes, wishing Leng Lingyun could say something that would comfort them.

“There are two forces fighting in Claire’s body; therefore Claire is in so much pain now.” After he finished his examination, Leng Lingyun frowned and said so.

“What?!!” The people exclaimed out loud. Naturally, they all understood that the two forces were probably the contract forces of the two magic beasts fighting. One person could only have one magic beast! And now Claire’s body became the battleground?!

“So what do we do now? Throttle that asshole black ball? And what is this black ball anyway?” Walter asked anxiously and brutally, glaring at the black ball squatted on Claire’s pillow.

“No, that would put Claire into danger.” Leng Lingyun shook his head solemnly.

“Then what? Is there no other way?” Walter asked furiously.

“Only waiting.” Turning and looking at Claire’s pale face, Leng Lingyun said helplessly, “All we can do now is wait. Wait for one of the contract forces of the two magic beasts to overpower the other.”

“Doesn’t that mean Claire is in great danger?!” Li Yuewen asked anxiously.

“Let’s wait. I believe nothing will happen to Claire.” Camille said softly.

“Yes, nothing will happen to Claire. Nothing will happen!” Qiao Chuxin crouched down by the bed and held Claire’s hand tightly, saying firmly.

“Won’t die, if die, no one, give food.” Dong Fenghou’s lisp and unclear voice sounded. After he said this, several shady glances landed on him. He looked innocently at the people glaring at him, not understanding what he said wrong.

“You all should go rest. I’ll take care of the girl.” Li Yuewen turned to say the others, and continued, “Brother, you take them to rest. I’ll stay here and guard the girl, to wait for her to wake up. I also believe that the girl won’t die so easily.”

Li Mingyu was about to say something, but he met Camille’s gaze. Camille nodded: “We all waiting here is not a solution, so let’s all go get rest. Maybe this fellow will be jumping around, alive and kicking tomorrow, and asking me to make flower tea for her to drink. Also, she needs the quiet.”

Only the last sentence persuaded everyone to leave this room to go rest. All but Jean left. He stood silently by the door, waiting.

“You should go rest. Your room is right next door, so if anything happens you can come immediately.” Seeing Jean standing silently by the door, Li Mingyu couldn’t resist opening his mouth.

“No need, I’ll wait for Miss to wake up here.” Jean answered in a muffled voice, but his tone was unusually firm.

Seeing this, Li Mingyu could only let him go.

“Young lord, young lord! Hearing that you have returned, the three elders want to see you right now. They are already waiting in the Grand Hall.” A young servant girl hurried over and said with worry. They all knew that the three elders have been eyeing the position of patriarch for forever, and were always looking for chances. Who knows if they are going to play some new trick this time?

Li Mingyu’s expression turned heavy. Of course he knew what those old men wanted him for; now that they ventured out to search for the Tidal Sword, spending quite a lot of energy and money, but returned with their hands empty, this time things might be tricky.

Li Mingyu nodded softly, “I know now. You go back first, and tell the elders that I’ll be there in a minute.” “Yes, young lord.” The servant girl replied worriedly and turned to leave. Li Mingyu looked back at the Claire lying on the bed and Li Yuewen sitting beside her, sighed, and also turned to leave. Nobody knew, but at this time, Claire was fighting with the two overbearing forces in her body. Master-servant contract? Nice try!

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5 thoughts on “Ch.83 Twisting the Contract! Showing Who’s Boss! (Part I)

  1. she’s trying to neutralize the two contracts, as long as one is stronger the contract is complete so she gotta keep them neutral and wear them out

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  2. I guess Claire manage to overcome both of White emperor and Black feather then become their master. Aren’t that the best outcome. Since we all know Claire is special, she sure manage to have more than one contract beast.


  3. Ahh I really want both White emperor and Black feather to stay with her!
    And I don’t really understand Li Mingyu. He didn’t come back completely empty handed. And although the tidal sword didn’t chose him or his sis, it chose Claire who is an unofficial member of the Li clan related by blood.
    What’s more tricky is how they will accept Claire. Will she become the clan head? Will she become forcibly tied to them?
    And the matter of the competition…will she really represent the Li clan? And if FemgYixuan appears I hope they don’t fight each other although I think they might have a lot of fun doing so. Sighhh this is such a great story.

    Thank you for the chapter :)!!

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