Ch.83 Twisting the Contract! Showing Who’s Boss! (Part II)

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Li Mingyu sighed gently, then headed towards the Grand Hall.

The Grand Hall was bright; the huge silver candlestick hanging from the ceiling was fully lit by candles, and triangular candlesticks decorated the walls, also filled by lit candles. The Li clan could not afford shining minerals anymore, so they used candles to illuminate instead. The previously glorious Li clan didn’t exist anymore.

Three finely dressed old men sat at the top of the Grand Hall. Their clothes were also decorated with precious jewels, just that they were from a long time ago. They also had all kinds of gemstone rings on their fingers as they sat solemnly above. They all looked similar to each other, for they were all brothers of Li Mingyu’s grandfather. And beside them were their sons and grandsons, all looking darkly at Li Mingyu. Li Mingyu sighed in his heart. These people were still dwelling in the past splendor of the Li clan, refusing to come out into reality. They were all eyeing the position of Li clan’s patriarch. When could they learn to accept reality?

“Mingyu, your adventure this time, I believe won’t let us down?” The first elder, sitting on the top seat, smiled. But his smile was obviously fake. And his address was acknowledging himself as the senior. Li Mingyu was already the patriarch, but none of these elders called him patriarch, all addressing him with his name. And with such a seemingly affectionate attitude.

“Yes, Mingyu, I believe you two have returned with the Tidal Sword.” The second elder also had on a fake smile.

“You have promised that you will definitely find the Tidal Sword. Therefore we have gave you the Tidal Goblet for you to search for the Tidal Pearl.” The third elder smiled shadily, giving Li Mingyu a profound gaze.

The people standing besides the elders all looked at Li Mingyu coldly, gloat and ruthlessness flashing across their eyes. Much earlier people had noticed that when the siblings entered, Li Mingyu didn’t have a sword in his hands, and Li Yuewen didn’t either. With their personality, there was no way they would put the artifact Tidal Sword in a storage ring. Judging by this, they didn’t find the Tidal Sword at all! Humph, let’s see how their young and promising patriarch is going to explain to them now. If not because they were no match for them siblings, they’d have chased him off the position of patriarch long ago.

“I didn’t bring back the Tidal Sword.” Li Mingyu replied indifferently.

“What?! Li Mingyu! Do you know what you are talking about? The nationwide martial arts tournament is two months later, a very good chance to reignite the Li clan’s glory. And now you say you didn’t bring back the Tidal Sword!” Hearing this, the first elder’s expression changed greatly, and he yelled furiously at Li Mingyu. And this time his address also changed to Li Mingyu. His old face was now energetic and aggressive.

“What quality do you have to continue being our patriarch?” The second elder slapped the armrest of his chair angrily. His wrinkle-full face wrinkled even more.

“Li Mingyu, hand over the Tidal Goblet, hand over the seal of the patriarch!” The third elder even stood up to yell. His whole body was shaking slightly, as if he was doing some courageous deed that saved the people.

“Forgive me for not being able to do so.” But Li Mingyu was unaffected at all, speaking coldly and gently.

“What?” The expressions of everyone in the Grand Hall changed. They had not expected for Li Mingyu to be so indignant even though he had failed his mission.

“Li Mingyu, are you rebelling? Are you going to let the thousand-year foundation of the Li clan be destroyed in your hands? If your dead grandfather and father knew, they wouldn’t allow it either!” The old face of the first elder was a little twisted now. He viciously slammed these words down on Li Mingyu.

“Just because I don’t want the thousand-year foundation of the Li clan to be destroyed, I can not hand over the position of patriarch.” Li Mingyu answered indifferently, his disdainful gaze floating over the people standing beside the elders. These people, were all complacent and pleasure-driven. If the position of patriarch was handed over to them, the Li clan would really be finished.

“What did you say?!” The third elder thundered, pointing at Li Mingyu, “Are you saying that none of us is qualified to be patriarch? That none of us is capable to lead the Li clan?”

Probably no one in the Li clan could bear criticism like this. For the three sitting above were the elders of the Li clan. They were the oldest and most renown people in the Li clan!


Expression unchanging and voice unwavering, Li Mingyu spit out the words: “That is exactly what I meant.”

“You! Li Mingyu, you are revolting today! You think no one here can check you, huh?” The first elder slapped his armrest and stood up, outraged. The armrest instantly became powder.

But Li Mingyu’s expression was still the same, “Does this mean, that you already have a candidate for the nationwide martial arts tournament two months later? And you are certain the Li clan will win?”

This sentence dampened the people in the hall. For the martial arts tournament, no one in the entire Li clan could rival Li Mingyu. Of course, that was if they fought one-to-one. If they all faced him together, the results might be different.

“You stop threatening us with this! Do you think that besides you, there is no one else in the entire Li clan? It is a fact that you failed your mission this time! You must hand over the position of patriarch! As for the tournament two months later, it is your duty as a member of the Li clan to participate in it!” The first elder’s face was already distorted. He thundered harshly, “Come, arrest him, and search out the patriarch’s seal!”

But just when the crowd was going to arrest Li Mingyu, the unexpected suddenly happened!

A powerful and terrifying sword force headed straight towards them.

Wherever it passed, it was like a tornado swept by. Everything in the Grand Hall, whether tables, chairs, or the floor, was destroyed.

An alarming crack expanded rapidly on the floor, aimed right at the elders in front. Their faces went pale, because this strong and terrifying power was nothing they could contend with!

At that second, chickens flew and dogs jumped1 , so much bustling.

The well respected elders that were so threatening and aggressive one second ago, had now hid faster than anyone else. They all dodged aside embarrassingly. As for their sons and grandsons, they scooted away even faster.


The place the elders had just been seated was completely smashed.

Smoke filled the Grand Hall. Everything was messy.

“Well, I have never seen someone as shameless as this. You opened my eyes today. Not having the ability to being a patriarch but you just have to try. Don’t have the skill to compete in the tournament but you just have to keep bluffing like dogs barking. And finally, you want to send the person deprived of the position as patriarch to represent you in the tournament. This is the first time I’ve seen such shameless animals!” A crisp but cynical voice filled with contempt rang in the Grand Hall.

“Who goes there?” The first elder and the others shouted angrily. How dare someone insult them like this! Dogs? Animals? When the smoke finally cleared, everyone looked towards the person standing at the door.

The young girl at the entrance had dazzling blonde hair and enchanting emerald irises. She stood there coldly and arrogantly, a sword in her hand, casually sticking it in the ground. Besides her was Li Yuewen, her face full of anger.

“Where did this barbaric and rude little b*tch come from, daring to behave so atrociously at the Li clan?!” A man from the Li clan cursed furiously.

Claire glanced at the young Li clan member coldly. Just that one glance, and the Li clan man felt his whole body go cold, as if he had fell into an icehouse. He instantly felt weak all over, chills running down his spine.

“Should I cut off your tongue, or cut off your hand?” A conflicted expression showed on Claire’s face, “But, after all, you are from the Li clan. So I‘ll just teach you a lesson.”

The next moment, Claire raised the sword, and gently swung it. A visible sword force bolted towards that person, quick as lightning. Bang! A loud noise rang by everyone’s ears. The insulting young man slammed onto the wall behind him, which instantly cracked, looking like a spiderweb. The scene was shocking. And then the young man’s body slid to the ground feebly; he was spitting out blood, and no one could tell if he was dead or alive. Everyone was stunned. They all saw this young girl’s attack, but none of them could stop it!

“Ti, Tidal Sword!” The first elder stammered. There were drawings of the Tidal Sword in the Li clan’s library, so naturally, he recognized it at once. But, why was the precious sword that should only choose someone with Li blood as its owner, in the hands of this young girl, a stranger?

“What? The Tidal Sword!” The rest of the people also started exclaiming. The realization in their voices made Claire chuckle disdainfully.

“You bunch of garbage, do you think I am able restrain you only because I have the Tidal Sword in my hands?” Sneering, Claire tossed the sword in her hand away, and a huge sword of flames materialized in her hand. She laughed, “Hey, how about we change the blood of the Li clan today, and kill you all.”

Instantly, everyone in the Grand Hall felt their bodies go cold. This was the first time they witnessed someone able to transform flames! And even though this young girl was smiling, she gave them an icy, ruthless feeling. She wasn’t joking; she was serious. And, she had the strength to do so! She had the strength to kill everyone in the Grand Hall!

The terrifying aura emitted by Claire made all the people in the Grand Hall terrified and appalled. A chilling essence spread out like this, filling the entire hall. No one dared to move or say something rashly, for fear they would end up like the person lying over there, unknown if dead or alive. He had only said one impolite sentence, and that was his result! Who was this frighteningly powerful young girl?

“Patriarch, patriarch!” The first elder hastily opened his mouth, his voice full of begging. This time he neither called Mingyu nor Li Mingyu, but instead called out patriarch respectfully and reverently.

“Patriarch, save us! Second miss, save us! We are part of the Li clan after all. You can’t just watch an outsider kill us!” The third elder begged in a trembling voice.

“She is not an outsider.” Li Yuewen humphed coldly. Her words shocked everyone in the Grand Hall.

1. Chickens flew and dogs jumped: 鸡飞狗跳, Chinese idiom. Basically meaning things are in a mess. In this scenario, people ran around frantically. We kept it literal in the text because it’s funny 🙂

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  1. I got so nervous/excited with that “wow” comment >~<
    Yeah really, they are shameless and foolish. That might have been the reason for Li Clan's decline.

    Only begging when someone strong finally shows their anger. I bet Li Mingyu is secretly grateful and laughing on the inside because of Claire. He really is soft, but he had his reasons because they might really have tried to kill him in his sleep. Now he and his sis has Claire, haha, they don't need to worry anymore. The only worry is for her not to keep attracting powerful enemies. So far they've offended the Pirate Captain, Hua Clan, Black Lighting, and the Recluse Sect… And that's only on this continent.

    Thanks so much for this chapter!! 🙂 really helped me pull through a terrible stomach ache!

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  2. Teheheheh. Giggling like a fan girl. Claire ❤ I like her ruthlessness as long as it's not directed at me and people I care about. Gallant female knight Claire saves the day again. =D

    Thank you for the chapter!!

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  3. …. *sigh* 😧 what a cliff this is again..
    and I m so so sooo hungry for more chapters
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