Ch.84 So What If I Am Bullying You? (Part I)

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“She is not an outsider.” Li Yuewen humphed coldly. Her words shocked everyone in the Grand Hall. Li Mingyu also turned to look at Li Yuewen in surprise, not understanding why Li Yuewen picked such a time to say it. Was it right to say it out at this time? Even Claire didn’t know.

Claire also paused. What did she mean by that?

“She is Aunt Rui’s child, she has Li blood, so it’s normal that the Tidal Sword chose her as its owner. Also, she will compete in the tournament two months later. I’m sure none of you dare say you are stronger than her.” Li Yuewen spoke calmly.

Commotion started in the Grand Hall.

Claire frowned as she looked at Li Yuewen, her eyes full of confusion.

“Your mother’s real name is Li Ruihuan; she is our father’s younger sister. Years ago, she left her clan for that father of yours.” Li Yuewen said to Claire in a low voice. Her voice was filled with resentment towards Claire’s father.

Claire looked at Li Yuewen with shock, but Li Yuewen was serious. Claire understood that Li Yuewen wasn’t lying. Suddenly, Claire realized why the Li siblings have always given her a faint feeling of familiarity and closeness. Now this explains it! So, Mother was really a member of the Li clan, but later fell in love with father and left her country? Mother abandoned her whole family for Father? That’s why Li Yuewen’s tone was so resentful towards father. So Li Yuewen was her cousin? And Li Mingyu also? Claire felt dizzy. This change of relationships was too abashing.

“She is the daughter of Li Ruihuan?” The face of the first elder became very ugly. His voice was full of disgust and disdain. The other Li clan members in the Grand Hall also showed contempt and abomination on their faces. The woman that abandoned the family for a man, who destroyed her own cultivation and power, and married far away into another country. This young girl was actually her daughter. Now that they looked, sure enough, their appearences were similar.

“No. How could we let that woman’s child represent our Li clan?!” The second elder immediately refused. His address was very disdainful and full of loathing: that woman.

“Heh, you got a problem with me and my mother?” Claire raised her sword at the second elder and sneered. No matter what happened, Claire was not going to allow anyone to show disrespect towards her gentle and kind mother!

“That woman destroyed her own cultivation and power for a man. She has already been expelled from the clan! She has no face to come back at all, and you are not qualified to represent our Li clan in the tournament! Even if there’s no one left in our Li clan, we still don’t need the daughter of a traitor to represent us!” The first elder roared furiously.

“Shut your bird mouth.” Claire sneered. What she next said not only made the first elder’s face black, but she also darkening the expressions on the other people’s faces. Claire chuckled unhurriedly, her voice cold, “Represent the Li clan? Are you joking? Do you think that your Li clan is very reputable and prestigious, that you could invite me to compete for you? Touch your own face. Do you think it has a big area? Let me tell you bunch of complacent garbage very clearly and seriously, that I am only representing my cousin Li Yuewen and cousin Li Mingyu to participate in the tournament. Nothing to do with your Li clan. If you feel recalcitrant, come challenge me. If I lose, sur,, go ahead and compete in the tournament yourselves. But, if I win, you will pay the price of your lives. I will not have mercy again.” When her words ended, Claire’s voice had already become icy and merciless. Her words rang by everyone’s ears, lashing their souls. But when Li Yuewen and Li Mingyu heard the address cousin, warmth surged in their hearts.

“You!” The first elder gritted his teeth, clenching his fists and wanting to scold, but a puff of hot air stuffed his words back into his mouth. The others were also furious, but of course, none dared to say anything. This tyrannical and ruthless young girl could take away their lives anytime, and without blinking! Literally an immoral devil! Monster! The two siblings actually messed with such a frightening person. Li Ruihuan actually gave birth to such a terrifying daughter!

“I’m bullying you, right?” Claire continued to sneer, speaking out the words that the first elder didn’t dare say. Before the others could say anything, before the first elder could reply, Claire retracted her sword of flames with a whoosh, and folded her arms before her. She tilted her head at the people from the Li clan, and spit clearly, word by word: “So what if I am bullying you? So what if I am bullying you weak people? If you feel unresigned, get your butts out and go cultivate and practice. When one day, you become stronger than me, you can also bully people. But you now, can only be like a wet dog, crawling out of the water with your tail between your legs.”

Bully! Bully!! Everyone in the Grand Hall clenched their fists tightly, but no one dared say anything to refute. Because: strength, was the capital to speak!

Li Yuewen raised her brows, feeling good in her heart. This girl, was so different from her mother. So vile and evil. But, she liked it. She liked this evil little girl, haha! It feels so good. These old things have probably never been insulted like this. Today was the day to let them experience all of it at once.

Li Mingyu’s expression was complicated. He was both happy and worried in his heart.

“The sun is already up high, shining. So get your butts out of here, and go do whatever you need to do. What, you think it’s not enough?” Claire snorted impatiently and stepped forward two steps, using her sword of flames again. The golden sword of flames in her hand was burning even more vigorously now; the scorching sensation made people’s hearts shudder.

The moment Claire moved, the moment everyone backed up hurriedly. Fear covered their faces. In their hearts, this young girl was an unpredictable devil! She could take their lives away smiling at any time!

“Okay, let’s break up.” Li Mingyu said quietly, “We’ll just pretend that nothing happened today. I don’t want anymore infighting in our Li clan.”

With different expressions, everyone left quickly. The severely injured young man on the ground was also lifted away.

In an instant, the Grand Hall became quiet. Everyone had left, only leaving Claire, Li Yuewen, Li Mingyu, and Jean, who had been standing by the door waiting.

Li Yuewen turned stiffly and glanced around the Grand Hall. Looking at the frighteningly messy hall, she suddenly grabbed Claire by the neck and shouted crazily: “You damn little girl, I’ll kill you! Look what you did, do you have any idea how much these are all worth? We have no money to fix it, no money!”

“Just go make some then.” Claire sweated. A moment ago, all she was thinking was to shock those old things, so of course she didn’t consider this.

“You must pay for the damages, pay for the damages!” Li Yuewen was still in a frenzy.

“Okay, Yuewen, stop shaking, Claire still hasn’t recovered yet.” Li Mingyu stopped her.

Only then did Li Yuewen hurriedly let go of Claire.

“Claire, what happened? How come you’re awake so quickly? Where are the two little things that wanted to sign a contract with you?” Li Mingyu was full of questions.

Bringing this up, a soft but proud smile sneaked onto Claire’s face.

Li Mingyu blinked. He didn’t see wrong, the Claire who never showed her emotions actually let out a proud smile!

“They both signed a contract.” Claire raised her brows and smiled. There was something else she couldn’t tell them, that the master-servant contract had been twisted into an equal contract. Her relationship between White Emperor and Black Feather was now like a triangle, and she stood at the corner on the top, controlling and balancing the two contract forces. Relatively speaking, she had a better advantage. At least, it’s not a master-servant contract anymore!

“What? You signed a contract with two magic beasts?” Li Mingyu was totally shocked, his eyes full of astonishment. To know, that whether one signed a contract with a high-level or low-level magic beast, one could only sign with one magic beast! It’s impossible to sign contracts with two. But now Claire signed a contract with two magic beasts. Although they still didn’t know what those two little magic beasts were.

“Yes.” Claire turned to look at White Emperor and Black Feather, who were sitting on Jean’s right and left shoulder, a gentle smile on her face. Equal contract, haha. As long as she continued to try hard, she will definitely become their masters one day. Claire also knew that this time she was able to twist the contract into an equal one not because of her own strength, but because she was lucky. Because she was only able to restrict the two contract forces due to their fighting each other, therefore forming an equal contract. Claire exclaimed in her heart: she had already made her breakthrough to the seventh volume of the Treasure Lotus Directory, yet she could still only barely twist the contract into an equal one. Then, just how strong and powerful were White Emperor and Black Feather?

“You actually signed contracts with two magic beasts? How did you achieve that?” Li Mingyu looked at Claire, very puzzled.

“I just achieved it.” Claire retracted her sword of flames, then turned to pick up the Tidal Sword that she had tossed away casually. Glancing around, she raised her brows, “Wow, you guys are so poor. Only able to illuminate with candles.” Li Yuewen expression changed abruptly and was about to explode.

“I say, cousin Yuewen, when can you change your impulsiveness?” Claire turned and grinned at Li Yuewen, then continued, “Money, let’s just go make more.”

“You make it sound so easy. Li people just don’t have the brains to engage in business. Even if we did, we still won’t be able to get involved, because the Feng Corporation have monopolies over almost every trade! Eighty percent of all industries are under the name of the Feng clan.” Li Yuewen said with vexation.

“Really?” Claire stroked her chin, then blinked her eyes, “So what? Even if you guys don’t have the brains to do business, it doesn’t mean I don’t.” Claire said meaningfully.

An inexplicable look flashed across Jean’s complexion. Did Miss want to go seek help from Feng Yixuan? But he then immediately got rid of this thought. With Miss’ personality, she would never do anything like that. Then, what did Miss want to do?

“I’m going to go sleep first, I’m so tired. Cousin Yuewen, cousin Mingyu, goodnight. After I get enough rest, we’ll talk about the other things.” Throwing the Tidal Sword into her storage ring, Claire turned and headed towards the bedrooms. Jean followed behind silently.

Only Li Yuewen and Li Mingyu were left in the Grand Hall, looking at each other.

“Brother, do think the girl can really change the current situation?” Biting her lip, Li Yuewen said softly.

“I only think, that a storm is coming.” Li Mingyu said seriously.

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6 thoughts on “Ch.84 So What If I Am Bullying You? (Part I)

  1. He’s right! Oh maaan a storm a big storm is coming! It wouldn’t surprise me if one of the Li clan members tries to conspire with another clan to bring down Claire. After all, if she wins they will die…

    And I’m so glad Claire got both the contract beasts! And I’m anticipating for her to grow even more and how she will start a business. Flower tea? Camille’s sweets? I wonder what she’ll do!!

    And thanks so much for the chapter, every time I see an update it’s like a sparkling Jewel and I’m so hu hu hu happy to read it :>


  2. I knew it, somehow their will be a contract with the two beasts.

    “The woman that abandoned the family for a man, who destroyed her own cultivation and power, and married far away into another country. This young girl was actually her daughter. Now that they looked, sure enough, their appearences were similar.”

    Out of nowhere! Its explained the why Claire can hold the sword but what a big secret. Also, why the mom do all that to be with her dad. He didn’t seem to be great of a guy in the beginning.


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