Ch.84 So What If I Am Bullying You? (Part II)

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The east was lighting up. Claire was sleeping.

Black Feather and White Emperor slept on Claire’s pillow, one on the left, one on the right.


Hair like snow, irises like the moon.

White Emperor changed into a human, his expression cold. His extremely beautiful features were covered with indifference. He just looked icily at Black Feather.

Black Feather flapped his wings and flew into the air.


Hair like ebony, irises like the night.

A man dressed in black, a hint of arrogance on his stunningly beautiful face, looking like a perfect painting. He smiled coldly, watching White Emperor.

White Emperor flicked his fingers. Claire’s fluttering eyelashes stilled once more as she fell into a deep sleep.

“We, seem to haven’t met in a long time.” Black Feather chuckled coldly, the arrogance and provocation obvious in his tone.

White Emperor kept silent, still looking at Black Feather coldly.

“Don’t look at me like that. After all, we have the same contractor now. Even though this little girl is so weak right now.” Black Feather turned his head to look at the sleeping Claire and laughed coldly, “Never expected for you to choose such a weak little girl as your contractor.”

“Didn’t you also choose her?” White Emperor replied faintly in an icy voice.

“Whatever you choose, I will fight for it!” An insolent smile appeared on Black Feather’s face.

“But in the end, you were restricted by the little girl you speak of,” White Emperor said coldly, the mocking in his voice obvious.

Sure enough, Black Feather’s expression changed slightly, furiousness and violence flashing through his eyes: “Days like this won’t be for long.”

“Right, won’t be for long. We just don’t know if you can become the owner, or the little girl in you speak of becomes our owner.” White Emperor watched Black Feather’s expression change coldly, his voice icy.

Black Feather frowned: “I want to see if she has the ability to become my owner!”

“Then let’s wait and see.” White Emperor lowered his head quietly, looking at the sleeping Claire. A strange light, hard to detect, glinted in the depths of his irises. He reached out and touched Claire’s face gently.

“What, you got feelings for the little girl?” Black Feather watched White Emperor with ridicule.

“You really think she’s a little girl?” White Emperor didn’t lift his head, still staring profoundly at Claire’s face.

Black Feather’s expression changed again, and he too lowered his head to look at Claire. Saying in a deep voice, “The spirit in this body, its color is very pretty. And her original form is actually double black: black hair and black irises!”

White Emperor was silent, acknowledging what Black Feather said.

“So that’s why the shameless god of Darkness chose her? And marked her?” Black Feather grabbed Claire’s right hand roughly.

“No. If only that, the god of Darkness still would not choose her.” White Emperor shook his head.

“Then what?” Black Feather pulled down the glove on Claire’s right hand, looking at the black mark and asked, frowning. After all, the owner of this body was his contractor, so he must understand clearly.

“She is the perfect union of darkness and light, evil and righteousness.” Looking at Claire’s peaceful face, White Emperor said solemnly.

“What! You mean, she will be offered as an offering to that…… ” Finally, Black Feather’s expression changed.

White Emperor was silent, but his serious expression told Black Feather that his guesses were correct.

“Sh*t! Just reborn and found a contractor, but so much trouble.” Black Feather cursed in a low voice.

“When all my strength returns, I will stop it.” White Emperor took the glove from Black Emperor, putting it on Claire’s hand carefully.

“Whatever, whatever.” Black Feather grumbled frustratedly, “I can’t be in human form for long, and my strength hasn’t returned either.” Black Feather floated to Claire’s pillow side, and turned back into the black ball before with a whoosh. He laid down on the pillow and began sleeping.

White Emperor watched Claire quietly, keeping silent for a long time. Finally, with a whoosh, he changed back into a white ball, curled up beside Claire’s pillow, and started to sleep also.

Murkiness and darkness surrounded her, an uneven stone path beneath her feet. Claire lifted her head. Darkness was all in front of her; she couldn’t see anything. There wasn’t anyone beside her. No Li siblings, no Jean, no Walter, no Summer and Qiao Chuxin, no Camille…… All there was was dead silence.

Where was this?

Claire put her foot forward and stepped on the stones. The stone pieces bruised her feet, and blood flowed out slowly from the cut.

Suddenly, the darkness around her slowly condensed into a cloud of black air. A pair of blood-red eyes stared out at Claire fixedly from the cloud of air.

The god of Darkness?!

“Claire, you are already marked by me. You are my precious offering.” The dark and cold voice said lowly.

“I! Will definitely not be an offering waiting for you to butcher!” Claire tightened her fists and yelled at that frightening ball of black air.

“Do you think you can escape? You are mine, you must remember. When the time comes to pick the fruit, I will.” The god of Darkness laughed, cold and menacing.

The mark on the back of Claire’s right hand felt hot. Claire lowered her head to look at it, but only found that the mark had became completely back.

“You can’t escape, and you can’t fight against me.” The god of Darkness laughed coldly, then a cold, black net shot towards Claire, surrounding her tightly, then getting tighter, and tighter. Claire sweated from the suffocation.

“No–!” Claire screamed, suddenly opening her eyes, but only saw the lavish bed curtains above her head.

It was a dream?

“Miss?!” Jean’s rapid knocking sounded at the door, his tone anxious, “Miss, are you okay?”

Claire wanted to sit up, but found that two little things were sprawled on her chest, a round Black Feather and a furry White Emperor; they were sleeping peacefully. Claire twitched her lip, no wonder she had a nightmare. For these two fellas were sleeping on her chest.

“I’m fine, Jean, it was only a nightmare.” Claire said out loud hurriedly, comforting Jean, who was outside the door. Because she knew if she didn’t say something for any longer, Jean will break through the door.

“Oh, if Miss you are okay then good.” Obvious relief was in Jean’s voice.

“You can go rest now.” Claire exhaled slowly, reaching to pick up the two things on her chest and set them beside her pillow.

“Yes.” Jean answered and was about to leave.

“Wait, what time is it? How long have I been asleep?” Claire asked.

“It’s morning now. Miss you have slept for a whole day and night.” Jean answered outside.

“Oh.” Claire sat up, and an ungraceful rumbling came from her stomach. She frowned slightly, “I’ll be up soon. Tell someone to prepare some food for me, I’m hungry.”

“Yes, Miss.” After saying this, Jean’s footsteps left.

Claire got up and dressed, but was still thinking about her dream. The sense of suffocating was so strong, so real. She must not let this become true! Claire balled her hands into fists. She finished dressing and left the room.

Today’s breakfast was unusually jolly. Because Claire woke up safely, everyone gathered together to have a relaxing meal.

“Cousin Yuewen, tell me about the business corporations in the Lagark capital, and provide as much personal information as possible on the the chairmans of all the corporations.” After finishing eating, Claire wiped her mouth daintily and said to Li Yuewen.

“Personal information?” Li Yuewen was a little bewildered. Wanting information on the corporations was reasonable, but personal information?

“Yes. Are there any big events lately in the capital? Those that attract a lot of attention?” Claire accepted the flower tea Camille passed over and sipped from it, satisfied.

“What? Does that have anything to do with making money?” Li Yuewen asked blankly.

Claire couldn’t explain the huge impact of advertising, so she just answered surely, “Yes, so are there any big events?”

“Yes,” Li Yuewen nodded, “Two weeks later, the capital will hold a Donation Convention. The money donated will be used to build a clinic for poor people who can’t afford to visit the hospital. Both the crown prince and the first beauty of the capital will be there.”

“Crown prince? First beauty?” Claire set down her teacup in puzzlement.

“Haha, Claire, actually there are three beauties. The three beauties of the capital, Hua Xiuning from the Hua clan, Shui Xinmei from the Shui clan.” Li Mingyu explained, amused.

“And the other one?” Claire held out her teacup and Camille poured some more tea for Claire. Claire sipped gently, “You’ve only said two, who’s the other beauty?”

“The other one of the three beauties is your cousin Li Yuewen.” Ignoring Li Yuewen’s warning gaze, Li Mingyu laughed and said so.

“Poof…… ” Claire sprayed out the flower tea in her mouth ungracefully. Walter, sitting across from her, got splashed all over his face. Sitting beside Claire, Summer and Qiao Chuxin were also affected by the disaster, some tea spraying on them. Walter was extremely depressed but didn’t dare to rage.

“Damn little brat, what’s your attitude?” Seeing this, Li Yuewen went crazy, ready to give Claire a beating.

“Haha, my fault, it’s my fault okay? Beauty cousin Yuewen.” Claire begged for mercy while laughing, “Um, beauty cousin, will you go that day too?”

“No.” Li Yuewen humphed coldly, “Besides, we don’t have any money to donate.”

“That’s right. Nowadays, out of the three beauties of the capital, Shui Xinmei had already married into the Feng clan, and your cousin Yuewen rarely appears in public, so Hua Xiuning is taking all the spotlight right now.” Li Mingyu responded in a dark tone, his gaze complicated.

Naturally, Claire knew what Li Mingyu was thinking about. The Li clan, declining every day, it’s glory disappearing.

“Hua Xiuning is taking all the spotlight?” Claire stroked her chin, deep in thought.

“That’s right. I can imagine that on that day, that woman will take the spotlight again, and the Hua clan will also gain publicity.” Li Yuewen snorted coldly. The Hua clan and the Li clan were always enemies, so of course Li Yuewen was upset over this.

“Cousin Yuewen, don’t be so feisty.” Claire squinted and laughed.

“Damn little brat, what do you mean? How am I feisty?” Li Yuewen grumbled.

“What I mean is…… ” A smile played upon Claire’s lips, “On that day, we, will go steal her spotlight!”

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8 thoughts on “Ch.84 So What If I Am Bullying You? (Part II)

      1. 😲 then we’re around 34% into the book!
        Wow Claire still has a long journey ahead of her.


  1. Oh, my god. I love Claire and this story so much!! Black Feather and White Emperor!! They went from sleeping on her pillow to her chest – hilarious. Now White Emperor’s “My contractor, grow up quickly” brings a different meaning because he has feelings for her? How exciting!! I want to see Feng Yixuan handle this. X)

    Thank you for all the chapters that make me day every day!


  2. O_o I feel like that beauty potion, which they found when they beat that other group and Black Feather was born, will come into play.. I’m quite sure of that. 😀
    Thanks you very much for the chapter!
    Like always I need more though! 😀

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    1. Omg You’re right!! They’ll makeYuewen drink the beauty potion and be extra beautiful that day. she’ll steal the spotlight! And perhaps if Claire had to hide her identity she’ll drink the gender changing potion?
      I kinda want Dragon Ben to drink the gender changing potion…I think he’ll be a great beauty–a scary angry beauty haha


      1. Hahaha, well we will see who is going to drink what! I’m quite sure of it that it will come into play now though. 😀 I’m looking forward to it really. (Though I wouldn’t mind Claire drinking it either..) XDD

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  3. I feel like Black feather might have thought: ha you like her I’ll be taking up her right chest!
    And the White emperor gets really pissed and won’t back down so her takes up her left chest lol
    If Claire knew she would be so mad she’d skin them alive.

    Thanks for the chapter! 🙂

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