Ch.85 Stunning Beauty, Enchanting Millions (Part I)

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“Take her spotlight? How?” Li Yuewen looked at Claire, baffled.

“Cousin Yuewen, you will attend this Donation Convention, and you will bring someone with you! And we will also donate precious treasures.” Claire said solemnly.

“Bring someone? And since when did we have precious treasures?” Li Yuewen looked at Claire in confusion, not understanding what Claire was planning.

A sly smile played upon Claire’s lips. She turned to look at Dong Fenghou, who was eating happily, “Think Dong Fenghou is pretty?”

Everyone directed their gazes at Dong Fenghou. Right now, Dong Fenghou had no image at all, stuffing his mouth full of food. Dong Fenghou was wickedly beautiful, but his image right now didn’t have the least connection with pretty. Food crumbs were all over his mouth, and his hands were oily! Dong Fenghou suddenly felt something was off and lifted his head, but saw everyone looking at him.

“What?” Dong Fenghou mumbled. Even though he was slow, he still felt the abnormality in Claire’s gaze.

“No, he’s too slow and his speech is slurred. Even if he was disguised as a beauty, he still wouldn’t be able to handle it.” Camille saw through Claire’s plan first and refuted it.

What?! Everyone suddenly understood what Claire wanted to do. If Dong Fenghou was dressed as a girl, he would be exceedingly beautiful! Saying that tens of thousands would fall for him was not exaggerating. If he appeared at the Donation Convention, he would definitely attract everyone’s gazes. But Dong Fenghou only knew how to eat; what else could he do? Once he talks, everything would be ruined.

“That’s true.” Claire stroked her chin and nodded. She almost forgot, this wickedly and stunningly beautiful youth was as dumb as a pig. He couldn’t attend any big events!

Claire’s gaze then moved to Summer and Qiao Chuxin, but rejected both. These two little girls, their appearances were both delicate and innocent; had nothing to do with dazzling and seducing. Walter? Leng Lingyun? Jean? Claire dismissed them herself. These people, you would be better off telling them to die than to dress as a woman.

Now what should she do? Claire was conflicted. The best candidate, Dong Fenghou, was rejected. Who else was suitable?

“You want to find someone more beautiful than Hua Xiuning? Not easy, Hua Xiuning really is a beauty.” Li Yuewen spoke Claire’s plan out directly, “Hua Xiuning has a very high goal, always aiming at the crown prince, wanting to be the crown princess, and later the queen. So she is always searching for opportunities to get in contact with the crown prince frequently.”

“But, she hasn’t succeeded yet, right?” Claire laughed coldly.

“How did you know? True, the crown prince hasn’t made any declaration.” Li Yuewen replied, a little surprised.

“If she succeeded, you wouldn’t be talking in such a tone.” Claire raised one brow, her voice teasing.

“Damn little brat, you dare make fun of me?” Li Yuewen finally heard the hidden meaning in Claire’s words.

“Actually, there is a best candidate.” Camille looked at Claire, smiling.

Everyone else’s gaze also looked towards Claire. Claire frowned at the people, unhappy, “Please, do you think my petite frame can compete against those seducing and mature old women?”

“Beauty potion.” Leng Lingyun suddenly spat out two words, then continued to eat his breakfast with his head down. Everyone looked at him, but his expression never changed, drinking his juice peacefully, as if the person who just spoke wasn’t him.

“That’s right, beauty potion, hehe, Claire, your petite frame can also become a curvy beauty…… Aaaah!” Before Walter could finish his sentence, he already fell off his chair, shrieking. Claire had picked up a piece of bread and threw it at him. But that throw wasn’t simple; Claire added a bit of DouQi. How could the weak, delicate dark magician contend with such powerful strength? So he was knocked right onto the floor by this huge blow, howling.

Claire gave him a look, serves you right. But when she turned around, she saw everyone looking at her evilly.

“I tell you, don’t even think about it. I won’t agree.” Claire stood up to leave.

“Claaaaire, are you cruel enough to watch our Li clan wane? Are you cruel enough to watch your mother’s kinsmen fall into an abject state?” Li Yuewen grabbed Claire, her voice suddenly soft and gentle. Her eyes gazed at Claire deeply, blinking and blinking.

Goosebumps appeared all over Claire. She pulled her hand out and shook it, her lips twitching, “Cousin Yuewen, did anyone ever tell you, that this tone and eye expression doesn’t suit you at all?”

“You need a beating!” Li Yuewen returned to her true self immediately, going crazy.

“Okay, let’s not talk about this first. Let’s settle the matter of the treasure first.” Claire sat back down and continued indifferently.

“Where do we get the treasure?” Li Yuewen frowned. The only thing worth a bit money in their hands were the beast cores Claire gave them last time, but they had planned to sell it to repair the Grand Hall destroyed by Claire last time, and to pay expenses for some time.

“Ben.” Suddenly, Claire called to dragon Ben softly, who was sitting quietly all the time.

“What?” Dragon Ben lifted his head blankly and looked at Claire.

“Dragons, all like collecting treasures?” Claire asked dragon Ben. Although she was asking, her tone was sure.

“No.” Dragon Ben denied immediately, but the flicker in his eyes betrayed him.

This fellow! Claire twitched her lip. It seems like this fellow learned a lot from her, but not enough. When he lied, his gaze flickered. She had long heard that dragons had this special hobby, to collect treasures, all of them valuable and rare. Well, now it seems to be true.

“No? As the prince of dragons, you don’t even have a single decent treasure? Sigh, you muddled along so miserably all these years? Among all dragons, you must be the poorest.” Claire sighed, her tone pitiful.

Everyone else kept quiet. Li Yuewen just stared at Claire. Would anyone be fooled by such a simple goading? Impossible?!

“Nonsense! My treasures are the richest among all dragons!” Dragon Ben stood up excitedly, yelling.

As his sentenced ended, the dining room became quiet. Everyone stared at dragon Ben. Li Yuewen dropped her jaw, looking at dragon Ben, dumbfounded. Really? Such a simple, clumsy goading, and someone would really be fooled?!! This stupid dragon!

Summer shrugged, looking as if this was normal. This rude dragon, not only was he rude, he was also stupid. So this wasn’t unexpected at all.

Dragon Ben saw the slyness in Claire’s eyes, then suddenly felt an urge to cry. This fellow Claire, she really was the most cunning. As Walter said, how was this person human? She was a complete little devil! Treasures, all his treasures! He mustn’t let them all fall into her hands!

“Don’t think you can just go get some for me.” Claire’s next sentence shattered dragon Ben’s hope mercilessly, “What do you need those treasures for? You can’t eat them, and they can’t give you happiness, can’t give you positions, can’t make you stronger, can’t fulfill your wishes. Ben, listen to me, everything is floating clouds.”

Dragon Ben’s expression was mournful. He knew all that. But collecting treasures was second nature to dragons, and this fellow wanted to rob him of all the treasures he collected over the years with just one sentence! But dragon Ben had already made a decision in his heart. Yes, as Claire said, these treasures could give him nothing. And during the days he spent with Claire, he felt everything. The feeling when he was with Claire and the others, was very nice, very warm. And when he was protecting others, he felt very satisfied; the feeling of being relied upon was so happy. And when Claire blocked in front of him, that feeling of being cared for, thought for, was so warm, so moving. These, he had never experienced before. He wished these feelings could continue forever. And, a strange feeling, towards this skinny little thief girl. Every time he saw her, he wanted to tease her. What was this feeling? He didn’t experience that before either.

“Then that’s settled, I’ll wait for you to get all your treasures.” Claire locked the deal in place with a smile. How could she know dragon Ben’s feelings right now; she was only focused on blackmailing.

Dragon Ben twitched his lip, squeezed out a “uh-huh”, then fell silent.

“What is your plan exactly?” Although Camille already guessed most of it, he still asked.

“First, we must give all the people in the capital a deep impression. Since the crown prince will come, and that whatever beauty will be there, many nobles will also attend.” Before Claire finished, Camille already understood.

“On the Donation Convention, the Li clan will present an incredible treasure, then announce that there are innumerous treasures like this at the Li clan. Stunning beauty, treasures, these will attract all gazes to the Li clan, and people will visit soon. Some for the treasures, some for the beauty,” Camille explained in a deep tone, “But, the treasures are limited, so even if we sell all of them, without a steady income, it still won’t work.”

“Yes, the next thing we need to do is to open the market. The Feng Corporation almost has a foot in everything: clothing, food, objects, decorations. The Li clan is best at casting, right? But was replaced by the Feng clan, and your weapon foundry also closed down.” Claire continued, “Then, let’s aim for weapons first. There are many adventurers, and therefore much demand in this area. Plus, if we could get the power of attorney over the weapons for the royal army, then our profit would be obvious.”

Li Yuewen and Li Mingyu both sucked in a cold breath. How ambitious! The power of attorney for army weapons? Originally, it was the country’s own weapon foundry who was casting the weapons, but later, the Feng clan got it through some unknown means. Now, how could it be easy to take it away from the Feng clan?

“This, seems too hard, a little impossible.” Li Yuewen bit her lip.

“Is the Li clan worse on casting than the Feng clan?” Claire humphed coldly and asked.

“Never! No matter how our Li clan declined, our casting is still the best in the country!” Li Yuewen stood up excitedly, banging on the table with a fist.

“So, how will you know if you don’t try?” Claire laughed coldly, profoundness flashing through her eyes, “Since I’ve decided to do it, then I will finish it nicely.” Claire curled her lip; except for her, was there anyone else who could do it?

“Give me detailed information on the crown prince,” Claire continued with her eyes squinted. If they wanted to get the power of attorney for the empire’s weapons, the fastest way was to move into the sight of the emperor and the crown prince. Naturally, before this, she must understand what this person wanted the most, what was his soft spot. Nothing else than power, riches, or some unknown, unusual hobby. Even though she didn’t want to dress as a coquettish woman for all to see, but thinking about it, it was only for such a short time. Who will know it was her afterwards? Once the efficacy of the potion is over, this woman would vanish. Now that was mysterious enough. People are strange creatures like that; the more mysterious something is, the more they chase after it. It was almost time for the Li clan to once again walk into everyone’s sight.

Since it’s already decided, then begin!

And her goal, of course, was the biggest fish, the crown prince! ……

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14 thoughts on “Ch.85 Stunning Beauty, Enchanting Millions (Part I)

  1. omggggggg I love this chapter!!!! Hahaha can’t wait to find iut more about this plan if theirs. And can’t wait to meet the crown prince and the beauty and the Feng clan! I still don’t know who to ship 😛 Been rooting for the holy prince but I don’t wven know if Claire will even ends up with anyone in the romantic sense.


  2. Hmmm.. Ben and Summer ship is ready to sail (see that coming)..For me Claire and God of darkness all the way…! White emperor is mine!

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    1. The ship has officially sailed.
      Now all we need is to wait for the voyage, and hopefully it will find the new world.


  3. It will be funny if Claire took the Gender Changing Potion instead of the Beauty one before making her debut at that place…and then the Prince Crown fell for her! If he wouldn’t accept someone as supposedly beautiful as Hua then maybe….hehe, but then it could be he just thinks highly of himself or isn’t interested in love affairs. 😆

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  4. Does anyone know if Claire also has a Li clan based name? Just curious as to how she will be introduced as part of the clan


  5. Thank you!!

    Maybe Claire doesn’t want to use the potion because it will suck when it wears off and she saw her normal appearance again. And it only lasts half an hour if I rmb correctly? Or was it 3 hours…it’s a really short time I wonder how much she can accomplish in that little while. Plus she’s got to run away after that. Maybe she will drink the ugly potion right after that? But if the Crown prince is set on her it won’t be that easy to get away. And on top of that our Feng Yixuan can recognise Claire even if he was blindfolded.


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