Ch.85 Stunning Beauty, Enchanting Millions (Part II)

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When Claire got the information on the crown prince, she felt a headache. This person, could be described as perfect! Whether it was appearance, strength, or morality, prestige, it was all impeccable. He didn’t have any bad habits, nor did he have anything he liked especially.

Claire threw the information down on the desk and leaned back in her chair. Even though the information didn’t say, doesn’t mean this crown prince doesn’t have any weaknesses. All humans have weaknesses. As for what it was, she needed to discover herself.

Dragon Ben’s treasures really were dazzling, and worth cities. Thinking about yesterday’s gains, Claire squinted her eyes in satisfaction. He actually had some ancient stuff; pretty surprising.

“That god-damned Hua Xiuning!” At this time, Li Yuewen furiously slammed the study’s door open, and plopped down into a chair, her face dark.

“What happened?” Claire raised her brows and asked, “Crossed paths with someone from the Hua clan?”

“Humph, I met Hua Xiuning. That coquettish woman, flirting around like what.” Li Yuewen said angrily, “Saying things like, oh how she wished she would see us at the Donation Convention.”

Hearing this, Claire couldn’t help but laugh. So this haughty and proud cousin of hers got taunted by her enemy.

“Cousin Yuewen, no need to be so angry. Tomorrow I will regain your dignity for you.” Claire smiled slyly.

“Yes, I have also prepared the clothes you asked for. I asked a Li clan member to personally sew and make it according to your blueprint. He is absolutely trustable, not from those old things’ side. And the blueprint is also destroyed as you instructed.” Li Yuewen had come to find Claire in the study to talk about this.

“Mm, is everything else ready?” Claire tapped the desk with her finger lightly and asked.

“All done according to your orders, and spent a lot of money.” Li Yuewen said painfully.

“Oh, come on, cousin Yuewen. If you aren’t willing to give up your child, you won’t catch the wolf. Your gains will be hundreds or thousands times more later.” Claire replied snappily.

“If you aren’t willing to give up your child, you won’t catch the wolf?” Li Yuewen digested these words carefully, nodding.

“Okay, cousin Yuewen, go rest. These days you have worked hard.” Claire said, “Tomorrow, the Li clan will once again step onto the stage of history; let us welcome this moment together.”

“Mm.” Li Yuewen stood up, but was perturbed in her heart. Will tomorrow, be successful?

The next day, the autumn weather was cool. In the early morning, many luxurious carriages headed towards the same direction: the capital’s Ten Thousand People Square. A large-scale Donation Convention would be held there today. Hosted by the emperor, presided over by the crown prince. Which noble family wouldn’t want to attend and show off their loyalty to the empire, their reverence to the emperor, and their benevolence to the commoners? This, was the chance for nobles to show up and perform.

All the streets were empty. For not only would nobles attend, commoners could also go to the square and witness the elegance of the crown prince and stunning complexion of the first beauty of the capital.

When the crown prince, dressed in a set of luxurious ivory colored clothes appeared, commotion began.

“May the crown prince his royal highness live for ten thousand years, may the crown prince his royal highness live for ten thousand years!”

Exclamations sounded one after another. In the hearts of the commoners, the crown prince was a kind and generous good crown prince.

The crown prince smiled and waved at the people below the raised platform, attracting even more enthusiastic cheers.

“This crown prince, really is good.” Summer and Qiao Chuxin were standing at a corner on the square. Summer was eating junk food Qiao Chuxin bought from a peddler and mumbled, “He is so loved by the commoners.”

“No, Claire is even better. Claire had said before, that only when the people unite behind a country could that country become powerful, and that there is a reason why Lagark is getting more and more powerful every day. Claire also said, that the relationship between the emperor and commoners is like the relationship between a boat and water; water can lift the boat up to look upon the whole world, but when a great wave crashes over, water can also turn the boat over.” Munching on some junk food, Qiao Chuxin said seriously.

“Of course, Claire’s brain isn’t human.” Summer chewed on the food in her mouth. If that fellow wasn’t good, how come they’re all like slaves to her, with no chance of revolting.

The two’s conversation was very quiet; ordinary people wouldn’t be able to hear it. But for the strong, it was different. An old man dressed in a black suit passing by glanced at them. Their conversation had reached his ears completely. Claire? Who was that? So wise, able to put the relationship between a king and his people into such an appropriate analogy. Only when the people unite behind a country could that country become powerful. Someone else used to say this the whole time too. And it is because of that person being so influential to the current emperor, that Lagark is getting more and more powerful with every day.

“Miss Hua is here!” Suddenly, somebody yelled, then a luxuriously carriage stopped at the entrance.

“The Hua clan is here.” A servant reported in an elongated tone.

Everyone’s gaze turned that way. The commoners stretched their necks even more, wanting to witness the style of the capital’s first beauty.

The carriage door opened. Slowly, a slender and fair hand reached out; the butler was already waiting, and hurriedly helped the person in the carriage out. Dressed in a gorgeous snowy white dress, a round and smooth black pearl necklace hanging around her neck making her seem elegant and graceful. A five-colored jewel bracelet also adorned her wrist; one could tell by sight that it very valuable. Hua Xiuning had jade-like skin, an enchanting smile, crescent eyes, a small nose, and tiny cherry lips. With one smile, she could charm a crowd.

Many young nobles stared fixedly at Hua Xiuning. They came here not just to perform in front of the crown prince, but also to see their dream lover, Hua Xiuning. Out of the three beauties of the capital, one was married, one was cold, valiant, and unreachable, only Hua Xiuning was both charming and friendly.

“The crown prince your royal highness.” Hua Xiuning slowly walked up the raised platform on a red carpet, then curtsied to the crown prince. Unconcealable love was in her eyes. Not only did Hua Xiuning want the position of crown princess, she was also deeply fascinated by this perfect and handsome crown prince. “Miss Hua.” A smile surfaced on the crown prince’s handsome features, but nothing surged in his eyes.

Disappointment flashed across Hua Xiuning’s eyes. She had spent so much time dressing up today, yet the crown prince’s gaze still didn’t stay on her. Why?

“The Donation Convention, begins now—-!”

A voice stretched out, announcing the beginning of the Donation Convention. The process of the Donation Convention was very simple, without any ceremonies. Since it was to donate, of course it didn’t have those money-draining but useless superficial things ceremonies had.

The nobles started coming up to the platform and donating one after another. Some directly donated money, some donated items. The butler from the Feng clan, straight up donated ten million gold coins, and supplied half the cost for all the materials needed for the construction of the clinic. Naturally, this won many cheers. And this butler was the old man that overheard Summer and Qiao Chuxin’s conversation!

“The crown prince your royal highness, us, the Hua clan, will be donating today……” Hua Xiuning smiled gently and spoke softly to the crown prince. Just when she was going to order the person behind her to bring up a decorated box, she was interrupted by an abrupt reporting sound: “The Li clan is here—-”

The Li clan?!

Astonishment flashed across the crown prince’s eyes. The Li clan, one of the four major clans, had retreated from public gaze long ago. Why would they appear today?

An undetectable anger slipped across Hua Xiuning’s eyes. She also turned towards the square’s entrance…… Her heart was full of contempt, secretly mocking that the Li clan actually had the guts to shame themselves here?!

An extremely gorgeous carriage stopped at the entrance. The first to hop out of the carriage was Li Yuewen, whom everyone knew. The rose with thorns. Countless people had tried to pick this rose, but were all pricked pitifully. Today, Li Yuewen was dressed in fancy clothes, dazzling and beautiful, making many exclaim, that she deserved to be called one of the three beauties of the capital.

Li Yuewen? Humph! Profoundness and viciousness flashed through Hua Xiuning’s eyes. Li Yuewen, was yesterday’s humiliation not enough for you? That you voluntarily send yourself here today?

But, Li Yuewen didn’t walk up the red carpet to the platform, instead extending her hand towards the carriage’s door. Everyone looked in puzzlement at Li Yuewen’s actions. Who, was worthy of letting Li Yuewen help out the carriage?

A slender hand slowly reached out. In this instant, everyone’s gazes were attracted over. Just that fair-skinned, elegant, and beautiful arm made people unable to move their gazes away, then what about the owner of this hand?

Slowly, gradually, the person Li Yuewen was supporting stepped out of the carriage.

Under the sunlight, in that moment, everyone on the square were stunned. This moment, they almost forgot to breathe. Their minds were blank, completely unable to think.

Oh, what a stunning beauty was this!

Her soft, silky, long golden hair overlapped gently like the brightest radiance. A lock of hair hung down from each side of her cheeks; her fair and slender neck was enchanting, and the pure white flowers at her ears matched her stunning and unique appearance. Her emerald green irises were like a whirlpool, sucking people deep in and making them unable to pull themselves out. Features as delicate as jade; her smile so dazzling, blinding people’s eyes. So brilliant, so mesmerizing. The stunningly beautiful lady lifted her head and looked forward, standing there silently. She had on a lavender dress; the dress showed off her perfect figure beautifully, and a mysterious aura about her made people’s hearts ripple with emotions. No one had ever seen any dress like that. Without any jewelry to serve as foil, without any makeup applied, she was like a holy, pure, white lotus flower, or like a tender and charming peony. At that instant, the people didn’t even know what word to use to describe this stunning lady.

The crown prince stared fixedly at this lady who suddenly appeared, just looking like that, unable to say anything, unable to think anything.

When she smiled, it was like the most radiant sun; when she stood there silently, it was like the purest moon.

She was like a goddess that rode on moonlight to this mortal world, charming and enchanting everyone.

Li Yuewen helped that stunning beauty slowly walk onto the red carpet.

The shocking thing happened.

With every step that stunningly beautiful lady took, a small golden lotus would appear under her foot!

Lotus flowers born with every step!

The entire square went chaotic!


Original author:

Hehehe, to tell the truth, even I am a little excited about Claire meeting Little Feng’s ferocious mom. Howl~~~

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  1. this is such a good chapter! I just found this light novel about 3 days ago and am up to date already :)! Clare is the best female lead out there. Also the best supporting cast imo.

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  2. oh my great mother
    If I was there I would be fighting over for Claire
    Her favourite colour could be lavender?
    Since she wore the same colour on her birthday.
    And I can’t believe it too! Small lotuses born with each step?
    Could this be the doing of her Lotus child?
    Or are they literally lotuses made of gold donated by Claire
    (the stuff she asked Yuewen to make)
    soooo excited for the next chapter!

    Thank you so much! 🙂

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  3. OMG!!!Need more chapters! the suspense is killing me~!!!
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  4. Why are all the guys in this story so perfect?? From Jean all the way to Black Feather. Even the Crown Prince is perfect and oblivious to the b*tchy beauty. I’m really sorry that he is going to be deceived. However, I am firmly on Feng Yixuan’s boat! He will kick anyone who dares to lay claim on his Claire. X)

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  5. now if Feng Yixuan is there and he recognizes Claire, I’m gonna throw my white flag and jump on his boat! haha


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