Ch.86 A Single Smile Overthrows a City, Another Overthrows a Country (Part I)

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Stunning beauty, a single smile overthrowing a city, another overthrowing a country. Enchanting thousands, charming millions.

And the most stunning and shocking thing was that whenever the lady took a step, a small golden lotus would appear under her feet, glowing brilliantly. Even the powerful people present were surprised. Although they knew this was caused by some type of arcanum, how did she do it?

The stunning lady, under the support of Li Yuewen, walked with lotus flowers born every step, her graceful posture attracting everyone’s gaze. Her perfect and delicate face expressed a faint smile, extremely enchanting. So much so that many people thought it would be worth dying immediately if only she would smile at them.

Seeing the crown prince being shocked, Hua Xiuning’s eyes were almost shooting fire. Where did this lady pop out of?!

At this time, the two beauties of the capital lost their brilliance under the stunning lady. The light shining from the stunning lady suppressed everyone else’s.

Li Yuewen supported Claire slowly over the carpet, coming to the platform. Camille followed behind with two boxes.

“The crown prince, your royal highness.” Li Yuewen bowed slightly, curtsying.

“The crown prince, your royal highness.”The stunning lady opened her lips, her voice as melodic as pearls landing onto a jade platter. All the aristocratic men standing beside gazed dreamily at this stunning lady who suddenly appeared, unable to come back to senses. Even if their female companions pinched their arms fiercely, they still had no response.

The crown prince was not an ordinary person, so he came back to his senses quickly, looking at the stunning lady and smiling gracefully, “Miss Li, this is?”

As the crown prince’s question ended, everyone perked up their ears, all wanting to know who this stunning lady was. They had never heard that the Li clan had such a beauty, not to mention seeing her. The gazes of those noble young men followed the stunning lady closely.

“Answering the crown prince your royal highness, this is my younger cousin, Blue Elfie1 .” Li Yuewen answered with a smile. But the people around were a little puzzled, the crown prince also looking at Li Yuewen in confusion. Cousin? The Li clan had such a cousin? Such a stunning and graceful beauty; why had they not heard of her before?

“Can it be, that she’s the daughter of that woman who abandoned her clan and destroyed her own cultivation?” Huo Xiuning started sharply, the contempt so obvious in her tone. If she could shame them into anger, it would be the best.

“Today, I have finally seen the elegance of the first beauty in Lagark.” Under the name of Blue Elfie, Claire smiled faintly, her voice soft, but straight to the point. Everyone glared in distaste at Hua Xiuning; some people even had the impulse to explain that she was only called the first beauty of the capital, not the first beauty of Lagark. And now many people were mad that this supposedly first beauty was hurling insults at the stunning lady.

The expression of Hua Xiuning changed greatly, her face going red. She hurriedly glanced towards the crown prince, and sure enough, she saw the disgust that flashed through the crown prince’s eyes. Hua Xiuning regretted immediately, cursing herself for not being able to control her mouth and saying such a thing, forgetting about her surroundings.

“Miss Hua, please watch your language. The private matters of the Li clan are not for you to gossip about. And really, my cousin’s last name is Blue, but you pulled it onto the Hill clan of Amparkland. So good at changing other people’s surnames.” Li Yuewen was not easy to bully, retorting with sentences even more scathing, stripping Hua Xiuning’s dignity naked.

“You!” Hua Xiuning was so angry she almost crushed her teeth. She wanted to reply with even harsher words, but because of the crown prince, she could only desperately suppress this urge.

“Your royal highness, my cousin came back to the Li clan recently to visit relatives. Hearing about the Donation Convention, she wanted to come.” Li Yuewen explained with a smile.

“I have long heard that the crown prince his royal highness is kind and generous. Seeing with my own eyes today, he does deserve this reputation!” Claire smiled, looking at the crown prince gently. Although it was just a small remark, the crown prince also smiled, “The rumors are exaggerated; I’m only doing what I should be doing.” “Not only does his royal highness care for his people, he is also so humble,” Claire smiled softly, continuing, “Today, the crown prince is creating better living environments for the people, so of course, our Li clan must also help out. Your highness, please accept the items we’ve prepared.”

Finishing, Claire motioned for Camille to bring the boxes up to the table on the platform.

Before the crown prince could ask, Claire already reached out her fair hand and opened the first box gently. As soon as the lid of the first box was lifted open, Hua Xiuning gave a look of disdain, “What is this? Just a stupid– a very ordinary sword.” Hua Xiuning finally learned her lesson, and changed “a stupid sword” to “a very ordinary sword”.

Li Yuewen smiled at the crown prince: “Your royal highness, may I borrow your sword for a moment?”

Without any hesitation, the crown prince took out the sword at his waist and handed it to Li Yuewen. Holding the prince’s sword in one hand, and the very ordinary sword from the box in her other hand, Li Yuewen clashed the two swords together in the air lightly. With a clang, the sword of the crown prince broke instantly, but the very ordinary looking sword was perfectly fine.

The expression of the crown prince changed. His sword was specially designed, casted by the best craftsman in the empire. But today, it broke with such a gentle touch!

Hua Xiuning was stunned, all the other nobles were also stunned.

That ordinary sword in Li Yuewen’s hand; what kind of treasured sword was it?

“Your royal highness, I’m so sorry, your sword is actually destroyed by my cousin. I hope that the crown prince can visit my house sometime, and I will repay you an even better sword.” Claire said, a little ashamed. Her soft voice made every man present take pity on her. Such a beauty, who would really blame her. Right now, every man present desperately wished they could slap their chests and say “it’s nothing” in place of the crown prince.

Hua Xiuning’s face was black. This lady of unknown origins, actually dared to invite the crown prince to her house?! Good methods!

The crown prince also seemed a bit shocked, still staring at the sword in Li Yuewen’s hand.

What “repay you an even better sword”?

The one they’re donating is not the best?

“Your highness, I hope you won’t blame me.” Li Yuewen also added a little ashamedly.

“No, this is a really good sword.” The crown prince came back to realization and smiled, an undetectable light glinting in his eyes. Good sword, this really was a good sword. If all the soldiers of the empire could be equipped with such swords, then……

“There’s another treasure that we, the Li clan is willing to donate.” Li Yuewen walked up and opened the other box.

She lifted the lid slowly; although the box was only opened a crack, innumerous golden rays of light shone out from the box.

What was it? Everyone craned their necks.

The box was finally completely opened.

The crown prince exclaimed in a low voice, “The Andell Crown!”

The commoners on the square didn’t know what these two words meant, but all the nobles on the high platform understood perfectly what they signified. Every aristocrat’s expression changed greatly when they saw the object in Li Yuewen’s hand. That golden crown was inlaid with all kinds of precious stones, extremely delicate and exquisite, glowing so brightly under the sun.

The Andell Crown, was the favorite crown of the founding emperor of Lagark. This crown was designed and built by the top twenty best craftsman in the country. All the jewelry used were the best in the empire, and this crown’s design and craftsmanship were also the unique in the entire world, because after the craftsman finished this crown, the emperor killed all of them. Later generations always felt pity for those craftsmen. This crown was later lost in the chaos of wars, and never seen again. But they saw it here today! All the nobles present, including Hua Xiuning, recognized that the crown in Li Yuewen’s hand was definitely the Andell Crown! Because no one could create a same one! This was the single one in the universe! In the portraits of the emperors, the founding emperor was wearing this crown! Why would the Andell Crown be donated here by the Li clan?

“We acquired it by chance.” Claire smiled faintly, “Now so, we’ll be leaving.”

“Your royal highness, we will be retiring.” Li Yuewen supported Claire and turned to walk away gracefully, only leaving a faint sweet scent in the air.

The crown prince nodded slightly, his expression complicated.

Every noble stretched their necks, watching Claire’s figure dreamily. But the gaze of the crown prince stayed on the crown, countless thoughts flashing through his mind.

Who was that mysterious, stunning lady? Why would she have the Andell Crown? From the tone of her voice, such a precious thing was only a small object in her eyes. And her purpose was very clear. The items donated will be up for auction, and the money will be to help construct the clinic. But this was originally from the royal family, so naturally no one would dare to auction for it, and the royalty can buy the crown back at the lowest price. Such a big favor, the stunning lady would just give it like that? Just how powerful was her background?

Claire, Li Yuewen and Camille left just like that.

Everyone was still deeply stunned, unable to come back to their senses. That mysterious, stunning lady was like the most brilliant firework, after stunning everyone, disappeared immediately.

Hua Xiuning’s face turned white then black, black then green. She clenched her fists tightly, her knuckles white, not even feeling her nails pinching into her flesh.

This day, wrote an amazing page in history.

Even after a long long time, people still eulogized that that day, a lady as beautiful and pure as a goddess appeared at the Ten Thousand People Square in the capital. No one could match her gracefulness, and her stunningly beautiful features glowed like the sun, enchanting everyone. Her mysterious and elegant dress left even deeper impressions for everyone.

In the carriage, Claire moved her neck around, then leaned against the carriage walls and humphed coldly, “Hua Xiuning, you insulted my mother. I will make you pay.”

“But today was really refreshing.” Li Yuewen smirked, “Every time I think about how she almost exploded, I want to laugh.”

“You should think about what to do next. Also, is the clothing store settled?” Claire replied indifferently.

“Oh, the huge waves that are coming…… ” Li Yuewen slapped her forehead in dismay, then suddenly changed her tone, “Right, Claire, I never thought that you could actually design clothing, that you’re also gifted in this area. When the clothing store opens, our store will be so busy it’s going to burst, haha.”

Claire twitched her lip, but didn’t answer. How could she explain that Qipao2 was the essence of Oriental culture? Of course these people wouldn’t understand.

But, at least the first step was completed successfully. The next part was the real beginning!

1. Blue Elfie: 蓝灵儿. This is a really weird name. It is neither a Chinese name nor a western name, kind of like a nickname, but “blue” is supposedly her last name so yeah.
2. Qipao: a traditional Chinese dress that (usually) has a high collar, short to no sleeves, ends somewhere above a woman’s knees, and is fitted tightly.

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    1. She is on the rooftop of the carriage. She will then grab Claire and fly off to the Feng clan where Claire and little Feng will marry and have 7 children.

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  1. In the name of science, i demand illustration for research purpose.. Of course, it’ll benefit mankind. And yea, strictly for research. I swear…

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  3. I’m sorry translator, but please look up the origin of the word “orient” or “oriental”, and never use it again.
    Besides, Qipaos didn’t even exist until the 1920’s in Shanghai, so its a modern thing.


    1. I’m sorry? I looked up oriental, and the definition was “of, from, or characteristic of East Asia”. Is there something I’m missing?
      Also, yes, qipaos are relatively modern things. I don’t think it said it was ancient anywhere in the chapter. But we considered it as traditional, given it is from almost a hundred years ago. Claire is from modern China, if that’s what you are confused about.
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      Perhaps he’ll forgive her for that since he knew she was escaping the temple at the time?


  6. Thank you 😍
    My heart was beating so hard for Claire I want to see her in the dress! Ahahaha even the Crown Prince was taken in for a moment but he really ain’t normal seeing how fast his thoughts turned to analyse her. Now all the fighters will rush to Li clan for good swords and all the ladies (or those ladies at heart) will rush to Li clan for exotic qipaos!
    But the Feng clan won’t be able to say anything because it’s all Claire’s doing!
    Just wondering how Feng Yixuan’s mother will react. Is she the welcoming type or jealous of daughter-in-laws type? But I think she’ll welcome Claire will wide arms since her son is so misbehaving! Lol


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