Ch.86 A Single Smile Overthrows a City, Another Overthrows a Country (Part II)

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Subtitle: Female T-Rex’s First Appearance

The night was as cold and still as water.

The palace, in the study.

“This really is Andell Crown of the founding emperor.“ A dignified, middle-aged man looked at the crown in his hands solemnly and said in a sure tone. He was dressed in ivory-colored fancy clothes and decorations; the quaint golden patterns on his clothes, and the huge jasper ring on his thumb indicated his identity: he was Lagark’s emperor, Cullen Kiel. Although he had entered his middle ages, from the outline of his face, one could still tell that he was a handsome man when he was young.

“Yes, Father. This is a memory crystal, so you can see what happened today.” The crown prince, Abel Kiel, handed a pure, transparent crystal over.

The palace magician standing beside the emperor immediately accepted it, and infused magic into it, starting the memory crystal.

The emperor’s expression changed with the changing pictures in the memore crystal.

Such a stunning beauty. He had never seen, nor heard of such a person. Lotus flowers born with every step; how did she do that?

“Abel, what do you say?” The emperor put down the crown in his hands and asked the crown prince with a smile. He was most satisfied with this only son of his; he was like him from every aspect. Wise, calm, generous, farsighted, and most of all, with exceptional talent in military affairs. The emperor could even foresee, that under the leadership of this son of his, Lagark shall welcome an even more prosperous and glorious era.

“This woman, is very mysterious. But, there’s one thing that we can be sure of, that there is probably a powerful influence that we don’t know about behind her, supporting her.” The crown prince analyzed in a low voice, “Firstly, this woman herself is a strong person. Her lotus flowers born with every step isn’t any heteromorphism by the heavens, but created by her own arcanum. Secondly, she took out the Andell Crown that has been lost since long ago very casually. Thirdly, the clothes she wore: I have never seen nor heard of that style before. And fourthly, her beauty that can overthrow a city, even a country. How could such a stunning lady be not known by others? Just her appearance today created such a big commotion. She must have grew up under tight and strict protection.”

“Not bad.” Praise flashed across the emperor’s eyes, but he paused and reverted back to a heavy voice, “Abel, your analysis makes some sense. But saying that there’s a powerful influence behind her and supporting her just based on this is not enough. But, you also know what I am most interested in; not this crown, not treasures even more precious than this crown either.”

“Yes, Father, I know what you mean.” The crown prince smiled, “Father is thinking about that ordinary-looking sword.”

“Pretty good.” The emperor nodded his head in approval, “Worthy of being my son, immediately understanding what I’m thinking about.”

“I have already sent people to inquire about it. That weapon was actually casted by people in the Li clan. But the time, energy, and materials spent on it is much, much more than that on a regular sword. Although it is not possible to mass produce weapons like this, but those slightly inferior can be mass produced. If, our armies are all equipped with weapons like this……” The crown prince’s eyes started shining.

“Abel, go. Didn’t that lady say she will repay you another weapon? Go approach her, and try to find out what her background is, able to donate so much at this Donation Convention. Go investigate what her aim really is.” The emperor’s gaze then moved to the crown beside him again, amazement flashing in his eyes. This crown was so delicate and fine, it’s luster so attractive. No wonder it has always been so famous and well-known. Such a precious item, but it didn’t seem like anything in that stunning beauty’s eyes. Then, what kind of more valuable treasures does she have? Suddenly, even the emperor was a little curious.

“Yes, Father. Your son will retire now.” The crown prince saluted and was about to leave.

“Wait, Abel.” The emperor called out to the crown prince, smiling.

“Father has more instructions?” The crown prince asked in puzzlement.

“Abel, if this lady today really has a powerful background that we don’t know about, you should watch and see. I personally think, that she is qualified to sit in the position of your crown princess. Oh, you always set your eyes so high.” Saying so, the emperor’s voice had pamper in it.

“Father.” The crown prince’s expression became a little unnatural, slightly embarrassed.

“You are my son, could I not know you? Go.” The emperor smiled and let the crown prince leave.

The crown prince retired with some embarrassment on his face. After the study’s door closed, the emperor rubbed his temples helplessly: “Lisa, can you come down now?”

With a whoosh, a woman clad in fiery red robes appeared in front of the emperor. The woman looked to be only a little older than thirty, with a beautiful countenance, unconcealable heroic spirit between her brows, fiery red hair, and ebony black irises. She just stared at the emperor, an aggressive and imposing manner flowing out from her being.

“Lisa, don’t look at me like this.” The emperor rubbed his temples with a headache. Of course he knew why this hot beauty before him was unhappy.

“You want to take away the power of attorney over the army’s weaponry from our Feng clan and give it to the Li clan?” The woman slammed her fist onto the desk with a boom, shaking everything on it. The palace magician beside didn’t wasn’t surprised at all. This woman, was the only person in the entire country that dared to be so rude to the emperor, yet not worry about being punished. She was the current defense minister of Lagark, and the only female that holds such a big responsibility!

“Lisa, listen to me. Think about it, if the Li clan can cast weapons like that at the Donation Convention today, oh, no, even if half as good as that, and let our army equip them, then how mighty will that be?!” The emperor explained patiently, obviously a little afraid of this hot woman in front of him.

“We can consider handing it over. But I am going to meet this lady. This lady, humph, isn’t simple.” The woman squinted her pretty eyes at the stunning beauty in the memory crystal and snorted. What kind of big tree did the declining Li clan get this time to lean on? She needed to see for herself.

“What do you say?” The emperor seemed very eager to hear this woman’s opinion.

“Not simple.” The woman only threw out this sentence.

“Yes, I can’t see through her either. I have already sent Abel to investigate.” The emperor said.

“I know, I heard it all just a moment ago. Oh right, I need to congratulate your majesty, the crown prince his royal highness has finally found his woman.” The woman raised her pretty eyebrows and said teasingly, “At first, you even thought there’s something wrong with your son.”

“Enough, didn’t you also suspect there’s something wrong with your son too, and even got people to examine him? Oh right, how is Feng Yixuan now?” The emperor was now joking around with this woman in front of him. Only before this person, could the emperor relax totally.

“Oh, that damn fellow. He went crazy and wanted to open his seal, and almost died. Was unconscious for three days and three nights. I thought he would die. I was even prepared to cry and prepare his funeral, but then he woke up again.” The hot beauty rolled her eyes, shrugging and saying helplessly.

“Is this your tone as a mother?” The emperor was wordless. This tone, sounded like she was pitying that her son didn’t die in the end.

“That damn fellow deserved it! He never even tried so determinedly to become strong and protect his own mom, but for a woman that I’ve never seen before, he was willing to risk his life to become stronger. Saying sh*t like he needed to protect that woman.” The hot beauty gritted her teeth and cursed right in front of the emperor.

You need someone to protect you? You female T-rex, scaring away all people, scaring all beasts to their death, and scaring flowers that they don’t even dare to bloom! You need someone to protect you? We would thank heavens if you didn’t hurt others! The emperor blinked his eyes. Of course he only said these in his heart. He would never dare to say this out loud; not to mention saying you are jealous of your future daughter-in-law.

“Okay, I’m going back. Notify me if there’s any news.” Female T-rex yawned and prepared to leave.

“Mm, tell young Feng, to come have a cup of tea tomorrow afternoon, and play some chess. And tell him to make time, there will never be an end to making money!” The emperor added behind Lisa’s back. Young Feng was the nickname the emperor gave Feng Yixuan’s father.

“Okay.” Female T-rex waved her hand, agreeing, then left.

The study’s door shut once again. The emperor leaned back into his chair, his gaze falling on a small picture frame on his desk. In it was a little painting, with two youths smiling, and a young girl between them, laughing with her mouth wide open. One of the two youths was him, the other was Feng Yixuan’s father. And the one in the middle, was naturally female T-rex. His thoughts floating away, the emperor suddenly remembered the time when his two good friends risked their lives to save him, and all those times when female T-rex planned every step, and young Feng did all he could, to help him win the throne. Was it already more than ten years? Time flies by so quickly. The emperor let out a gentle smile.

“Achoo!” Claire sneezed loudly, then rubbed her nose, frowning at the full moon in the night sky, “Is someone talking bad of me behind my back again?”

“No bad words of you, but lots of flowers and presents!” Li Yuewen appeared behind Claire like a ghost.

“Cousin Yuewen, are you a ghost? Never knocking on the door before entering.” Claire snapped.

“You didn’t even close your door, so what do I knock on?” Li Yuewen retorted indignantly, “Just from this afternoon to tonight, we received so many flowers and presents, and many requests for visiting. These people who change attitudes so quickly!” Li Yuewen cursed disdainfully.

“No hurry. The person we’re waiting for, will definitely come.” The corner of her lips curving upward, Claire looked towards the moon in the sky, and smiled sweetly.

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  1. … I need moooore! Thanks for the chapter. Btw it’s 1:42 am here.. fucking 01:42!! XD
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  2. I was so scared at first, what a female dragon?! The scary and jealous first beauty?!
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  3. I like the Feng family already! Mama T-Rex and her future daughter in-law with Feng Yixuan in between them. Too bad for the Crown Prince, I’m firmly on FYX’s ship! I wonder who will end up the Crown Princess. Hopefully Li Yuewen! X)


  4. FENG YIXUAN I’m waiting for your appearance!!!! LOL

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  5. Wow….Very exciting novel…non-stop adventures & excitement.
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