Ch.87 Feng Yixuan With His Seal Opened (Part I)

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Yet, for the next three days, the crown prince did not come visit. But a lot of other nobles came, wanting to see Claire — or more precisely, wanting to see the stunning lady Blue Elfie that Claire turned into. But Li Yuewen blocked all of them, only saying that a few days later was her cousin’s birthday, and they would host a banquet and invite all of them. Only after pestering Li Yuewen to promise they will receive an invitation, did the nobles leave reluctantly. Making Li Yuewen both amused and annoyed at the same time, was that among these people who requested an invitation, not only were young aristocratic men, but also some middle-aged and old-aged men who lost their wives.

“Claire, why after three days, the crown prince still hasn’t come?!!” In the study, Li Yuewen finally couldn’t resist anymore, and demanded of Claire, who was sitting in front of the desk.

“You’ve already said that he is the crown prince, not an ordinary person. If he also rushed over impatiently like those coquettish nobles, I would find it surprising. Don’t worry, he’ll come soon.” Claire replied casually, scanning the account book in her hands, “Cousin Yuewen, there’s something strange about our expenses. Why did we only use half of the money I estimated?”

“Hehe…… ” Li Yuewen smirked, her smile sly, “We had fixed the price with that store before you attended the Donation Convention, but after the Donation Convention, the price went down by half.”

Claire twitched her lip, immediately understanding the fishiness in this. It seems like her cousin really knew how to do business.

“What conditions did they bring up?” Claire twirled the pen in her hand, asking glumly.

“This store was opened by the Intel clan; they mainly sell furniture and pelts of magic beasts. They wish to give you a set of their beautifully crafted furniture.” Li Yuewen boasted proudly. She fully expected Claire to praise her business minds, but instead Claire set down the pen in her hand abruptly, and rebuked Li Yuewen bitterly, “Cousin Yuewen, do you know you made a money-losing bargain? And very losing, very losing!” Claire felt a slight headache. Sure enough, the Li people did not have business minds.

“Why? The store gives us half price, and sends us a set of high quality furniture.” Li Yuewen was baffled. They obviously picked up a great deal, so why did Claire say they lost money?

“What do you know?” Claire replied helplessly, “We bought this storefront for only thirty thousand gold coins, and half price is only fifteen thousand. Yet they give us a set of furniture, then advertise, saying the stunning beauty Blue Elfie used their furniture. What do you think will happen? Their profit would be just fifteen thousand gold coins?”

Just as Claire’s sentence finished, Li Yuewen’s face already turned green. She finally realized, that not only did she lose money, but she lost very much! If the other side put up an advertisement like this, then many people in the capital will go buy their furniture. If it were like this, would their profit be just fifteen thousand? Maybe even more than 1.5 million?!

“Go and sign a contract with them, saying that they can send over their newest furniture, but we want five percent of their stock, and then allow them to use Blue Elfie to advertise.” Claire started looking through the account book once again.

“Five percent of their stock? And we pay nothing? Just ask for five percent of their stock?” Li Yuewen looked at Claire strangely. Did Claire think other people were idiots? Wanting to possess five percent of their stock by doing nothing?

“Just go. Tell them that they can advertise with Blue Elfie for every new product. For example, if they make a new bed, they can boast it can help keep your figure, that Blue Elfie uses their bed and stuff. If they don’t agree, then just say other stores have already talked this over with us, and they’ll agree immediately.” Claire instructed impatiently, continue flipping through the account book.

Li Yuewen looked at Claire suspiciously, doubting in her heart, refusing to move.

“Miss Li, go do as Claire says. They will agree!” Standing behind Claire, Camille started persuading Li Yuewen.

Li Yuewen finally walked out in hesitation.

“Claire, I’m not surprised the Li clan has declined to this state.” Camille poured a cup of flower tea for Claire, smiling, but his words were getting sharp, “Currently, the strongest people in the Li clan, Li Yuewen and Li Mingyu are both as dumb as a pig on business, not to mention the others.”

“That might not be true. Maybe there are people in the Li clan who can do business, but are suppressed by those elders and are unable to show themselves.” Claire closed the account book and looked at Camille, smiling.

“So?” Suddenly, warning bells rang in Camille’s heart, and he watched Claire cautiously, “What do you want to do?”

“I hope that our wise and handsome vice-colonel can use his enlightened gaze to search for able people, then develop them. Only our knowledgeable and sharp vice-colonel can do this. Your brilliance is unmatched; my cousin Yuewen and cousin Mingyu are not a hundredth as smart as you.” Claire picked up the cup gracefully, her expression unchanging as she spoke. She took a sip of the flower tea, “Even the flower tea you make is unique and the best in the whole world.”

A few moments later, Jean, who was guarding the door, saw Camille float out the study lightly, his face shining. Jean stared, blinked, then looked carefully to make sure. Yes, Camille floated out. That bizarrely happy look on his face really looked like it needed a punch.

Li Mingyu walked past the floating Camille in the hallway, staring after his figure in confusion. He then turned around and saw Jean’s slightly twitching lip and immediately understood: Claire must have used her old method to order Camille to do something again.

“Claire~!!” Li Mingyu shouted as soon as he walked into the room.

“What, cousin Mingyu, is that person here?” Claire didn’t even lift her head, taking a sip of flower tea, then setting the cup aside. Beside her, Black Feather and White Emperor were fighting over a piece of chocolate cake. A pair of white claws and a pair of black claws were clinging onto the same piece of cake and tugging fiercely.

“How did you know?” Li Mingyu’s tone was a bit shocked. Based on Claire’s tone, she seemed to know long ago that that person would come.

“Calculating the time, it should be about now.” Claire lifted her head and stood up, smiling faintly, then pushed her chair back and walked towards the door.

“You’re going out like this? Without transforming?” Li Mingyu frowned slightly.

“No need.” Claire smiled faintly, “Take the other sword to the Grand Hall too.”

Li Mingyu didn’t understand and doubted in his heart, but he still listened to Claire, fetching the box containing the sword and went to the Grand Hall.

In the Grand Hall, the crown prince waited quietly. There were many servants and servant girls bustling around, moving the gifts and flowers. The crown prince frowned slightly. He didn’t think that after three days, the castle of the Li clan would still be like a marketplace. But it seems like the stunning lady, Blue Elfie, had never appeared since.

Just when the crown prince was thinking, footsteps sounded. The crown prince lifted his head, and saw Li Mingyu and a young girl walking his way. Blue Elfie still didn’t present herself? The crown prince frowned slightly. This Blue Elfie, would she not even meet him?

“The crown prince your royal highness.” Li Mingyu and Claire saluted and curtsied.

“Duke Li, this is?” When the crown prince saw the similarity between Claire and Blue Elfie, he already had a guess, but still asked.

“This is my younger cousin Blue Moon, the younger sister of cousin Elfie.” Li Mingyu introduced according to Claire’s instruction.

“The crown prince your royal highness.” Claire curtsied again, neither overbearing nor servile. “Haha, miss Blue, how are you.” the crown prince smiled, but secretly exclaiming that although this girl was still young, her features were already so delicate. It could be foreseen how beautiful she would be when she grew up, overthrowing cities and countries. She definitely won’t lose to her sister Blue Elfie.

“Your royal highness, this is the treasured sword my sister repays you.” Clare took over the box from Li Mingyu’s hands and handed it to the crown prince.

“This…… ” The crown prince became a little uneasy.

“Sister says she’s very apologetic for breaking the crown prince your royal highness’ sword.” Claire lifted the box into mid-air, with no intention of taking it back.

The crown prince accepted the box, but his gaze was wandering. Li Mingyu felt amused. Sure enough, as Claire predicted, the crown prince was looking for Blue Elfie.

“Your royal highness, if you’re not busy, please stay for luncheon.” Li Mingyu invited, smiling.

“That’s fine. Is miss Blue not here?” The crown prince finally couldn’t resist anymore and asked out loud.

“Cousin Elfie just arrived at our country; she’s not settling in very well, so she’s resting in her room.” Li Mingyu lied on the spot.

“Oh.” The crown prince paused. This didn’t seem very trustable. But, why was Blue Elfie being like this, not seeing anyone, including him? Or was she really not feeling well?

That noon, the elders of the Li clan were filled with reverence and awe. Eating with the current crown prince; how long had this not happened? Yet the crown prince was now sitting in the head seat, conversing and laughing with Li Mingyu.

Claire ate her meal peacefully. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed that the crown prince was a little distracted, and naturally knew what he was thinking about. Claire sighed internally. Didn’t expect that the crown prince was also an ordinary person, actually fascinated by Blue Elfie. Although it wasn’t obvious on the surface, it was already starting to show. But Claire wasn’t that worried, because she could tell that the crown prince was not a simple figure. He knew how to see the big picture. Even if he was very pleased with Blue Elfie, when it comes into conflict with the overall situation, he would definitely let go of Blue Elfie resolutely and protect the overall situation. And this overall situation, was to strengthen the country. People like this are the real rulers.

After lunch, the crown prince still didn’t see who he wanted to see, but he couldn’t say it out directly, so he left.

The Li clan was still like a marketplace, flowers and gifts and invitations flowing in continuously, dizzying Li Mingyu’s head. The elders of the Li clan were very excited. How long had it been since the Li clan was as busy as this? Could the Li clan really shine brightly again? The gazes of these people as they looked at Claire had totally changed. Before, when they saw Claire, their gazes were full hatred and fear, but now it changed to one of hope and trying to please. They saw hope of Li clan standing in the spotlight once again! Will the glorious days come back? Just thinking about it made them enthusiastic. They couldn’t care less about who brought back the glorious days anymore.

In the night, Claire stood alone on the highest rooftop. A soft breeze blew over her face, her thoughts far away. This time, reviving the Li clan, will strengthen Lagark. Was this right or wrong? If Grandfather knew, would he be mad? If Mother knew, would she be content?

“My wife, what are you worrying about? Such an expression doesn’t suit you at all.” A familiar voice floated into Claire’s ear abruptly.

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20 thoughts on “Ch.87 Feng Yixuan With His Seal Opened (Part I)

  1. Ahhhh, I can’t wait for the next chapter for Feng to get caught up with Claire…though he’s definitely not going to be happy about all closeness & new rivals in Claire’s group. I bet he’s not going to want to leave/stop clinging for a while…Poor crown prince, in love with an illusion. I imagine once rumors of Feng staying with the Li clan & his ‘wife’ appear, all sorts of jumping to conclusions will happen…until they find out about Elfie’s ‘sister’…yeah, there’s no way the whole Claire = Moon = Elfie is going to stay hidden for long, but at least Feng will have a leg up on the crown prince for now…though Jean, Ben, & Co. all have a slight leg up knowing what happened in the meantime as well? Shit Claire, your harem really is big…though I think the only ones who really recognize their feelings are Feng & Master Cliff (and the latter’s feelings are more of a perverted master/father figure than love interest…I hope?).

    Thank you for everything thus far!!


  2. Thanks for the chapter but please just give me a spoiler who Claire will end up with, or is it end up with harem route without any finalize partner?


    1. Okay here comes the spoiler so please skip this if you don’t want to know
      Ehh I don’t want to say who exactly (or the story won’t be fun! Suspense!) but I can promise you it’s not a harem route 🙂

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  3. Yaaayahaha Feng’s back and addressing her wife already lol
    I bet he heard the news from the old butler!
    But it seemed like Claire didn’t detect his presence. Maybe he really did get unbelievably strong! Or maybe she was too worried but it isn’t like her to let down her guard. I suppose it really is worrying to help Lagark grow so much stronger when her own country is a mess…
    It seems to me that the King from Claire’s country isn’t very close with the people and nationalism isn’t very strongly advocated. Seeing that Jackson and his guild came to another country’s to help. But I’m sure Claire would be fine in either country 😆 And Hill Clan can follow her anyway!

    Thanks so much for this chapter Woof and Meow!
    Super excited to see Feng next 🙂

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  4. Damn, I’m looking forward to Feng’s reaction when he see Walter and Leng.
    He might go, all crazy possessive and wouldn’t even leave her side.
    Anyways, waiting for Leng to realize his feeling for Claire, now that’s a sight to see. Well good luck with Jean and his unknown feelings (accourding to him)


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