Ch.87 Feng Yixuan With His Seal Opened (Part II)

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Claire’s pupils dilated and she turned around quickly, then saw the person floating beside her.

“Feng Yixuan…… ” Claire stared at the person in front of her fixedly. That fiery red hair was still so arrogant, his ebony irises looking at Claire intently. He just floated in mid-air, smiling. Claire didn’t even detect when he came near!

Wait! Claire stared at Feng Yixuan, he was floating in the air? And there was a soft wind whirling about him?! Looking carefully, there was actually a pair of translucent wings on Feng Yixuan’s back. Transparent and with no specific shape! Wings that were actually condensed from air! Claire just stared fixedly at Feng Yixuan; he was different. Claire watched intently as Feng Yixuan landed down and stood beside Claire, grinning.

“You, are different.” After a long time, Claire said solemnly. Yes, the feeling Feng Yixuan gave her was totally different, very different from before. He, had become strong! And very strong!

“I opened my seal.” Feng Yixuan grinned, “From now on, I can protect my wife. And I will continue to become strong, until I can wipe off the mark on your hand.” Although Feng Yixuan was laughing, his eyes were unusually determined.

“Aren’t you a ice-natured magician?” Claire was puzzled as she watched the wings on Feng Yixuan’s back disappear.

“Now I’m wind and ice.” Feng Yixun boasted, “Hey, what do you think about it? Am I powerful? I’m now a two-natured magician.”

“You, opened your seal?” Claire’s gaze focused as she asked in a deep voice, “I remember Shui Wenmo saying, that you couldn’t bear the strength after the seal is opened. And also, what is the seal?”

“Am I not standing in front of you perfectly fine right now?” Feng Yixuan shrugged and said simply, “My seal was sealed when I was born. Because every few generations, an extraordinary person would be born in the Feng clan, possessing the powerful ability to control wind. But because the strength was too powerful, many people were torn to pieces by the thousands of wind blades that erupted from themselves before they could use the power. So, every time that such an extraordinary person like this was born, his power would be sealed immediately.” Although Feng Yixuan put it simply, Claire understood how dangerous Feng Yixuan’s actions were. No wonder Shui Wenmo would dissuade his attempts desperately; one mistake and he would be torn to pieces.

“Ha, well I’m perfectly fine now. Ah, my wife, you are still wearing the glove I gave you. Haha, one day I will take off this glove for you personally…… ” Feng Yixuan grabbed Claire’s right hand and laughed happily, but his last sentence was only half finished when Claire rewarded Feng Yixuan’s handsome face with a fist.

Feng Yixuan covered his face, howling and squatting down.

Claire took back her fist coldly: “If you continue screaming, I’ll beat your face into a flower. If you touch me again, I’ll butcher you.”

Feng Yixuan, his face covered, muttered, “There’s nobody else here…… ”

Claire’s gaze turned icy, and Feng Yixuan hurriedly shut up.

Claire looked at Feng Yixuan, who was still squatting on the ground, her heart complicated. He actually put his life in danger to open the seal.

“Right, how did you find here? How did you know I was here?” Claire suddenly remembered this.

“Humph humph~~” Feng Yixuan bounced up and smiled proudly, “Of course I know; I even know when you entered the city. And I also know that you will represent the Li clan in the Martial Arts Tournament.”

Claire’s gaze suddenly became distant. That’s right, the Feng clan, one of the four major clans in the capital; how could they not know these?

“Yes, I will represent the Li clan two months later.” Claire nodded softly.

“At that time, I will represent the Feng clan, Shui Wenmo will represent the Shui clan, and the enemy of the Li clan, the Hua clan, will send Hua Yilin. This person is savage and cunning, but admittedly, he is very strong. Before, both Shui Wenmo and I weren’t his match. But this time, humph!” Feng Yixuan’s tone became icy as he continued. Apparently both Feng Yixuan and Shui Wenmo had had some hard times in the hands of this person called Hua Yilin.

Claire fell silent, thinking.

“I hope I can meet him, and beat him.” Feng Yixuan gritted his teeth. Naturally, he didn’t want Claire to meet an opponent so hard to deal with. It was too dangerous. Because although this Martial Arts Tournament said it was only a competition, just a friendly fight, but if an accident really happened, they wouldn’t look into it too much. He didn’t want Claire to meet this mad person Hua Yilin at the beginning.

“Is he a magician or a warrior?” Claire inquired.

“Magician-warrior. Actually, Claire, that person, can not be called a magician or warrior anymore. His ancient technique is to control water. He can transform water, even condensing water out of the air for his use. He’s a very tricky competitor.” Feng Yixuan said seriously.

“I understand now.” Claire nodded. Of course, knowing the more the better. If she drew lots and met him, it would be good to have some understanding of him beforehand.

“Claire, I need to go back. I only have half an hour. I’ll see you two months later. My wife, take care of yourself.” Not waiting for Claire to respond, Feng Yixuan flew up into the sky with a whoosh, squeezed his eyes at Claire, then flapped his wind wings and left.

Claire watched Feng Yixuan’s disappearing figure in the night, unable to say anything for a long time.

“So caring, actually making a special trip to tell you about Hua Yilin.” Li Yuewen’s voice suddenly sounded behind Claire.

“Cousin Yuewen.” Claire turned and saw Li Yuewen’s indifferent face.

“That youth, is Feng Yixuan?” Although it was a question, her tone was sure.

“Yes.” Claire nodded.

“This fellow, that time when he went to Amparkland for the competition, and was beaten by you, he became a national joke. After returning, his female T-rex mom chased him across hundreds of streets.” A gloating smile appeared on Li Yuewen’s lips.

Claire immediately felt awkward. If Li Yuewen didn’t bring this up, she would have forgotten about it.

“But, this time, if you really meet him in the tournament, what will he do?” Li Yuewen crossed her arms in front of her chest, looking at the night scene and asking faintly.

If she met Feng Yixuan, what will happen?

Claire looked at the night sky, silent.

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8 thoughts on “Ch.87 Feng Yixuan With His Seal Opened (Part II)

  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    Well we will see what will he do. 😀
    Who knows? Maybe he will want to show off to her and just ‘defend easily against all of her attacks’ ? That too is a possibility. XD Though I’d prefer if he would just surrender, if that’s going to happen. But I hope that it won’t. T.T


  2. Aaaaaaaaah, he left so sooon. Little Feng, how are you going to protect your wife if you’re away all the time? It must be v. important to leave her…Claire, you need to go back to training…

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  3. wait, if FYX so easily found out about claire living at the Li clan’s and representing them in the tournament, doesn’t that mean all the other major clans must know as well? And doesn’t that mean they must know Blue Elfie is a bogus identity? huh??


  4. Ahaha welcome back Feng Yi Xuan!
    I bet everyone’s thinking one of them is going to go soft on the other but I think not! Both Feng and Claire are ambitious and determined people. Feng might go soft on Claire but Claire won’t she’ll definitely trample him and make him faint or throw up 😆

    Thanks for the chapter!


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