Ch.88 Female T-Rex VS. Claire (Part I)

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Just then, a strange thing happened.

The sword in Claire’s hand actually started trembling, as if protesting.

“What? I talk about you and you feel wronged? I’ve never seen you do anything great.” Claire extended her finger ruthlessly and with a “ding”, gave the sword a hard flick.

Li Yuewen was only surprised for a second before she smiled. The Tidal Sword was very intelligent, so behaving like this wasn’t strange at all. But, the Tidal Sword and Claire really looked like two small kids bickering stubbornly. One flicking with “dings” and “dongs”, the other shaking more and more furiously.

As the Tidal Sword in Claire’s hand shook more and more furiously, Claire finally realized something was off. The Tidal Sword didn’t look like it was protesting, but rather, warning!

But, what was it warning about?

Claire stood up abruptly, looking into the night sky, frowning and humphing coldly, “Who is it?” Alarm bells rang in her heart. Who was it? Who was hiding around? She actually couldn’t sense the other person at all. If not for the Tidal Sword shaking and warning her, Claire would have never knew there was someone hiding.

Li Yuewen’s expression also changed. There was someone around? If so, then this person’s strength was way too powerful, she actually couldn’t sense him at all!

“Whoosh.” An attack shot towards Claire with the sharp sound of splitting air. Claire leaped aside on her toes agilely, then turned her head and saw a person in a black cape floating in the air lightly. The black-clothed person wrapped himself tightly; Claire could only feel an icy gaze shooting over. Li Yuewen’s whole body was tense as she stared at the person floating in the air. Li Yuewen felt all the hairs on her body standing on end. She knew, this person in front of them, was very strong, and she wasn’t his match at all. Before Claire could realize, the black-clothed person in mid-air pulled out a sword and rushed towards Claire suddenly. Claire brought up her own sword. With a clang, small sparks flew. The sound of the two swords clashing was so loud and clear in the quiet night air.

“Who are you?” Li Yuewen pulled out her dagger, glaring at the person fighting with Claire, extremely worried. This person’s strength was indiscernible. What did he want by suddenly attacking Claire? Was he from the Hua clan? Impossible. Claire had never appeared in public, so there was no reason for them to kill Claire. The Hua clan doesn’t know Claire caused Hua Nantian’s death either.

Claire’s expression was also very serious. The opponent was much more stronger than she anticipated.

“If you don’t want the Li clan to be destroyed, follow me.” The black-clothed person said in a muffled voice, sheathing her sword and flying off.

But both Li Yuewen and Claire heard, that the other person was a woman! Although she lowered her voice on purpose, she was truly a woman.

Without hesitation, Claire also sheathed her sword, spreading out a pair of golden fire wings and chased after the figure.

“Claire! You stop right there!” Seeing Claire actually flying after the black-clothed person, Li Yuewen yelled in worry, but Claire and the black-clothed person disappeared into the night sky quickly. Li Yuewen wanted to chase after them, but understood that just following like that was no use. So Li Yuewen climbed down the roof hastily in search of dragon Ben. only dragon Ben had the strength to contend with that woman.

Claire chased after the black-clothed person closely, but understanding one thing. This person, had no malicious intentions. If she wanted to do evil to her, or the Li clan, she would have attacked back then. But she purposely led Claire outside the city. Why?

Outside the city, a cold wind was blowing.

The black-clothed person finally landed on the ground. Claire also stopped.

Before Claire could speak, the black-clothed person waved her hand, and a huge, savage ice pillar shot out from her hand speedily. Claire didn’t dare break focus, also waving her hand and sending out a fire pillar to meet the attack. With a loud bang, ice and sparks flew everywhere.

In the air, the flames were completely extinguished, but a small part of the ice pillar continued to shoot towards Claire. Flipping her hand in the air, Claire brought out the Sword of Flames, slashing through the remains of the ice pillar. The ice pillar was instantly melted, and the air was filled with a fiery essence.

“Hmm?” The black-clothed person exclaimed softly, as if very surprised at Claire’s methods.

But the next moment, Claire was already in front of her, swinging her sword.

The black-clothed person waved her hand, and a large sword of ice actually appeared in her hand.

The two swords met in mid-air.

Ice and fire.

Slowly, the ice sword cut into the flame sword, or in other words, about to cut Claire’s Sword of Flames in half.

This was inevitable for their difference in strength.

Claire deeply experienced once again that in this world, there were many powerful people, just that they don’t show themselves.

“Speed!” Claire shouted in a low voice. In that instant, many white flame arrows shot out speedily from the golden flame sword, aiming for the black-clothed person’s face.

The black-clothed person was surprised, then waved her sword fiercely, the shock forcing Claire to back up a few steps. Then she released an ice shield to block the white flame arrows.

Claire’s fingers felt numb from the shock, and her hand was shaking. She knew, this person clothed in black, had not been serious the whole time. But now, she seemed to be more serious.

“White flames,” the black-clothed person mumbled, then suddenly released a frightening aura.

Claire’s pupils widened, sensing the abnormality in the ground, and flew up into the sky as fast as she could. The next instant, under Claire’s feet, a huge area of icicles appeared fast as lightning, with the center being where Claire previously stood. The sharp icicles glinted coldly under the moonlight.

“Go!” The black-clothed person shouted, and the huge area of icicles seemed to come alive, spiraling towards Claire in the sky crazily.

“Break!” Claire’s expression changed, and she held the Sword of Flames tightly with both hands and slashed down fiercely. An enormous, golden fire dragon appeared instantly, roaring as it thundered into the mass of icicles. In that instant, golden light flashed, and cracking and breaking noises sounded one after another. Fiery essence exploded out from Claire, the hot air making people’s throats dry. The icicles were destroyed instantly, glowing while being melted, then evaporating.

The black-clothed person didn’t attack anymore, but flew back, keeping some distance from Claire, then stood there looking at her.

“Just this level; you won’t be able to win in the Martial Arts Tournament at all.” The black-clothed person said coldly, then floated up, about to leave.

Claire was surprised, not understanding what this person in black wanted to do. Purely to test her strength? It didn’t seem like it. So strange, what did this person want? Claire suddenly found that there were times when she couldn’t understand people too.

The black-clothed person floated up, flying directly into the city, not caring about Claire anymore. Claire didn’t chase, just standing there watching the figure of the black-clothed person disappear. This person had the strength to kill her, but after luring her out, she didn’t. Who was she? What was her purpose?

When dragon Ben, Li Yuewen and Jean arrived, only Claire was standing there, deep in thought. All around her was wet spots and dry spots, some places burned and some places damp. The trees and rocks were even messier; an intense battle had obviously occurred.



The people hurried to Claire’s side and exclaimed in worry. White Emperor and Black Feather hopped from Jean’s shoulder to Claire’s shoulder, chirping and tweeting.

“I’m fine.” Claire lifted her head and said in a heavy voice.

“What happened? Where’s that person in black? Are you hurt?” Li Yuewen examined Claire worriedly.

“I’m fine. Let’s go back.” Claire said indifferently, “I’m tired, so let’s go back and rest.”

Li Yuewen still wanted to ask something, but seeing Claire’s aloof expression, she kept her questions to herself. What happened? Why did Claire look reluctant to bring it up?

At this time, the mysterious person in the cape landed in a remote corner in the city, then took off the cape and walked out, straight into the Feng castle. Only now could people see that under the cape, was a hot beauty, with a head of wild and arrogant red hair. As she walked through the doors, all the guards saluted immediately, unconcealable respect in their eyes.

“Madame, his grace has been waiting for a long time in his study.” A servant girl hurried out. At home, this woman who was respected by all people was no longer the defense minister, but a man’s wife and a son’s mother. This was a promise she made with Feng Yixuan’s dad long ago. So in the house, the servants all addressed her as madame, not the duchess. When Ann Lisa, who was Feng Yixuan’s mom, heard the words of the servant girl, her expression changed slightly as she walked towards the study nervously.

Pushing the door open softly, a refined and handsome man was sitting quietly in front of the desk reading something. His looks were very similar to Feng Yixuan, but totally different in style. Feng Yixuan was enthusiastic, arrogant, and wild as a fire, but he was like the still surface of a lake, gentle and calm.

“Dear…… ” Ann Lisa called out in a small voice, nervous.

The refined man took no notice, continueing looking through the thing in his hands.

“Dear~” Ann Lisa raised her voice, but still nervous in her heart. This hot woman who feared no one and nothing, just happened to fear to death this refined man who didn’t know a speck of magic or DouQi.

“So you did follow our son.” The refined man closed the account book in his hands quietly, looking up at his beloved wife. This refined man, was the really-knew-how-to-make-money chairman of the Feng Corporation, Feng Yixuan’s dad, Feng Yihan.

“I…… ” Right now, the arrogant Ann Lisa had no trace of her violent attitude a few moments ago, looking completely like a little wife who had made a mistake, lowering her head and not daring to speak.

“You, I really can’t do anything with you.” Feng Yihan smiled gently. He simply couldn’t bear the wronged look of his beloved wife. He stood up, reached out his hands, and said gently, “Come here.”

Ann Lisa gave a joyful shout and jumped into Feng Yihan’s arms, fully a timid and lovable little wife.

Don’t know if other people saw this, would they directly cough up blood and faint. Was this the female T-rex? The female T-rex that scares away all people, scares all beasts to their death, and scares flowers that they don’t even dare to bloom?

“Did you see her?” Feng Yihan brushed aside his young and beautiful wife’s bangs, asking softly.

“Yes.” Ann Lisa nodded furiously, her face excited.

“What kind of a girl is she?” Feng Yihan asked softly. He was also now curious, what kind of a girl would attract his reckless and wild son so much that he was willing to put his life in danger to open the seal……

“Oh, a girl that’s very stubborn, very pretty. Also very strong, but not strong enough.” Ann Lisa snuggled into Feng Yihan’s arms, her voice soft.

“Haha, seems to have passed by you.” Hearing this, Feng Yihan couldn’t help laughing. His darling wife, he knew her better than anyone else. Getting her approval was harder than climbing the skies. It was already very good that she would give such a comment.

“We don’t even know if that girl likes our son or not.” Ann Lisa pouted, then started laughing again, “But I have faith that our son will bring her home eventually.”

“Who’s precious daughter is the girl?” Feng Yihan hugged his young and beautiful wife and sat down. Ann Lisa turned around and wrapped her arms around Feng Yihan’s neck, sitting on Feng Yihan’s thighs naturally.

“This is a little troublesome. She’s from the Hill clan in Amparkland, the one I told you about, called Claire Hill. The person Feng Yixuan lost to during the competition between the institutes.” Ann Lisa frowned slightly, then suddenly remembered something and humphed coldly, “So disgraceful, actually being stepped under the other’s feet.” Even though Shui Wenmo later told her it was Feng Yixuan himself who sprawled out on the ground and Claire didn’t stop her leg fast enough so she stepped on him, the truth was still that Feng Yixuan was stepped under the foot by someone else. And made a fool of himself!

“Oh, so it really is that girl?” Feng Yihan apparently had not forgotten last time, “But you already chased him through hundreds of streets and gave him a sound beating, so you should maybe leave it.”

“Let nature take its course; things will always be resolved in the end. Dear, let’s not think about this anymore…… ” Ann Lisa lowered her head, her tempting red lips covering Feng Yihan’s warm ones.

Next, the study was filled with sweet feelings and tender passions.

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6 thoughts on “Ch.88 Female T-Rex VS. Claire (Part I)

  1. If not for the Tidal Sword shaking and warning her, Claire [b]would have never knew[/b] there was someone hiding.

    If not for the Tidal Sword shaking and warning her, Claire [b]would have never known[/b] there was someone hiding.


  2. Uhh I want to see Claire train and get even stronger!
    I’m so tempted to read one more just one more and I’ll stop.


  3. So many powerful people! It felt like Claire got the short straw even through of the things she has to go through. But it will be boring if their is no challenge for her. I want to see Claire reach the apex!


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