Ch.88 Female T-Rex VS. Claire (Part II)

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At this time, Claire had already returned to her own bedroom and sat crossed-legged on her bed quietly, starting the Treasured Lotus Directory. She had already surpassed the seventh volume, but she made no progress on the eighth. So Golden Lotus was right, breaking through the seventh volume was easy, but to reach the eighth would be very difficult.

The black-clothed person’s words kept ringing in Claire’s mind.

Just this level; you won’t be able to win in the Martial Arts Tournament at all.

With her current strength, she still couldn’t win? Claire frowned slightly, then remembered how Feng Yixuan with his seal opened could approach her without her noticing at all. Then did Shui Wenmo also improve? And what about the power of Hua Yilin from the Hua clan? And who was the black-clothed person that appeared today? Is she also going to compete in the tournament? If that was true, her strength was really not enough.

Claire tightened her fists and shut her eyes, once again starting the Lotus Power in her body. But she still made no progress on the eighth volume.

She wanted to call Golden Lotus and ask about it, but no matter how she called, Golden Lotus didn’t respond; he was still in a deep sleep.

Claire lay back down on her bed, frustrated, staring at the bed mantle above her head. The eighth volume of the Treasured Lotus Directory was very strange, it only had one word on it: cycle. What did cycle mean? Endless and repeating? With only this one word, how could she make her breakthrough through the eighth volume? And what made Claire even more annoyed, was that both her magic and DouQi couldn’t improve either. It seemed as if she had reached a bottleneck.

She still hadn’t found a way to breakthrough..

The next morning, after getting up and eating, Claire went directly to the Li clan’s training grounds. When she reached there, she found many young people already practicing there. When they saw Claire, they all crowded around her, wanting to greet her.

“Good morning cousin Claire!”

“Cousin Claire…… You came here~~”

Everyone surrounded Claire and called her cousin Claire affectionately, all having hopeful expressions on their faces, their eyes full of gratitude.

Claire looked at these faces before her, but really couldn’t remember who’s who. She only knew they were all members of the Li clan.

“Cousin Claire, thank you! Before, every time I go out people would always laugh at me, but now no one dared do that anymore.” A black-haired little girl squeezed to the front, her gaze at Claire full of worship.

Everyone else also echoed her words.

Claire smiled gently and touched the little girl’s head, “Then do you know why they don’t dare laugh at you anymore?” “Yes, cousin Claire earned for it for us.” The little girl swung her little fist around and said firmly.

“No, it’s not like that.” Claire’s expression suddenly became serious.

The young people surrounding Claire all blanked, not understanding what Claire meant.

“They aren’t laughing at you now, is not because they don’t dare to, but because they can use the Li clan, they want to become close to the Li clan. They want the swords the Li clan casts out, they want to meet the Blue Elfie that appeared that day. This is fawning, not ‘not daring to’. If you want to say they’re scared, the most would be that they’re cautious due to the crown prince’s attention on the Li clan. Not cautious of the Li clan!” Claire told the Li clan members surrounding her solemnly, “Do you know what would really make others frightened of the Li clan? Only if you become stronger, continuously becoming strong. Strength is the capital to speak.”

The expressions of the children around her changed again and again. Claire’s words had had a strong impact on them.

“I understand now! Cousin Claire! Once our Li clan have no attraction to those people anymore, they won’t have the attitude they have now anymore. And they will return to the way they used to be.” The little girl said fiercely, determined light shining out of her eyes, “Then, we will practice hard, and one day become as strong as you, cousin Claire. Then, no one else would dare bully us, right?”

“Right, you all need to become strong; you are the future of the Li clan.” Claire smiled at the young kids around her, “But, I am not strong enough either. Your goal should not be me, but the even stronger people. On this continent, there are numerous powerful ones.”

“But I’m born with a weak body, so I’m unable to learn higher level arcanums.” A weak voice sounded.

Claire turned to see a skinny boy looking down-casted.

“If you can’t succeed at martial arts, then find another way. Go do what you are good at. Such as drawing, business, literature, casting……” Claire scanned the crowd, and found that sure enough, some kids weren’t suited for leaning DouQi, “Everyone needs to find their own position, and understand what they are fit to do, then do it with the greatest effort. And you will definitely succeed at your own field!” Claire realized, that over these years, the Li clan had only focused on cultivating their children’s martial arts, and had neglected other fields. So in the end, there was no one from the Li clan holding official positions at court, and no one running businesses. Naturally the Li clan declined more and more.

The crowd surrounding Claire all fell deep in thought, thinking about Claire’s words. Many kids seemed to not really understand, but some seemed to come to realization.

Li Yuewen and Li Mingyu were standing not far away; they also heard Claire’s words. The two looked at each other, and both saw surprisement in the other’s eyes.

“Maybe, that we really were wrong in only focusing the kids on martial arts. Just like Claire said, they should do things that they are talented at. If everyone did that, they’d have probably achieved double the results with only half the effort.” Li Mingyu said in a heavy voice. They had always deemed martial arts as the supreme field. Magic and DouQi were what the children learned first, then literature, while drawing, poetry, sewing and other things were useless skills that were nothing but time wasting in their eyes.

“If we change now, it may still not be too late.” Li Yuewen smiled, gazeing intently at Claire.

“But, Claire needs to think of a way to deal with the crown prince. The crown prince actually invited her to go to the theater with him. This time, we probably can’t refuse.” Li Mingyu let out the reason why he came for Claire at the training grounds.

“The Martial Arts Tournament is almost here.” Li Yuewen bit her lip, hesitating, “This time the Hua clan will send Hua Yilin to participate. Can Claire win?”

“I don’t know.” Li Mingyu’s expression grew heavy, “The Hua clan has always been enemies with us. This time, they will definitely take the chance to harm us.”

“Then wouldn’t Claire be in danger? Brother, you or I should go.” Hearing this, Li Yuewen became worried.

“No need. Just because of this, we must let Claire will go.” Li Mingyu frowned, “Claire’s identity will sooner or later be found out as part of the Hill clan. But wouldn’t be able to find out who Blue Elfie, whom Claire transformed into, is. Also, they could be sure that Blue Elfie is close with Claire. And the crown prince pays so much attention to Blue Elfie, so just by this, the Hua clan can’t really kill Claire.” Li Mingyu analyzed.

“Whew, then good.” Li Yuewen calmed down.

“What are you two chatting about?” Claire walked over slowly, frowning at the siblings.

“We think you are very fit to be a babysitter plus teacher. These kids actually listen to you.” Li Yuewen joked.

“Since you have heard it all, then carry it out as soon as possible. Do not bury their talents.” Claire couldn’t tell them with the Chinese idiom what each field produces its own zhuangyuan1 meant.

“You also heard what we said. For you life safety, you should make a good relationship with the crown prince. So, beauty Blue Elfie, please prepare quickly. The crown prince is coming for you very soon.” Li Yuewen smirked. Too many people were trying to find out about Blue Elfie’s identity; even some Li clan young men wanted to know where this relative of theirs popped out of. But, that stunning beauty was like the short-lived blossom of an epiphyllum, never appearing again. Mysterious and beautiful, making people even more crazy about her.

“Just this once!” Claire waved her hand impatiently, “Once the foundry is settled, I will never appear as Blue Elfie again.”

When the news about the crown prince inviting Blue Elfie to the theater and Blue Elfie agreed spread out, noble young men rushed to the theater like the tide water. This day, the capital’s theater was going to welcome its most popular show.

1. Zhuanyuan: 状元, title of the person who scored number one in the ancient Confucian examination system.

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  1. Thank you that was wonderful! Claire is so cool!!!
    I hope she breaks through her bottleneck soon. Cycle…maybe it has something to do with recycling her powers? I’m so tempted to continue reading but I won’t 😭


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