Ch.89 The Martial Arts Tournament That Is the Focus of Nationwide Attention (Part I)

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The crown prince was standing by the door and waiting for Blue Elfie’s appearance. When the person he was waiting for finally appeared at the door, the crown prince was stunned. Astonishment flashed through his eyes.

Blue Elfie had on a fitting lavender dress, while the sleeves were long and flowing, giving people an elegant and aloof feeling. Her smooth long hair were casually wore down her back, like the most beautiful silk. She just stood there silently, as if all the brilliance under the sky were concentrated on her.

“The crown prince your royal highness.” Claire curtsied slightly.

“Miss Blue, it is so hard to receive a chance to see you.” The crown prince joked and walked up smiling, extending his hand.

Claire smiled softly and extended her hand, letting the crown prince help her into the carriage.

Jean stood quietly at the door and watched the carriage go into the distance, but an unreasonable irritation surfaced in his heart. White Emperor and Black Feather squatted on Jean’s shoulders, silently watching the carriage drive off.

When the crown prince and Claire reached the entrance of the theater, the found that nobles who came to see Blue Elfie from the capital filling the doors. This was the first time the theater was so popular. Almost all the noble young men in the capital were here. The entrance was tightly blocked. The crown prince frowned slightly, looking at the people who stood by the doors and didn’t go in; of course he knew why they came. They all wanted to see Blue Elfie, the stunning beauty. The crown prince turned and extended his hand, helping Claire out of the carriage. When Claire entered the sights of the people, instantly, exclamations sounded one after another. And hot and intent gazes all landed on Claire. After the Donation Convention and this stunning beauty’s surprising appearance, she had not been seen. Today, they finally could witness her beauty again.

The nobles all came up to salute the crown prince, but their gazes kept floating towards Claire. They all wanted to talk to Claire, but scared by the crown prince’s darkening and darkening face, none dared open their mouths rashly.

“Okay, let’s all go in. No need for those ceremonious formalities, we’re all here to watch the show anyway.” Finally, the crown prince started with contempt in his voice, waving his hand to signal for the nobles at the door to all go in. Everyone reluctantly withdrew their gazes on Claire, and slowly prepared to go in.

But just at this time, a carriage sped over and stopped abruptly by the theater’s door. Hurried steps sounded.

“Wait, your royal highness!” The hurried steps sounded closer and closer.

The crown prince stopped his steps and turned. He then saw Hua Xiuning, who lifted her skirt rim up and was running hurriedly.

The crown prince’s steps stopped, Claire’s steps also stopped, so naturally, everyone present stopped their steps.

Hua Xiuning scanned her surroundings first: almost every positioned or prestigious noble in the capital was here, even the son of the prime minister. This was good! A gloating happiness flashed across Hua Xiuning’s eyes. Everyone present looked towards Hua Xiuning, sighing in their hearts, that this one of the three beauties of the capital had lost all her radiance in front of a stunning beauty like Blue Elfie.

“Miss Hua, do you need anything?” The crown prince asked lightly.

“Your royal highness, I know I shouldn’t disturb your enjoying mood today.” Hua Xiuning apologized in a gentle voice, but their was no sorryness in her tone at all. Instead, she looked complacently at Blue Elfie, raised her chin, and said proudly, “But, your royal highness, there is something I have to report to you. I can not keep letting you be deceived.”

As Hua Xiuning’s word ended, a small commotion began to ripple out in the crowds. Hua Xiuning actually said such words under such circumstances! What did she mean?

The crown prince frowned slightly, looked at Hua Xiuning but didn’t speak. The reason why he didn’t want to have anything to do with this woman, was because the desire, ambition, and greed in her eyes were too thick.

Claire also turned to look at Hua Xiuning. Hua Xiuning shot Claire a provocative glance, then turned to say loudly to the crown prince: “Your royal highness, this woman isn’t from the Li clan at all, she isn’t Li Yuewen’s cousin at all! Li Yuewen’s cousin did come to the Li clan, but her surname isn’t Blue, but Hill, the Hill clan from Amparkland. She’s the daughter of Li Ruihuan, that woman that betrayed her clan. But that woman only had two daughters, one is Claire Hill, and the other is Lashia Hill, and both are only fourteen and thirteen years old. A person like Blue Elfie doesn’t exist at all! Blue Elfie’s mother isn’t from the Li clan at all!”

Hua Xiuning’s voice was very loud, loud enough for everyone around them to hear clearly. And her resounding voice seemed to really be caring for the crown prince. A small uproar occurred around them, all looking at Blue Elfie. Hua Xiuning began feel proud. This lady of unknown origin, humph! Actually daring to deceive the crowd, deceive the crown prince his royal highness, saying she is Li Yuewen’s cousin! Now was the time for her to pay.

Claire’s eyes were already icy. This stupid woman that didn’t know what was good for her, this was already the second time she insulted and shamed her mother in public space. She will absolutely make her pay the price!

“So?” The crown prince seemed unsurprised at all, just asking indifferently.

“S-, so……” Hua Xiuning was dumbfounded, she had not expected that the crown prince would have such an attitude. Calming down her emotions, she said in a deep voice, “She is from unknown origins, and has deceived the crown prince your royal highness and everyone else.”

“I, have I ever said that my mother is from the Li clan?” Claire smiled gently, the said softly, “I think I’ve never said that my mother is from the Li clan, right?

As she said this, another small uproar occurred. Everyone looked towards Claire worriedly. What did she mean by this? At this time, many started worrying for this stunning beauty. If she really deceived the crown prince, would his royal highness punish her? He won’t, right? Such a stunning beauty, who could bear to see her suffer any hurt or any wrong? If the worst happened, then they must beg for mercy for this stunning beauty. Such a thought instantly rang in many nobles’ minds.

“You! You dare quibble.” Hua Xiuning started to get anxious, about to say something more.

Claire smiled sweetly, and said gently, “Claire Hill and I were compatible with each other since the first time we met, so we swore to treat each other like sisters. So naturally, her cousin would be my cousin. Is there anything wrong with that?”

Hua Xiuning was completely baffled, just staring fixedly at Claire like that.

Claire smiled like a blossom, and continued gently, “On the other hand, the manners and politeness of the first beauty of the capital, miss Hua, is so interesting. As the famous beauty of the Hua clan, again and again mentioning other family’s pain spots. Establishing your own happiness on the pain of others, does this, really make you very happy?”

Instantly, numerous sharp gazes like knives shot towards Hua Xiuning. Hua Xiuning was so angry her face was red; she bit her lip and glared at Claire. These words, if said by an ordinary woman to Hua Xiuning, that woman would definitely be rebuked as being aggressive. But, if these words were said by a stunning beauty, they would make people feel indignant for her. Everyone was whispering now, their low discussion reaching Hua Xiuning’s ears. Things like so the first beauty’s manners are like this etc.

Hua Xiuning was so furious her body started trembling. She wanted to outburst, but with the crown prince and so many people present, she could only hold it in. She understood, that men were creatures like this. When a woman was an unreachable beauty in their eyes, they would try their hardest to fawn on her; no matter what the beauty said, it was right. And no matter what the beauty wanted, they would try their best to achieve it, even if what the beauty said wasn’t the correct thing to do, they would still do it. Many men were base like this! Hua Xiuning understood this principle deeply, so she often used it to her advantage. But, today she met someone more beautiful than her, Blue Elfie. Imaginable how these shameless base men would shift sides and stand to her defense. Hua Xiuning had never thought that the trick she used so often would today be used on her by someone else!

“Miss Hua, actually, everything you just said, I knew already. Do you think that the royal family wouldn’t know even these? Did you think that the royal family is so easy deceive?” The crown prince’s voice was icy and without any temperature. Obviously, he was gettin mad. This farce before his eyes made him very uncomfortable.

Hua Xiuning’s jaw dropped wide open and she just stared at the crown prince like that. In that instant, endless regret surged in her heart. Yes, she was too impulsive! If the Hua clan could investigate and search out all these information, could the royal family not? So the crown prince had knew everything all along, he just didn’t show it!

“I hope a farce like this wouldn’t occur again.” Disgust flashed across the crown prince’s eyes. Naturally he knew why Hua Xiuning did all this today. “So the jealousy of women is so ugly and unworthy.”

An undetectable exclamation flashed across Claire’s eyes. So this crown prince had knew everything for a long time. But he was so calm and undisturbed in front the situation; he deserved to be the heir to the throne of Lagark. But, in the results of his investigation, Blue Elfie should still be a mystery. Because such a person didn’t exist at all. Amusement suddenly filled Claire’s heart.

The crown made the motion of letting Claire enter first, so she just turned and went into the theater’s door like that. While Hua Xiuning was shaking with anger under the disdainful gazes of the people. Until everyone in front of the theater doors had dispersed, Hua Xiuning was still trembling in the wind.

Detestable woman! What is her origin? Who is she? Must investigate and find out who she really is. Or, make her disappear permanently!

And Claire and the crown prince had already entered a spacious and refined box in the theater. This was the best box in this entire theater.

After the two settled down, the crown prince turned to look at Claire, and said in a low voice, “Who, are you really are?”

“Who does your royal highness think I am?” Claire turned to smile at the crown prince, answering his question with another question.

“I don’t know. Your beauty is so beautiful it seems unreal, but it is real. If you were only as simple as having your appearance, I wouldn’t have noticed you so much. But from the lotus flowers being born with every step to you taking out the Andell Crown to your seemingly careless refute at Hua Xiuning, I know, that you aren’t an ordinary person. And the Li clan once again entered the sights of the world because of you.” At this time, the crown prince spoke these words, unexpected by Claire.

Your beauty is so beautiful it seems unreal, ha, congratulations, you’re correct. Claire laughed snappily in her heart. Of course she couldn’t say this out loud.

“What does your royal highness think my aim is?” Claire was still smiling like a blossom, asking gently.

“Is it just as simple as wanting the Li clan to enter the gazes of the world?” The pair of irises on the crown prince’s handsome face glittered with light as he asked in a heavy voice.

“If I say yes, what will your royal highness do?” Claire laughed out lightly.

“I believe you.” The crown prince said these three words seriously, nodding. But he was very puzzled in his heart. This mysterious lady, no matter how he investigated, he couldn’t find out about her identity or background. Everything about her was a mystery.

“Okay.” Claire smiled, “After witnessing the casting skills of the Li clan, I believe your royal highness have already made a decision in your heart. Or should I say that the emperor his majesty already has his decision also!” Claire’s expression became a little complicated. The Li clan’s casting was already the culmination of casting, so plus the instruction of some of the knowledge she had from her before life, they could create such sharp weapons. Her doing so, was it right or wrong?

The crown prince quieted down. He turned to look at the stage below them, his face calm: “This has always been managed by the Feng clan. To move the power of attorney over the army’s weapons isn’t an easy thing. And father’s trust and reliance on the Feng clan’s mistress is pretty unimaginable.”

“So?” Claire also looked towards the stage and asked lightly. She understood, that the crown prince had more to say.

“So, the Feng clan’s proposal is, that at the martial arts tournament two months later, the Li clan must win.” The crown prince said heavily. The crown prince himself was also confused. According to Ann Lisa’s personality, she would support anything that benefited Lagark’s interest. But this time she proposed such term. What did she want?

Claire understood, that today the crown prince invited her to come to the theater, was because he wanted to communicate this message. The terms of the Feng clan seemed to be reasonable, but also seemed to be unreasonable.

“Then will your royal highness please tell the Feng clan, that at the tournament two months later, the Li clan will definitely win.” Claire’s voice was soft and gentle, but it contained an indescribably firmness.

“Then, I’ll wait to see the good show.” The crown prince turned to smile at Claire and said softly.

Claire smiled and didn’t speak.

And this Martial Arts Tournament, indeed made everyone totally stunned. Only because of the blonde young girl with green irises!

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