Ch.89 The Martial Arts Tournament That Is the Focus of Nationwide Attention (Part II)

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Time flew by, two months passing in the blink of an eye. And in these two months, the clothing store and foundry of the Li clan had a huge impact in the capital, enormous profits rolling in. All the women of nobility showed off the newest style of dresses bought at the Li clan, while aristocratic men compared the swords from the Li clan foundry. Fall came, and leaves danced in the air, a cold wind blowing.

Claire stood in the hallway silently, leaning against a huge pillar while watching the Li clan members practicing on the training grounds some distance away. A faint smile appeared on her lips.

Tomorrow, is the Martial Arts Tournament that would be the focus of worldwide attention. All young people in the country were allowed to compete. Young people, meaning youths under the age twenty. No matter background nor gender, all could sign up. Those who showed their talents would be used by the empire, so of course many people will attend.

“Claire…… ” Li Yuewen’s soft calling sounded from behind.

“Cousin Yuewen, this time, I will definitely win for the Li clan. Then, I must go home.” Claire didn’t turn around, speaking faintly as she watched the children on the training grounds.

“Yes…… ” Li Yuewen’s voice was low, a hint of nostalgia in it.

“Don’t worry, I will definitely win.” Claire turned around and smiled at Li Yuewen.

“Claire, remember, this is also your home; our doors are always open for you. You can come back whenever you want.” Li Yuewen gazed at Claire, something actually flashing in her eyes.

“Cousin Yuewen, are you crying?!” Claire chuckled softly.

“You damn little girl!” Li Yuewen grabbed Claire’s arm. Claire laughed and was about to struggle free, but was suddenly pulled into Li Yuewen’s arms.

Claire was stunned, and stood their silently, not moving.

“You, be careful, you must be careful on the tournament tomorrow. You must be safe and sound, do you understand?” Li Yuewen held Claire tightly, mumbling.

Claire lowered her eyelashes, a smile on her face, her heart warm.

“Yes, cousin Yuewen, don’t worry, I will be fine.” Claire said solemnly as if pledging.

The next day, the loud and clear trumpet blew, the full note sounding throughout the whole capital.

The place for the tournament was in the huge square in front of the palace, stands already constructed long ago for viewing. The highest stand was for the royal family, besides them for the officials, and lower still were the viewing stands for the nobility. On the outermost of the square were the regular stands, for commoners to come and watch. Right now, the square was already filled with people. The stage for the competition was wide and sturdy. The competitors will draw lots to determine who goes against who.

Way too many signed up for the tournament, so every year, there would be a massive elimination at the beginning. Basically everyone who drew the same lots would go up to a stage and fight; the last person standing would be the winner and proceed to the next round. A barrier would be set around the stage, to avoid the fighting contestants injure the audience by accident.

Claire and the other contestants all sat quietly at the spots designated for them, waiting, while Li Yuewen and Li Mingyu sat on the stands, watching.

Claire suddenly felt an intense gaze fall on her. She turned to see Feng Yixuan looking intently at her, his eyes full of unconcealable excitement. Multiple times he wanted to stand up and come over, but were pulled down by the Shui Wenmo beside him. Shui Wenmo mumbled something, and then Feng Yixuan could only sit back down sulkily. Watching Shui Wenmo lips, Claire understood. Shui Wenmo said “don’t forget what you promised your mom”.

At this time, the square’s atmosphere was already at boiling point. Fireworks burst in the sky gorgeously, trumpets blew, pigeons were set free, and colorful flags waved in the wind. Human voices filled the air, and all gazes were concentrated on the several stages.

“The Martial Arts Tournament begins!” An official with a loud and clear voice pulled out the words to announce the emperor’s orders.

The square once again boiled with excitement. Cheering and applause flooded over everything.

The time to draw lots had come; the mass elimination began.

The first round didn’t contain Claire’s name. But Feng Yixuan stood up and walked towards the stage. This round, he was in.

Shui Wenmo didn’t get up, but was shaking his butt on the bench and waving his fist excitedly: “Yixuan, beat them up, kill them instantly! Finish them quickly!” But then a wind blew, and Shui Wenmo hurriedly attended to his hair blown messy by the wind. After that he returned to his howling. It looked indescribably strange and funny. This hair-obsesser!

Claire looked at the people on the staged, and estimated that there were about forty people. So they mass elimination was this type of mixed fighting?

The crowd under the platform were very excited. Peddlers yelled to advertise their drinks and junk food.

With one order, the competition formally began.

But, before the crowd could get over their excitement, they were totally dumbfounded.

Feng Yixuan stood in the middle of the stage, chuckled coldly, then closed his eyes and put his hands together. He yelled in a low voice: “Wind slaughter!”

Instantly, with Feng Yixuan as the center, a violent hurricane spilled out crazily and swept outwards.

Instantly, wind blew wildly; the people on the square all tried to hold their positions. Shrieks rang across the square, and hats flew everywhere. On the stands, the tablecloths on the tables in front of the nobles were lifted up by this hurricane; everywhere became messy. Ann Lisa, sitting on the stands, flicked her finger. Immediately, a long barrier formed, and the stage quieted down. But everyone was shocked. With just this simple move, Feng Yixuan had destroyed the barrier on the competition stage!

The wild wind blew up Claire’s golden hair messily. Claire just looked dumbly at the indifferent Feng Yixuan. Was this Feng Yixuan’s real strength?

On the competition stage, there were many people a moment ago, but now only Feng Yixuan was left! Feng Yixuan stood arrogantly in the center, the wind blowing up his long hair insolently, his clothes also flying in the air.

The competitors who were on the stage, weak ones were blown into the air, then landing randomly all over the square. Relatively powerful ones were blown off the stage, in a sorry state.

“This fellow, always so arrogant. Can’t he be more modest?” Looking at the scene of destruction in front of him, Feng Yihan said helplessly.

“Now this is my son, haha~~” Ann Lisa laughed.


“Feng Yixuan!”

“Feng Yixuan!”

“Feng Yixuan!” In that instant, screams filled the square. Many ordinary and nobility girls started screaming. The red-haired, handsome youth standing on the stage arrogantly was so brilliant right now, so exciting. Shui Wenmo stood up enthusiastically, shaking his shoulders and also shrieking “oh yeah oh yeah” weirdly. And the rest of the competitors looked at Feng Yixuan with shock, many congratulating themselves for not meeting this frightening strong person.

“Look, my son is so popular.” Ann Lisa moved her butt around excitedly, not caring for her public image at all.

Before Feng Yihan could say anything, a savage, angry roar from the stage stopped him.

“What the hell are you yelling about! Shut the f*ck up!” His face dark, Feng Yixuan cursed loudly at the girls praising and shouting towards him. But the enthusiastic girls only got more excited; this wild, handsome and strong Feng Yixuan was so attractive. After cursing, Feng Yixuan looked towards Claire’s direction nervously.

This scene fell completely into the eyes of Ann Lisa and Feng Yihan.

“Doomed, our son is really doomed.” Ann Lisa twitched her lip as she said dejectedly.

Feng Yihan smiled but didn’t answer, continue looking at the stage.

At this time, the referee had already climbed up on the stage to announce Feng Yixuan’s proceeding into the next round. Palace magician’s started constructing barriers again, this time increasing the strength of it. Feng Yixuan humped coldly, a “of course” expression on his face, and walked down the stage arrogantly.

The referee continued to announce the list of competitors for the next competition. Just after Claire Hill, came Hua Yilin!

Feng Yixuan’s footsteps stopped abruptly, and he turned his head to stare at the referee, who was still reading out the names.

The thing he feared the most actually happened! And the two met in the mass elimination!

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