Ch.90 Stunning Brilliant Flourishing Golden Lotus (Climax) I (Part I)

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Feng Yixuan turned around and was about to walk towards the referee, but Shui Wenmo already rushed over speedily, grabbed Feng Yixuan, and said hurriedly, “What the hell are you worrying about. Who wins and who loses is not fixed. Do you think it would make a difference if you interfered now? Don’t put your mom in a difficult position. Also, even if Hua pig-head wanted to kill her, your mom wouldn’t agree and will stop it. Don’t forget what you promised your mom!”

Hearing Shui Wenmo’s words, Feng Yixuan left the stage reluctantly and went to sit back down. Although he was back in his seat, Feng Yixuan watched Claire going onstage nervously.

“Claire really is courageous, actually signing up with her real name. But the crown prince seems to know about it already, so it really doesn’t matter,” Shui Wenmo mumbled, stroking his chin, “That sworn sister of Claire; heard she stole the entire spotlight in the capitol these days, a stunning beauty. But I never even saw her. After the tournament, tell Claire to introduce her to us, hehe.”

But Feng Yixuan didn’t hear anything, his eyes fixed on Claire’s figure.

“Are you listening to me? Sh*t!” Shui Wenmo yelled at Feng Yixuan frustratedly.

Feng Yixuan reached out and pushed away Shui Wenmo’s nearing face, still looking intently at Clarie. Shui Wenmo twitched his lip, depressed.

Jean and the others sat on the nearest commoners’ stand, all their gazes following Claire. On the highest stand, Li Yuewen’s fist already tightened. She also didn’t expect for Claire to meet the madman Hua Yilin in the mass elimination. Li Mingyu also frowned slightly, watching the tournament stage intently.

On the other side of the high platform, Hua Xiuning gave a ruthless smile. Humph! Before the tournament, she had instructed her younger brother to seriously injure Claire. Sworn sisters, was it? Today, I’ll let you know the consequences of becoming a sworn sister of a woman like Blue Elfie. But, when she thought about her brother’s attitude, Hua Xiuning felt cross. That brother didn’t put her in his eyes at all. When she mentioned to Hua Yilin that if he met Claire in the tournament, he must teach her a good lesson, Hua Yilin actually humphed coldly and told her impatiently that he would kill all Li clan members without her telling him such rubbish. Hua Xiuning watched Hua Yilin walk up stage, her hand tightening into a fist on her knee. This Hua Yilin, didn’t care or respect anyone; even Father and Mother couldn’t do anything with him. Didn’t know who his attitude was like.

Then Claire’s figure came into view of Hua Xiuning, and she started smiling again. Humph! That Blue Elfie actually didn’t appear, or she would really want Blue Elfie to see the tragic ending of her sworn sister. She knew Hua Yilin’s methods better than most people! This time, even if Claire didn’t die, she would also be maimed!

“The tournament begins!” The referee shouted, then jumped off the stage and ran outside the barrier desperately as if he feared for his life. Because in this mass elimination, there was Hua Yilin! Claire focused and sensed the strengths of the people around her, sighing in her heart, that there was only one powerful person.


A low voice sounded suddenly, icy and without any emotion.

Claire came back to realization abruptly as a frighteningly powerful burst of strength shot towards her. Claire constructed a fire shield instantly. Then came the fizzling sound of water and fire. Claire was struck back a few steps by the strength on her fire shield, shocked as she realized this was what Feng Yixuan told her about, Hua Yilin’s ability to control water! If not for the white flame shield, Claire couldn’t imagine the consequences of being hit by such a strong force. Very soon, Claire knew what it would be like if struck by this arcanum.

The next moment, painful screams and shrieks sounded everywhere. The water vapor disappeared, and the whole stage was a mess. Many people lay on the stage whimpering, and some were struck flying into the barrier then slowly slid down. Blood was everywhere, and the stench of blood filled the whole stange instantly. Some people had bloody holes in their bodies, some broke their hands, some lost their feet. In a moment, painful moans filled the stage. There were still two people standing on the stage: one was Hua Yilin, one was Claire.

The whole square went deathly silent. The emperor frowned slightly, and the crown prince’s expression also darkened. This Hua Yilin, although he was strong, he was too cruel and ruthless.

Claire stood there quietly, examining the youth standing in front of her. Blue hair, blood-red irises, his handsome features twisted as he stared fixedly at Claire. His gaze was that of a hunter looking at his prey.


“So cruel!”

“Get off the stage!”

When the audience came back to their senses, they all started criticizing fiercely.

Hua Yilin didn’t turn his head, only raising his right hand expressionlessly.

With a loud bang, a water bomb exploded on the barrier, spraying water everywhere, very shocking. The barrier started shaking, frightening the audience outside. They all silenced.

“The competition pauses!” A palace magician floated into the air, “The competitors who have lost the selection needs to be treated.”

“You have five minutes.” Hua Yilin didn’t even glance at the palace magician as he spoke coldly. His gaze was still fixed on Claire’s face.

“Claire, met a strong opponent this time.” Looking at the Hua Yilin onstage, Leng Lingyun said indifferently.

Jean frowned, a little anxious. White Emperor and Black Feather occupied Jean’s left and right shoulders.

“Claire definitely won’t lose!” Summer humphed coldly.

“How about a bet, little thief.” Dragon Ben raised his brows. He had long saw through the strength of the two onstage. That fellow with blue hair; his strength was above Claire. Claire was really unlucky this time, going to be eliminated on the first round.

“Then bet! You think I’m afraid of you?” Summer disliked dragon Ben’s tone greatly, yelling at him in a low voice.

“Okay, I bet that Claire will lose. If I win, you must fulfill three of my requests, and if I lose I will also fulfill three of your requests.” Dragon Ben laughed.

“Then it’s settled! Claire will definitely win!” Summer huffed.

Camille squinted and leaned back on his chair, watching the two people on the stage silently.

Dong Fenghou was furiously eating the junk food Qiao Chuxin bought for him from peddlers.

Walter was wearing a hat. He pushed the rim further down, covering the anxiety and worry in his heart.

Five minutes passed quickly. The injured people were carried away swiftly for treatment.

“The competition continues.” The referee shouted far outside the barrier, then rushed with olympic speed towards a safer place. He had a feeling, that this seemingly very stable barrier, will definitely break sometime later.

“You’re very weak!” Hua Yilin humphed coldly and pushed off his toes, already sprinting towards Claire. A large sword made out of water appeared in his hand.

Water transformation?!

Claire didn’t face him directly, but backed up swiftly. She could sense that the strength of this person in front of her was not something she could contend with. Both the toughness of this person’s body and his strength were far above her own. She could not fight directly, but win by strategy.


A huge noise, and Hua Yilin’s sword had struck the spot where Claire was just standing. After the loud noise, the stage started shaking, then even louder noises sounded, and the stage collapsed amid everyone’s stunned gazes. Smoke and dust flew everywhere, the scene inside the barrier becoming hazy.

Feng Yixuan stood up abruptly. Besides him, Shui Wenmo grabbed tightly, fearing that he might not be able to control himself and rush up.

The smoke and dirt slowly dissipated, and two figures appeared inside the barrier.

On Claire’s back was a pair of golden flame wings, flapping lightly as she floated in the air. On Hua Yilin’s back was a pair of clear wings made out of water, also keeping him in the air. Seeing this, Feng Yixuan let out a small breath.

“Well well, our Lagark really has talented people. First, Feng Yixuan made a breakthrough and could transform wind; now Hua Yilin can also transform water?” The emperor squinted as he smiled.

The crown prince kept silent, watching the two people facing each other in the barrier, suddenly feeling anxious. Why he was anxious, he couldn’t say.

Li Yuewen’s fist was full of sweat, and Li Mingyu also knitted his brows tightly. They could both tell that close fighting was not good for Claire!

Hua Xiuning’s eyes were filled with cold laughter.

“Go, Claire!” Summer tightened her own fists, extremely worried.

Dragon Ben’s expression was that he would definitely win. Although dragon Ben hoped to win the bet, he already made a decision in his heart. If that blue-haired guy dare try to kill Claire, he would not care about anything anymore. Directly transforming back into this real form and beat that fellow until even his mom couldn’t recognize him!

“Close the heavens!” Floating in mid-air, Claire watched Hua Yilin coldy, spitting out these words slowly, astonishing Jean and the others. Claire’s expression was icy. She understood, that this person in front her, Hua Yilin, didn’t want to compete, but to kill her! Thick killing intent was at the bottom of his eyes! Since he already decided to kill her, why should she be merciful?

Close the heavens?!!

The move the elder of the Fire Hall used? The fire barrier than none of them could break through?

Hua Yilin paused slightly, watching as Clare suddenly put her two palms together in front of her chest, then opened them swiftly. White flames appeared between her two hands. The white flame seemed to be alive, spreading out from Claire’s sides, then turning and trapping Hua Yilin inside, finally turning back and becoming a square.

Hua Yilin humphed disdainfully, “Are you playing a game?”

Just as Hua Yilin finished his sentence, the originally square-shaped white flames suddenly expanded on all sides, creating a cube. The burning fire created an enclosed space, imprisoning Hua Yilin inside. The fiery air even passed through the barrier and made the people outside feel thirsty and hot.

Such a large white flame barrier stunned everyone present. This was the first time they saw such a strange sight; for some people, this was even the first time they saw a flame this color.

Hua Xiuning’s expression changed. She ruffled the silk handkerchief in her hands into a ball. Would Hua Yilin, who had never lost before, lose today to that little girl?

Claire’s expression was icy as she spoke indifferently, “Close!”

In that instant, the white flame barrier started to tighten immediately. But of course Hua Yilin, currently trapped in the barrier, would not wait obediently for his death!

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