Ch.90 Stunning Brilliant Flourishing Golden Lotus (Climax) I (Part II)

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Explosion sounds rang continuously within the barrier; Hua Yilin was attacking the flame barrier, but to no use. The barrier only split a small crack, then immediately healed itself.

Hua Xiuning finally couldn’t keep calm anymore, her two legs crossing this way and that. Hua Yilin had never lost before! Was he really going to be defeated today?

Summer waved her little fists around with excitement. From her point of view, Claire was definitely going to win this competition. Dragon Ben had his arms crossed before his chest, not sure about the results.

But Claire didn’t dare be careless at all. She watched the gradually tightening barrier, understanding that this wasn’t going to trap her opponent. “Close the heavens” was the move of the Fire Hall elder from the Recluse Sect, but the power of Claire’s “close the heavens” was far from the power of that elder’s!

The closing barrier suddenly stopped, then began to tremble. It seemed like a powerful force was contending with the barrier inside.

The barrier shook more and more violently.

The next moment, numerous water pillars shot out from the barrier of flames, impaling thousands of holes in the barrier. The piercing sound of water and fire mixing together rang throughout the entire square. Everyone’s hearts jumped to their throats; some people even couldn’t help standing up, looking excitedly at the barrier.

But at this time, Claire’s expression was completely calm. She floated silently in mid-air and closed her eyes. What was she doing? This was the question in the hearts of everyone present. Hua Yilin was going to break the barrier in a second, but Claire closed her eyes at this time! Was she crazy? Or did she give up? Feng Yixuan clenched his fists tightly, looking worriedly at the Claire in mid-air. How could Feng Yixuan not tell that the son of a b*tch Hua Yilin had killing intent now! He was planning to kill Claire!

“Don’t be impulsive, don’t be impulsive. The results are not for sure yet.” Shui Wenmo chatted continuously like reciting scripture. What he feared the most was for Feng Yixuan to rush up recklessly and with no concern for anyone or anything else, and ruin everything. If that happened, there would be countless trouble. Suddenly, light shone everywhere; the barrier Claire used to imprison Hua Yilin broke. Flames scattered everywhere, water scattered everywhere; golden light and the silver light of water droplets twinkled, creating a marvelous sight. Hua Yilin held the huge sword in his hand tightly, floating in mid-air, his irises full of excitement and bloodthirst.

Hua Xiuning, sitting on the stands, finally couldn’t help but let a cruel smile slip onto her face. Hua Yilin was serious now! Then, Claire, today will be the day of your death.

But at this time, Claire still had her eyes closed. Hua Yilin pointed his sword at Claire, smiling with bloodthirst, “Very good, I like you very much. I will kill you very sincerely.”

Claire eyes were still shut tightly. Hua Yilin laughed coldly, and rushed up with his sword.

“Sever—-!” Claire abruptly opened her eyes, emitting golden light from her entire body, glorious and magnificent. In that instant, a thick golden barrier enclosed both Claire and Hua Yilin inside.

What was Claire doing?

“Flames? A barrier of flames again?” The female T-rex on the stands stroked her chin in confusement. This barrier was very thin, but it was composed completely of golden flames. Why? Very soon, the powerful people on the stands all understood what was going on.

The seemingly thin barrier was abnormally strong, and the heat it sent off was completely different from that of normal flames. But the most astonishing thing to them was that the huge sword transformed by water in Hua Yilin’s hand was slowly shrinking, shrinking, until it disappeared!

That barrier actually isolated water elements from outside it!

Instantly, low exclamations rang throughout the square. These golden flames actually had such an effect? But not only this, Hua Yilin realized with astonishment, the water vapor within the barrier was slowly decreasing too!

This lunatic! Surprise once again appeared at the bottom of Hua Yilin’s eyes. There was actually people even crazier than him! Not only did this young girl isolate the water elements outside the barrier, she was also slowly burning up the water vapor in the air inside the barrier! Did she not know, that if she continued this, humans wouldn’t be able to breathe! The barrier of flames would slowly burn down all the air in this closed space!

“Very good, this once again steadied by determination to kill you.” Excitement, craziness, and bloodthirst appeared in Hua Yilin’s eyes.

“You talk too much!!” Claire finally opened her mouth and spoke to Hua Yilin for the first time. But the words she spat out almost drove Hua Yilin mad!

Fighting is fighting! Why need to talk so much?

With a whoosh, an ordinary sword materialized in Claire’s hand, so ordinary, it couldn’t be more ordinary.

“Tidal Sword, let me see your power today. Or else, after today, I will absolutely turn you into a firewood-chopping knife.” Claire raised the sword, a cold smile on her face as she spoke softly.

The next moment, the Tidal Sword began trembling slightly, as if resonating with Claire. At this time, a sword appeared in Hua Yilin’s hand too. Obviously, Hua Yilin also had a precious Storage Ring!

Coldness flashed across Claire’s eyes. The air in the barrier was going be burned up entirely, so the opponent couldn’t use water-natured magic anymore; he could only use DouQi now. If comparing strength, she couldn’t defeat him, and her DouQi was under his level too. But, what if they were in a situation where it was difficult to breathe? Could the opponent still exert his full strength?

Holding one’s breath, was one of the most basic lessons of an assassin!

Although Claire’s assassinating skills weren’t as good as Camille, weren’t as good as Li Yuewen, they have greatly surpassed that of this Hua Yilin before her!

“Claire is crazy! Does she want to die of asphyxia?!” Shui Wenmo’s teeth chattered as he finally couldn’t resist opening his mouth. Only after that did he regret. He had forgotten that Feng Yixuan was right beside him! Wasn’t he pouring oil onto fire? Wasn’t he encouraging Feng Yixuan to rush up?

Just when Shui Wenmo was ready to bear this frightening result, Feng Yixuan didn’t move.

Feng Yixuan just sat quietly, looking fixedly at Claire. His eyes were firm and calm.

Shui Wenmo blinked, extremely puzzled in his heart. He reached out his hand to wave it in front of Feng Yixuan’s face. No response? Did he go stupid?! Shui Wenmo was shocked, and continued waving. Bang! Feng Yixuan’s fist struck right in the middle of Shui Wenmo’s nose. He said calmly: “Don’t block my view.”

“Sh*t!” Shui Wenmo rubbed his nose and cursed, then turned to look at the barrier in the middle of the square. And then he gaped, staring his eyes wide open, unable to move his gaze, dumbfounded.

Inside the barrier, Claire was as swift as a leopard, waving the ordinary sword in her hand and attacking Hua Yilin agilely. On the contrary, Hua Yilin’s movements were so much slower. Although the color of the DouQi he emitted showed that his strength should be above that of Claire’s, he was unable to exert his full power, and was only able to contend with Claire’s agile attacks, but with no strength to counterattack.

The tide turned once again, making everyone in the square excited. The savageness Hua Yilin showed when he eliminated the other contestants didn’t make him popular among the crowd. At this time, the commoners on the stands were all cheering for Claire.

But for this battle, only the strong and powerful understood the plight of the two inside the barrier.

Female T-rex frowned as she watched Claire slowly gain the uphand in the barrier. An undetectable praisement flashed across her eyes. This girl, is actually using such a crazy method to win.

At this time, Hua Yilin was extremely irritated. The air was getting thinner and thinner, and it became harder and harder for him to breathe, and his head started to become dizzy too. But this young girl’s attacks seemed completely unaffected by this, instead turning more and more vicious. Everytime Hua Yilin wanted to break the barrier, Claire would nimbly block in front of him! How could Hua Yilin understand the techniques of holding one’s breath and breathing of assassins? Under Claire’s attacks, Hua Yilin’s movements became slower and slower.

“Tidal Sword!” Claire suddenly swung her sword and yelled in a low voice, as if warning but as if summoning too.


A crisp and melodious sound rang abruptly.

The Tidal Sword instantly shone out colorful light, gorgeous and magnificent. Tremendous and fierce sword force spurted out, aiming directly at Hua Yilin.

Hua Yilin’s irises dilated immediately. He shouted and emitted DouQi, using every ounce of strength he had to swing his sword to block Claire’s attack. He understood clearly, that this attack, wasn’t ordinary!

But Hua Yilin’s DouQi was instantly scattered. Silently, it disappeared just like that.


Hua Yilin spat out blood and his body was thrown out, slamming onto the barrier of flames behind him. Instantly, a scorching smell filled the air. Hua Yilin slowly slid to the ground; unable to hold in the rumbling in his chest, he spat out more blood. Hua Yilin stuck his sword into the ground, trying to support his body up; but due to his inability to breathe properly and his severe injury, he couldn’t stand up successfully.

Everyone in the square were stunned by the scene before them. They all held their breath and looked fixedly at the barrier, not even blinking, as if with one blink they would miss everything that followed. Li Yuewen, Li Mingyu, and everyone else from the Li clan boiled with emotions. Was that the true power of the Tidal Sword? Was that the force emitted by the Tidal Sword of their Li clan?

Did she win?

Did Claire win?

Summer waved her little fists at dragon Ben happily: “See? I told you Claire would win!”

Dragon Ben twitched his lips. How could he guess that Claire actually used a crazy way no different from suicide to win this competition?

Camille squinted, but still didn’t speak.

Jean left out his breath softly. Only at this time did he realize his palms were already covered in cold sweat.

Leng Lingyu watched the barrier in silence, an inexplicable expression in his eyes.

Did she win? The referee standing at a distance looked over nervously, deciding whether or not he should come over and declare Claire the winner.

But at this time, the unexpected happened! The situation instantly changed.

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