Ch.91 Stunning Brilliant Flourishing Golden Lotus (Climax) II (Part I)

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Did she win? The referee standing at a distance looked over nervously, deciding whether or not he should come over and declare Claire the winner.

But at this time, the unexpected happened! The situation instantly changed.

Tens of thousands of blood-colored water arrows shot out from Hua Yilin’s body, penetrating everything!

The golden flame barrier was immediately covered with numerous small holes, then the whole barrier melted away slowly.

In that instant, Claire immediately released a fire shield. The blood-colored arrows hit on the shield, and the shield shattered abruptly. A sharp water arrow flew past Claire’s face, and a cut appeared immediately, blood flowing out slowly.

The whole square went deathly silent again, everyone’s gaze fixed on Hua Yilin.

Hua Yilin stood up, his face pale, a bloodthirsty, excited smile on his face.

Unable to summon water elements, Hua Yilin actually used his own blood to attack! Those innumerable, sharp, blood-colored arrows that broke the flame barrier were made from his own blood!

This Hua Yilin was even more crazy! This type of completely suicidal attack methods; probably only he could use it! Blood vapor covered the stage, shocking and horrifying.

Many people froze in their spots. In that moment, the whole square was completely silent. No one was able to come back to their senses from this stunning scene.

Hua Xiuning’s face was white. Although she really disliked this younger brother who took no heed of anyone, this arrogant brother was the future pillar of the Hua clan! If he died like this, the loss of the Hua clan would be obvious! This was too over the top, too reckless! Such a suicidal attack method was even crazier and even bloodier and even more stubborn than Claire’s!

Hua Yilin stared with his bloodshot eyes at Claire excitedly. He suddenly laughed loudly, his insolent laughter so creepy as it resonated throughout the square.

An ominous feeling arose in the hearts of all the Hua people. Hua Yilin in this state…… means that he won’t care about anything anymore! He would not care about the situation or opponent. Right now, in his eyes, there was only Claire. And he only had one thought, and that was to kill this young girl in front of him who had made him become serious without considering the consequences!

“Your majesty, I request to stop the tournament!” Before Li Yuewen and Li Mingyu could say anything, Hua Xiuning stood up and spoke to the emperor, her expression heavy.

On the high stands, the emperor, crown prince and the other officials all looked surprised. Hua Xiuning actually made such a rude request. Was it because that Hua Yilin was losing, his face was pale, and he was almost crazy, that Hua Xiuning brought up this unreasonable request?

Hua Xiuning clenched her fists, extremely anxious. Her reasons weren’t as simple as these people thought they were! It was because this madman Hua Yilin was already out of control! He would no longer take notice of the rules of the competition, but try his best to kill Claire, not even caring if anyone else was affected!

“But there is no winner yet, and Hua Yilin didn’t surrender.” The emperor frowned slightly.

“It’s not like that, your majesty…… ” Hua Xiuning hadn’t even finished her words when an explosion sounded from the stage, accompanied by numerous screams.

Hua Xiuning hurriedly turned to look at the stage, and couldn’t help sucking in a cold breath.

Hua Yilin used water explosion! Attacking Claire, who was floating in mid-air! Claire ducked aside agilely, so the water explosion landed on the barrier behind her set up by palace magicians. The barrier shattered instantly, and the rest of the strength of the water explosion rushed towards the commoners on the stands. Everyone was screaming and trying to run away.

Sure enough, an accident would happen! Hua Xiuning’s expression changed greatly, the worry in her heart expanding.

The palace magicians, standing not far from the barrier, immediately created huge barriers to block the leftover, savage strength.

“Your majesty, please stop this tournament.” Hua Xiuning was even more worried.

But the emperor only frowned at the stage, not answering. Since the emperor hadn’t said anything, no one else dared to interfere.

“Go die!” Hua Yilin laughed crazily, his arms open, madly summoning water elements.

Claire floated in mid-air, her face solemn. She could sense the water elements rushing towards Hua Yilin madly, excited as if the elements were returning to their parent, gathering and gathering together madly!

“Your majesty! Please back up.” Ann Lisa’s expression became serious as she stood up quickly, creating one barrier after another.

Hua Xiuning sat down dejectedly. Finished! Everything is finished now! This time the trouble Hua Yilin made couldn’t even be described as a disaster anymore! It’s a catastrophe! Hua Xiuning didn’t know how many people this would affect.

The palace magicians immediately lined up and set up barriers. Protection of commoners’ safety became their first priority. Feng Yixuan couldn’t sit still anymore, ready to run up to the stage.

“Yixuan!” Shui Wenmo grabbed on Feng Yixuan, “Look at Claire’s expression yourself. If you go, will she forgive you? This time, it’s a battle of glory. Claire is fighting for the Li clan. If you go help her now, what would it become?”

Feng Yixuan’s steps stopped abruptly. He looked up at Claire’s face, and saw that Claire completely calm. Feng Yixuan gritted his teeth, his expression suddenly becoming ferocious: “F*ck! Why care about this now? Daddy me’s wife is in such danger now, who cares about that!”

Feng Yixuan broke through Shui Wenmo’s grip, about to rush up.

But, everything was already too late. Explosion sounds covered everything! Savage and huge waves of air expanded outwards with the stage as their center.

It was as if the heavens and the earth were destroyed.

Huge waves of air surged up into the skies, continuously expanding.

The highest stand was protected by Ann Lisa, and the barriers set up by other strong people, so it wasn’t really affected.

The other stands were far from the stage already, so plus the protection by the barriers of the palace magicians, their weren’t any injuries or deaths. But, the competing site that was originally a stage was different.

The stage that was a raised platform had collapsed already, but now it was even more scary. It literally became a huge round pit, bare, with nothing inside.

Nothing inside!

Only Hua Yilin standing in the middle of the round pit, laughing uncontrollably.

The savage and hideous laughter resounded throughout the squares.

Claire was nowhere to be seen!

No one could see Claire!

Instantly, Feng Yixuan felt his heart stop beating, his mind blank. His chest hurt like it was torn to pieces. Endless pain instantly flooded Feng Yixuan.

Obviously, those that felt the same as Feng Yixuan weren’t few.

Jean and the others all looked blankly at the bare round pit, Hua Yilin’s crazy laughter ringing by their ears. They couldn’t breath, couldn’t think. Leng Lingyun watched everything before him dumbly, suddenly feeling his heart extremely empty.

Li Yuewen stared at the middle of the square, even more dumbfounded, her eyes empty.

Feng Yixuan was just about to go crazy, but his hair was fiercely tugged on.

Before Feng Yixuan could explode, Shui Wenmo’s weird and ridiculous voice sounded from behind him: “Did your eyes grow on your chrysanthemum? Lift your head and look who’s up there?”

Feng Yixuan immediately looked up, and was instantly stunned.

The person floating in mid-air, had a head of long blonde hair flowing in the wind, and her emerald green irises were filled with indifference. There were many wounds all over her body, and blood flowed out, coloring her already tattered clothes red. But her face was full of calmness.

She didn’t die! Claire was alright!

Immense happiness crazily flooded Feng Yixuan.

Shui Wenmo shrugged. The greatest happiness and greatest sadness of life was experienced by the idiot Yixuan in one day.


Cheering instantly erupted in the entire square!

The blonde young girl actually didn’t die, even under such a terrifying attack!

Still alive, still alive!

The emperor on the stands squinted his eyes slightly.

Jean’s knuckles were white. His heart, had almost died just then. Leng Lingyu came back to his senses, relaxed his body, and sat down. He only noticed now that he had tensed his whole body. And his empty heart seemed to be filled once again.

Walter sniffled, cursing continuously in his heart, this little devil, only knowing how to make others worry. Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Not human at all! That’s right, she wasn’t a human! She was a devil!

Summer and Qiao Chuxin hugged each other tightly, crying and laughing at the same time. Camille and dragon Ben both squinted and leaned back against their chairs. They weren’t too worried just now, because they could sense that Claire’s essence didn’t disappear! Only Dong Fenghou looked blankly at Summer and Qiao Chuxin crying and laughing, not understanding what they were doing. Claire was alive; what were they crying about?

“Humph!” Hua Yilin’s expression became very, very ugly. Not just averagely ugly.

“This time, I will destroy you completely!” Hua Yilin stretched out his arms, laughing coldly and insolently.

“Do you think you can still attack?” Claire’s voice was soft and faint, but everyone in the whole square heard it clearly. Claire floated in the air quietly, a brilliant smile blossoming on her face. She waved her hand slightly, and flicked her finger. In that instant, numerous tiny, budding, golden lotuses filled the whole stage, filled the space around Hua Yilin.

Hua Yilin laughed coldly, his laughter full of contempt. He reached out to grab a golden lotus bud in front of him, but his hand just passed through the golden lotus bud, not touching anything.

What was this?

Hua Yilin’s expression finally changed slightly.

“Flourishing golden lotus, bloom!” Claire’s soft voice resonated in the whole square, a peaceful expression on her face. Floating quietly in the air, she looked so tranquil, pure, and untouchable.

As Claire finished speaking, all the golden lotus buds blossomed immediately, brilliant and dazzling.

The beautiful scene stunned everyone.

What a flourishing scene this was!

The young girl covered in blood actually looked so holy and pure, and those numerous golden lotuses just blossomed in the air, on the ground, everywhere.

Hua Yilin snorted disdainfully, “What are you performing? Tricks?” Hua Yilin was already gathering water elements again.

“Thousands of thousands —- Plunder!” Claire’s tranquil voice sounded beside everyone’s ears again.

The numerous golden lotuses started spinning slowly, emitting magnificent golden light, stunning and brilliant.

And Hua Yilin suddenly stopped what he was doing, just standing there dumbly, not moving again.

Claire’s gaze was icy, just staring at the Hua Yilin under her coldly.

Everything quieted.

Hua Yilin stood unmoving on the ground, still maintaining his previous position.

What was going on?

Slowly, the people finally found out what was wrong.

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14 thoughts on “Ch.91 Stunning Brilliant Flourishing Golden Lotus (Climax) II (Part I)

  1. Plunder? I have a feeling it’s the same as the incident where she attracted all the opponent’s elements to do her bidding! This time she’s gonna start controlling all the water elements! Maybe haha
    But this, could this mean golden lotus is awake now that she suddenly had a breakthrough? 😵 And can’t believe Hua Yilin still has time to sneer at people in this situation sighh
    Thanks so much for the chapter!


  2. Many Thanks for d chapter but please don’t leave us hanging too long. Been checking everyday for update of your awesome work.


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