Ch.91 Stunning Brilliant Flourishing Golden Lotus (Climax) II (Part II)

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Hua Yilin’s expression was slowly changing! A frown, then pain; hideous, endless pain.

“Aaaah—-!” Hua Yilin yelled at the sky, his scream blood-curdling. Then his gaze became unfocused as he slowly dropped onto his knees, convulsing. And he couldn’t stand up again after that!

“No! It’s not like that! No!” Hua Yilin knelt on the ground like he was hallucinating, convulsing painfully.

What was this?

Everyone in the square watched this huge change in situation, shocked. They had no way of knowing what was really going on.

“No—- ” Hua Yilin convulsed painfully. Under the shocked gazes of the crowd, tears streamed out from the corners of Hua Yilin’s eyes!

Hua Xiuning stared at this unbelievable scene, dumbfounded. There was no way she could believe that this unruly and lawless younger brother of hers was actually crying! Sobbing!

“What the f*ck is going on, that son of a b*tch is actually crying. Yixuan, what is going on? Am I dreaming?” Shui Wenmo rubbed his eyes desperately to make sure what he was seeing was really happening.

Feng Yixuan just stared fixedly at the Hua Yilin convulsing on the ground and the tears at the corners of his eyes. His eyes were also full of unbelief. But he didn’t forget to give Shui Wenmo a fierce punch to tell Shui Wenmo the idiot that he wasn’t dreaming. Shui Wenmo touched the blood trickling down from his nose, then sniffled: “His grandmother, I really am not dreaming. That son of a b*tch is really crying.”

“What is going on?” The Emperor also frowned, confused.

“I don’t what’s happening either. Seems like Hua Yilin is undergoing some sad and painful event.” Ann Lisa was also puzzled; she could only guess that Claire probably used some type of mental attack.

“Haha, you rude dragon, do you agree you lost this time now?” Summer was so happy she almost danced and sang. Hua Yilin had lost his ability fight completely, so how would he be able to contend with Claire anymore?

Dragon Ben twitched his lip, not answering.

Jean let out a long breath, but an indescribable complexity surged in his heart. Had Claire, already become so strong? Is he still qualified to protect and guard her now? Does he still have the strength to protect and guard her now?

Watching the Claire with a holy and pure face floating in mid-air, Leng Lingyun suddenly kind of understood why the Temple of Light wanted to bring Claire under their flag. But, not knowing why, Leng Lingyun felt a faint resistance in his heart. Was it really a good thing, for Claire to enter the Temple?

Walter moved his shoulders excitedly. Won, little devil won. This damn little devil, always making people so worried!

“Yay, Claire won!” Qiao Chuxin waved her little fist around, yelling excitedly.

Hua Yilin just sprawled out on the ground like that, unable to move again. His face was covered in endless pain.

All humans had their own weaknesses.

Claire looked quietly at the Hua Yilin sprawled out on the ground. Even she herself became curious, just what did Hua Yilin see?

Thousands of thousands plunder, means basically its name. It lets one undergo a thousand plunders, bringing out regret, pain, unresignment, and the deepest and darkest side of the bottom of one’s heart, replaying these most painful things again and again in one’s heart. Such a result would naturally make one fall apart. In fact, if put in more vulgar words, this was raping his mentality a thousand times, a thousand times!

Hua Yilin lost his ability to fight and his eyes were laxed. His mouth continuously repeated the word “no”, and he was unable to stand up again.

“I declare, Claire Hill is the winner.” The referee finally came back to his senses and yelled at the top of his voice, pulling the thoughts of everyone else present back also.


Claire won!

Instantly, cheers filled the square; the noise reached the clouds.

The blonde young girl with green irises won this competition.

Although this was only the mass elimination, it was so intense, so rousing. Many people stood up to cheer, to applaud; the enthusiastic atmosphere infected everyone. During this competition, the tides turned greatly multiple times, and now it finally ended. The hearts of the audience were also tossed up and down, extremely nervous. Even many years later, people still told the wonders of this day. That holy, pure, and beautiful young girl, with her flourishing golden lotus, stunning and brilliant.

Claire flicked her finger. The numerous blooming golden little lotus flowers vanished.

Hua Yilin was carried down by people, to receive treatment.

The emperor squinted as he watched the Claire floating in mid-air, his eyes glinting a cold light. Ann Lisa saw this in a glance, and her heart sank. She knew, the emperor, had killing intent now! Claire was only fourteen, yet she already showed such unworldly strength. She will definitely have great doings later! But, the emperor seemed to have forgotten one thing. Claire Hill was now not only part of the Hill clan, but also a priest of the Temple of Light! Also, she was very close to the Li clan. No matter looking at what perspective, doing something to Claire would never be a wise decision. And Ann Lisa also understood, that the emperor showing such an expression now, was the normal response of a ruler. Even though he had killing intent, the emperor would never be stupid enough to directly face off the Temple of Light. But just when cheering thundered in the square, an abnormality occurred in the skies. The nice autumn sky suddenly turned dark.

Claire’s expression changed. She then immediately flapped her fire wings and hurriedly flew towards the outside the city.

The burning sensation on her back became stronger and stronger.

She had made the breakthrough through the eighth volume of the Treasured Lotus Directory!

So, the lightnings will follow too! And this time, Golden Lotus was deep asleep, so she wouldn’t have Golden Lotus’ protection! For the eighth volume, she would have to endure seven lightnings! Without Golden Lotus’ protection, how would she be able to endure these seven lightnings?

Claire’s rapid departure made many people confused. All gazes were shot towards the figure leaving rapidly in the air. Without a word, Feng Yixuan extended his wind wings and chased after her. Shui Wenmo cursed in a low voice and also ran after them. And of course Jean and the others also understood what was happening. Claire had made a breakthrough again!

“Duke Li, what is going on?” The emperor frowned slightly and turned ask Li Mingyu beside him, whose face was full of worry.

“Your majesty, we have some private matters to sort through, may we retire early?” Li Mingyu watched Claire’s figure becoming farther and farther away from them in the sky and pleaded anxiously. Before the emperor could reply, Ann Lisa said hastily, “Your majesty, please comfort the people here. I will tell you all the details when I get back.” After that, Ann Lisa flew into the sky and raced after Feng Yixuan’s figure. Jean and the others, who were at the stands, also left hurriedly, chasing to outside the city.

The emperor frowned slightly and watched the figure disappearing in the sky, but still immediately waved his hand to let people settle the crowd. The competition stage had already collapsed, so the tournament could only be delayed till tomorrow.

In the air, Claire was flying as fast as she could, with Feng Yixuan chasing after her, with Ann Lisa chasing after Feng Yixuan. In the sky, dark clouds were already gathering to this side.

Claire’s heart sank more and more. She could already predict that the lightnings this time would be unordinary. Without Golden Lotus, could she block them all?

“Claire! Claire!” Feng Yixuan called out anxiously behind her.

“Shut the f*ck up!” Ann Lisa came upon them quickly, moved past Feng Yixuan, and directly caught up with Claire.

“Follow me!” Ann Lisa rushed up and grabbed Claire by her wrist, stopping her.

“It’s you!” Claire looked at Ann Lisa with astonishment. This person, was the person who probed her the other night! She was absolutely certain!

“Mom, what are you doing?” Feng Yixuan also came up and asked anxiously. What, this person was Feng Yixuan’s mom?

“Claire, your lightning calamity is coming, right?” The words that came out of Ann Lisa’s mouth surprised Claire greatly. Why would Feng Yixuan’s mother know?

“Yes, so I cannot stay inside the city. The lightning calamity this time is not trivial. If I stay there, it would affect many people.” Claire didn’t attempt to hide anything, saying directly.

“Go!” Ann Lisa grabbed Feng Yixuan, making the three all stand together, then took out a scroll and tore it open. A white light flashed across, and the three’s figures disappeared at the spot just like that.

Leng Lingyun, who could fly, arrived first. He saw from a distance the three vanishing abruptly, so he understood that that woman used a small-sized spatial teleportation scroll! A very valuable small-sized spatial teleportation scroll that could teleport up to five people!

Where did they go? Leng Lingyun frowned and looked around, but he couldn’t find anything. He looked up at the sky; the dark clouds in the skies dispersed rapidly. No! Not disperse, but quickly chasing towards another direction, disappearing in only a moment!

At this time, Jean and the others also came up, but all they saw was Leng Lingyun floating in the air alone, his face solemn.

“Leng Lingyun, where’s Claire?” Summer looked around anxiously. There wasn’t anyone to be seen.

“Taken away.” Leng Lingyun landed slowly and said softly.

“Taken away? By who?” Summer became worried.

“The woman that was chasing after her just a moment again, the defense minister of Lagark, Ann Lisa.” Naturally Leng Lingyun knew Ann Lisa’s identity. Although the Main Temple of the Temple of Light wasn’t located in Lagark, the Temple of Light was still very familiar with the situation in Lagark.

“What!” Walter exclaimed, “She took away Claire? To where? What does she want to do? Why did you not stop her? Does she want to kill Claire, now that Claire is wounded?”

Walter’s worries had their reasons too. The relationship between Amparkland and Lagark was becoming more and more tense. With the strength Claire displayed today, Lagark would definitely notice her.

“I don’t know. When I arrived, Ann Lisa had already taken Claire away with a spatial teleportation scroll. But there is one thing you should not worry about. Claire is now a priest at the Temple of Light, and Lagark will definitely not go against the Temple of Light.” Leng Lingyun’s voice was low, but it was unusually sure. The Temple of Light; even the most flourishing and strongest Amparkland wouldn’t dare do anything to it, so not to mention Lagark, whose strength is still under that of Amparkland.

“So to say, Claire is safe?” Summer let out a long breath, relaxing. She also almost forgot, that Claire was now a priest of the Temple of Light!

Jean’s brows were knit tightly together. Claire was safe, but, where was she? Just where would that woman take her? And what was her purpose?

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  1. Yay! Claire won!!! I wonder if the Crown Prince will somehow connect Blue Elfie and Claire because of those Golden Lotus that suddenly appeared. This is really getting to be exciting!

    Thanks translator Meow & editor Woof!


  2. I love that Claire, Feng Yixuan & his mom disappeared together! What a good sign. X) But, oh, why is the Emperor like that? His Crown Prince too. So typical.


  3. ahhhhh *claps hands*
    I can only say this is one of the best authors ever
    to make me feel so thrilled and anxious time after time
    And of course amazing translator and editor as well
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