Ch.92 The Living Treasure Old Man (Part I)

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Jean stood where he was, silent.

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen to Claire. If my guess is correct, that woman was trying to help her.” Leng Lingyun explained in a heavy tone to the others.

“Sh*t! Where are they?” At this time, Shui Wenmo hurried over in glory, but only saw Jean and the other people.

“They were taken away, Ann Lisa used a space teleportation scroll.” Leng Lingyun replied faintly.

“What! Why not take me along.” Shui Wenmo yelled.

“Do you know where they went?” Jean looked at Shui Wenmo and asked in a deep voice, the anxiousness so obvious in his tone.

“No.” Shui Wenmo shrugged and said seriously.

“Why say something so confusing when you don’t know!” Seeing Shui Wenmo’s attitude, Summer got a little angry, humphing coldly.

“Ah, little thief, long time no see.” Shui Wenmo grinned and greeted Summer.

“Humph!” Summer turned around and refused to talk to Shui Wenmo anymore.

“So, madame Ann was trying to help Claire…… ” Li Mingyu spoke in a deep voice, “Now we even don’t know where they went. So let’s wait.”

Li Yuewen looked worried, wanting to say something, but stopped when she met Li Mingyu’s gaze.

“Then let’s go back and wait. Aunt Ann won’t harm her future daughter-in-law. So everyone, go back. Maybe they will appear in front of us tomorrow, well and energetic.” Shui Weno stretched and said lazily. Apparently, he trusted Ann Lisa very much.

Shui Wenmo didn’t notice, but his words “future daughter-in-law” caused much disturbance in the hearts of multiple people present.

Future daughter-in-law? Why did these words make him so uncomfortable? Jean lowered his eyes, turned around, and left silently. Leng Lingyun watched Jean’s figure, sighing slightly in his heart, and followed. Walter mumbled in his heart, sh*t, you say she’s Feng Yixuan’s wife and she’s Feng Yixuan’s wife? What and what?

Finally, everyone returned the way they came.

At the same time, Claire opened her eyes and found herself in an unimaginable place. Looking around, there were a few small, wooden houses in front, circled by a low, wood fence, a few large trees beside, looking like the most ordinary farmer home. But looking farther, Claire found the strange part. Lifting her head, the blue sky was without clouds, but there were birds flying far above. Claire squinted. Those birds were a type a sea bird! This was an island?! Concentrating, Claire could actually hear winds lashing. She focused and sensed outwards, and much to her surprise, found that this little island was surrounded by a wind wall. An unusual savage wind surrounded this little island, isolating it completely from the outside world.

“Master…… Master, come out…… ” Ann Lisa yelled at the top of her voice.

“What the hell are you screaming about! Yelling as soon as you get here!” An energetic voice sounded inside the house rudely.

“The lighting is going to strike down how can I not scream? Come out and block the lightning right now!” Ann Lisa was even ruder, yelling back in an even louder voice.

“What? What lightning? The thing you’re practicing won’t attract lightning.” Even though the voice inside was a little confused, footsteps still sounded hurriedly.

An elderly man appeared at the door of the wooden house. He wore a light blue robe, and his eyes were bright and energetic, emitting a daring boldness. His eyebrows and beard were already long and white, but combed very neatly.

“Master, save us, the lightning will be here soon.” Ann Lisa said hastily.

“Yo, chap, you’re so big now.” But the elderly man didn’t pay attention to Ann Lisa, instead turning towards Feng Yixuan and grinning.

“Ah, old man, you’re more and more energetic. Your beard and eyebrows are more and more handsome.” Feng Yixuan grinned back and replied.

But Claire was a little surprised. Feng Yixuan, usually so insolent, was actually so cute and obedient?

“Of course.” Then the elderly man did something that made Claire completely speechless. She watched as the elderly man pulled out a small comb from his wide sleeves, and started combing his eyebrows carefully, then his beard, his expression leisure and satisfying.

“Old man, come over here quickly and block the lightening for my future wife.” Feng Yixuan finally switched to the real topic.

“What?! You fellow actually started picking up girls?!” The elderly man exclaimed loudly, turning his gaze to Claire. Claire was still in her ragged state, her clothes torn, and although her cuts had stopped bleeding, her clothes were still stained red and looked scary.

“Master!” Ann Lisa got anxious, because storm clouds had already started gathering above their heads.

“Hm?” The elderly man answered lazily, then looked towards the sky and stroked his beard gently, replying disdainfully, “What the hell are you worried about, isn’t it just seven streaks of lightning?” Hearing this, Ann Lisa’s expression turned joyous. This meant that Master will help!

But Claire was surprised when she heard it. This elderly person actually knew how many streaks of lightning she was facing!

“Little girl, how old are you this year, actually attracting seven streaks of lightning…… ” The elderly man drawled, but looking Claire over, “Also, what mental cultivation method are you practicing? Huh? Why does it look so familiar?”

Claire hesitated, should she tell this elderly person in front of her the truth? Even if she did, he wouldn’t know it.

“Treasured Lotus Directory.” Claire hesitated, then spoke. Based on the current situation, this elderly man was the only person that could block the lightning for her, so she should probably cooperate.

But who knew, immediately after Claire said these words, the expression of that elderly man changed.

“What?! Treasured Lotus Directory? You said Treasured Lotus Directory?” Not caring about his image at all, the elderly man rushed up and grabbed Claire’s shoulders and started shaking furiously, his expression savage, “Say that again, say that again!”

Feng Yixuan’s expression changed greatly too. He had never seen the old man in such a rage. Feng Yixuan was about to go up and stop him, but Ann Lisa pulled him back. Feng Yixuan looked at Ann Lisa anxiously and was about to say something, but Ann Lisa shook her head slightly, telling Feng Yixuan that Claire wasn’t in danger.

Claire was also confused. The elderly man’s overreaction completely baffled her. He didn’t have any killing intent; so what did he mean?

“What is your relationship with that old thing Si Konglin? Tell me! Why would he teach you the Treasured Lotus Directory? Impossible! That good-for-nothing definitely won’t easily teach the Treasured Lotus Directory to others!” The elderly man raged, his expression and actions totally unmatched to his age.

“I don’t know who Si Konglin is.” Claire’s faint reply instantly paused the elderly man’s raging actions.

The elderly man froze, dropped his jaw and looked at Claire, asking dumbly, “Then why do you know the Treasured Lotus Directory?”

Claire’s next words almost made the old man spit blood: “I found it. So I learned it.”

“Found, found, found it?” Claire’s words resonated in the elderly man’s brain continuously. Found it, so learned it.

The elderly man wanted to spit blood, to howl, to lie on the ground and laugh.

“Ahaha! That idiot Si Konglin, never thought that his unique skill would be learned by a stranger. Hahaha, this is so hilarious, this useless, stingy idiot! Serves him right! Serves him right!” The elderly man laughed and jumped, making Claire and Ann Lisa and Feng Yixuan stare with their mouths open. What was going on?

“Master, um, can’t we talk later? The lightning is going to strike down any minute now.” Ann Lisa had never seen her master so out of control, so she asked carefully.

Claire and the elderly man looked up at the sky. Sure enough, the sky was filled with storm clouds, lightning flashing.

“Little girl, I’ll block your lightning for you, but afterwards, you must tell me all about it.” The elderly man apparently seemed very happy.

“Okay, but, elder, can you first block the lightning for me?” Claire frowned at the sky. In those heavy storm clouds, lightning flashed and thunder roared continuously. Claire understood deeply that she couldn’t block this time’s lightning by herself. She could only rely on this elder in front of her. If she only needed to tell how she got the Treasured Lotus Directory, and the elder would help her block these deadly lightnings, then it was a very good deal, because the way she got this book was really too easy.

“Sure, no problem, you all move!”  The elderly man had on a serious expression, mentioning for Ann Lisa and Feng Yixuan to move further away.

Seeing the elderly man’s actions, Claire understood that this lightning was really different.

Claire’s expression also became solemn.

“He!” The elderly man looked at the sky seriously, blocking in front of Claire. Then he clapped his hands together in front of his chest, knitting his brows tightly. Ann Lisa and Feng Yixuan also looked over worriedly, but there was nothing they could do.

Their surroundings darkened, because the storm clouds in the sky got denser, the lightning and thunder also getting brighter and louder.

“Seven streaks of lightning, little girl, you’re so young yet you practiced to the eighth level of the Treasured Lotus Directory. Don’t know what that old thing Si Konglin will do when he finds out. Probably angered to death.” The elderly man watched the dark clouds, frowning, his expression serious, but his tone was gloating.

But Claire heard some things from it. The Treasured Lotus Directory was probably created by the person named Si Konglin, and that person must have a special relationship with this elderly person in front of her.

“Open!” The elderly man yelled in a low voice, his palms separating, and two brilliant streaks of white light shot out from his hands, transforming into a half-circle, enclosing Claire and the elderly person in the middle. The elderly man frowned, then waved his hand again, and two more streaks of white light flowed out, surrounding Ann Lisa and Feng Yixuan, protecting them inside this dazzling barrier.

“Hmm, what’s missing?” The elderly man stroked his beard, thinking.

The elderly man thought for a while, then grabbed the air, and a small, clear, round plate appeared in his hand. His expression solemn, the elderly man threw it out gently, and the round plate flew to above Claire’s head and started spinning slowly. The round plate gave off a soft white light. Claire understood that this was definitely not an ordinary object; it must be a defense type treasure of some kind.

“Okay, everything’s ready.” The elderly man nodded seriously, then turned to look at the sky.

The lightning, was about to strike down!

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9 thoughts on “Ch.92 The Living Treasure Old Man (Part I)

  1. Thank you!
    I was about to go to bed and then I saw that you released a chapter and I just couldn’t help myself I just had to read it cause It’s just so good and I really love the MC and you do such a good job translating and…wheeze… outta breath.

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  2. woah!! Claire just gained a new ally! But that mysterious author of the Treasured Lotus Directory might become an enemy…hopefully not XD
    Now Lagark’s King can’t go against her.
    And Claire finally owes someone! How will she pay this old man back…
    Hair beauty potion? lol Why do I get a Shui Wenmo vibe that hair combing OCD vibe hahaha

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