Ch.92 The Living Treasure Old Man (Part II)

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The circumstances really made people worry. Ann Lisa also frowned slightly at the round plate slowly spinning above Claire’s head; Master even used that thing this time. Seems like it really wasn’t simple! Feng Yixuan was even more worried; his fists were tightly clenched and his knuckles were already white.

“Wind Force!” The elderly man put his index finger and middle finger together and waved fiercely. With the barrier as its center, a violent wind swept upwards, making the spot they were standing on become an empty zone, while their surroundings were filled with violent wind.

Claire looked at the scene before her with surprisement, questioning in her heart, just how deep is this old man’s cultivation?


A long streak of lightning slashed across the sky, filled with frightening violent strength. It chopped down just like that. Feng Yixuan’s heart was tense as he watched fixedly at the two inside the barrier. The old man’s expression was extremely solemn, which made people even more worried.

“He! Ha!” But, the next scene made the three completely dumbfounded.

The old man hopped up, and flicked his finger lightly. A powerful force went straight up and met that lightning. Boom! Instantly, the violent lightning was blocked by this force, and cracked open, then dispersed. Bits and pieces of lightning burst open in the air like fireworks, glorious and eye-catching. So simple? So easy? Just a flick of a finger?

“Mm, pretty beautiful. He!” The elderly man twisted his shoulders around, boasting, then flicked his finger again to meet the next lightning. Splendid sparks dispersed again, and in that instant, everything was so beautiful. Ann Lisa twitched her lip, wordless. Feng Yixuan swallowed, looking at the sparks that filled the sky dumbly, completely unable to speak.

Claire looked at the old man in front of her that was wriggling his shoulders and showing off, then looked up at the round plate floating above her head, the splendid barrier around her, and the magnificent yet violent hurricane. She really wanted to ask this old man, what was the point of doing all those preluding efforts? He could finish off the lightning so easily, so why did he make it seem so serious before?

The old man even took the time to sort his long beard, which was blown a little messy by the wind. He then continued to easily finish the lightnings. Just like that, the old man very, very, easily got rid of the seven lightnings, then fished out the little comb in his sleeve and started very carefully combing his beard and eyebrows, mumbling: “Seriously? Making me so messy.”

The dark clouds in the sky slowly dispersed. The blue sky showed again, giving a peaceful feeling.

The elderly man waved his hand, and the splendid white barrier and the hurricane immediately disappeared. The clear, round plate above Claire’s head was also withdrawn.

“Let’s go, go inside. Lisa, go make tea.” The old man grinned widely and headed towards the entrance of the house.

“Wait! Master!” Ann Lisa’s voice was shaking a little, obviously trying to hold something in.

“What?” The old man turned to ask confusedly at the Ann Lisa, who was almost going crazy.

“Master, since you could so easily block the lightning, why did you do so many useless things? What barrier, what Wind Force!!” Ann Lisa was going crazy. She had also asked out the question in Claire and Feng Yixuan’s hearts.

“What do you know? Preluding effects are a must, or else how would I highlight my elegance, my valiance?” The old man rolled his eyes at Ann Lisa and spoke in an “of course” tone. He then looked at Claire and grinned, “Let’s go, little girl, you must tell me every detail.”

Claire was wordless, Ann Lisa was going crazy, Feng Yixuan twitched his lip and didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry.

Claire followed the old man into the house. The old man plopped into a chair and motioned for the others to sit down too.

“Little girl, tell me, how did you get this treasured book. For your information, Si Konglin that old thing treasured it so much, he wouldn’t even exchange it with me for my TianGang Wind Force.” Speaking about this, the old man began gritting his teeth.

Claire told the old man everything about how she got the book; the old man’s eyes stared wider and wider.

Feng Yixuan frowned. He also remembered, when they caught Summer, he was also present. He didn’t know Claire got that treasured book at that time.

“Can I borrow it and take a look?” Once he said it, the old man himself also realized that this wasn’t appropriate to ask. “Master, how could you be like this?” At this time, Ann Lisa came in carrying tea and started rebuking.

“Hehe, I also know I’m asking a little too much.” The old man laughed awkwardly. His cheeks actually blushed.

“At least you know it. Even though you helped Claire block the lightning, using this to ask for seeing the treasured book, isn’t it too much!” Ann Lisa didn’t give her master any face at all, rebuking him loudly.

“Then I’ll just not see it, okay okay.” The old man twitched his lip.

“You can see it.” But at this time, Claire made a move that surprised both Ann Lisa and the elderly man. Claire took the treasured book out from her storage ring, and handed it to the old man.

“What? I can see it?” The elderly man looked at Claire with disbelief, repeating Claire’s words.

“Mm. You can see it.” Claire said calmly.

“Old man, where’s your medicine? Claire still has wounds on her body.” Looking at Claire’s wounds, Feng Yixuan exclaimed. From leaving the capital till now, Claire didn’t cry out in pain once, or brought up her injuries either. Plus they were busy blocking the lightning, so they completely forgot about Claire’s wounds.

“Oh oh, medicine for wounds.” The old man hurriedly flipped through the items in his storage ring and took out a small porcelain bottle, then poured out a pill from it and handed it to Claire, “Eat this, and I promise you’ll immediately feel cool and refreshed. This is some good medicine Si Konglin gave me. Took me so much to exchange for it.” The old man said with heartache. He was obviously only being so generous because Claire agreed to let him see the treasured book. These words were also showing affection.

Claire didn’t refuse politely or anything, instead directly accepting the medicine and swallowing it with one gulp. Sure enough, a refreshing feeling filled her whole body, unusually comfortable. What medicine was this? Claire was very amazed. Such efficacy was uncomparable to a healer’s healing or the medicine created by an alchemist.

Claire also handed the book in her hand to the elderly man, who accepted it with excitement. But when he looked at the cover, his expression changed.

“What, what words are these?!” The old man frowned, blinking and asking. He seemed to be muttering to himself, but also seemed to be asking Claire too.

Claire kept silent, not answering.

The old man only paused for a slight moment, then hurriedly flipped the book to read the inside.

A strange thing happened again. The treasured book couldn’t be flipped open!

“Mm?” The old man frowned, then tried to open the book again, but still couldn’t.

Everyone in the room blanked. What was this?

“Old man, are you doing preluding effects again?” Feng Yixuan stared his eyes wide open as he asked sincerely.

“Do your head! Which eye of yours saw me doing preludes? Do I need to exaggerate so much just for flipping a book?” The elderly man replied fiercely, glaring and snapping at Feng Yixuan.

Feng Yixuan was stunned. Does this mean, that the old man really can’t open the book?

“How come I can’t open it?” The old man turned the book back and forth, examining it.

Claire was also a little stunned. Originally, she gave the book to the old man because she was sure he couldn’t understand the chinese on it, so it didn’t matter if he saw it. If he did understand it, then it would mean that this old man was the same as her, from a different world. Then there would be even more follow-ups.

But, the situation before her eyes was out of Claire’s expectations. He actually couldn’t open the book?

The elderly man tried his hardest to flip open the book, but the ordinary book still didn’t budge.

“Is this really the treasured book?” After being unsuccessful at opening the book for a long time, the old man finally looked towards Claire in puzzlement.

“Whoa, old man, what do you mean? Will Claire lie to you?!” Before Claire could reply, Feng Yixuan, beside, already opened his mouth in dissatisfaction.

“It is that treasured book.” Claire stood up and walked to before the old man and accepted the book over. She was also very uncertain about why such a thing would happen. Claire took the book; with a slight flip, the book immediately flipped open.

Instantly, the room silenced.

The old man’s expression instantly changed again and again. Feng Yixuan and Ann Lisa watched this scene, stunned. Claire frowned slightly, puzzled in her heart, not understanding why such thing would happen.

“Let me see.” The old man grabbed the book over with a vicious expression, and stared his eyes wide open at the words on it, but was dumbfounded. He couldn’t understand it at all! So the old man attempted to flip through the pages, but it happened again, he couldn’t flip it!

Claire calmly helped the old man flip the book to the next page. But it was still words he couldn’t understand.

The old man turned to stone, just sitting there in such a stiff position.

Claire’s expression was completely calm as she continued to help the old man flip the pages good-heartedly, but it was still words the old man couldn’t understand at all.

“Sh*t! Si Konglin, you actually dare to trick me!” The elderly man roared, angry and indignant. He turned to Feng Yixuan, “Chap, you come over here, try to see if you can flip it!”

Feng Yixuan ran over obediently, and easily flipped open the pages.

The old man’s face instantly went green.

“Si Konglin! You shameless old brat! Actually casting a ban spell specifically against me! You don’t let me see, don’t let me learn, huh? Discriminate against my TianGang Wind Force, huh? Then I today am just going to let my TianGang Wind Force and your Treasured Lotus Directory be tied together!” The old man stood up, going crazy, jumping around in the room and cursing.

The other three in the room didn’t yet come to realization.

“Little girl! You must learn my TianGang Wind Force from me! I am going to completely teach you every single part of my unique skill! I am going to made Si Konglin that old brat so mad he’d die!” The elderly man howled as he said such words. The others in the room finally understood what he meant when he said he was going to let the TianGang Wind Force and the Treasured Lotus Directory be tied together!

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  1. thank you so much for this novel new chapter
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    1. It’s hilarious though, watching them be amazed by her potential. Now I wonder what would happen if all her teachers met… hehehehe (╯✧▽✧)╯


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