Ch.93 An Unexpected Turn (Part I)

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After the elderly man finished, Claire was surprised, Ann Lisa and Feng Yixuan were also surprised.

“Chap, you also come learn. Your wind blades look nice; it must feel good to open the seal, huh?” The elderly man didn’t care about their thoughts, continuing on delightfully.

Ann Lisa’s expression became joyful. Master actually agreed to teach Feng Yixuan his unique skill so easily? All these years, she never taught Feng Yixuan one single technique of TianGang Wind Force because she had sworn in front of her master, promising him never to teach TianGang Wind Force to anyone. From this, it was obvious how much Master cared about his unique skill. But, he decided to teach it to Feng Yixuan with just one sentence. And, it was “also”. Ann Lisa looked towards Claire, who still hadn’t come back to her senses. She sighed in her heart; was it Claire’s who’s lucky, or did that fellow Feng Yixuan choose wisely?

“But, elder, I am of the fire nature.” Claire replied softly. By this time, Claire had understood one thing. That person called Si Konglin, was probably from the same world as she was! He created the Treasured Lotus Directory, and wrote it in Chinese. But how he lost it was a mystery.

“So what if you’re of the fire nature? I don’t care. From today on, you must learn from me! How many volumes doesn’t matter! But you have to learn! One volume is also fine! You know Treasured Lotus Directory so you must know my TianGang Wind Force too! If not so, how can you help me anger that old thing to death?” The elderly man roared fiercely, then added shamelessly, “After all, I blocked seven streaks of lightning for you! Can’t you pretend you’re paying me back? One sentence, you must learn!”

Claire was completely speechless. She twitched her lip, not knowing what to say. This old man was an eccentric person. Were there trades like this? Saving the life of a person to make them learn his unique skill? Could she refuse? Claire felt a headache.

“But, I already have a master.” Claire thought for a while, then said so. Even though Claire knew that learning the unique skill of this elderly man would give her another life-saver in times of need, if she had to become his disciple, then she couldn’t do it. And Claire understood that she was fire nature, so even if she learned it, she wouldn’t be able to get the essence.

“I wouldn’t agree even if you wanted me to be your master.” The elderly man jumped around gleefully. Naturally, he had his own plans. First, this little girl seemed to be Ann Lisa’s future daughter-in-law, or at least looked like so. So he couldn’t accept her as a disciple, or else their relationships would be messed up. Second, this little girl was neither his disciple, nor Si Konglin’s disciple, but knew both their unique skills. What would Si Konglin’s expression be like after he found out that? Just thinking about it was exhilarating.

Eh? Claire looked at the gleeful old man, surprised. Teaching her skills without her needing to become his disciple?

“Little girl, what’s your name again, something -air?” The elderly man stroked his beard carefully and asked.

“Claire Hill.” Claire answered.

“Good, very good. From now on, you’ll call me TianGang Wind Elder!” The old man instructed leisurely.

“TianGang Wind Elder?” Claire repeated. It sounded awkward from every angle. It definitely wasn’t his real name.

“What? You have a problem? Don’t you think this name is very profound and very overbearing?” The old man stared at Claire, demanding.

“No, no problem.” Claire shook her head numbly.

“Okay, Lisa, you should go do what you need to do, go back. When I feel like these two little fellows are ready, I will let them return.” TianGang Wind Elder ordered Ann Lisa.

“Oh, Master. Sure, I’ll put Claire and Yixuan in your hands.” Ann Lisa agreed with a smile. She turned towards Claire, “Just pretend you’re repaying Master for saving your life, and stay here for now to learn TianGang Wind Force. Even if you just learn one volume, it will still fulfill Master’s wish.” Since Ann Lisa already said this, Claire couldn’t find any excuse to refuse anymore.

“Wait, what about the tournament?” Claire frowned, remembering that the tournament in the capital of Lagark hadn’t seem to end yet.

“This time, you already glorified the Li clan. Don’t worry, I will give the power of attorney over the weapons for the army to the Li clan. Also, I’ll tell Shui Wenmo to get rid of all the other people, but  surrender. Yixuan will do the same, and the winner will be the Li clan.” Ann Lisa said her decision with a smile.

“This…… ” Claire looked at Ann Lisa with a complex expression, unable to speak.

“Don’t think we’re purposefully letting you win! With your current strength, Shui Wenmo is not your opponent, and neither is Yixuan! So, the winner should be the Li clan anyway.” Ann Lisa’s face turned serious as she explained, “Just relax and cultivate here.”

Hearing this, Claire’s expression relaxed a little. But determination flashed through Feng Yixuan’s eyes. During the tournament, Claire miraculously made a breakthrough and surpassed him, so he must become even stronger, stronger, strong enough to protect Claire!

“You don’t need to worry about the Li clan. Also, is there anything you need to tell your friends? I will record it with a memory crystal and give it to them. Just cultivate here without worry.” Ann Lisa seemed very natural saying these.

“Yep, little girl, just cultivate here peacefully, ahaha. You can’t escape. There is a fierce wind all around this island, and every creature that attempts to go through it will be torn to pieces. Only when you have finished learning will I send you out.” TianGang Wind Elder laughed smugly.

Claire twitched her lip. So it seemed like things already turned out this way. But such a method of repaying was a first for her.

“Then, I’ll have to bother you to bring my friends the memory crystal.” Claire said to Ann Lisa politely.

Ann Lisa only smiled and nodded.

“Also, thank you for bringing me here, and thank you for finding TianGang Wind Elder to save me.” Claire thanked solemnly.

Ann Lisa smiled, “If you want to thank someone, thank Yixuan. If not for him, I would not have helped you.”

With the end of Ann Lisa’s sentence, Feng Yixuan started to feel uncomfortable. Claire’s expression also became a little stiff.

“Okay, finish and leave. Really. I need to start teaching them now; don’t waste my time.” TianGang Wind Elder waved his hand impatiently.

“Okay, I know! Also, I used up one spacial teleportation scroll, so give me two.” Ann Lisa stated stoutly, giving Claire the memory crystal.

“What logic is that? Robber! You’re a robber! Why do you ask me for two when you only used up one?” TianGang Wind Elder and Ann Lisa began squabbling.

“Because I need another one to get back…… ”

“You’re just a robber! Robber…… ”

Claire accepted the memory crystal and started instructing, basically about how she didn’t know how long she would be here either, and telling them to go do what they wanted. If they couldn’t find anything to do, then go back to the Hill castle and wait for her there. And she told Jean to take White Emperor and Black Feather home first.

Ann Lisa finally exploited two spacial teleportation scrolls, and left with Claire’s finished memory crystal.

“Okay, little girl, chap, from today on, the devil cultivation starts!” TianGang Wind Elder put his hands on his hips and said solemnly.

“Uh, TianGang Wind Elder, I want to take a bath first, then change my clothes.” Claire pointed at her ragged, blood-soaked clothes.

“Oh~ Okay, go. Familiarize yourselves with the surroundings. The kitchen is over there, if you want a bath, there is a hot spring in the woods behind the house. We can start cultivation tomorrow.” TianGang Wind Elder stroked his chin, thinking.

Cultivation started the next day.

Slowly, Claire got familiar with the topography of the island. This island wasn’t big, surrounded by the ocean on all four sides, unable to see the end. And around the island was a very high wind wall, spinning fastly. Claire had tried putting a stick near the wind wall, and the stick immediately broke! Throw a stone over, and it was instantly grinded into powder. So it really was separated from the world.

Practice was boring and hard. And Claire and Feng Yixuan cultivated at different places, so they could only see each other at night. At that time, both were already exhausted, going to bed immediately after eating. The rest of their time were spent on two ends of the island, practicing laboriously. Using TianGang Wind Elder’s words, the two practicing together might accidentally hurt each other. After opening his seal, Feng Yixuan’s cultivation was very easy. But Claire was thes opposite. As a fire nature, Claire couldn’t clearly sense the wind elements, so the roaring of TianGang Wind Elder swirled beside her ear every day.

Days passed. Just like that, half a month passed, when a sudden news disturbed their cultivation.

Ann Lisa appeared on the island, bringing Claire a letter.

“What did you come here for? They’re still far from finishing their cultivation.” TianGang Wind Elder grumbled. Especially Claire; she had made no improvements for so long.

“I’m here to find Claire; I have something for her.” Ann Lisa took out a letter, handing it to the doubtful Claire.

“Did something happen to the Li clan?” Claire frowned, “Or is it my friends?”

“Neither. All your friends went to take care of their their own business, and your knight has also returned to Amparkland. This letter, was brought to me for you from your knight. I don’t know what’s inside.” Ann Lisa answered truthfully.

Looking at the sealed letter in her hands, Claire suddenly had an ominous feeling in her heart. She tore open the envelope quickly, and her expression changed instantly.

Something happened to Cliff!

“TianGang Wind Elder, I have important matters now, I must leave the island! Please allow.” Claire put the letter away safely, her face determined.

“You’re only at the first level; that chap Yixuan is already at the fifth level. With just so little learning, where do you think you’re going?” TianGang Wind Elder stared and yelled, rebuking Claire.

But Claire didn’t waver, her expression serious as she restated again firmly: “This person, is very important to me. He is in danger now, so I must go find him. Also, you yourself said before, even if it’s just one volume, it’s okay. With my nature, I really can’t practice your TianGang Wind Force. TianGang Wind Elder, you also know this clearly. This half month, no matter how hard I tried, I can’t breakthrough TianGang Wind Force anymore.”

TianGang Wind Elder paused, unable to say anything to Claire’s determined gaze.

“Who is it?” Ann Lisa saw Feng Yixuan’s uncalm expression and asked gently.

“It’s my master, Cliff.” How could Claire know what Ann Lisa is thinking, so she answered truthfully.

“Master, you’ve also heard. When a master is in trouble, can the disciple not go? When you meet a problem one day, will you be comfortable if I just stand beside and watch?” Ann Lisa glanced out of the corner of her eye at the relieved Feng Yixuan, her lip twitching.

“That’s true.” TianGang Wind Elder stroked his beard, “Okay then, little girl, go. Anyway, you have now learned my TianGang Wind Force, even if it’s only one volume. Haha, it’s enough to anger Si Konglin to death. We will continue cultivation, you can go.”

We? Feng Yixuan frowned. What did he mean?

“I want to go with Claire!” Feng Yixuan suddenly understood what TianGang Wind Elder meant, saying immediately.

“Nice try! Your potential is even better than your T-rex mom, so stay here obediently and learn from me. I will teach all of my unique skill to you. Haha, let’s go!” Not waiting for Feng Yixuan to react, TianGang Wind Elder picked up Feng Yixuan, laughing as he flew to the other side of the island.

Feng Yixuan’s struggling roars came from far away, but it was no use.

Claire and Ann Lisa looked at each other, wordless.

“Madame Ann, sorry to bother you.” Claire always felt awkward on how to address Ann Lisa, so she called out this after some thought.

“I actually want you to call me Aunt Ann, haha. Let’s go. Your knight is waiting for you over there.” Ann Lisa joked, pulled Claire over, tore open a spacial teleportation scroll, and their two figures vanished from the spot.

Claire’s heart grew heavier and heavier. To make a breakthrough, Master actually went to that place!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Let’s see what place her master went to.. 😀
    Also, I’d be glad if she would progress.. XD I need more like always! 😀

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  2. ahahaha Cliff wanted to be stronger too cuz Claire is just growing too fast!
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  3. I can’t be the only one who’s annoyed by all of these people assuming that Claire will marry Yixuan, right? Just because he likes her doesn’t she has to/does. :/

    Tbh, I’m hoping for eternal reverse harem, or no explicit romance period.

    Anywho. Thanks so much for these translations!! Excited to see what happens when Claire returns home. 🙂


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