Ch.93 An Unexpected Turn (Part II)

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When Claire opened her eyes, she discovered that she was now in a secret chamber. Ann Lisa started explaining: “The destination of the teleportation is set at the secret underground chamber of the Feng clan. Let’s go, your knight is waiting for you in the hall above us.” Ann Lisa led Claire out of the secret chamber, navigating through a series of twists and turns. Walking through a long hallway, passing-by maids and servants all saluted Ann Lisa. Claire noted keenly that these people all had respect in their eyes; some even had fanaticism. Claire couldn’t help wondering, just what kind of person is this woman before her?

When they came to the hall, sure enough, they saw Jean seated uprightly and silently in a chair, Black Feather and White Emperor squatted on his shoulders. Seeing Claire, the two little creatures rushed up to her excitedly, one left and one right, taking over Claire’s shoulders. They rubbed her cheeks with affection.

“Miss!” Jean stood up abruptly, gazing fixedly at Claire just like that. Something was moving in his eyes.

“Jean, let’s go. We shouldn’t delay, I’ll ask you some things on the way.” Claire was extremely anxious. She turned to salute and bow at Ann Lisa, “Aunt Ann, thank you for your help, I will never forget it. If there be one day when you need me, Claire, I will definitely give my everything.”

“Go, Claire, be careful.” Ann Lisa smiled at Claire and nodded gently, “I’ll see you out. And I will tell the Li clan that you have already left. You don’t need to worry about the Li clan anymore; the Li clan has already shone its well-deserved brilliance.”

“Thank you, Aunt Ann…… ” Looking at this warmly smiling person in front of her, Claire felt warm in her heart. She didn’t know how to thank her for everything she’s done.

“These are all achieved by your own effort. I didn’t do much. Okay, you still have important matters to attend to, so hurry and be on your way.” Ann Lisa said understandingly.

Claire nodded. Without further ado, she followed Ann Lisa out the gates of the Feng clan.

A carriage was already waiting for them; Jean and Claire hopped on. Before Claire could ask, Jean already told her everything.

“Miss, after you’ve been took away, and we saw your instructions in the memory crystal; because we didn’t know when you would return, so everyone made their own decisions. Dragon Ben went to cultivate, saying that he needed to improve his strength, to retake the throne of the king of the dragons. Walter thinks he is too weak, so he left to journey the continent, to practice and improve his strength, too. Camille went back to the capital, to continue being his famous scholar; he wanted me to pass you a message, that if there’s anything fun, call him on, and that he welcomes you to have tea at his place anytime. Qiao Chuxin, Summer, Shui Wenmo, and Dong Fenghou also went to travel around; Leng Lingyun returned to the Temple of Light to carry out his duties. The wind leopard is currently being taken care of by miss Lashia.” Jean shortly reported on each person.

Claire nodded, then took out the letter and frowned: “What is this letter about?”

“Master Cliff’s friend, master Lawrence, asked me to bring you that.” Jean had not read the letter, but Lawrence had solemnly requested for it to put into Claire’s hands immediately, so Jean didn’t delay.

Claire closed her eyes, and sighed gently.

That was all master Lawrence could do. To breakthrough, Master actually went to Devil Region. Master Lawrence wanted her to stop Master. Devil Region, wasn’t the true world of devils; but that region was unusually dangerous, with unknown and dangerous creatures everywhere. The topography was also very dangerous, and the climate was horrible. There was a terrifyingly strong barrier around Devil Region; it was very easy to enter, but didn’t seemed so easy to exit. Rumors say that there are powerful creatures from the world of devils that exist there, and many strong people who went in there to cultivate never walked out. Master Lawrence couldn’t persuade Cliff, so he could only write to Claire, wanting her to stop him.

“Miss, is it very serious?” Looking at Claire’s heavy expression, Jean asked softly.

Claire once again opened the letter to see the date on it. Cliff had already set out for a few days.

“We must go stop my master, he is going to Devil Region!” Claire gritted her teeth and spit out these words.

“What!” Jean’s expression also changed instantly. Devil Region, he couldn’t know it better. There once was a strong person from Amparkland that wanted to go cultivate in Devil Region; the barrier around it was very easy to enter, but after the strong person went in, he never came out again. Rumors say that there are powerful creatures of the world of devils in there, and that place was also the forbidden place in the hearts of the strong. Numerous famous powerful ones had entered there and never returned, so Devil Region had already become a place that many strong people don’t want to talk about.

“Master had already set off for many days,” Claire frowned and worried, “Rushing to Devil Region from here, is still very far. Even if I fly, it’s impossible to continue through days and nights, and I will run out of magic power.” At this time, Claire became fretful. Even if she persisted in flying for a whole day and night, she would need even more time to replenish her empty magic power; that would only waste time.

“Miss, don’t worry, I will send you to Devil Region as quick as possible.” At this time, Jean said this determinedly.

Claire looked at Jean, whose face was covered in determination and his tone sure, puzzled. Jean was only a warrior; all he knew was DouQi. What did he mean by these words?

“With the situation so urgent, I can not care so much anymore.” Jean lifted up the curtains and gazed outside, his face calm.

What did he mean? Claire couldn’t understand what Jean meant by his actions.

“Coachman, when we reach the woods, let us down and you can go back!” Jean ordered the coachman.

“Yes.” The coachman didn’t ask anything, agreeing to this immediately. He raised his whip and increased the speed of the carriage.

“Jean, what are you planning to do?” Looking at the solemn Jean, Claire couldn’t resist opening her mouth to ask.

“Miss, going from here to Devil Region, it will take several months by carriage. When we reach there, master Cliff will have already entered Devil Region, and at that time, it will be too late.” Jean let down the curtains, his tone peaceful as he gazed at Claire.

Claire nodded. Yes, she knew all of this. But, what did Jean want to say?

“Miss, I will take you to the outskirts of Devil Region within three days.” Determination shot out of Jean’s eyes.

Three days? Claire was stunned, was this possible? If dragon Ben was here, maybe there would be a possibility. The flying speed and endurance of dragons were absolutely incomparable by ordinary magic beasts or mounts. But at this crucial time, that fellow dragon Ben went to cultivate. Did Jean’s mount have such fast speed? That’s right, knights all have their own mounts; what was Jean’s mount? Claire searched around in her brain, but realized that this piece of information was missing.

The carriage was very fast, and after entering a secluded woods, it stopped. Jean and Claire jumped down from the carriage, and the coachman obeyed their instructions and returned the way they came.

“Jean, just what do you want to do?” Claire asked in confusion.

Jean didn’t answer. Instead, he looked up at the sky, his gaze cold.

“Respond to me! My contractor!” Jean gaze became empty as he softly shouted out such a sentence.

Instantly, a strange rune surfaced on Jean’s forehead. But Claire understood, that was the mark of a contract. Jean was summoning something; was it Jean’s mount?

Claire started thinking. As a knight, Jean certainly has his own mount. The imperial knights of the capital, the knights of the Griffin Squad, of course had griffins as mounts. Further down were war horses, while some knights had special magic beasts. Could it be, that Jean’s magic beast was a flying one? Therefore Jean would say that he would take her to the outskirts of Devil Region in three days’ time?

It must be like this. Only a flying magic beast could take her to the outskirts of Devil Region in such a short period of time.

Claire also looked up at the sky, waiting for Jean’s summoned mount.

Not long after, the sky above Claire darkened. Claire looked at the huge creature spiraling above her head, completely stunned. She had guessed that Jean’s mount should be a magic beast that could fly. Yes, right, she was correct on this point.

But, why was this flying magic beast so big? Why did it look so much like a dragon?

Because it was a dragon! Jean’s mount was actually a dragon!

Dragon knights were very rare; the entire Amparkland had only two dragon knights. Lagark had two, Baluke, one, and other countries had none. And Jean was Amparkland’s unknown, third dragon knight.

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