Ch.94 Entering Devil Region (Part II)

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Before Claire was an area of verdant woods, but it was abnormally quiet. At least for now, she couldn’t detect any essence of life yet.

Claire turned around, and extended her hand to touch the barrier, but astonishingly discovered that she couldn’t read the wavelength of the barrier, nor could she go through it. It was completely different from how she easily passed through it a moment ago. But now wasn’t the time to worry about this; she needed to find Master first.

This place really was too creepy; the scene was so beautiful, yet no creature existed. Was there a very dangerous creature here that deterred other creatures so they didn’t dare come close, or was it that this place had always been so creepy?

“Chirp chirp……” “Tweet tweet……” The White Emperor and Black Feather crouching on Claire’s left and right shoulders suddenly started chirping and tweeting. Claire immediately detected the slight noise behind her and turned abruptly. She came face to face with Jean’s determined face.

“Jean!” Claire’s expression changed, “Why did you come in? Didn’t you know better than anyone how dangerous this place is? I told you to not come in!”

White Emperor and Black Feather hopped onto Jean’s shoulder. Under comparison, Jean’s broad shoulders were much more comfortable to squat on.

“Miss, as I have said before, that no matter where you go, I will follow you, even to death.” Jean’s expression was calm as he said this softly and lightly, an resolute determination flowing out from the bottom of his eyes.

Claire couldn’t speak; she could only look at Jean, stunned. This man whose face was full of determination, Claire saw the change in him clearly. From the disdain and disgust at the beginning till the never betraying now; these changes, Claire all felt them deeply.

“Let’s go.” Claire said the two words softly, but an indescribable feeling arose in her heart.

“Yes.” A gentle smile surfaced on Jean’s lips as he followed after Claire.

“Oh right, where’s Judy?” Claire suddenly remembered the exhausted dragon outside the barrier.

“She’s okay. She will return by herself after getting some rest.” Jean answered softly, but there was a sense of guilt in his voice.

Claire didn’t ask more, and continued walking forward.

Their surroundings were still creepily quiet, with no sign of life.

“Miss, this place is very strange.” Looking around, Jean naturally also noticed the strangeness.

“Yes, there is no life,” Claire nodded, “We just don’t know whether it was like this originally, or if there’s a very powerful creature here that deterred others.”

Just when Claire finished her sentence, her expression changed. A tremendous and terrifying force appeared ahead of them, and was now speedily approaching.

Jean had already stepped in front of Claire and drew out his sword.

When Claire and Jean saw the creature bolting straight towards them, they were both stunned. It was an earthbound dragon! A ninth grade magic beast! Glittering blue scales covered its body, with a row of sharp spikes glowing with cold light lined the back of its neck. Its four sturdy hooves were filled with force, and its tail was thick and powerful. An imposing and extremely dangerous creature! If they really fought each other, neither Claire nor Jean was confident that they could win. Earthbound dragons were very rare; they hadn’t expected to see a such high-level magic beast right after they entered Devil Region. But, right now, this powerful magic beast’s eyes were filled with fear, and it was racing as fast as it could, as if there was some terrifying thing chasing behind it. The earthbound dragon ran crazily; when it passed by Claire and Jean, it didn’t even glance at them, not to mention stopping. Instead, it continued racing forward with all its might.

What was it that made this originally powerful and dangerous magic beast so frightened?

“F*ck! If you keep running away! Daddy me will braise you today, believe it or not!” A gruff, cursing voice sounded from behind. The earthbound dragon ran even faster, crying in its heart, was there any difference between being steamed and braised?

The next moment, before Claire and Jean could see who it was, something flashed in front of their eyes, and a figure appeared before them.

“Huh, humans?” Standing before Jean and Claire was a skinny youth. The youth had long, ebony black hair, and his delicate features couldn’t cover up his arrogance and pride. And his irises were a blood red color! Devil! A true devil! There really were devils in Devil Region!

Before Jean could act, the red-irised youth gently reached out his hand and clipped Jean’s sword between two of his fingers. With a crisp clang, Jean’s sword broke. This magic sword was so easily destroyed!

“Gal, come, daddy me am going to invite you to eat.” The youth with red irises waved his hand, and Jean vanished into thin air!

“You! What did you do? Where’s Jean?” Claire’s expression changed greatly, alarm bells ringing in her heart as she gazed at this youth with red irises before her! This person, oh, no, this devil’s strength was on a completely different level than theirs!

“Jean? The one pointing the sword at daddy me? Daddy me sent him to a corner of this place to tour.” The devil youth started laughing arrogantly, “Let’s go, gal, daddy me will invite you to eat steamed earthbound dragon.”

“What person are you?” Claire began backing up. Teleporting Jean and White Emperor and Black Feather away with just a wave of the hand, what kind of strength was this! The essence this devil emitted wasn’t powerful at all, but his strength was so terrifying. Who was he?

“Daddy me ain’t a person, am a devil.” This time the youth with red irises replied in a good temper.

“A girl shouldn’t say daddy me.” Claire still watched this devil before her with caution, trying hard to divert her attention. Claire didn’t want to be butchered right after stepping into Devil Region and before she could find Master. Although this devil looked like a boy from her appearance, she definitely was a girl!

“Daddy me just likes to say daddy me, you got a problem with that? Yo, gal, how did you tell that daddy me is a girl?” The devil became interested, glancing Claire up and down, scratching her head, “Your insight is pretty good, is it because there’s something different with your eyes? How ‘bout daddy me dig it out and examine it a bit.”

Claire just stared at this devil before her, knowing that she definitely had the strength to do so. And everyone knew about the devils’ savagery and violence, not to mention she just witnessed the devil chasing after the earthbound dragon, about to eat it.

“Look at you, so nervous.” The devil with red irises started laughing loudly, “Gal, daddy me has had no one to talk to recently. On that side, those idiots run away the moment they see daddy me. So daddy me comes to this side to play and relax, but f*ck! These live creatures run the moment they see daddy me!”

Claire looked at this devil laughing wildly before her, slightly astonished. She tried to think what this devil’s identity was. What did her words mean? On that side, those idiots run away the moment they see her? That side? What side was that? Devil World?! The devils of Devil World run away the moment they see her, then who was she? Or should she say, what level did her strength reach already?

“You don’t need to care about who daddy me is, today daddy me is in a good mood.” The young girl with red irises grabbed Claire’s hand, her tone like that of a gangster, “Let’s go, daddy me will take you to see around this place. We’ll go find that earthbound dragon first. Won’t eat it today, let it be our mount.”

Claire didn’t know whether she should laugh or cry. No matter how she thought about it, this situation was weird. As if she was blocked by a gangster and said: Let’s go, I’ll take you for a spin in a racecar. But, this gangster was a girl! The more helpless thing about this situation was that Claire couldn’t wrestle out of this young girl’s grip at all. The only thing Claire knew, was that this young devil girl was the strongest among all the people she had ever met. Even that elder from the Fire Hall couldn’t compare with her. And she couldn’t see through this young girl’s strength at all. If not for her glaring red irises, she seemed like an ordinary girl from her appearance. But in reality, the strength she showed made people’s hearts shudder.

At this time, the crashing sound of a bang sounded from the barrier, very hasty. Claire blanked for a second before realizing that the earthbound dragon was so scared it chose a wrong path and came to the barrier, and now it ran right into the barrier.

“You have three seconds, if you don’t come here immediately, daddy me will definitely eat you tonight. Today daddy me is in a good mood, hurry and get your butt here to be our mount, daddy me is taking beauty to see around.” The young girl with red irises yelled in an extremely impatient tone.

Instantly, it really was only an instant, a whirlwind blew across, and the earthbound dragon was already standing obediently before the two.

Claire looked dumbfoundedly at the earthbound dragon, who was behaving like a cute and obedient little girl. Was this the legendary vicious and outstandingly powerful earthbound dragon? In front of this young devil girl, it was even more lamb-ish than a lamb! Just what was her identity?

“Oh right, gal, what’s your name?” The young devil girl squinted slightly, and the earthbound dragon immediately crouched down to let the devil girl ride on it. The devil girl pulled on Claire’s hand, dragging her on also. “Claire.” Claire replied in a muffled voice, worrying for Cliff and Jean’s safety in her heart. This area was mysterious and frightening; didn’t know how the two were doing right now. But this devil girl before her was very moody, and annoying her seemed like a very unwise action.

“Your name is nice. What did you come here for?” The young girl with red irises patted the earthbound dragon under her, and the earthbound dragon obediently started striding forwards, but because it was too scared and nervous, it actually strode with the same leg’s on one side together, and was as robotic as human walking with hands and feet on the same side swinging together.

“I’m here to find my master, my master entered Devil Region.” Claire answered honestly.

“Oh, master?” The young girl with red irises stroked her chin and thought about it, then said, “Oh, I remember now. A few days ago there was a human old man that came in. Devil Region? Is that what humans call this place? Humph……” The young girl with red irises snorted, very disdainful.

“Really? Then do you know where my master is?” Hearing this, Claire became very nervous, and asked anxiously.

“Yup.” The red-irised young girl reached out her hand and randomly picked a leaf off a branch above their heads, replying casually.

“Really? Can you take me to my master?” Claire continued asking anxiously.

“No. Today, you will play with daddy me. When daddy me is in a good mood, daddy me will take you there. Maybe, if daddy me is happy, daddy me might even send y’all out. You yourselves are unable to go out this barrier.” The young girl with red irises played around with the leaf in her hand, answering seriously.

Claire twitched her lip. This fellow, sure enough, was very moody. And the most troublesome thing was, her strength was unfathomable!

“Who, are you?” After thinking for a while, Claire still asked out loud. At this time, Claire still didn’t know, what a powerful figure she had met.

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11 thoughts on “Ch.94 Entering Devil Region (Part II)

  1. “Before Claire was an area of verdant woods, but it was abnormally quiet. At least for now, she couldn’t detect any essence of life yet.”

    Claire’s not human?


    1. Think I meant sounds of life, like when animals, who usually move and make a lot of noise, sense predators coming they are really quiet. Or like the scenes in movies where there’s danger so there’s no sound.


  2. wow so good!
    This is the first time Claire cowered in fear,
    but not really since she’s still having a jolly good conversation with the devil.
    Thank you Meow and Woof! 🙂


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