Ch.95 The Young Lord of the Devil World (Part I)

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After Claire asked this question, the girl with red irises started laughing, “Beauty, even if you knew, it would be of no use to you. Let’s go, daddy me will take you on a trip here.”

“Then, how should I address you?” Claire asked carefully. Although this red-eyed girl was smiling right now, Claire knew, this girl might be laughing one moment, but take her life the next second. Because, there wasn’t any warmth in her eyes, any emotion. She was a devil, who did anything she wanted!

“Hm…… Let daddy me think.” The devil girl tilted her head, as if deep in thought.

Claire looked at their surroundings. There was still no indication of life around them. Was this all because of this devil girl?

“I can’t tell you my name, so just call me young lord, like the others.” The devil girl finally came up with an answer.

Young lord?! Claire was stunned, a shocking thought flashing through her mind. Young lord? The child of a castellan of some city in the Devil World? Just the child of a castellan, yet her strength was so terrifying; then what about the castellan? And above the castellan? What kind of an existence was the devil world? And how did this young girl cross worlds and arrive here from the Devil World? Claire was full of questions.

“Young lord, why is it so quiet here, with no indication of life?” Claire asked the thing puzzling her as she looked around.

“Oh. They were either eaten by daddy me, or scared away by daddy me.” The young lord snorted, her voice disdainful.

Claire could clearly feel that when the young lord said these, the earthbound dragon under them shivered.

“It’s also boring over here, sh*t! At first, when these things saw daddy me they wanted to eat daddy me, and now they run away faster than anything when they see daddy me!” The young lord said indignantly, reaching out in frustration to flick the sharp spikes on the back of the Earthbound dragon’s neck. A chunk was flicked off. The Earthbound dragon shivered, scared to death.

Claire kept silent, not knowing what to say. But Claire was sure of one thing, this fellow, was a person with a bad attitude, and one of the extremely bad ones!

“Beauty, this world is so boring. Is there anything fun?” The young lord asked lazily.

“Um…… ”

Claire didn’t know what to say. Fun? What counts as fun? “Young lord, what do you like to do?” After some thought, Claire asked such a question.

“Daddy me likes to compete with those stronger than daddy me, then crush them under my feet, and enjoy their strangled expressions.” The young lord raised her brows, saying leisurely, but then immediately twitched her lip, “Sh*t! But I can’t enjoy that now anymore!”

Hearing this, Claire was first wordless, then stunned!

What was this young girl’s identity?

Likes to compete with the powerful, and defeat them. But can’t enjoy that anymore now! Was this young girl the strongest in the Devil World? How could it be? How could the child of a castellan be so powerful?

“Are all the devils of the Devil World not your match anymore?” Claire asked cautiously.

“Almost. There’s one that daddy me is afraid to fight with, and can’t win against either.” The young lord twitched her lip, annoyed. The only devil she didn’t dare touch, was her daddy! Her father!

But this sentence already exposed her identity!

Young lord, young lord! Not the child of a castellan, but the child of the king of the Devil World! The young lord of the Devil World! Claire sucked in a breath softly. This young girl was actually the young lord of the Devil World! Why would she appear here? Was it really because no one was her match in the Devil World, so she came out for a stroll?

Now Claire could understand, why she could teleport Jean to another place so easily! Suddenly, Claire had a question. Devil World was another world; so the king of the Devil World and the gods of the Human World, who was stronger?

“Boring, so boring. Beauty, what do you like to do?” The young lord took out some red and green objects and played around with them. Claire looked and twitched her lip. They were actually all ninth-grade beast cores! Although it was only a one number difference between eighth-grade and ninth-grade beasts, but their strength differed greatly. Faced with a ninth-grade beast, even Claire would feel very difficult. But, the young lord took out a bunch at once!

“I like to…… bully others and order them around.” Looking at the shocking beast cores in the young lord’s hands, Claire answered the young lord’s question truthfully.

“What?” The young lord suddenly turned to look at Claire, then laughed, “Beauty, nice, you’re really interesting. Daddy me is starting to like you. If daddy me was male, daddy me would take you home and marry you. Then we can bully others and order them around together.”

Claire didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

The young lord followed Claire’s gaze to her own hands, and blinked with realization, “Beauty, if like these, you can have them.” The young lord passed all the beast cores in her hand to Claire.

“What?” Claire came back to her senses, accepted the beast cores, then put them into her storage ring. Why would she not take them? Such valuable items. “Thanks.” Claire still thanked politely.

“Beauty, is that a storage ring?” The young lord stared at Claire’s finger.

“Yes, but the storage space isn’t big.” Claire answered truthfully.

“Come on, beauty, I’ll take you somewhere.” The young lord kicked the earthbound dragon underneath them, “Go, take us to the center of this land. Hurry, or I’ll fry you!”

As soon as the young lord finished, the earthbound dragon was like on steroids, rushing forward at top speed. The objects beside them were flying past, making Claire dizzy. She couldn’t help being confused: were the speed of earthbound dragons so fast? Weren’t they famous for their strength?

The whole way, chaos erupted. The earthbound dragon ran the entire way, sometimes rushing into other magic beasts’ territories. Continuously, other beasts came out roaring, wanting to fight with the earthbound dragon, but when they saw the person on the back of the earthbound dragon, they were immediately scared out of their wits, and ran away instantly. Not a single magic beast dared to block their way, all escaping as fast as they could.

This made Claire completely shocked. This devil girl; was she really so terrifying?

The earthbound dragon bolted through the whole way, sending up clouds of dust behind them. Very soon, they came to a place, and it stopped. This was a clearing; no trees, just grass. The earthbound dragon stopped, panting, and stood there motionlessly.

The young lord jumped off, then grabbed Claire’s hand and pulled her off roughly. She then kicked the earthbound dragon, “Get the hell out, seeing that you behaved well today, daddy me won’t eat you.”

The earthbound dragon looked at them with joyous tears in its eyes, then ran away without looking back.

“Come on, beauty, daddy me’s gonna take you to collect some trash.” The young lord let go of Claire’s hand and squatted down, putting her two palms together, and shouted in a low voice, “Open!” Her two palms slowly separated, and along with her hands, the ground also cracked open. A dark, stone stairway appeared before Claire.

Collect trash?

Claire looked at the stone stairway that appeared before them abruptly with confusion. Where were they going?

“Come on!” The young lord pulled Claire over and walked down the stairway.

The stairway was dark and wet. The young girl flicked her finger, and numerous bright dots appeared over their heads, stretching all the way to the depths, illuminating the whole stairway.

“What, place is this?” Looking at the cracked walls, Claire asked softly. In front, the young lord’s pull was very strong, tugging on Claire’s hand and walking forward continuously.

“Don’t know who’s underground palace this is. But you could probably use the trash inside.” The young lord replied casually, “I discovered it by accident last time.”

A wet, rotten smell welcomed them. Claire looked at the long, winding, stone stairs, extremely puzzled. Ever since she met this young girl with red irises, Claire’s questions only increased.

After some time, they finally finished the stone steps, and came to an open space.

This was an abandoned, ancient palace. The walls were broken and crumbling, and the pillars made out of white jade lost their luster long ago. But everything showed the grandness and magnificence of the palace at its time.

“We’re going inside,” the young lord walked in front, “Nobody’s here, only some bones. Don’t know when they they died.”

Claire looked around. It felt stuffy, extremely quiet. Claire followed the young lord into the depths of the palace. Walking into the grand hall, lifting her eyes, a huge treasure box sat on the throne, with no signs of being opened.

“Come here, beauty. Take this as the pay for talking with me today.” For the first time, the young lord didn’t call herself “daddy me”. She walked up and opened the box, twitched her lip, and said disdainfully, “These are of no use to me; maybe you can use them.”

Claire walked up in confusion. When she saw the items in the box, Claire was stunned. The box was gone through messily, and eight rings, some beast cores, gems, and precious ores were scattered inside.

“These rings…… ” Claire already had an answer, but she still couldn’t believe it.

“Storage rings; the storage space is okay.” The young lord answered absently, looking around.

Claire picked up one ring with shock and checked inside, but was frightened by the space inside the ring. It was as big as this hall!

“All boring stuff.” The young lord yawned, and added lazily, “Put them away; they should be of use to you.”

After some thought, Claire put away everything in the box. Such precious stuff, yet the young lord called them trash.

“Beauty, why are you always wearing a glove on your right hand?” Although the young lord was asking, she already grabbed Claire’s hand and pulled off the glove roughly.

Unable to contend with the young lord, Claire could only watch as the young lord pulled off her glove.

“Aha! The mark of the god of darkness!” The young lord exclaimed excitedly, as if she discovered a new continent.

Claire wasn’t at all surprised that the young lord could recognize this, but was baffled by her excited tone.

“You were actually chosen; what’s different about you?” The young lord seemed to understand the meaning of this mark, lifting her head, and looked at Claire suspiciously while stroking her chin.

“You, know the god of Darkness?” Claire tried asking. Would this devil girl know the god of Darkness? The Devil World and Human World were two completely different worlds; would they have any interaction?

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    1. You know that devil is a girl right? Though I don’t have too much problem with yuri I still strongly prefer the normal way.. and this story isn’t yuri to begin with. XD

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  1. Thanks for the chapter but fuck it!! I knew it.. I didn’t want to read this chapter.. that’s why I’m commenting only now, because I felt that there is going to be something wrong with the chapter.. and ofc it’s wrong. It has A GOD DAMN CLIFFHANGER AT THE END……. fuu


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