Ch.95 The Young Lord of the Devil World (Part II)

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“Duh! What kind of thing is the god of Darkness!” The young lord spat disdainfully. “If he appears before daddy me right now, daddy me will beat his face into blossoming flowers!”

Claire was stunned. Just what kind of existence was this young girl? Did she really have such strength, or was she boasting?

“Beauty, seems like the ridiculous knowledge of humans really is bizarre. Sit down, and let me tell you.” The young lord sat down on the stairs and patted the seat beside her, motioning for Claire to also sit down.

Claire obediently sat down beside her.

“You think the goddess of Light you worship is really a god?” The young lord laughed coldly.

Claire was baffled. She stared straight at the laughing young lord, not understanding what she meant by her words.

“God, what is a god? They are really only the strongest among humans. Just an existence that surpassed everyone else and stands at the peak! The only true gods of the Human World, are the Mother goddess and Father god; they created the Human World. What goddess of Light, the god of Darkness, these can all be replaced. The sprites were also created by Father god and Mother goddess, and their god of Sprites is also the transformation of the strongest of the sprites.” The young lord’s calm words totally stunned Claire.

“There is only one reason why the god of Darkness would choose your spirit. Your spirit is the perfect union of righteousness and evil, light and darkness. If he offered your spirit to Mother goddess, Mother goddess will probably be very satisfied. And maybe in a good mood, she will make the god of Darkness and the goddess of Light exchange positions.” The young lord’s next words made Claire’s brain almost stop.

The god of Darkness and the goddess of Light exchange positions?

The god of Darkness being worshipped by millions, the goddess of Light being disdained by millions.

Such a scene suddenly appeared in Claire’s mind. Why would she think such a scene oddly satisfying?

“Does the goddess of Light know that you have such a mark?” The young lord asked, looking at Claire’s right hand.

Claire shook her head gently.

“Yeah, probably. If she knew, there’s no way you would be standing here safely right now. If the goddess of Light knew, she would definitely spend every bit of strength she has to get rid of you.” The young lord suddenly frowned as she gazed at Claire, “According to the goddess of Light’s usual manner, she should be able to prophesy something, and would definitely try to win you to her side before the god of Darkness discovers you.”

The young lord’s meaning was very obvious. The goddess of Light would either try to win her over before the god of Darkness made a move, or she would destroy her after the god of Darkness acted.

“I am a priest of the Temple of Light.” Claire saw through the young lord’s confusion, and explained.

“Ohh.” The young lord had on a I-knew-it expression.

Claire looked down at the mark on the back of her hand, frowning slightly. This time, if she returned to Amparkland, she probably wouldn’t be able to refrain from matters of the Temple of Light, so going to the Temple would be unavoidable. If, this mark was discovered by them, what would happen?

“Beauty, you wanna to play a game?” The young lord squinted dangerously, watching Claire with the gaze of a predator watching its prey.

Claire was wordless. She understood, that ever since the beginning, this young girl from the Devil World only used her for entertainment. In her eyes, Claire was nothing.

“What game do you want to play?” But Claire smelled something unusual in her words.

“If you are discovered by the goddess of Light too quickly, that wouldn’t be fun at all.” The young lord pulled Claire’s hand over, and reached out her finger to lightly tap the black mark on Claire. Abruptly, that black mark started to turn transparent with a speed noticeable by the human eye, until it disappeared!

“Don’t rejoice too early, I have no way to help you remove this. The only way I can help you remove the mark is by killing the god of Darkness. But, the god of Darkness will definitely not appear in front of me to seek trouble. All I did was make this mark invisible, so no one would discover it.” The young lord withdrew her hand, and continued on with interest, “As for how things will unravel, that depends on you yourself. I don’t think you look like one that would obediently wait for others to butcher anyway.”

Of course I wouldn’t obediently wait for others to butcher me!

Claire withdrew her hand too, gazing fixedly at the back of her hand, which seemed have returned to its original appearance. She humphed coldly in her heart.

And everything the young lord told Claire today, completely toppled Claire’s original knowledge. The goddess of Light wasn’t a god! Gods, weren’t really gods! But the strongest among humans! And what did this mean? This meant that if a human’s strength reached the peak, the human could overturn the goddess of Light!

With her head tilted, the young lord watched Claire’s expression change, already extremely excited in her heart. There were still many things she hadn’t told Claire, for it would be more fun if Claire discovered them herself. She had a feeling in her heart, that in the near future, a good show would definitely be put on. Ahaha, just thinking this made her so excited.

“Beauty, let’s go, I’ll take you to your master, and send you out.” The young lord seemed very excited, saying this as she stood up.

Claire watched the young lord, who was in a very good mood, not understanding why she was suddenly so excited.

“The treasured sword behind the chair, you should have use for it too. Go find whatever you could use here, and take all of them!” The young lord squinted as she instructed. Right now she was very excited, desperately wishing to see the show she is so looking forward to right now. If she wanted her show, naturally she needed to put in some effort and help this young girl grow stronger.

And naturally Claire wouldn’t object. She found a sword behind the chair; the sword was already covered in rust. Claire reached out to take it, and was greatly astonished. This seemingly old sword was actually so heavy! Claire secretly utilized DouQi, and with all her strength did she barely retrieve this treasured sword into her storage ring.

“This sword, is a magic sword. Give it to your knight to use, and you will understand how this sword is different from all others!” The young lord crossed her arms in front of her chest, leaning on a pillar as she said this to Claire.

“Thank you.” Although Claire didn’t understand what were the intentions of this young girl that made her help her like this, she in fact did help her. So naturally Claire needed to politely thank her.

“Oh right, this is for you, beauty. It can block a deadly attack for you once; only saving you once.” After thinking for a while, the young lord fished something out of her bag and stuffed it into Claire’s hand.

“Why are you helping me like this?” Although Claire was asking, her hand hurriedly accepted the thing. No joke, such a good thing, and giving it to her for nothing. It’d be such a waste if she didn’t take it.

“If you die too early there’d be no good show to watch.” The young lord’s answer was even more truthful, making Claire completely wordless.

Claire rolled her eyes. She was just about to put the thing the young lord gave her into her storage ring when the young lord stopped her.

“Put it around your neck. Remember, it can only save you once.” The young lord reminded.

“Okay, I know.” Claire put the thing the young lord gave her around her neck. It was a very ordinary-looking ruby necklace; a tiny ruby hung from a thin string, simple and without any decoration.

“Let’s go, beauty, I’ll take you to go find your master, and your idiot knight, and then send you all out.” The young lord was in an exceptionally good mood. She now couldn’t wait to send Claire out, to see the show she looked forward to as soon as possible.

“Where is my master?” Claire understood that Master probably isn’t in life-threatening danger, or else the young lord’s tone wouldn’t be like this.

“Just follow me.” The young lord grabbed Claire’s hand roughly and started running towards the passageway. When they exited the underground passageway, the young lord looked up at the sky, seeming to be determining the direction. The next moment, Claire’s head felt dizzy, and she couldn’t help closing her eyes.

When Claire reopened her eyes, her surrounding had already changed.

Instant transportation again. The young lord had took her and transported them to another place.

“Yo, we’re so on time. Your master seems to be making his breakthrough.” The young lord’s taunting voice reached Claire’s ears. Claire looked up to see an astonishing scene.

In the clearing in front of them, Cliff was covered in wounds, the blood almost dying his clothes red. But his eyes were shut and his expression was completely peaceful. He just sat there, the bodies of several ninth-grade magic beasts around him. Slowly, Cliff’s body emitted a colorful light.

“Haha, so interesting. But even if he does breakthrough, he can’t make it out of this barrier either. Why do so many stupid humans come to this place to cultivate and breakthrough?” The young lord stroked her chin as she mocked, “Even though coming here to cultivate makes it very easy to breakthrough, what use is breaking through? Forever staying at this place, either eventually dying of age, or be group attacked by magic beast packs and die.”

Claire turned to look at the young lord, who saw the questions in her eyes.

“Don’t look at me like that, actually, there’s a reason why I can’t exit this barrier, too. It’s like a rule. But I can send you out.” The young lord squinted as she said lightly.

Master was going to make his breakthrough?! Claire watched fixedly at Cliff, who was sitting crossed legged there, numerous emotions surging in her heart. Naturally, she knew why Cliff took the risk to enter Devil Region to breakthrough. Everything was because of her, because Cliff wanted to undo Claire’s black mark!

“Yo, he’s going to fail?” The young lord’s voice abruptly sounded in Claire’s ears.

Claire focused and looked over once more. Sure enough, the colorful light on Cliff’s body suddenly became very unstable, sometimes bright and sometimes dim.

And Cliff’s originally calm face at this time was a frown too. Obviously, now was the most critical time of his breakthrough.

Claire’s heart tensed as she watched Cliff anxiously, very worried. What should she do?

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