Ch.96 Jean’s Pledge (Part I)

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“Would someone die if this breakthrough failed?” The young lord squinted, smirking.

Claire’s expression changed. In record, there was only one sorcerer who made a successful breakthrough, but he had long vanished and did not meddle in worldly affairs. Claire didn’t know what the result would be if a breakthrough failed, but, it definitely won’t be without any injuries!

Now, what should she do? At such an important time in the breakthrough, Claire didn’t dare do anything rashly. Everyone knows that doing rash things at such a time would bring even worse results.

“Young lord…… ” Claire turned to look at the young lord, the pleading in her eyes apparent.

The young lord didn’t say anything else, just flicked her finger lightly. A soft, white beam of light shot into Cliff’s body.

In that instant, colorful light burst out from Cliff, and his scrunched eyebrows slowly relaxed. The light on him got brighter and brighter, completely enveloping him inside.

“Young lord, thank…… ” Claire just started when she was cut off by the young lord.

“Don’t thank me, I’m waiting for you to perform a good show for me. Don’t disappoint me.” The young lord waved her hand impatiently, “Wait here, I need to go back, to prepare for the next Divine War.”    Divine War? Claire was confused.

“Beauty, I really hope to see you in the Divine War, haha. But don’t know what identity you would be using to fight.” The young lord laughed, her random words baffling Claire even more.

Very soon, the colorful light on Cliff’s body dissipated. Claire noticed with awe that the wounds on Cliff’s body had already completely healed, and he looked energetic. His every move gave off slightly a different essence from before: the essence of a powerful one.

“Master!” Claire’s heart finally relaxed, and she called out joyously.

“Beauty, I hope to meet you again, haha. Go, butcher those who  want to butcher you.” The young lord’s voice sounded beside Claire’s ear. Claire wanted to turn and look at the young lord, but her vision suddenly became dark. When she could see again, Claire found that she had returned to the place where she first entered Devil Region, outside the barrier.



Both voices were shocked and stunned.

“Master, you made a breakthrough, I’m glad you’re okay. Congratulations to Master for breaking through.” Claire instantly understood that the young lord sent them out. And the young lord’s last words were deeply engraved into her heart. Go, butcher those who want to butcher you. Claire’s gaze became a little icy.

“What happened?” Cliff frowned, his expression confused, “I remember I was at the bottleneck of breaking through, almost failing, then bizarrely, an outside power helped me succeed. Then I heard your voice, and now I’m here.” Cliff was very confused. While breaking through, he did kind of sense two people beside him. One was Claire; who was the other one?

“Miss, who was that person? Are you okay?” Jean’s eyes were confused and worried.

“She’s not a person, but a devil,” Claire said to Cliff and Jean calmly, “She was the one who helped Master breakthrough and sent us out.”

“What?!” Jean was greatly astonished. How could a devil help a human? To humans, devils were always a terrifying existence. They were powerful, ruthless, cold-blooded, and savage. Rumor has it that there were creatures from the devil world inside Devil Region, but he never expected it to be true. Now Jean remembered, that youth, had blood-red irises.

“Claire, are you saying that a devil helped me breakthrough?” Although Cliff was asking, his tone was sure. Only he knew the danger of the situation, and he also knew that Claire could not have helped him. So the person with Claire was a devil? Looking at it, it must be that devil.

“Yes.” Claire nodded.

“Why would she help us? Even sending us out.” Cliff was stunned. A devil actually helped humans?! This sounded like a huge joke. Cliff stroked his chin, looking around suspiciously. Not only helping him breakthrough, but also sending them out safely. Too fishy!

“She just suddenly felt like it.” Claire sighed lightly, explaining.

Jean and Cliff were both shocked, but seeing Claire’s solemn expression, they both understood that Claire must be telling the truth. That devil; she probably did this really because she was too bored!! “I didn’t expect there really to be devils in Devil Region,” Cliff still hadn’t returned from his shock. Everything that just happened was much too bizarre.

“Oh right, Master, Jean, here, form a blood contract.” Claire took out two rings from her storage ring and handed it to the two.

“This is?” Cliff was perplexed at first, but after looking at Claire’s eyes he was sure of his guess.

“Storage ring!” Jean exclaimed. It was actually such a precious thing!

“Yes, that devil took me to find it.” Claire stuffed the rings into the two’s hands, and said to Cliff, “Master, is your storage ring as big as this one?”

“That devil took you to find these?” Cliff opened his mouth wide, the whole thing seeming even more unbelievable. He sensed the storage space inside the storage ring, and was completely dumbstruck: “Such a big space! Twenty times larger than mine!”

“Then perfect, switch it over, and give me your old one.” Claire was calculating what to do with the rest of the storage rings.

“Miss, that devil, why is she so good to you?!” Looking at the storage ring in his hand, Jean asked in muffled voice.

“She’s not good to me, she’s just bored to death. And these things are only trash in her eyes; she was just disposing them on me.” Claire shrugged, taking out the rusty sword from her ring. But as soon as she took it out, because it was too heavy, it fell directly to the ground.

Trash? Storage rings were trash?! These unattainable items were actually trash in that devil’s eyes!

Cliff was taking out the stuff in his old storage ring and moving them to the new one, but his attention was attracted by the rusted sword on the ground. “This sword, the devil brought me to find it also. But, except for being heavy, I have not discovered anything special about it,” Claire said puzzledly while looking at the rusty sword on the ground, “But, she specifically instructed me to take this sword, so it must have it’s specialities.”

Cliff squatted down, examining the rusted sword on the ground carefully. Slowly, his expression became stunned.

“This, this sword; could it be the legendary Sword of Death?!” Even Cliff’s voice was trembling.

“What Sword of Death?” Claire frowned and asked, puzzled. She had never heard of a treasured sword like this.

“The Sword of Death is a magic sword. Legend has it that this whole continent was once one empire, instead of five countries like now. And the founding emperor used the Sword of Death to fight his way through and create the empire.” Jean said, his expression very solemn, “The Sword of Death, is not a magic sword of any specific nature, but much more frightening. People attacked by it will fall into all sorts of negative states, hallucinate, their bodies go numb, and completely lose any ability to fight.”

Claire’s pupils dilated. She remembered the underground palace that the young lord took her to see. That once magnificent and glorious palace; was it the palace of that founding emperor? But why would the palace be there? And what about those white bones?

“Anyway, you’ve found a treasure.” Cliff looked at the treasured sword on the ground, grinning, “Never thought that things could turn out this way, it’s much too bizarre. Devils will actually help humans.”

“Master! You’re not ashamed to say this?” Claire’s temper flared up, “You ran into Devil Region rashly. If something happened to you, what will I do? Even if you made a breakthrough, it doesn’t mean you can definitely come out!” Claire glared at Cliff while scolding him.

“Haha, don’t be like this. See, everyone’s okay. I knew my precious disciple is not an ordinary person; even the devils help you. Haha, I’m a sorcerer now, hahahahaha…… ” Cliff shrieked towards the skies, gloating with pride.

Claire twitched her lip slightly. This old man in front of her behaving weirdly had become a sorcerer; but, behaving like this, did he even remotely resemble an extremely powerful person?

“Miss…… ” Jean’s voice sounded softly, full of complexity.

“This sword, I brought it especially for you!” Claire turned to look at Jean as she said lightly.

“This, is too valuable.” Looking at the sword on the ground, Jean’s expression was very complicated. This was the legendary Sword of Death! Every warrior’s dream!

“Yes, it’s too heavy1 , I can’t carry it. You take it. If you don’t want it, throw it into the barrier.” Claire shrugged and said carelessly.

Jean was wordless. He slowly picked the Sword of Death up from the ground.

“Master, this sword, you need to disguise it. If someone recognizes it, there would be a lot of trouble. And what to do with the rust on the sword blade?” Claire asked Cliff, who was busy moving his stuff to the new ring, and twitched her lip.

“Mm, no problem, it’s all on me. Ahaha, this storage ring is so big…… ” Cliff was laughing gleefully, and didn’t look towards this side.

“Miss, thank you…… ” A warm feeling flowed into Jean’s heart as he said softly to Claire.

Claire didn’t think much of it, turning to look at Cliff moving his belongings, also seeing if there’s anything valuable she could snatch off of him.

Jean gazed at the treasured sword in his hand, his emotions surging. The Sword of Death, from this day on, I will use you to guard Miss, until forever, Jean whispered in his heart, swearing solemnly on his life.

“Ahaha, Claire, let’s go let’s go, hurry back to the capital. I’m going to boast to that old thing Lawrence, I will beat his head into flowers, I will chase him through the streets, and make chickens fly and dogs jump, and make him sorry and shameful!” Cliff put his hands on his hips and laughed, completely forgetting the danger of almost failing the breakthrough just now.

“Let’s go, Jean.” Claire put on a sad face and pretended not to know Cliff, walking in front. Jean smiled and followed behind.

“Jean, come come, I’ll help you disguise your treasured sword, haha…… ” Cliff laughed, running to catch up, so bloated he could explode.

Things seemed like they were perfect, but Claire didn’t know, what kind of a cruel ordeal would be welcoming her.

The pope was already waiting for Claire’s return.

1. Heavy: In Chinese, valuable is 贵重(gui zhong), while heavy is 重(zhong). So this was intended as a pun, but it’s impossible in English 😦

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