Ch.96 Jean’s Pledge (Part II)

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After safely exiting Devil Region, Claire’s heart finally settled. The three leisurely traveled back to Amparkland.

When Cliff tested Claire’s magic level, he was shocked. In such a short period of time, Claire actually already made her breakthrough to a grand wizard!

“Haha, Claire, you’re only fourteen this year! Yet you’re actually already the level of a grand wizard! My god, you’ll definitely become the youngest sorcerer history has ever seen, haha~~ You are worthy of being my precious disciple.” Cliff lifted his head at the sky and roared, shaking his butt excitedly, “Now I can teach you those high-level chants.”

“Master, what about the forbidden chants, I want to learn the forbidden chants.” Of course, Claire’s appetite couldn’t be satisfied by just a few high-level chants.

“Learn your head, you can’t release forbidden chants yet. It will completely deplete your energy, and your life will be in danger, understand?” Cliff rejected the idea immediately.

“I want to learn, I didn’t say I was going to use them now.” Claire was persistent.

“No, no, only high-level chants.” Cliff shook his head, unwilling to give in.

“Give me the storage ring back!” Claire puffed out cold air from her nostrils, then fished out some ninth grade beast cores and sighed in regretful tone, “I was going to give these to Master, but forget it. And all these……” Claire put the beast cores back into her storage ring and took out some of the precious ores she found in that underground palace, swayed them before Cliff’s eyes, then put them back.

“Ah! So many ninth grade beast cores, and Reed Ores, Sindelar Ores! Claire, where did you get so many precious and valuable things, aaaah, gimme, lemme see!” Cliff’s yell was ecstatic.

“Exchange them with your chants.” Claire continued walking forward and ignored Cliff’s yells.

“Okay okay, I give in, what chants do you want?” Cliff hurriedly caught up with Claire and asked fawningly.

Jean watched the old and the young, a smile slipping onto his lips. He also sped up his steps and followed on.

When they entered the gates of the capital, before they could return to the Hill castle, people from the Temple of Light already cut them off at the city gates.

“Sir priest, the pope his holiness has already been waiting for you for a long time.” A staff member of the Temple, dressed in white, saluted Claire with respect.

“How did you know I will return today?” Claire frowned, a little annoyed.

“We have been waiting for you here the whole time on his holiness’ orders, and have never left.” The staff member of the Temple’s answer surprised Claire.

Actually waiting for her here the whole time?!

“Sir priest, please return to the Temple with us, the pope his holiness has been waiting for you this whole time.” The staff member of the Temple once again respectfully made a “please” motion. Not far away, a pure white carriage was already waiting.

“Jean, you go back first, and tell Grandfather that I have returned. I will come back just a little later.” Claire instructed.

“Miss…” Before Jean could finish his sentence, Cliff interrupted him. Naturally Cliff knew what Jean was thinking.

“Jean, you go back. I’ll go with Claire, I was going to go find Lawrence anyway.” Cliff grinned at Jean. The meaning conceived in his words was very clear: he will protect Claire’s safety.

“Yes.” Jean nodded, finally relenting to return to the Hill castle.

Claire and Cliff got on the carriage together and went straight to the Temple of Light.

After entering the doors of the Temple, everyone they passed saluted Claire. The position of the priest was right under that of the Divine Prince and Divine Princess, so naturally she was respected by others.

“Yo, haha, disciple, from now on Master shall rely on you.” Cliff squinted and grinned vulgarly.

Claire rolled her eyes: “Go find master Lawrence to show off, and don’t say you know me.”

Still laughing vulgarly, Cliff followed a servant girl leading the way and turned a corner to go find Lawrence.

Claire continued walking forward, towards the main temple.

A servant girl led Claire through the main temple, and through a hallway on the side, all the way inside.

“Sir priest, the pope his holiness is right inside. Your servant shall retire now.” After the servant girl saluted, she left.

Claire knocked on the door lightly. A low and heavy voice sounded from inside: “Come in.”

Slowly pushing the door open, Claire saw the pope standing at the window, his hands behind his back.

The pope slowly turned around, and smiled at Claire, “Our sir priest is finally willing to come back?”

Claire kept silent, watching this seemingly kind elderly man in front of her without speaking. The pope, as usual, was dressed in a white robe, and his expression was one of authority.

“Sir priest has already took her salary, so shouldn’t she also begin working?” The pope squinted as he smiled and said these words, his seemingly smiling but seemingly not smiling attitude making Claire raise her brows. Of course Claire understood what the pope meant; the Gift of the goddess was already used up by Claire, so now was the time to pay off.

“Sir pope, what can your servant do for the Temple?” Claire sighed in her heart. After all, she took stuff from them. And this sly old man did do her a gigantic favor.

“Haha, of course…… ” Before the pope could finish, footsteps sounded at the door, followed by knocking.

“Come in.” The pope seemed to know who was here, and said lightly.

The door was gently pushed open, and the figures of Leng Lingyun and Liu Xueqing appeared. The two walked in; when they saw Claire, both showed astonishment in their eyes. Claire turned to look at two, and was about to turn back after nodding lightly, not really taking notice of them, when her attention was drawn to the things in their hands.

The two each carried a box in their hands, one big and one small.

“Everything is done?” The pope smiled at the two. Although he was asking, his gaze was sure and satisfied. These two had never disappointed him.

Liu Xueqing glanced at Claire, hesitating slightly. Leng Lingyun frowned.

“Don’t worry, Claire is now a priest of our Temple; she is not an outsider.” But the pope smiled and nodded at Liu Xueqing.

A complicated expression flashed across Liu Xueqing’s eyes, but she still opened the box in her hand. Leng Lingyun’s gaze also became complex, and he opened his mouth to say something, but the words at his mouth were forced back in by the pope’s gaze.

When Liu Xueqing’s box opened and the things inside was displayed, Claire instantly went stiff.

Inside the box was a glass bottle, containing two bloody eyeballs! Black irises! And beside the glass bottle was a handful of black hair!

Claire instantly felt every drop of blood in her body freeze, and her gaze rested on the eyeballs in the glass bottle and the black hair, unable to move. Iciness rose in her heart, and her fists clenched; her palms were already drenched in cold sweat.

“Has the traitor, the fallen knight, Schack, been executed?” Looking at Claire’s expression, an inexplicable light flashed through the pope’s gaze as he asked Leng Lingyun faintly.

“He has already been executed.” Leng Lingyun slowly let out such words, sighing gently in his heart. Naturally, he knew what the pope intending. Just that, was the pope a little too hurried at doing this? Was it really good for Claire to see these so soon? Wasn’t it a little too early to test Claire’s attitude toward the Temple?

Liu Xueqing glanced at Claire’s slightly pale face from the corner of her eye, and stated coldly: “Those that betray the goddess of Light, betray the Temple of Light, shall all die. Plus he eloped with the filthy woman of Darkness, which adds to his sin.”

Claire’s gaze slowly moved from the box int Liu Xueqing’s hands to the box in Leng Lingyun’s hands. Does this mean, that the big box Leng Lingyun was carrying held the head of that fallen knight?!

Claire had long realized, that the eyeballs and head in these boxes, were the bitter-fated lovers they had saved in the valley! They still couldn’t escape from the claws of the Temple of Light. So cruel, actually digging out her eyeballs, and cutting off her hair! The knuckles on Claire’s tightly clenched fists were already white, and crackled softly. Claire’s body was also trembling slightly, and her complexion was frighteningly pale.

The Temple of Light! The pope! This pope whose words overflowed with virtue and morality!

The pope walked up indifferently, and looking at the things in Liu Xueqing’s box, nodded in praise, “You two have done very well this time. You have eradicated the fallen and the filthy, so that Light can once again shine–” The pope’s voice was cut off abruptly, for a terrifying power burst forth beside him suddenly.

The pope and Liu Xueqing turned their heads in shock, only to see Claire’s whole body emitting a faint golden light, her gaze completely icy. And this terrifying and violent power was emitted by Claire!

Excitement flickered in Liu Xueqing’s eyes. Was Claire actually going to attack the pope? Did she want to die? The pope just stared in shock at the Claire about to explode. The ambience in the room could burst with one touch! But before the pope could make a move, Leng Lingyun already acted.

“Claire!” Leng Lingyun roared, breaking the tense ambience in the room.

Claire abruptly returned to her senses, and the golden light enveloping her body instantly dispersed. Her clenched fists slowly loosened; and after casting a gaze coldly at each of the three in the room, whose expressions were all different, she turned and opened the door, leaving without a single word.

The three were left where they were, their expressions unique.


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11 thoughts on “Ch.96 Jean’s Pledge (Part II)

  1. This cliffhanger had me search for a spoiler which I unfortunately did not find. This cliffhanger pains me… That poor unfortunate girl and that knight. I’m enraged at that bitch called the Goddess of Light and that priest. Honestly, Claire should reach the peak and deal with her. Actually, Claire should just demolish the whole Temple of Light. (This is what the chapter got me feeling like. Hope she refuses the Temple of Light flat. Surely her connections are something they cannot simply disregard.

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  2. Thanks so much Meow and Woof! did they find them..Cliff should should have given them plastic surgery. I bet someone recognised the knight’s face. And I didn’t realise Claire could be so sentimental. She’s…the kindness in her is being showcased rather than her cruelty.
    Go Claire! She should become even more powerful than anyone in the temple and ascend to divine level. Compete with the ‘gods’ and eradicate the temple!!

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  3. hunting people, bringing their bodyparts not as proof but some for some perverse trophy, turning black into white.
    the only one that is not corrupt is Leng Linyun’s little sis

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  4. I’ve been waiting for this to pile up.. but well yeah.. I couldn’t wait anyomre… AGAIIIIN~~..
    Thanks for all the chapters though.


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