Ch.97 The Mood Was Very Eerie (Part I)

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Claire slammed the door and left, leaving the room in dead silence.

“Your holiness, isn’t the the attitude of the priest a little impolite?” Because of the presence of Leng Lingyun, the Divine Princess asked rather nicely.

The pope squinted, not answering. Leng Lingyun looked at the pope. Although he didn’t speak out loud, the pope understood the meaning in his eyes.

“Xueqing, you can leave. I have some things to ask Lingyun.” the pope nodded and spoke to Liu Xueqing quietly.

Unresignation flashed through Liu Xueqing’s eyes, but she still closed the box slowly and left without a word.

After the door closed, the pope turned to look at Leng Lingyun, “Lingyun, what you want to say, you can say it now.”

“Your holiness, your actions today are too hasty.” Leng Lingyun said directly what was in his heart.

The pope let out a breath: “Yes, I also realized that I was too hasty. But, I didn’t expect that just a short time not seeing her, Claire’s strength improved so quickly!”

“Her potential and growth really is astonishing.” Leng Lingyun said softly.

“Maybe that’s why the goddess chose her.” the pope stroked his chin, sitting back into his chair, “I did realize I was too hasty. She just entered the Temple of Light, and she’s different from you two: she grew up in the Hill clan, who supports the crown.”

“Yes, your holiness. Please give her some time.” Leng Lingyun’s voice was still soft.

“Haha, I will give her time. But, Lingyun, this seems to be the first time you cared so much about a person other than Xuanxun.” The pope smiled when he said this.

Leng Lingyun paused slightly, then shook his head: “Your holiness, I only…… ”

“You want to say that you don’t want the Temple of Light to lose a helper with such high potential, right?” The pope smiled, but his meaning was different from his words.

Leng Lingyun fell silent, not replying. He knew that saying anything now would only muddle the situation.

“Okay, go settle this matter then visit Xuanxuan, and comfort our priest.” The pope instructed, his smile a little ambiguous.

“Yes.” Leng Lingyun’s expression never changed as he answered and left.

Only the pope was left in the room. He walked slowly to the window, sighing softly as he gazed out. The will of the goddess was to absorb Claire into the Temple, but was this really the right thing?The image of Claire nearly exploding surfaced in the pope’s mind, and he couldn’t help being a little worried. Just that instant, and the strength Claire emitted was so strong. What will happen if they let her continue to grow? Would it be a help to the Temple or a danger?

At this time, Claire’s expression was heavy as she rushed out of the Temple and into Camille’s house.

She kicked open the door to Camille’s house with a loud “bang”. The door swung on its hinges, creaking, completely broken.

“Who?! Who is so…… ” Camille just started yelling when he saw Claire storm into the house angrily. “Claire, you’re back. But, what’s with your face, dark enough to squeeze water out? Abandoned?” Camille’s voice was still so gentle, his features so handsome. But his venomous tongue still hasn’t changed.

“Camille, you’re the first scholar in the capital, correct?” Claire asked. Camille had already excelled over his master; that’s why Claire asked this.

“Haha, of course.” Camille answered breezily.

“I ask you, when a person the world worships is actually a mean, shameless, disgusting, vile character, what should you do?” Claire sat down on the sofa, killing intent swirling around her head, her gaze icy enough to pierce through people.

“Since when did you become so righteous?” Camille joked smilingly.

Claire’s gaze was still icy, and Camille finally realized that matters weren’t that simple.

“Claire, I don’t know what happened, but if like you said, the whole world worships that person, then that person must be very powerful. If you want to overthrow these people you can’t stand, then you must have power, have status, power and status surpassing this person.” Rarely, Camille’s expression was solemn as he answered in a deep voice.

But after listening to Camille’s words, Claire suddenly started laughing. She stood up and laughed out loud, her laughter getting more and more crazy. But that laughter encompassed determination, overbearingness, and limitless confidence.

Camille was shocked out of senses, and after a long time he stuttered, “Cl, Claire, you’re not crazy right? Have you gone dumb?”

“You’ve gone dumb!” Claire glared at him, shouting, “What nonsense are you talking!”

“Then what are you doing?” Camille tilted his head, perplexed.

“How did I not see this!” Claire’s gaze became even more icy as she spoke coldly, “I will become powerful, and one day, I will pull that person down from that spot, and beat her face into flowers!” Claire humphed coldly. This sound was full of savage strength, making Camille’s ears buzz and his eyesight go dark temporarily. Camille nervously thought, this little girl Claire’s strength has improved a lot again.

“I’ll come find you another day.” Leaving this sentence behind, Claire stood up hurriedly and ran outside.

Camille stared blankly at Claire’s disappearing figure. The door was still hanging there, creaking on its hinges. Claire came quick, and left even quicker.

“Claire, you come back, pay for my door!” After a few moments Camille finally came back to his senses, and shouted out painfully.

But how could Claire, already so far away, hear what he said.

Claire walked on the streets, looking at the clouds in the sky, feeling enlightened. All the annoyance and darkness have vanished. The fallen knight and that young girl with black hair and black irises have already died, and pain and sorrow won’t bring them back. Claire was very clear on what to do now; she almost forgot her original goal. Become strong, become powerful. The goddess of Light; so what? If she could become the strongest among humans and become a goddess, why couldn’t Claire herself do it?

Claire let out a long breath, and started towards the Hill castle.

As soon as she walked into the Hill castle, the guards at the door saluted respectfully, then hurried inside to announce her arrival.

Claire’s identity is now different from before; now, she was also the priest of the Temple of Light!

Claire just got to the hall when Katherine and Lashia ran out to greet her.

“Claire!” A brilliant smile was on Katherine’s face as she rushed up and grabbed Claire’s hand.

“Sister! You’re finally back!” Lashia ran up excitedly, pulling on Claire’s arm.

“Mother, Lashia.” Claire smiled, her heart warm.

“Sister, how could you do so many awesome things behind our backs!” Lashia tugged on Claire’s arm excitedly, yelling.

“What?” Claire looked at the excited Lashia, confused. She suddenly realized that Katherine’s hand was also trembling slightly.

“Still pretending? At Lagark, you fought for the Li clan, taking the spotlight, and defeated that Hua thing so brilliantly! Making your name famous everywhere. Grandfather knew a long time ago; even the emperor heard of it.” Lashia poured out hastily, then pitied, “What a shame, I wasn’t there, and couldn’t see it.”

Now Claire finally understood what Lashia was talking about, and she smiled faintly, “It’s nothing. I decided to fight for them only after I knew Mother’s connection with them. At the end, it was because the Feng clan and the Shui clan forfeited that I was able to barely win.”

After Claire said these, Katherine’s hand held hers even more tightly.

“Claire, I, I…… Thank you…… ”

Katherine was so excited she didn’t know what to say, but her heart was very warm, and something glittered at the corner of her eye.

“Mother, don’t say thank you. They’re your family, so they’re also my family.” Claire also held Katherine’s hand tightly. Katherine was sobbing, but smiling the whole time.

Claire’s father, Leger, had been standing at the side door quietly the whole time, looking over. That year, Kathering made such a big sacrifice for him, and he had always felt guilty but couldn’t do anything for her. And now the thing he always wanted to do was fulfilled by Claire. Looking at the laughing threesome in the hall, Leger’s feelings were like a knocked over bottle of spices, extremely complicated.

“Sister, Grandfather isn’t back yet. If he knew you were back he must be so happy. Right, today, second brother will be back too. Yay, today you came home, and second brother will also be back. Tonight we can eat together.” Lashia bubbled happily.

Second brother? Claire paused, then remembered that that supposed second brother seemed to be the captain of the Griffin Squad. She saw him at that competition, and he was there at her birthday banquet. She didn’t remember much about him; the only memory she had of him was the cold and despising gaze he gave Claire.

“Right, Mother, why are you at home today?” Claire remembered that Mother was already the lady-in-waiting of Princess Maurice.

“Hearing that you were coming back, Mother especially took the day off,” Lashia tilted her head and said playfully, “Jean come back to report, and then Father sent servants to tell Mother and Grandfather.”

“Oh.” When hearing the word “father”, Claire answered indifferently, then stopped talking.

“Oh, and, Lashia, where’s Leo? And Jean?” Claire asked.

“In the yard. Come on, Sister, let’s go and look at your Leo. I was very good to him. That fellow really can eat, devouring a lot of fresh meat each day.” Lashia pulled on Claire’s arm excitedly, then winked playfully at Katherine, “Mother, Sister and I will be in the backyard. Call us when second brother is home.”

Katherine’s eyes smiled as she nodded lovingly. Seeing the two sisters who conflicted constantly now so harmonious, of course Katherine felt relieved and happy.

Lashia pulled Claire to the doorway, where Leger was standing with a complicated expression.

“Father.” Lashia smiled and called.

But Claire was indifferent, passing by Leger without even glancing at him as she walked towards the yard.

Lashia’s expression was a little awkward as she ran to catch up.

Leger turned his head slowly, watching Claire’s retreating figure. After a long time, he sighed. Never expected that the most disappointing kid jumped to become the most brilliant person of the family.

“Leger.” Katherine’s voice sounded softly behind Leger.

“Katherine, I know, I’m not qualified to complain about Claire’s attitude toward me. I caused all this, and it’s completely my fault.” Leger smiled bitterly, turning to his beloved wife.

Katherine sighed gently, “Claire is still young, be patient. She’ll change her attitude toward you soon enough. After all, you cared so little for her.”

“Yes, I owe her too much,” Leger sighed in his heart, reaching out and pulling Kathering into his arms, “And I owe you even more. All these years, you weren’t happy. I haven’t seen you smile like this in so many years. It’s Claire who put this smile on your face.”

“I didn’t expect for Claire to go to Lagark and revive the Li clan either.” Talking about this, a brilliant smile once again appeared on Katherine’s face.

Leger sighed in his heart, his expression complicated.

Claire, was not that man-chasing fool anymore, but a brilliant star.

All this, was unexpected by everyone. Including him, her father.

When Katherine sent servants to fetch Claire to the hall, Claire never expected the situation to be so complex.

Duke Gordon was back, and the second prince and princess Maurice were also here. That second brother only by their last names, Eric, and the first prince, Ulares, came too!

The mood in the hall was very eerie……

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  1. Looks like the royal family started to move (would be hella crazy if the king declare her marriage with one of the prince’s) Then imagine the reaction of the males around her.
    Btw. Leng’s fan here!!


  2. Whomever Claire ended up with, I hope it’s not the 2nd prince, I dislike the 2nd prince, nancy… First he let Claire almost died by stopping Jean from helping in fight against Lashia and now he seems to try to get close to Claire for his own means. And at firat I think the princess is quite likeable, but then she tried to get Claire’s mom involved in the palace struggle…..


    1. Power struggles between royals are always annoying haha if you ask me, I rather prefer the handsome prince in Lagark compare to Nancy.

      So it’ll be either leng, feng or jean haha so many handsome guys, how lucky ^_^


  3. Thank you for your hard work! At the end of each update I always wish for more updates, lol. Instead I should wish that you have a great day. You’ve worked hard now enjoy yourself :).

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  4. lol, its getting more and more complicated – so convoluted that there are even some things Claire forgets she’s done due to plot twists, haha. nice that she’s finally found her purpose again. she’s probably gonna put on a good show for that devil princess.


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