Ch.99 Little Girl, Let Big Brother Take Care of You (Part I)

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It was pitch black. Claire felt like her body was a small raft floating in the sea, without any sense of security.

Her surroundings finally lightened up, and Claire opened her eyes, but was shocked by the scene in front of her.

It was misty in front of her. The black forest, black ground; everything was depressing. Claire turned her head, but didn’t see Jean or anyone else. Even White Emperor and Black Feather were gone. It was completely empty, with only her.

Claire balled her hands into fists gently, finding that she could use her magic again. She frowned and started thinking. So that five-pointed star matrix was a teleportation matrix? And could make people temporarily lose their strength? Where was this? Where was Jean? And Leng Lingyun and the Divine Princess?

Claire started walking forward. The ground beneath her feet was wet and smelled slightly rotten.

Everywhere was covered in an indescribably depressing feel. Claire frowned. Didn’t know why, she kept feeling that someone was watching her, but couldn’t tell who it was or where he was.

“Humph!” Claire snorted in frustration, then continued walking. She must first find Jean and the others.

In an elaborate and luxurious room, a huge crystal ball sat on the table in the middle of the room. There were many small, individual pictures on the crystal ball, and one of them was of Claire.

“Huh, this little girl seems to have noticed us watching her.” A young man in a black robe rested his hands on his chin, watching the scenes on the crystal ball with interest.

“It doesn’t matter if she can sense it or not; there’s no way she’ll make it out Illusion Forest.” Another young man clothed in a black robe was sitting leisurely in a chair beside, his hands behind his head, his feet resting on the table rudely as he drawled. The two had the same handsome face. They were twins!

“That’s right, haha, these fake religious hypocrites, believing themselves to be pure and holy. So let them all sink into Illusion Forest.” The first voice was full of contempt and coldness.

“But, I’m a little curious. Will any of the holy Temple people make it out Illusion Forest?” The lazy man smirked.

“Not yet. But, what if there really are? You want to pull them to our ranks?”

“If there really is, we can go finish them off ourselves.” The lazy voice was also ruthless and cold.

“Ahem, ahem…… ” A voice sounded at the door, “Xi Shaosi, Xi Shaoqi, I told you to pay attention. Is there anything unusual?”

“Oh, oh, Master. We found something interesting, this little girl seems to sense that we are watching her.”

Xi Shaosi put his feet down and answered solemnly, “Master, up til now, no one could walk out of the Illusion Forest. Master’s matrix is so powerful.”

“It’s the strength the god of Darkness gave us that is powerful.” The person at the door walked in slowly. It was an elderly man wearing a black robe. He looked energetic, his eyes wide open.

“Of course, the god of Darkness is much better than that fake goddess of Light. When you give, you receive. Transactions are just this simple.” Watching the numerous scenes in the crystal ball, Xi Shaoqi laughed.

“You cheeky fellow, don’t talk like this. Be careful of the god of Darkness getting angry.” The black-robed elderly man reached out and bonked Xi Shaoqi’s head.

“Master, the god of Darkness won’t upset over these tiny matters! After all, he’s a man, and he can’t be as stingy as that b*tch, the goddess of Light!” Xi Shaoqi rubbed his head and retorted indignantly.

“Okay okay, will you die if you don’t argue with Master?” Xi Shaosi said quietly, but his gaze was attracted to the crystal ball, “Come and look, this little girl already went into an illusion. See what her reaction will be.”

“What else can it be? All they ever do is to kneel down with reverence and pray, pray that the light of the goddess will shine forever.” Xi Shaoqi snorted. All the plants in the Illusion Forest are of dark nature, and gives off a colorless and odorless gas. Once a person breathes in the gas, they will see illusions. And these illusions are created specially for the disciples of the goddess of Light. The illusions they see are often the goddess herself descending from heaven, pure and unattainable, and then telling her disciples to do some religious things, like kneeling there and praying.

“That’s right, this forest used up so much time and effort of our Temple of Darkness, and finally does something now.” Xi Shaosi said indifferently.

“Humph, it’s also time for the Temple of Darkness to walk into the view of everyone and return to the ground.” Xi Shaoqi humphed coldly, crossing his arms in front of his chest and watched the scene inside the crystal ball.

At this time, Claire saw the illusion.

She stood there frozen, her gaze without focus.

“My child, may the Light be with you.” The beautiful, dazzling goddess of Light appeared before Claire, giving off a brilliant, holy light, holding a lavish scepter in her hand, a glittering golden crown on her head, and her gaze pure and elegant.

Claire looked at the goddess of Light indifferently, silent.

“My child, please pray with me. Let this world be filled with Light, peace, and love!” The goddess of Light waved her scepter gently, and a pure, holy light spilled onto Claire.

“Child? How did you give birth? The noble, pure goddess of Light will f*ck another man and have a child?” Claire finally started sneering. She waved her hand lightly, and a huge flame sword appeared in hand. Without blinking, she slashed it towards the goddess of Light.

The expression of the goddess of Light changed greatly as she was sliced into two, then disappeared.

“What a low quality illusion!” Claire extinguished the flame sword as she spat, then continued forward.

The three people in front of the big crystal ball were dumbfounded, all seeing unbelief in each other’s eyes.

“Isn’t, isn’t she part of the Temple of Light? How could she attack that illusion so quickly? That’s the goddess of Light that they believe in; don’t these idiots give their lives to the goddess of Light? How could she be so brutal?” Xi Shaoqi stared at the crystal ball, blurting out uncontrollably. His hasty tone showed his excitement and confusion.

“She’s the first person to walk out of the Illusion Forest.” On the other hand, Xi Shaosi’s voice was very calm.

“Then let’s go get rid of her. Never expected that there will be someone like this in the Temple of Light.” Xi Shaoqi muttered, “Don’t the morons of the Temple of Light follow every single order of that b*tch goddess of Light? Even if they know it’s an illusion, they still don’t dare insult her. Yet this person just goes up and finished her in one slash of the sword, and said what?”

“She was cursing, saying cuss words.” Xi Shaosi said calmly. “What? What did she say?” Xi Shaoqi raised his voice in excitement. This was so rare, that the pure and holy member of the Temple of Light would curse. But he didn’t doubt Xi Shaosi at all, because Xi Shaosi have never read lips wrong!

“She said, that will the noble, pure goddess of Light f*ck another man and have a child.” Xi Shaosi squinted, replying slowly.

“What?” Xi Shaoqi dropped his jaw, his eyes wide with shock. And their master also stared at the girl in the crystal ball with surprise.

“Because that b*tch goddess of Light always says ‘my child’.” Xi Shaosi shrugged and said indifferently.

“Ahahaha, hahaha~ That right, that b*tch really is good, so many children, how many men did she have to f*ck to give birth to all of them. Haha, she really can give birth!” Xi Shaoqi roared with laughter, not caring about his language at all.

“Okay, go and get rid of her quickly.” The elderly man in the black robe watched these two with a headache, waving his hand to tell them to go now.

“Yes yes, Master, I’ll go now, and butcher her.” Xi Shaoqi grinned and replied.

“Go and return quickly,” the elderly man warned.

“Don’t worry, Master, I can take care of her myself. Old bro, continue watching the others, I’ll be back in no time.” Xi Shaoqi dusted off his butt and walked out the room delightfully. Inside the room, Xi Shaosi looked at the crystal ball quietly, his gaze unmoving on Claire’s figure. “Master, this time, you probably need to go yourself.” Looking at Claire, Xi Shaoqi suddenly said this.

“Oh? Which one? Did the Illusion forest not block him?” The black-robed elderly man walked up to look at the crystal ball.

“It’s this girl who is about to walk out of the Illusion Forest. I don’t think she’s simple, and Shaoqi will not be her match,” Xi Shaosi frowned, “She’s of the Temple of Light, yet she doesn’t have any reverence towards the goddess of Light. But the pope allows such a person in the Temple; that in itself is a problem.”

The elder man frowned, then understood: “Unless, this girl is exceptional, and was pulled into the Temple of Light later on in her life!”

“That’s right,” Xi Shaosi nodded.

“Okay, I’ll go over and check. This child Shaoqi is just a little rash,” the black-robed elder nodded, but secretly praising Xi Shaosi in his heart. This disciple of his was always so keen.

At the edge of the Illusion Forest, Claire stood still, watching the person in front of her silently. The young man standing in front of her looked to be about twenty, wearing a black robe, his blue irises fixed on her.

“Little girl, come, let big brother take care of you.” The first words out of the man’s words were vulgar, his smiling eyes looking like they needed a beating.

Claire felt a shiver of disgust.

“Come, little girl, I will be very gentle.” Xi Shaoqi dug out his wand and grinned.

Claire squinted slightly. The identity of this person in front of her was very obvious; he was a dark magician, because of the density of the dark essence around him. Also, even though this person was very vulgar, he couldn’t hide his killing intent. “Uncle, let me take care of you.” Claire chuckled coldly, a huge, flame sword materializing in her hand.

Hearing Claire’s words, Xi Shaoqi was so surprised he just stood there. Before he could process what was happening, an extremely hot and fiery air blasted towards him! ……

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12 thoughts on “Ch.99 Little Girl, Let Big Brother Take Care of You (Part I)

  1. R.I.P. Xi Shaoqi. Thanks for the chappie! I love knowing those 3 robed men had just walked into their doom. Now, if only they could finish off that Divine Princess before dying…would be really awesome~

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  2. I love this chapter… [“Child? How did you give birth? The noble, pure goddess of Light will f*ck another man and have a child?” Claire finally started sneering. She waved her hand lightly, and a huge flame sword appeared in hand. Without blinking, she slashed it towards the goddess of Light.] Really Claire??

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  3. Kind of funny how none of the 4 people present actually give a dan about the Goddess.
    One hates the Goddess, one supports the one hating the Goddess, one is only helping for his own goals, one is chasing the one with his own goals.

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  4. Thanks for the chapter! Found a typo:
    “Of course, the god of Darkness if much better …” – if → is

    And for:
    “Xi Shaosi dropped his jaw”
    “Xi Shaosi roared with laughter, not caring about his language at all.”
    Should be Xi Shaoqi? Since Xi Shaoxi said something right before, it doesn’t really make sense for him to react to his own words on the next line.


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