Ch.99 Little Girl, Let Big Brother Take Care of You (Part II)

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“Aaaah–” Xi Shaoqi shrieked weirdly, then hastily backed up, dodging Claire’s vicious and deadly attack. The flame sword struck the ground, making fizzing sounds while scorching the earth. It was able to make people’s hearts shudder.

“What are you hiding from? Uncle, didn’t you say you were going to take very good care of me?” A faint smile slipped onto the corners of Claire’s lips as she mocked.

Xi Shaoqi wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, finally taking Claire seriously. She was actually a warrior! Both her strength and speed were above his!

“Don’t worry, I’ll let you become the first to walk out of the Illusion Forest–” Before Xi Shaoqi’s next words could come out of his mouth, his expression changed greatly, and once again he backed up hastily.

Of course Claire wouldn’t give Xi Shaoqi any time to speak, nor would she give him the time to chant spells. Xi Shaoqi could only pitifully send out instantaneous shields to block Claire’s vicious attacks. But every time Claire’s sword struck the shields, Xi Shaoqi’s heart would tremble. That powerful force made Xi Shaoqi almost unable to contend with.

Xi Shaoqi understood, that if he kept dragging the battle on like this, he would definitely lose! He never expected for this seemingly gentle and sweet young girl to actually be a warrior!

Wait! Xi Shaoqi’s irises dilated instantly. Could a warrior express DouQi in the form of flames? Could a warrior transform flames? No!

Therefore, this young girl was a magician-warrior!

A magician, and a warrior too!

“To divert your attraction during battle equals suicide, Uncle!” Claire’s cold voice rang in Xi Shaoqi’s ears, and the next moment, Xi Shaoqi’s shield was destroyed by a fierce power, directly sending him into the air. His body struck on the tree behind him with great force.

Xi Shaoqi’s vision went dark with pain. He was almost knocked unconscious.

And the expression of Xi Shaosi, who was sitting before the huge crystal ball, finally changed. Underestimated the enemy too much! Sure enough, Shaoqi’s underestimation of the enemy made him pay a heavy price. Hope this fellow will learn from this lesson. Xi Shaosi sighed. Fortunately, Master followed over, or else the results will be disastrous!

Claire’s expression was icy as she slowly approached Xi Shaoqi, who was leaning on the tree, the sword of flames in her hand.

“Uncle, goodbye forever.” A brilliant smile flashed on Claire’s face, stunning Xi Shaoqi for a second. But the next moment, Claire had  raised her sword of flames and stabbed it towards Xi Shaoqi’s chest without mercy.

But the moment before the sword of flames was going to pierce Xi Shaoqi’s body along with the tree behind him, Claire’s movement stopped.

Claire’s hand, holding the sword of flames, went stiff in mid-air just like that, and was unable to stab down anymore.

Not receiving the excruciating pain he expected, Xi Shaoqi’s originally closed eyes opened slowly again, and saw that the young girl in front of him stop her actions. The young girl’s expression hady changed, and maintained this position, unable to move again.

“Haha, weren’t you going to say goodbye to me forever? Cough cough…… ” Happy, Xi Shaoqi started laughing, but strained his wounds and began coughing. Naturally he knew what the situation before him was. His master was here to save him!

The sword of flames in Claire’s hand slowly disappeared, and her energy was like being frozen, unable to be used. The same condition as when they just sank into the black five-pointed star matrix!

“Shaoqi, you underestimated your enemy too much. This time you suffered a lot; you must learn this lesson from now on.” At this time, an old voice abruptly floated into Claire’s ears. An elderly man in a black robe silently appeared not far behind Claire like a ghost.

“Master, hehe, am I not fine. Sure enough, the strength the god of Darkness awarded you is so powerful, these matrixes are so good to use, proven time and time again.” Xi Shaoqi smirked, but not daring to laugh too loudly in fear of straining his wounds again.

Claire’s gaze dropped down, and sure enough, saw that at some time she didn’t know, a black five-pointed star matrix appeared under her feet. This elderly man that appeared so suddenly was not simple, able to cast this matrix without her even noticing.

Wait! Claire frowned, the strength the god of Darkness awarded him?

“Old man, this matrix is taught to you by that bastard god of Darkness?” Claire asked, her tone disrespectful.

“Little girl, you’ve not even got much time to live now, stop talking nonsense.” Xi Shaoqi humphed coldly as an excruciating pain struck his his back. Thinking about his sorry look when he underestimated the enemy and got attacked by this young girl, he was very annoyed. “Is the god of Darkness something you fake hypocrites of the Light can blaspheme?” The elderly man in a black robe frowned and rebuked angrily. People from the Dark Temple have always hated worshippers of the goddess of Light deeply. Whenever the two sides met, they always fight till death.

Pft! Claire spat disdainfully in her heart. She understood, that that shameless fellow, the god of Darkness, must be paying attention to her at all times. There was no way he’d watch her be killed! But what she didn’t expect was that this time she actually fell into the hands of his worshippers.

“Goodbye forever, little girl.” Xi Shaoqi laughed coldly, then drew out the dagger he carried on him, and was about to stab right into Claire’s heart.

“God of Darkness!” But Claire’s loud shout took Xi Shaoqi on surprise and paused his actions.

“What are bluffing about? Even if you change to worship our god of Darkness right now, we still won’t let you live!” Xi Shaoqi humphed disdainfully. He really was startled by Claire’s sudden loud shout.

Wordless, Claire twitched her lip, waiting for a shameless and bastard fellow to appear.

Xi Shaoqi’s dagger was once again raised up high, but, the next instant, everything quickly became dark!

That pressure that the elderly man in a black robe couldn’t be more familiar with appeared!

Their surroundings became darker and darker, eventually dark enough that they couldn’t even see their own fingers.

The expression of the Xi Shaosi sitting in front of the crystal ball also changed. The crystal ball showed that Claire’s scene became completely black, and nothing could be seen. This kind of situation he had experienced once, but only that one time was enough to make him remember it his entire life!

The expressions of the elderly man in a black robe and Xi Shaoqi also changed.

This type of pressure, they only needed one experience and will never ever forget!

The god of Darkness has descended!

Such murkiness and darkness, such terrifying pressure, only the god of Darkness had!

But! Why would the god of Darkness descend without any premonition?

An answer seemed to appear in both the black-robed elderly man and Xi Shaoqi’s hearts, but they just couldn’t admit it, couldn’t believe this answer.

It was that young girl that summoned the god of Darkness?

How was that possible?

How was that possible?!

Among the darkness, blood red light abruptly appeared. The god of Darkness has descended!

“Can’t you give me a rest, and not let me appear so frequently.” The god of Darkness’ icy voice had a hint of anger in it. Obviously, as the god of Darkness, having to appear two times just to help a human made him feel very ashamed, so he was unusually annoyed.

The terrifying pressure made the elderly man in a black robe and Xi Shaoqi unable to even lift their heads up. The words of the god of Darkness made them totally shocked. What did that mean? Who was the god of Darkness talking to?

But the next moment, something that shocked them even more happened.

That young girl could move her body now, and then she humphed impatiently: “Do you think I want to? If not for your worshippers using the strength you awarded them to suppress me, do you think I would call you out?”

The elderly man in a black robe and Xi Shaoqi went completely dumbfounded. They just gaped and stared at the sea of darkness and murkiness in front of them, their brains temporarily ceasing to function. This young girl, was actually conversing directly with the god of Darkness!

Who, is she?

Isn’t she a personnel of the Temple of Light? Why could she so easily summon the god of Darkness and converse with him?

“Tell these pig-head servants of yours, not to provoke me!” Claire wriggled her hands in annoyance.

Everything was pitch black and silent; Claire’s words were followed by creepy deathly silence.

The elderly man in a black robe and Xi Shaoqi swallowed, becoming worried in their hearts. They now understood the fact perfectly, that the relationship between this young girl and the god of Darkness was definitely not ordinary. Judging by this tone, the god of Darkness might even take back the strength he had awarded them because of her!

“My worshippers, remember, that from now on, do not harm her. And do all you can to protect her safety.” After a long pause, the gloomy voice of the god of Darkness finally sounded from the heavy darkness. Just that the trace of anger in that voice still couldn’t be concealed.

“Hear that?” Claire humphed coldly, swaggering.

“Yes, O mighty god of Darkness!” The elderly man in a black robe and Xi Shaoqi answered respectfully and fearfully.

“This is more strength awarded to you; use it wisely, and don’t disappoint me.” After the voice of the god of Darkness sounded, the elderly man in a black robe gave a deep grunt. Obviously the god of Darkness did something to him.

Before the elderly man in a black robe could say anything, the darkness surrounding them already quickly dissipated.

The god of Darkness had left.

Claire twisted her shoulders. Naturally she knew that the god of Darkness was very annoyed right now, and didn’t want to face her at all, so left as fast as he could.

The elderly man in a black robe and Xi Shaoqi watched the young girl with a lazy expression on her face before them, unable to speak for a long time.

“Old man, what are you staring at?” Claire walked up, humphing coldly, “Where is this? Tell me. Why am I teleported to here, and where are my other companions?”

The elderly man in a black robe still couldn’t register what happened. At this time, something new was in his brain. It was the strength the god of Darkness just awarded him.

“Who, who are you? Don’t you belong to the Temple of Light, why can you summon our god of Darkness?” Xi Shaoqi asked hurriedly. He now felt like his brain wasn’t his own anymore, and everything that just happened was way too incredible. Totally outside the range of what an ordinary person can accept. “Me?” Looking at the anxious Xi Shaoqi, Claire humphed and didn’t answer his question, “Did you hear what your god instructed you? You are to do all you can to protect my safety.”

Xi Shaoqi was completely taken aback, then recalled what the god of Darkness just said. Watching Claire before him, he couldn’t speak for a long time.

“Answer my question, where is this? Where are my companions?” Looking at the shocked Xi Shaoqi, Claire snapped.

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