Ch.27 Lingyun Leng

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The breathtakingly beautiful person standing in front of Claire was the Holy Divine Prince with silver hair and violet irises.

“Master, Sir Cliff.” The arriving person looked used to seeing the two fighting and respectfully addressed the two. His eyes flashed a strange light when he saw Claire.

“It’s you.” He said indifferently and quietly laughed.

“It’s me.” Claire also emotionlessly laughed.

“You guys know each other?” Lawrence asked after struggling away from Cliff’s evil clutches. Cliff also looked at them in surprise.

“We met at Gale Gorge.” The person with silver hair and violet eyes slightly bowed. “Hello, my name is Lingyun Leng.”

“Claire Hill.” Claire looked at the handsome man in front of her and puzzled over his name. Lingyun Leng? It didn’t seem like a family name from this world.

“The Hill family’s Miss?” Lingyun Leng smiled.

Claire emotionlessly laughed. “Looks like I’m pretty famous.”

“Everything was a fabrication, including what you’ve heard or seen. Only what you see from here is the truth.” Lingyun Leng tapped his chest lightly. Looks like he had also heard a lot about the Hill family’s male-chaser. But his behavior was totally different from others.

Claire only smiled faintly and didn’t say anything. Right now, it was complete chaos in Claire’s head, so much so that her head felt like it would explode. It was no other than that guy, Walter. His enemy was right in front of him, how could Walter not be agitated? But when he was alive he wasn’t his match, and of course now that he’s dead, how could he be his match. He could only fume inside Claire’s head.

“Revenge, I want revenge! It’s this damnable guy! I want to cut him to shreds!” Walter howled. And he could only howl, not even daring to leak his essence out.

Claire’s head was going to explode, this wretched Walter, much too noisy! Kept on buzzing in her head.

“You, shut up! Can you win against him?” On the surface Claire didn’t act abnormal at all, still lightly smiling like before. But in her mind she was talking with Walter and scolding that guy. Lingyun Leng definitely wasn’t simple. Although he was always courteous and gracefully smiling, he didn’t have a trace of warmth. His smile didn’t even reach to the depths of his eyes.

Lingyun Leng was also evaluating Claire. This girl who kept on smiling definitely was not an idiotic man-chaser like the rumors at all. Although she was smiling, always gently smiling, her eyes were completely cold! Profoundly cold eyes, an extraordinary aura. This girl was Sir Cliff’s disciple? As expected, not ordinary.

“Slaughter this guy, I want to slaughter him.” Walter howled in Claire’s mind, extremely excited.

“Howl one more time and I’ll grind you to pieces and scatter your remains in the wind, and make you become fertilizer for plants.” Claire sinisterly threatened Walter, who was still making trouble in her mind.

Walter grew silent. He understood that if he kept on making a racket for no reason, that little devil would really do it. He didn’t want to become fertilizer and lose his chance at rebirth.

It was at this point that music sounded.

The emperor and empress had arrived.

Claire sized up the emperor and empress standing at the highest point. The emperor looked robust, with an austerity that made people respect him. The empress had taken good care of her health, looking like she was only thirty years old. Her graceful and lavish demeanor attracted the attention of many people. She didn’t look like the mother of two children at all. The crown prince was born from the previous empress. The previous empress had died from difficulties in childbirth, and two years later, the emperor married the current empress.

Naturally there were many elaborate ceremonies. From the start, princess Maurice’s face had a gentle and amicable smile suitable for the court. But Claire understood this girl had probably been impatiently waiting for a while now. Her real personality was not as refined as she was now.

Just as they thought the message for congratulations was over, the emperor cleared his throat and said in a happy manner, “Tonight Sir Cliff has graced us with his presence. I have more good news to announce. Sir Cliff has accepted Duke Gordan’s granddaughter as his disciple. From now on, the city Niya will be conferred to Claire’s fief, along with the title Baron.”

After this was said, the whole crowd was in an uproar. Great magicians being conferred titles and whatnot by the court was common, but Claire wasn’t a true magician –  she hadn’t even passed the examination from the Magicians’ Council yet. On the other hand, Claire completely had the right if not for the fact that she became Sir Cliff’s disciple! Also, the emperor had skillfully said Duke Gordan’s granddaughter, not just Claire Hill. This once again revealed Duke Gordan’s unwaverable status.

After Claire stepped up to receive her title, city seal, and Baron insignia and thanked the emperor, the banquet finally officially started. Claire felt many people glaring daggers at her back. She quietly sighed to herself and retreated to a corner.

Duke Gordan was surrounded by people who were congratulating him.

Claire, bored, went back onto the balcony, watching all the people dancing in the Grand Hall.

“This is just a huge melting pot.” Cliff’s low voice suddenly appeared beside Claire.

“Master.” Claire was a bit startled, because this time the usually vulgar expression of Cliff’s face was replaced by a serious one.

“This is why I hate the court, hate the crown.” Cliff said lightly as he looked at the toadily smiling people surrounding Duke Gordan.

“So you only accepted the Duke title, not the fief.” Lawrence, who was standing aside, interrupted.

Claire was slightly astonished. She didn’t expect that Cliff had the title of a Duke.

“I don’t want to join all those corrupt struggling. Infighting just doesn’t suit me.” Cliff shrugged, and once again put on that vulgar expression that looked like he should be hit in the face, eyes floating towards the chiffons on Claire’s beautiful lace dress.

Lawrence quietly sighed in his heart. Sometimes he really envied this old fellow who lived carefreely. But his status would never allow him to do that, because the divine and royal powers always needed a mediator…

Lingyun Leng kept silent as he looked at the an indescribable flash of emotion in Lawrence’s eyes. Lingyun Leng squinted. Nobody could tell what he was thinking.

This night, Duke Gordon was exceptionally happy, the whole time he was never idle. Originally, the leading role of tonight’s banquet was supposed to be princess Maurice, but more people surrounded Duke Gordan. But the source of this situation leisurely leaned on the balcony, feeling the wind blow. No one would come to this balcony and bother these elites.

Then the melodious music started. On the dance floor in the middle of the hall, nobles started to dance lightly and gracefully. It was as dazzling as a butterfly. At this time, Lawrence and Lingyun Leng were beside the emperor, conversing and laughing. Cliff ran in to take advantage of those girls who looked at him with adoration.

“Pretense, disgusting, their smiles uglier than crying. These hypocrites.” Walter’s voice sounded resentfully in Claire’s head. Dark magicians like Walter of course hated people from the Temple of Light the most.

Claire didn’t speak, lightly sipping on the sweet wine in her glass.

Claire was left alone on the balcony, and just as she thought she could pass this night quietly, an abrupt voice sounded, slightly rude.

“Claire, may I have the next dance?” Slight hints of disdain and resignation tinted the voice.

Claire lifted her head, facing a handsome noble young man. Although an almost unnoticeable smile hung on his face, the complicated emotions under his eyes couldn’t be concealed. There were disdain, jealousy, and resignation.

Claire immediately understood. This young noble in front of her must have been ordered by his father to come dance with her to improve their relationships after all that had happened today. Humans are such changeable animals. Claire had a little memory of this young man; it seems like he was one of many handsome boys whom Claire harassed. He had never been nice to Claire, but Claire was perseverant.

The splendidly dressed noble saw that Claire didn’t answer, so he got impatient and sharpened his tone, rudely saying, “Claire, dance with me. Haven’t you always wanted to dance with me?”

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  1. OMG A CHINESE NAME, FINALLY, SOMETHING I AM USED TO. WHAT NANCY AND GORDON SHIT? CHINESE NAMES AHH. Okay i could only under some parts of the divine prince’s name, lemme try to break it down.

    Lingyun Leng.

    Ling: Spirit (and can also mean being above _ *certain thing according to names like Ling Tian (above the heavens).
    Yun: Cloud?
    Leng: Cold.

    So perhaps something like, Above the Cold Cloud? lmfao im just messing around kah idk any chinese don’t kill me ;€;

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